Can Trump send our government "Back to School?"

I was on the phone during the Republican debate last night, but I watched the first part of it with the sound turned down while I was talking.  I didn't hear any lies during this time.

The camera moved among a group of candidates with Trump picking up enough time to say some things.  I saw Jeb Bush talking looking somewhat angry like he really cared about something but making the usual professional gestures seasoned politicians are famous for.  Not sure about him but if he gets in he'll be able to make sure his family is properly represented in government.

Trump was talking when I turned the sound up - something about a conflict with the "news" organizations people at my level supposedly count on to bring us information.  Trump was telling the audience how he'd worked a deal to get the media people under control or something like that.  Not sure - I walked into this conversation late.

Finally there were closing comments with Trump making some promises that sounded great - a populist - saying the things we all want to hear.  Maybe he means it.  I have no idea - but when I went to Atlantic city and visited his casinos the town looked like hell.

After the debate Trump got personal interview time with one of the talking heads - I don't watch TV any more so I don't know who the guy was.

Since this is an Americans Journey - I will put my impression of Trump into terms Americans can understand - a movie.

Trump reminds me of the character Mr. Mellon in the movie "Back to School" where a super rich guy shows up on campus and shakes everything up because he has so much money he is able to "trump" everyone.  He tells a professor in a business class the facts of life - payoffs and politics not widgets and fantasyland.

Since Donald Trump comes from New York I would imagine there is a special place in his heart for the events of 911.  I know we need  to forget about this mass murder and I promise I will someday stop talking about it but perhaps Trump can do something to uncover this crime - or at least allow for those in our spy agencies to come forward to this nation can heal.  We can't have Kennedy murdered, 911 happen and everybody keep making profits from such crimes.  If this nation is to continue on to be truly great and moral again - in a way that meets the needs of most - these issues have to be handled somehow so the public can be reunited in thought and action.

If Trump is as shrewd and rich and powerful as the Mr. Mellon character he must have a plan to defeat the rigged elections.  The election apparatus run by corporate machinery and paid operatives is not a good way to count votes - and such a system actually trumps everything going on regarding political discussion.

If Trump really is a Washington outsider there is a chance he can shake things up if he has his own money - making him immune to the outside interests that have hijacked most of American government and politics - incrementally robbing Americans of our freedoms.

So on to the next stage of our history in the making.


Retarded republican debate tonight!

I don't know if it is worth watching but I may not be able to stop myself from tuning in to see what our masters have planned for us.

I live with a lot of cockroaches - so when I hear these rich losers talking I'm not sure how much of their blather applies to me.  The banks already got all of my shit - and I don't miss any of it.  I do miss having a fire and firing rifles in the forest - but other than that, the life of a hermit in this nation of lies is fine with me.

I've had to face the fact that "goodbye" is going to remain the greeting for my previous "friends."  I realize that now that we are all divided - there are people that I can no longer communicate with.  These are my family and friends.  This is thanks to the CIA, FBI, NSA and other government agencies usurped by the enemies of freedom.  You may, as my previous acquantainces often do, think I am mad, but my critical thinking skills just won't go away.  No matter how hard I try to be a dumbfuck like everyone around me - I still know a controlled demo when I see one.

So there is going to be a debate tonight huh?  What the fuck are these retards going to talk about - their next hair appointment?  Is the Donald going to open a casino on the moon?  Is that black guy betraying the black population with his bullshit going to actually say anything that has any meaning?  I doubt it.

But, as with blogging, like a moth to the candle flame I may have to watch.  Maybe just for a few laughs - but I hafta tellya - there is no discussing any of this with anyone.  They are still living in fantasyland - the America of today - where several monied interests OWN ALL the media.  They don't realize the implications of that, as do the liars, cheats and thieves awaiting to be elected by Diebold - or whothefuckever is in charge of these phony elections.

The problem now is that everyone is tripping over their own lies.  They cannot even carry on a normal conversation because nobody has any facts anymore - thanks to the "success" of the retarded people we have working in the FBI, CIA and NSA.  These people are, collectively the ruin of our nation -  collectively and , through the agreement of silence, allowing a once-great nation to die a slow death.

I have stopped trying to convince so-called "citizens" of anything anymore.  I watch as they line up for their "flu shots" (what the fuck is in these syringes?) like jews lining up to dig their own graves before being shot in the back to fall into the hole they just dug.  Ha ha ha.  What the fuck, I suppose their masters figure they and their little children to deserve to die if they are stupid cowards.  I'm losing my interest in arguing on their behalf - that is - the population of slaves taking their "medicine" bwa ha ha.

So, like the bedbug scarred loser I am - I rot here in this bible belt fuckhole and watch, listen, and try to say as little as possible - as the nation goes down the shitter.

I'm sure the Donald is so powerful that he is ready to take on those that did 911 - ha ha ha ha.

No, he probably knows he'd better keep his mouth shut or he'll be body slammed like a high school girl talking to an American police officer.  

So far - no good news on this end - except the roaches are mysteriously absent - the big ones - little ones still around but I may have to go out and get some caulk for this stinkhole - not sure about doing that because I figure people charging what they are for this filty rathole are willing to find a way to charge me for "wrecking" the room by caulking the cracks their bugs keep crawling into and out of.

Here's another good one:  For years, many propagandists in the employ of the government scum have been telling the public that there are no chemtrails.  I've actually met a few of these retards - because they think they are clever but unfortunately haven't done any research and give themselves up by reciting propaganda to me and others.  More government workers in other words.  Anyway - the game is up so they are shifting the chemtrail propaganda to pretend that they never denied it in the first place - and are trying to paint the whole think as a harmless cloud-seeding exercise.  Pathetic.  Whatever.

Again - our own government is staffed with some of the dumbest people on the planet willing to let the greatest nation in known history to go to hell - with their own children living in it.  Their own children - destined to live in a nation that endorses torture - while having a fake ban on "cruel and unusual punishment" written right into the law of the land.  One can only hope they end up torturing their own children so they can see the reasons this hideous practice must be banned.

So let's all say a prayer tonight - that those endorsing torture have their own loved ones tortured so that they will understand why the rest of us are so much against it.

Not a great day in America.

So - on to the debates - let's make more money!  Call the church - tell them to get a bigger collection basket!


Americans still pissing their pants

It continues.

The "shootings" with the blurry images in the news.  The bawling "family members" who can always be counted on to crack a grin after the "reporters" grill them about their kid that was just murdered.  OK - fine with me.  I thought when someone was shot they bled - maybe I'm mistaken.

Living in fantasyland is a high art.  Watching Americans act out the crap they are subjected to on their telescreens by their masters is an exercise in patience.  The trigger-happy population of gun owners are on the lookout for somebody to shoot.  In other words they are really fucked up.

I am pro gun if you want to know the truth but I never wanted to grow up in a modern techno version of the "wild west"(that never existed as was depicted by the media.)

In fact, nothing ever happened as depicted by the media - past present or future.  Today - the population is treated to idiotic garbage showing burly men and women with guns pointing those guns at other human beings' heads constantly on the telescreen.  The gun-slingers wear badges and vests - the women look like they have thick necks and wish they had dicks.  It's really something.

The cop-culture of violence against so-called "bad guys" continues but their bosses are as crooked as the bosses of the bad guys.  The badged gun-slingers have no moral high ground because they are collectively too fucking stupid to know a controlled demo when they see one - or they ignore it, as Upton Sinclair famously pointed out because if they "saw" what is really going on they would have to sacrifice their job - the source of their subsistence.

I saw "The Donald" on a telescreen at a gas pump today - as the telescreen on the gas pump competed with the "bum" working the wealthy traffic near the gas station who came over to see if I wanted to buy the rag the bums around here sell.  I hate to call them "bums" because these are hard working people standing on the street corners - they show up for "work" everyday and I saw the lady with the "I have cancer" sign wearing plastic today collecting money from the motorists that took pity on her during this rainy chilly weather-day.

I should mention that every time I go online I am reminded that all the computer "security" people are a bunch of frauds.  There is not a lot of security online - it seems that the crooks are probably smarter than, or in league with the "good guys."  The "bad guys" keep stealing data from the "good guys."  Oh - the "good guys" are the ones that were able to convince the suckers we call "citizens" that they can be trusted with their online data.  Ha ha ha.  I'm starting to enjoy watching this fat slob population baste in their own juices.  I guess that by now they deserve it - after the USS Liberty coverup and now 911 - you have to wonder what is going through these sheeps heads huh?

So anyway I'm wondering how the casino-man got his face on the fake "news" displayed on the telescreen on the gas pump - who can tell?  All I know is that Rudy Giuliani was the first head that popped up when the Donald appeared - that's the new york syndicate if you ask me.  They want to be from your government so they can "help" you hand them more of your money.  ha ha ha ha.

I wonder what ever compelled me in the first place to try to point anything out to Americans.  They do  - truly - love the state they live in - as slaves - getting robbed - lowest common denominator.  They just want to be left alone in the end.  They don't want to hear about government approved murder - military snuff films of "enemy combatants" being murdered with tech machines.  They don't want to hear a word about the "whys" concerning the actions commited by their rulers.  They just want to be "safe" - and I have to say that Ben Franklin must have seen all of this coming when he made his statement about this constitutional form of government being a "republic if you can keep it."   I guess it is what it is - and it is based on power and money.  The morals of Americas were redirected a long time ago.

The morals of this nation were redirected by the media moguls - the same scum that control all the media digested by the rabble that like to chant "Yoo ess ayy"   "Yoo ess ayy!"  The public has been completely fucked up because the propagandists have seen to it.  They have been and are still supported by a cowardly University system of pukes who use the word "Constitution" like it is really in effect.  All that matters for any university system is whether or not their football team is good at playing with balls while wearing pink.  What a world - who would have ever thought the footballers could be turned into a bunch of girls?

While I'm at it I might as well mention that it was a masterful move to have the Russians get involved in the Syria thing.  There is nothing the Americans and Russians would like more than another war with each other.  I don't know who we will be told to hate more next - the "Chinks" or the "Russkys."  I personally have nothing against these people and shouldn't use derogatory terms - but don't worry - once the fuckers in charge of this military industrial-run nation get the propaganda ramped up - yes - you and your kids will be calling them "chinks" "gooks" or whatever the fuck term is created so more money can be borrowed on your behalf so your kids can bomb and shoot their kids.  What the hell - look at the bright side - we will get to see more military snuff films on youtube of the youth killing each other.  IN the meantime - waiting in the wings are the globalists - who will be prepared with some "world court" bullshit for your government to stoop down to since you are all to dumb to govern yourselves in a civilized fashion - as evidenced by the war they were able to sucker all of you into.

So there are some thoughts on things as I see them now - which doesn't matter.

By the way - they started spraying the roaches consistently and there is progress.  They are getting some traction now that they put the bibles down and got out some bug spray.  It's working - not fast enough - and yes - they crawl on me at night and wake me up still - but the quantity is decreasing.  The bug spray actions are working.  I guess we'll have to wait and see how they can clean up the slave quarters.