Can Trump send our government "Back to School?"

I was on the phone during the Republican debate last night, but I watched the first part of it with the sound turned down while I was talking.  I didn't hear any lies during this time.

The camera moved among a group of candidates with Trump picking up enough time to say some things.  I saw Jeb Bush talking looking somewhat angry like he really cared about something but making the usual professional gestures seasoned politicians are famous for.  Not sure about him but if he gets in he'll be able to make sure his family is properly represented in government.

Trump was talking when I turned the sound up - something about a conflict with the "news" organizations people at my level supposedly count on to bring us information.  Trump was telling the audience how he'd worked a deal to get the media people under control or something like that.  Not sure - I walked into this conversation late.

Finally there were closing comments with Trump making some promises that sounded great - a populist - saying the things we all want to hear.  Maybe he means it.  I have no idea - but when I went to Atlantic city and visited his casinos the town looked like hell.

After the debate Trump got personal interview time with one of the talking heads - I don't watch TV any more so I don't know who the guy was.

Since this is an Americans Journey - I will put my impression of Trump into terms Americans can understand - a movie.

Trump reminds me of the character Mr. Mellon in the movie "Back to School" where a super rich guy shows up on campus and shakes everything up because he has so much money he is able to "trump" everyone.  He tells a professor in a business class the facts of life - payoffs and politics not widgets and fantasyland.

Since Donald Trump comes from New York I would imagine there is a special place in his heart for the events of 911.  I know we need  to forget about this mass murder and I promise I will someday stop talking about it but perhaps Trump can do something to uncover this crime - or at least allow for those in our spy agencies to come forward to this nation can heal.  We can't have Kennedy murdered, 911 happen and everybody keep making profits from such crimes.  If this nation is to continue on to be truly great and moral again - in a way that meets the needs of most - these issues have to be handled somehow so the public can be reunited in thought and action.

If Trump is as shrewd and rich and powerful as the Mr. Mellon character he must have a plan to defeat the rigged elections.  The election apparatus run by corporate machinery and paid operatives is not a good way to count votes - and such a system actually trumps everything going on regarding political discussion.

If Trump really is a Washington outsider there is a chance he can shake things up if he has his own money - making him immune to the outside interests that have hijacked most of American government and politics - incrementally robbing Americans of our freedoms.

So on to the next stage of our history in the making.


  1. Satanic Tyranny Still Strong, Riding High

    How can Trump essentially change anything?--he can't--he can only MANAGE the way it already is. Anyone who attempts to seriously change anything meets up w. an accident--like JFK, who got head blown off in broad daylight in front of millions now who've seen the vids over and again.

    Satanists and satanism rules, satanism being extreme subjectivism, reality whatever u want it to be (subjectivism), but then collectivist subjectivism ruling, these topmost subjectivists/satanists being Jews. For the gentile satanists, though far out-numbering Jews, are far less organized, Jews ruling especially through the money-printing (and digitalizing) mechanism, central-banking (see RealityZone.com and Mises.org for expo on US Federal Reserve Bank).

    And only when this infernal fiat-money and central-banking system decisively falters will enough people wake-up to necessity of changing things--if they can survive, for present program is to REDUCE POPULATION, according to "Agenda-21."

    Meantime, Jews and oligarchs are trying to steer us into war, presently, keeping people occupied and diverted; they've also got bio-weapons, HAARP, EMP and other weapons. ISIS was devised and created by these Jewwy oligarchs too, as is "black lives matter," etc.

    Jew-hatred (a.k.a. dear old Christianity) used to unite the people and provide for cultural advance, but after centuries it went out of fashion, as gentiles got good at what Jews did, and now Jews have made a decisive come-back.

    So folks have to focus on satanism (subjectivism) as the problem, it being easiest thing to unite people on basis of negative and common hatred. We need states rights and primacy of local gov., de-activating the centralized tyranny and one-world empire presently working to exterminate the people. Trump at least understands babies can't handle too many toxic vaccines all at one time.

    1. Apsterian,

      Good points - yes - Trump is the only person I've heard give an honest analysis of toxicity of vaccinations delivered as he did at the previous debate. That made me think that perhaps he is an independent thinker.

      I don't know what other intentions he has - he obviously likes to focus on making more money all the time, which I have no problem with, although money in itself is useless and possibly dangerous if not used for good means.

      We'll have to see what things he has to say - what plans he may forward etc...

      Maybe he really has bodyguards that can protect him -


    2. Well, Trump is only SOMEWHAT "independent," don't forget--he follows the Jews, says he's for Israel. Trump's children, at least a couple of them, are married to kikes. His daughter even apostatized and converted to kike-ism; see http://jewishvoiceny.com/index.php?option=com_content&id=2346:ivanka-trump-oy-such-a-nice-jewish-girl&Itemid=291.

      Trump's son, Eric, 30, also married a kike: http://www.eonline.com/news/596304/eric-trump-donald-trump-s-son-marries-lara-yunaska-check-out-details-and-photos-from-the-wedding.

      So Trump is set and determined upon same old same old Jewwy/satanist course, never doubt--it's only question what small details he will do or say on his own.

      Gosh JR, but u're hopelessly out-of-loop, aren't u?

    3. Apsterian,

      I guess that's what blogs are good for - turning up all information.

      No, wasn't aware of these things - it doesn't surprise me.

    4. Yeah but no info or details seem capable of changing ur under-lying religion of not being bothered by Jews, leaders of the satanic consp. U're just an alien who pretends u're "American."

    5. Ignorance Is No Virtue

      See JR, u refuse to face-up to the Jew menace, for some reason. U imagine Jews are like any other "religion"--they're not--they're SUBJECTIVISTS--they're really satanists (extreme subjectivism) who make themselves, collectivistically, into God. See Talmudical.blogspot.com for expo on Talmud; also, see Come-and-hear.com.

      Remember, subjectivism--esp. extreme subjectivism--is idea that reality is whatever u view it to be, get it?

      So thus we get SELECTIVE justice and prosecution--as hitlery Clinton, for example, gets away w. breaking the law, nothing happens. Same w. IRS, targeting T-party groups, refusing to follow law. Bankers and large corp.s getting away w. gross fraud.

      And esp. in the mass, popular entertainment, u get this satanism--go to u-tube and type into search engine, "satanism in hip-hop music," or "satanism in entertainment," or "satanism in movies," and u'll come up w. THOUSANDS of vid selections.

      And, to make a long story short, satanism means horrific currency and economic -collapse coming soon, soon indeed. And naturally the economic turmoil will be complicated w. warfare and most probably more false-flags done here in Jew S A.

      U're so amazingly and strangely out-to-lunch on this Jew issue, one must wonder. It is NOT NOT NOT a virtue to be sooooo ignorant, u know.

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