Who, really, are the "bad guys?"

I've been working on this question for quite some time.

It seems that, today, in the USA the liars, cheats and thieves are the ones with all the material shit.

We, those who think we are the "good guys" get robbed and plundered because we keep telling the crooks and liars the truth, playing by the rules they break, and investing our money in their filthy greedy money-schemes.

Let's take Gmail for instance.  This blog is attached to a gmail account with two-step verification.  Well - today - to write this post - the screens all changed and no verification was required for me to get into my Gmail or to write this blog post.  Why?  Who cares - Google doesn't give a damn.  Why should they?

Face it folks - this corporate criminal enterprise we used to call the USA is well done.  "Done like dinner" as the CIA guy said to the crooked congresscum Israeli-firsters he tried to talk sense to:

I was driving through this wunnerful town today and turned on the Israeli-firster AM show that comes on everyday - the guest was - ready..........????......a former Navy S.E.A.L. scaring the living shit out of all the listeners on the Israeli-firster radio show.  I turned that off.

I went to talk to my mom-in-law.  She owes more taxes than she can afford.  She has NOTHING.  She called the guvamint to ask if she could make payments on her tax bill - it wasn't enough for them to make an effort - she just has to come up with the jingle on her fixed income.  Nice.  I told her they haven't brought back the debtor prison yet - but stay tuned.  Yet another method of extortion to get the family to pay momzies way out of jail - and give the greedy gunmen and crazed dike-cops more money to piss away on black arms.

As I was driving out of my neighborhood today I found myself behind a person driving a "command vehicle" for this dinky little hick town next door.  For krysts sakes they have ONE traffic light.  It was a Suburban for a little teeny fire department with antennas, special paint etc... - looked expensive to buy and expensive to drive.  Loads of money ta' blow in this little intersection-ville - where one can go to the local store that makes all their money on beer sales turning down single moms with kids trying to buy two bags of groceries on a card that won't work.

But I don't have to care about this hypocriteville I'm leaving - let's talk about the bigger city I'm moving to.  "Bums" (former military?) on every corner trying to get some food money or booze money selling some stupid newspaper designed to give them something to sell.  I'm hardening my heart again - the way it was when I lived in the last big city - to the point where I can sit and eat filet mignon on streetside restaurant table while watching filthy freezing "bums" beg for money - just far away from the rope barrier to keep the cops from arresting them on behalf of the restaurant people - but close enough to make the unconditioned customer feel guilty eating while someone else starves.

It is really something to think about - all this division in the population.  We have blacks against whites, spics against blacks, muslims against christians the whole deal.  Where does all of this discord come from?

I don't have any race-related problems with black people, hispanic people or any other people.  I have problems with all of them that are unrelated to race - that is - if they are lazy or stupid.  They all piss me off.  I'm not into singling out any group of people as far as criticism - after all I'm a blogger.

I can tell you that just about everyone I know works their ass off.  They don not, for the most part receive just compensation by any decent person's standards.


Because the "bad guys" are in charge.  A "Bad guy" can be female too - it is a general purpose term used to define heartless fucks who don't give a shit about anyone except themselves.  They - like me - don't give a shit about race issues.  Race issues are simply straw-man issues used to get the masses fighting against each other when convenient.  Bad guys don't use terms like "nigger" or "spic" or "cracker" or "towelhead" etc...  No - NEVER!  Bad guys speak with perfect diction - always perfectly polite - very sensitive to the racial slurs and even racial slurs that may only be matters of perception - because they don't want to anger or alert or wake up their victims they about to rob.

The Bad guys are on a roll and have been on a helluva' roll for quite some time with no end in sight.  Government shutdowns are simply theater to keep the masses confused and angry blaming the left and right and both left and right - so they can be directed to vote for the next carpetbagger coming up for the  next election.  You know - the NEXT election - where this fraud will REALLY fix things and get us all out of this mess.

Is it possible?  I'm wondering if voting is ever going to be in my future ever again.  What the heck for?  It is always for the lesser of two liars - and liars are all the same anyway in the end.

The Federal Reserve can print as much money as required to manipulate anything needing manipulation.  This means they can pay off anyone and manipulate everything you think you are investing in.  They even have enough "money" to buy large Suburbans for remote intersectionvilles like those here in Virginia populated with single angry white females afraid of their own shadow - women dumb enough to argue with YOU - Mr Man - that their children will not learn handwriting skills!  No - their superior children will live like slaves - unable to read their own Constitution or Bill of Rights without an interpretor:

Don't believe me?  I don't expect you to.  I expect you to believe Brian Williams.  But I'll just tell you that when I was a kid - I remember I'd only learned printing - and couldn't read the stuff my older brothers and sisters were doing in school because I couldn't read handwriting.  "Cursive" handwriting - is what they are calling it - as if this rare art form is some arcane ritual reserved for artists.  Well - it's about to become that - and the high priests who they go to for an interpretation will tell them each and every time that the Constitution says they are slaves.

Think about this - most people really can read the Constitution and bill of rights - but won't bother.  Many listen to the TV traitors and believe that they don't have the right to bear arms.  How tough will it be to convince a future US population of Spanish-speaking people who cannot read "cursive?"  Ha ha ha ha ha!  Your kids are destined for slavery!  Bwa ha ha ha ha!

Really though - although I banged this post out in a hurry - I'll leave you with this:  The bad guys are male and femal - black and white etc...  They are the people intent on denying YOU and YOUR KIDS their rights as explicated in the Bill of Rights.

But eventually you'll all find out - but it will probably be the hard way.