Nazi doctors with flu shots, popes with bodyguards but no jobs

I can see from scanning our "news" that there are no positive plans for the management of this nation - except for the fomentation of more war and conflict, and the behind-the-scenes blending of the U.S. into the "one world government."

The pope is in town with "security" - bodyguards etc.  I guess this charlatan can't rely on God to protect him - no, that's gonna' require guns.  Reminds me of the "churches" here in the states I've heard about with facial recognition technology.  I guess God isn't in the picture when it comes to security - whatever that is.

The media continues its work scaring everyone so they can buy medications or flu shots from the nazi doctors we now have in this country.  I suppose they will continue their experimentation on the population and we will all get to see the results as the years go by.

I remember that the flu was just something you would get once in a while and it would go away.  Now it has turned into an industry - and the biggest sellers are the hospitals.  Since jobs are hard to come by in many places - it has come down to either the flu shot or starvations - and yes - the hospitals are going along with it.  In other words if you work in a hospital - even as a contractor you must pay for their poison shot - you know - the ones nobody can tell you for sure what is in them.  Ha ha ha.  I begged one of my friends not to get the flu shot - and she did - when I saw her she appeared GREEN - like she was going to DIE from the shot.  Thankfully she made it but it was scary.  If the flu shot is effective at protecting everyone that took it - then isn't the person who didn't take it the one that is at risk?  Not in todays upside-down world.  But everybody goes along with it because they are willing to take a chance that the flu shot may not hurt them vs. not getting the flu shot, losing their job for sure and definitely being hurt.  I guess extortion or blackmail are terms one can apply to this racket.  This goes for contractors that work in these corporate snake-oil operations too.  Yukk.

I find it amusing that these nazi doctors pushing the shots on the population are so expert at predicting the future for random events - like the mutation of a virus.  What these nazi doctors and their corporate sponsors are telling us is that they can predict the lottery numbers that will appear across the country.  I am not saying this is impossible but it does make me wonder if they had a hand in creating the bug in the first place.  Why?

I remember a particular lottery scam when I was a kid.  There was a "daily number" with ping pong balls that floated around on a jet of air where the first three balls that floated to the top into a chute were picked out.  The numbers 0 through 9 were stamped on the many balls in the tank.  The first three that came to the top gave the random daily number.

Well one day "555" appeared and sure enough - someone had used a hypodermic needle to inject water into all except the 5's in the tank. Presto - "555" "randomly" appeared.

I don't know how long the flu shot scam will continue - probably until a rich person's kids get sick or die I suppose - in the meantime the nazi doctors from the corporations will continue with their scam.
Who is prescribing these shots?  Is it true that one cannot sue a drug manufacturer or drug store if the flu shot causes permanent damage?

The medical-industrial complex has become a nazi doctor's dream.  Enjoy your poison shots!  Yukk.

It's funny that somehow there are free flue shots for everybody.  But if you go into the same drugstore for an important medicine you really need to keep you alive - well hey wait a minute - that drug may or may not even be available - and believe me it won't be free!  It seems inconsistent that these stinky drugstores care about anything except who there next victim will be as they peddle their cheap plastic trinkets from China along with the flue shots.  Yukk!

Special thanks to all the nazi doctors in america and their corporate sponsors keeping us safe from the flu - a malady that required bed rest in the past.  But if you work for a hospital you can forget the bed rest part - there's plenty of work to be done, profits to be made on the sick and suffering.  Instead if you become ill perhaps you can ask them for some stimulants so you can work while you are sick so you don't miss that all-important paycheck.

I was in a gas station the other day waiting my turn to buy gas with cash.  The girl in front of me exhausted all her credit cards trying to purchase a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of water.  You see - even our water supply comes in bottles leeching out chemicals.  Anyway she didn't have the money for the stuff and gas too so she just got the cigs and water and probably went to call the bank to get some more money.  Her car looked like it was about to breath its last breath.

I am sure america is a superpower - but the power just hasn't been making it down to my level.  This place I live in is quite unimpressive as is the surrounding area.

I got a chance to flip on a TV during the republican debate and watched all the rich people that want to run the country argue over issues that are so far removed from my life.  I heard some words of reason out of rand paul regarding the pot issues that have enriched so many crooked judges, lawyers, cops and drug kingpins.  I heard nothing about ending the wars - so it looks like they are for the wars because they see profit in them.  I cannot disagree at this point - but when it comes time to pay the tab - unfortunately - as with all wars - you and I will have to bear the heaviest burdens.


happy anniversary nine eleven liars - mission accomplished

Well I guess it's official - they won that battle.  The truth of 911 has been hidden from the mushroom masses here in the United States.

The myth of 911 has been dyed firmly into the fabric of American society. The myth has truly taken hold.  Ask just about anybody - they'll tell you the official story.

In addition to the big lie -  the kids have been brainwashed and will live with  the repercussions of the lies for the rest of their lives. As far as our liberty -   it's gone- and everybody loves it.

Being one of the few that have had a glimpse beyond the matrix - I can say that it has been difficult to deal with Americans ever since.  It's really pathetic.  But I guess it isn't their fault.  Propaganda works - and those who pulled this one off are good.  Very very good.  And they have all of your money to use to keep it all going and to silence voices of dissent.

I never thought I'd find myself in a position like this - where simple conversations are no longer simple.  Where everything is complicated because those who believe the lie have a different world view - one that requires slaughtering people we don't know who haven't done anything to us.

I've learned that facts do not matter at all in our society - only the images projected to the public.  They continue from all angles via all avenues of media in this country.

I firmly believe that this nation will never recover from 911 because it IS a lie.  We continue to perform the most evil acts - including torture and murder justified by an attack that didn't happen the way everybody was told.  But - it continues anyway.

Eventually America will have to pay the price for ignoring the truth.  Americans - especially their children will pay for their unwillingness to control their government - which has been taken over by killers and torturers.  Many many innocents have been killed and made homeless in our name.  I've been told this has been American history forever anyway and that it is nothing new.  But this time the world knows that it's a lie.  Only Americans don't know.

I don't like losing - I did everything I could to try to wake people up.  At least I can sleep at night knowing that.  But life during the day will never be the same.

The truth does indeed hurt.

Much credit goes to Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush, Laura, and the other cartoon people that have kept the hypnosis going all this time - they are very very good at their jobs.  Mission accomplished.

The icing on the cake is that eventually we are going to be attacked for real from all the mayhem we've caused - and the moment it happens - they will have the "proof" they needed all along to show you that those bad people did it to us.

Propaganda really really works well.


Information Desert

     Have you seen the stunts by the radio hosts and TV hosts where they ask the "man on the street" a seemingly simple question - like "Who is the president of the United States?" and the person cannot provide the correct answer?  Such stunts will bring laughter from those standing around you if it appears on a nearby telescreen.  But is it really that funny?  I propose a round of applause to the failure of American mass "education."  So what exactly is it that they are teaching in school?  It makes me wonder what goes on in American law schools when we have some of the highest ranking legal people trying to encode into law that cruel and unusual punishment is OK.  That extrajudicial murder is as American as apple pie.  Is it still funny?

     These antics remind me of the comedy shows where very talented comedians talk politics and laugh with the audience about how the nation is going down the tubes with all of us all on board.  Ha ha ha ha!  Similar to the Bill Gates video where he tells the audience that more people have to die through vaccines, health care and birth control in order to save the rock we all live on.  Bizarre!

I wonder if this Bill Gates character has come up with a vaccine for greed?

My inspiration to write today came from my coffee cup.  I drank coffee last night until I fell asleep - and upon awakening found four dead cockroaches floating in it.  That's pretty normal around here living in this "superpower."  I live in Bibleville, Tennessee where they still pray over the Bible for the bugs to go away but nobody ever brings around a can of bug spray.  Don't get me wrong - the rents are still exhorbitant and barely affordable - don't worry they still need lots of money.  This is still a slave state and the masters still treat the slaves like they always did - like animals.  I wonder if the churches around here have as many bedbugs and cockroaches as the filthy buildings the slaves live in do?

This is a dirty town populated by a rather hardened population of suntanned denizens.  These are not  citizens - just inhabitants.  They may live in this scumhole I live in or under a bridge.  They may have a job standing on the street corner with a sign on them that says "I have cancer" waiting for motorists to take pity and hand them some money.  Why?

My theory is that it pays more to stand on the corner around here with ones hand out than to work some of the jobs available.  I should mention that this particular city is not suffering the same recession as I've seen traveling all over the rest of this crumbling nation- where engineers and software programmers spend their time playing pool at a bar wondering if their jobs are coming back.  But wait you may say - as do I - go make your own work!  This is America - a land of opportunity.  Open a lemonade stand or something right?   This is partially true as Jerry Seinfeld's kids' lemonade stand was recently shut down up there on Long Island where I suppose rich actors live.

If this is what a superpower looks like I shudder to think how our new world order masters treat the unarmed inhabitants of the world.  The people here in the states, although armed, are completely disorganized and could be easily overrun by invaders in hours.  For all the tough-talk one may hear from Americans there is nothing to fear from them except the actions of their government "representatives." The "representatives" are entrenched mindless robots for the most part - people able to keep their heads down when any trouble arises so they can continue collecting their government paycheck.  Government workers suck.  I should know - I was a contractor and got to witness government work first hand - lots of it.  Talk about stagnation.  Poor leadership.  Waste.

Those holding power in America are the most uninformed and venal people money can buy.  They do not care about you and they do not care about me.  They are lining their pockets as rapidly as possible because they are feeling the pinch at the grocery store just like you and me.  Don't talk about the rising prices or you will be accused of "complaining" by the other slaves who have accepted this never-ending decrease in the buying power of all our money.

We are living in an era of "thought-crime" - another idiotic idea branded into the public conciousness by stupid law enforcement goons and corporate media of all sorts.  Anyone asking where all the money is going is a "conspiracy theorist."  Repeat after me while pointing at someone asking questions:  "Conspiracy theorist!  Conspiracy theorist!"  All together now - just like Cass Sunstein has trained  you idiots.  Oh you don't know who that is?  That's one of the operatives turning your kid's mind into mashed potatoes - that is - if the kid escaped with their health intact following all the shots and bad food and drink.  Fluoridated water anyone?

Getting back to the "man in the street" interviews I've done a few of my own - and not surprisingly have not increased the number of "friends" I have.

Two particular fools come to mind - one who "doesn't have a problem with torture" and some other bufoon who I think was drunk while he was yelling at me.

It can be dangerous in our society to discuss adult topics with people who appear in body to be adults.  I have found that, for the most part, they are not adults.  Mentally many of the "adults" you see are really children clinging to the fantasy-America they like to believe exists.  They think the prices will come down and the bugs will go away if we just go to church and pray for it all to change.  The new agers are just as guilty as the bible-thumpers - more inaction for action.  Meditation and willing things away will do the job.  That's fine with me - and perhaps it will be fine with your kids when in thirty years they ask you what you were doing about all of this.

I had one "adult" - after he overheard me ridiculing this Jeb Bush character being paraded around to be the next prezidint for responding that torture may still be necessary when he was questioned about this in Iowa.  The man next to me, overhearing the conversation said "I don't have a problem with torture."

I replied to him "Neither do I.  In fact do you know who I want to torture first?"  He said "No, who?"  I said "How about you?"  He became angry with me for some reason and seemed to have decided not to talk to me anymore.

Another person used the term "booooooolshit" to describe my thoughts on 911.  Another Fox-informed ciddizin I suppose.  Another American unable to come to terms with the scam they live every day - the scam used to pick their pockets and support troops in 130 plus countries.  I should mention that this particular American told me he also didn't have a job.  So who does this flag waving moron think is paying for all of this?  Oh that's right - he didn't think about that - that's too "depressing."

Our media continues its complicity in the dumbing down of this nation and the dismantling of our values.  Those whose kids have "promising" futures are usually those who have been able to raise the kids without their knowledge of the monstrous crimes upon which America presently exists.  It has become important, if one wishes to eat and keep their job - to learn the art of keeping one's mouth shut.  Citizenship is now portrayed as an anachronism - an idealistic fantasy - where those who still try to be good citizens - or even follow the teachings of this Jesus character people around here are always quoting - people must learn the fine art of quoting the Bible andJesus while saying torture and extrajudicial murder are OK.  That's how to be an American and survive.  Fuck what's right and wrong - go after the money.

The election coming up is another topic that has really lost its appeal to Americans.  Nobody is really paying much attention to it as the New York 911 gang popped its head up to support the casino guy vs the next guy in the dynasty to rule the kingdom.  Trump talks a good game but have you ever been to Atlantic city?  Bring a bodyguard the place is a fucking toilet if you ask me.  Casino-towns I've been to are always shit-holes.  Is that what we can look forward to America looking like if he gets into office?  Then you have Jeb Bush saying we may still have to torture people and that the NSA is a great place keeping us all free by spying on each other.  Talk about fucked up.

Bernie Sanders is another guy I've heard a bit about.  This guy was on the radio with the leftist Thom Hartmann - another 911 denier - and a guy who is on the record saying that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin that killed Kennedy.  Even the Congress says there was more than one shooter.

Anyway Bernie Sanders used to be interviewed at length by this new world order Thom Hartmann guy.  Tell me - if Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump or Bush get into office - do you really think we are going to bring the troops home and save on taxes?  Do you think food prices will drop?    Do you really think your vote is being counted?

I heard some people discussing how their paychecks are falling way behind in the cost of living.  That is for sure.  Some guys asked me if I would consider going back and doing a previous job I did for a long time and I replied I hope not because it just isn't worth it anymore.  I reminded them that any amount of money and benefits any of us enjoy were fought for.  All of them.  Since nobody on the side of labor is doing any effective fighting for money they will continue to lose.  There is no support in the media making fighting battles in the US fruitless and pointless as a victory can instantly be portrayed as a failure - or made to have never happened in the first place as the monied interests own the media - all of the media - all of it.

Without a breakup of the media in the United States the country will continue its decline.  I don't see this as inevitable and I am not a fatalist.  But I am a realist - and when church and meditation time is over it's time to get your wallet out and go to the grocery store.  If God really does help those who help themselves Americans will continue to lose as their leaders fail to galvanize them toward what is good and right.

Church leaders - including the pope are bullshit.  They, too, have signed deals for money over the people.  Now the pope is in on the global warming, climate change or whatever they call-it-scam.  But none of them can see the chemical clouds being sprayed in the sky every day.  And all of them will, through lies of omission - aid in the stunting of childrens minds as they contribute to a world that teaches the kids to deny what they can see with their own eyes so that the monied interests can retain their power over the masses.

The silly war on drugs continues - and overarmed police still roam around in their star wars inspired outfits and silly cars and SUVs.  Everyone lurking and watching each other for a false move.  Nobody really knows what a false move is but they are looking.

The stupid cop shows with the gun-operas continue.  Talk about some of the dumbest shit I've ever seen on television.  Whoever is responsible for TV programming in the nation should do us all a favor a just go away - hopefully forever.  The police-fantasy that has been going on has become too expensive for people who are supposed to be living in a free country.

I wish to thank those who fought for me to have labor day off so I could write this post.  Heroes from the past.