Nazi doctors with flu shots, popes with bodyguards but no jobs

I can see from scanning our "news" that there are no positive plans for the management of this nation - except for the fomentation of more war and conflict, and the behind-the-scenes blending of the U.S. into the "one world government."

The pope is in town with "security" - bodyguards etc.  I guess this charlatan can't rely on God to protect him - no, that's gonna' require guns.  Reminds me of the "churches" here in the states I've heard about with facial recognition technology.  I guess God isn't in the picture when it comes to security - whatever that is.

The media continues its work scaring everyone so they can buy medications or flu shots from the nazi doctors we now have in this country.  I suppose they will continue their experimentation on the population and we will all get to see the results as the years go by.

I remember that the flu was just something you would get once in a while and it would go away.  Now it has turned into an industry - and the biggest sellers are the hospitals.  Since jobs are hard to come by in many places - it has come down to either the flu shot or starvations - and yes - the hospitals are going along with it.  In other words if you work in a hospital - even as a contractor you must pay for their poison shot - you know - the ones nobody can tell you for sure what is in them.  Ha ha ha.  I begged one of my friends not to get the flu shot - and she did - when I saw her she appeared GREEN - like she was going to DIE from the shot.  Thankfully she made it but it was scary.  If the flu shot is effective at protecting everyone that took it - then isn't the person who didn't take it the one that is at risk?  Not in todays upside-down world.  But everybody goes along with it because they are willing to take a chance that the flu shot may not hurt them vs. not getting the flu shot, losing their job for sure and definitely being hurt.  I guess extortion or blackmail are terms one can apply to this racket.  This goes for contractors that work in these corporate snake-oil operations too.  Yukk.

I find it amusing that these nazi doctors pushing the shots on the population are so expert at predicting the future for random events - like the mutation of a virus.  What these nazi doctors and their corporate sponsors are telling us is that they can predict the lottery numbers that will appear across the country.  I am not saying this is impossible but it does make me wonder if they had a hand in creating the bug in the first place.  Why?

I remember a particular lottery scam when I was a kid.  There was a "daily number" with ping pong balls that floated around on a jet of air where the first three balls that floated to the top into a chute were picked out.  The numbers 0 through 9 were stamped on the many balls in the tank.  The first three that came to the top gave the random daily number.

Well one day "555" appeared and sure enough - someone had used a hypodermic needle to inject water into all except the 5's in the tank. Presto - "555" "randomly" appeared.

I don't know how long the flu shot scam will continue - probably until a rich person's kids get sick or die I suppose - in the meantime the nazi doctors from the corporations will continue with their scam.
Who is prescribing these shots?  Is it true that one cannot sue a drug manufacturer or drug store if the flu shot causes permanent damage?

The medical-industrial complex has become a nazi doctor's dream.  Enjoy your poison shots!  Yukk.

It's funny that somehow there are free flue shots for everybody.  But if you go into the same drugstore for an important medicine you really need to keep you alive - well hey wait a minute - that drug may or may not even be available - and believe me it won't be free!  It seems inconsistent that these stinky drugstores care about anything except who there next victim will be as they peddle their cheap plastic trinkets from China along with the flue shots.  Yukk!

Special thanks to all the nazi doctors in america and their corporate sponsors keeping us safe from the flu - a malady that required bed rest in the past.  But if you work for a hospital you can forget the bed rest part - there's plenty of work to be done, profits to be made on the sick and suffering.  Instead if you become ill perhaps you can ask them for some stimulants so you can work while you are sick so you don't miss that all-important paycheck.

I was in a gas station the other day waiting my turn to buy gas with cash.  The girl in front of me exhausted all her credit cards trying to purchase a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of water.  You see - even our water supply comes in bottles leeching out chemicals.  Anyway she didn't have the money for the stuff and gas too so she just got the cigs and water and probably went to call the bank to get some more money.  Her car looked like it was about to breath its last breath.

I am sure america is a superpower - but the power just hasn't been making it down to my level.  This place I live in is quite unimpressive as is the surrounding area.

I got a chance to flip on a TV during the republican debate and watched all the rich people that want to run the country argue over issues that are so far removed from my life.  I heard some words of reason out of rand paul regarding the pot issues that have enriched so many crooked judges, lawyers, cops and drug kingpins.  I heard nothing about ending the wars - so it looks like they are for the wars because they see profit in them.  I cannot disagree at this point - but when it comes time to pay the tab - unfortunately - as with all wars - you and I will have to bear the heaviest burdens.


  1. How Can Successful Plan Be Built Upon Lies?

    Yes, we're being ushered, most vigorously, into the satanic Jew world order, satanism featuring extreme subjectivism whence one hubristically makes oneself God, w. perfectly "free" will, Jews being leading subjectivists and satanists.

    And of course u're right about the vaccines forced upon the people for purpose of exerting dictatorship (a) and (b) killing the people when it becomes expedient to do so--which seems to be right now for some of the poor third-world folks.

    But what's w. all the "nazi" prop.?--u just want to make sure u sympathize w. ur Jew buddies, eh? And what's actual history of the "Nazis," anyway?--they were DEFENSIVE reaction to Jew Bolsheviks who seemed to be successfully taking-over world, right?--isn't that actual, verifiable fact?

    And haven't Jew Bolsheviks succeeded?--Israel, for one thing, having been born fm WWII. Aren't those Jew-owned big-Pharma corp.s pushing those poison vaccines?--they're NOT "Nazi" at all, actually, are they?

    And satanism/subjectivism is too much for u to grasp, right?--after all, u want to maintain the same basic premise for being able to make use of ur will to doing "good," right?

    What's solution?--well, individual freedom and states rights against the big Jew-run socialist imperial formations, right? Don't u think u ought to begin by identifying the Jews and Satanists who are behind ZOG and Jew world order?

    But no, Jews for u are sacro-sanct, though u abhor Christianity.

    And what "ideals" are behind Jews and satanists?--isn't it that basic subjectivism which u urself extol?--expressed in ur falsely blaming things on "Nazis"?

    So we see u want to parasitize the white man and his culture for "Bill of rights" and "freedom," but u don't know or care anything about necessary cultural under-pinning of rights and freedom, falsely blaming "Nazis," as u do, ignoring the satanistic murderers and liars behind imposition of world dictatorship, actually sucking-up to them.

    So not only do I doubt u'll be successful for ur lies, etc., but I don't wonder at ur miserable failure(s). Pardon me for my lack of confidence in ur conclusions as ur beginning premises are so shakey and un-promising.

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  2. Apsterian,

    One must speak to a population in terms of their own myths. Example: 911 lies

    There are people you cannot speak to unless you put things in terms they understand. NAZIs were not as nice as is being portrayed these days. They WERE agressors - just like we are and I not only disagree with our fascist policies, I disagree with those of the NAZIs too.

    Also one of my teachers when I was in gradeschool was a US Army major in ww2. He told me the NAZIs were bad and I don't remember him telling me that he agree with them about anything. Propaganda works - and yes - he believed what he heard too . He also showed me newspaper articles of him standing in front of rubble in German cities. So I believe he was there. Also my father knew him. He hated the NAZIs.

    Other than that I guess the rest is a sample of the "news" and propaganda that I was unfortunately exposed to in my prior years.


  3. Apsterian, I should add that Werner von Braun is a perfect example. He was a perfect example of a NAZI - all he cared about was his technology and didn't care who was being bombed with his rockets - it seems. What were the morals he lived by?

    1. Worst Enemy Of Truth Is Moralism/Pharisaism, ALWAYS Pretending To (Non-Existent) "Good"

      No, U'RE JUST A LIAR--u know what's a liar?--ck the dictionary, one who deliberately speaks non-truth. U merely want to excuse and justify ur lies by referring to the lying US Army major who lies and lied. Ur lies are not justified by the lies of the major.

      Nazis were heroes who defended their own country and the world against mass-murdering Jew-Bolsheviks. And u don't know anything about von Braun, giving no references or reasoning, just lying and continuing ur lies w. more lies.

      Ethics, properly understood, is simply logic btwn ends and means--get a clue, fool. Given the ends u want to achieve, u then properly choose those means most efficient and conducive--get it? Ends determine means, but we know: a liar like u wants to pretend it's all a mystic process by which u choose ur moronic means, by which then u demonstrate ur "goodness," yukk.

    2. Apsterian,
      I gave you a reference and you discarded it - then you criticized me for no reference on von braun. Is that consistent thought?


    3. What "ref."?--the former army major who just asserted and lied?--that's poor ref., buddy. And if that's what u consider substance, u're pathetic. Saying someone is/was "bad" is pretty childish in any case--doesn't seem to occur to u.

  4. JR, I invite u to ck the latest article at this site which much reflects ur own lies here, this blog--interesting u both publish on similar themes, nearly identical. And as actual history is invoked, I submit my response given over at that other blog is so appropriate to being published here too. I'm sure Hoffman isn't going to publish my response. That citation is http://revisionistreview.blogspot.com/2015/09/revisionism-as-socratic-method-or.html

    And here, just below, is/was my response there:

    Hoffman: Hubristic, Jew-Friendly Liar, Anti-Christ Heretic, Rebutted
    (Apollonian, 24 Sep 15)

    Hoffman: ur obvious problems are (a) ur hubristic madness entailing (b) the typical self-righteousness and Pharisaism (specifically Pelagianism), self-pity, (c) and hypocrisy, crying about things done to u for same very things u do to others, like censorship, for example.

    (d) Then there are the lies u tell about USURY, u saying and insisting it, "usury," refers to charging-of-interest which is demonstrably false, but which explanatory and contrary expositions u refuse to consider and address in ur hubris, madness, and self-righteousness.

    (e) Another lie is that u suffer unduly for speaking ur lies about dear unc' Adolf, for we know it's Jew-serving along w. the other Jew-friendly lies u speak to effect there are "good" Jews, like there are good psychopaths, satanists, and Christ-killers. U must have Jews contributing to u and paying u, Hoffman, for all ur putrid lies u tell, so it's no wonder gentiles and revisionists are sick and tired of and fed-up w. ur Jewwy-style and Jew-serving, self-righteous lies and lying.

    Hoffman: U STINK--so much, at this pt. u're actually comical. Why would hard-pressed patriots want to put-up w. more of ur absurdity, hypocrisy, and Pharisaistic self-pity?

    Regarding dear unc' Adolf, we know he was sinner like any other human, and he surely made serious errors like (1) letting the British army escape at Dunkirk, (2) not securing N. Africa against the British-American invasion of "Operation Torch," and (3) which invasion he could have avoided by not gratuitously declaring war against USA, etc.

    So now u want to nit-pick and cherry-pick for historical facts and pretended "research" and hold-up Gregor Strasser, as if to waving ur little finger in people's faces. And why do u do this, regarding Gregor Strasser?--merely, once again, to displaying ur Pharisaism and self-righteousness, that's all--as if u know better than everyone else, right?

    ------------------[END OF PART ONE, SEE BELOW FOR PART TWO-------------------

    1. ------------[HERE'S PART TWO TO ABOVE---------

      And it's hard to know exactly what were precise particular details and circumstances for Gregor Strasser, but we know other factual circumstances without any doubt. We know (a) German people were deliberately starved by British Navy even after the WWI Armistice for purpose of forcing Germans to accept the unfair and one-sided Versailles Treaty--and this is aside fm the illegal stripping of German territory, as by Poland, after the Germans had been dis-armed.

      (b) The German middle-class had been wiped-out economically in the early twenties hyper-inflation by Jew-infested Weimar Republic, and (c) The German people witnessed horrific mass-murders engineered by Jew Bolsheviks not only in eastern Europe and Russia, but also the on-going horrific "Holodomor" in Ukraine even as Hitler and nazis were given the leadership of German gov.

      Further, The German nation was ALREADY scheduled by the Jew-bankers and masterminds to be horribly beaten, crushed, and heavily mass-murdered well before the actual on-set of WWII for purpose, among other things, of dragooning USA into the United Nations world gov., this specifically by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) along w. English RIIA.

      Thus Germany was set-up, and the Nazi party was deliberately funded by the Jew bankers of the West, and soon after Nazis took power Germany was funded and subsidized by the West for the build-up of the German military. See works of A. C. Sutton, G. G. Preparata, and the Birchers, including James Perloff.

      So u see, Hoffman?--Germany was already targeted and DOOMED to being attacked, even before dear unc' Adolf was placed into power for purposes of triggering the actual warfare. Only question was how well and effectively would the German nation fight to defend itself, doomed as it was.

      Ur latest lies and un-substantiated assertions regarding Strasser are thus placed in context of German nation, people, and leadership in abject desperate straits, frantically working to simply defending itself against over-whelming odds. Strasser was most likely seen as a traitor by the leadership, under the dire circumstances, and we fail to see any genuine evidence u present to demonstrate otherwise, aside fm the other things, above-noted, which work to dis-credit u for the hubristic, hereticalist liar u really and truly are. Keep digging ur hole deeper and deeper for ur contempt for any patriot sympathy.

    2. Apsterian,

      The Germans got a bad deal and were tortured by their rulers - what else is new? I am not finished digesting the rest of your comments yet.


    3. ... of course they wanted to fight back.


  5. Apsterian,
    I refuse to paint America as the bad guys in WW2. The US population was led off that cliff with the original 911 - is it fair to blame them for being lied to by their leaders as they are today?

    The Germans got screwed following WW1 and I don't blame them one bit for going after those enslaving them. But they didn't need to invade Russia twice to get the bankers off their backs did they?

    And aren't we really taking a subjectivist view of history? You choose to look at it the way you want then criticize me for speaking in terms an American can understand.

    A Nazi doctor in americanese is a doctor that experiments on helpless victims using hideous experimentation techniques with absolutely no qualms about the pain and suffering of their "patients."
    That's what I intended the term to mean and I think it's good.


    1. Lies, Lying: Built Upon Subjectivism, Hubris, And (Non-Existent) "Good"

      U're just a liar who lies, and whose lies don't stop, now lying even more to rationalize ur previous lies and lying, we see.

      U say, "u refuse to paint America as bad guys in WW2"--is just pushing more lies. USA was led by, and captive of Jew scum at the top who instigated WWII.

      Then u moronically ask, "...they didn't need to invade Russia...," as if this makes any kind of pt. or has any pertinence to anything. What are u even trying to talk about, aside fm pushing more of ur stupid Jew-friendly lies?

      Then u reduce everything to subjectivism and subjectivist history rather than make effort to see the objective facts--u're just a liar who lies and doesn't stop lying.

      And u say ur lies are what "Americans can understand"--just more lies.

      "Americanese"?--just more lies by a liar. And of course, a liar like u is satisfied w. ur lies, ho ho ho ho

      And HOW are u "American" in the first place?--u're just a liar in all ur presumption.

      Just observe all ur moronic presumption and lies, pretending to being American, then presuming upon this idiot "americanese," lies built upon lies, built upon lies and idiot presumption, eh?

      And it isn't unusual or surprising is it, that such a lying liar as u are so naturally sympathizes w. ur Jew buddies for their lies, right?

      Newsflash, u scummy, lying moron: the doctors pushing the deadly, toxic vaccines nowadays are quite often Jews, NOT "nazis" at all, and they work for Jew-owned and -controlled corps. funded and financed by the Jew banks, u stupid, ignorant, lying scum and moron, ho ho ho ho.

      Above, at Sep. 24, u say, "[o]ne must speak to a population in terms of their own myths." But the "population" u speak for and to is that alien, anti-American, anti-Christ JEW-oriented population, buddy--THAT'S WHAT U'RE ALL ABOUT.

      Just look at all ur idiot lies and lying--beginning w. idea u're "American," that u know anything about USA, demanding "rights" and "liberty" without any understanding/appreciation of the Christian culture they're necessarily built-upon, in fact lying about it--all to please ur Jew-friends, no doubt.

      So now u see how and why USA sucks and sucks like it does, USA filled w. scum and filthy liars like urself. U wonder why u're subjected to toxic vaccines?--well, it's because u're a moronic liar who pushes lies, right?

      And why do u push these lies?--because u think it's virtuous exertion of ur "free" will, right? And ur lies never end, u insisting and lying, even to urself, no doubt, to effect ur lies are now true, right?--it has to be true, because it's what's "right," in ur corrupt, liar's mentality, filled with and formed by lies and lying, through and through.

      Are u really satisfied now, in all ur madness and little internal world built upon ur brainless lies?

  6. Apsterian says:
    "Newsflash, u scummy, lying moron: the doctors pushing the deadly, toxic vaccines nowadays are quite often Jews"

    Yes - and they are quite often other "doctors" of other "religions" etc... The fact is they are all followers - many sustain a "high standard of living" they must maintain - which means giving shots and bad medicine to strangers if need be.

    In fact - the folks dishing out these "vaccines" or "flue shots" or "mercury shots" or whatever they are - are simply idiots working at a corporate drug store chain with absolutely no accountability whatsofuckingever.

    That's the long and short of it - "jews" don't come into the equation there.

    In the model city I live in - the folks at the drug stores look like the average american - they probably have two other jobs in between the flu shot job. Ha ha ha.

    You have to hand it to the drug companies and nazi doctors - they sure know how to "stick it to you" and make a helluva profit.

    Ha ha ha ha.


    1. Yet More Jewwy Lies Defending, Excusing Jews

      So "[t]hat's . . . long and short of it - "jews" don't come into the equation..."?--just another lie.

      For as I noted, the entire big-Pharma, corp. dictatorship scheme is satanic, hence Jew-led conspiracy, the corporations in general, not only big-Pharma, run and headed by Jews and their agents, grabbing evermore monopoly control over everything.

    2. Yes, and so as I was saying, this Jew/banker conspiracy going on now, was SAME THING going back in unc' Adolf's day, which he knew quite a bit about, and so "Nazis" then were a REACTION in desperate defense against this large Jew conspiracy which ruled Europe since Napoleonic wars, continuing to this day.

      So to say it's "nazi doctors w. flu shots..." is TOTAL, ABSOLUTE LIE and lying, TOTAL MIS-REPRESENTATION by a fake "American" babbling Jew-friendly, Jew-serving lies and prop. Lies couldn't be more blatant or in-ur-face outrages against truth and reality.

    3. What Happened To B. Of Rights, Freedom, Liberty?

      And so u see, in conclusion to above two observations, it's obvious that the MOST accurate, true title to be properly, most appropriately given to this posting, given everything else, would be "JEW DOCTORS W. FLU SHOTS," not "Nazi doctors"--"Nazi doctors" is the lie which a liar wants to put over, Nazis the opponents and enemies of Jews.

      And of course, the first opponents of Jews were the Christians, but they'd been held to be out-moded for effective opposition to Jews and bolsheviki enforcers. "Christianity" was no longer effective, no longer operative.

      So why wasn't the more accurate title, "Jew doctors...," given?--well, because the author is a Jew or a Jew-friendly, not friendly to humanity or white folk or Christians--OR THE TRUTH, Christians, white Christians the founders of USA, that original USA now long dead and gone, this now being the Jew S A.

      The author (earlier had) lamented, "gee, but what happened to the Bill of Rights, freedom, liberty?"--and answer has to be same as what happened to Christianity, and white people, evidently--for that's where B. of Rights came fm, no where else, certainly not Jews.

      How u even begin to imagine B. of Rights is appropriate to Jews, proud originators of bolshevism, worst enemies of humanity and human reason, is absolutely amazing--and goes to show the wonder-world things have now come to.

      What happened to B. of Rights, freedom and liberty?--YOU "happened," sucker, lying, brainless morons like u, buddy. Morons don't have freedom or liberty or B. of Rights--they're morons, and all they get is slavery, if that, lucky, evidently, that they're not dead, slavery the immediate precedent to death.

      For B. of Rights, freedom, and liberty are ONLY appropriate to truth, and cannot thrive upon lies which is what u want--lies--living in ur little wonder-world built of lies, subjectivism, hubris, and ur "free," Godly will, all in harmony w. ur Jew buddies. Hope u're having fun.

  7. Apsterian,

    I wonder if you live in the same police state I live in or somewhere else.

    I see no difference between Christians and Jews as they are united.



    1. "Unity" Of Jews And Christianity Is Impossible--No More Than Truth Can "Unite" With Lies

      Playing stupid again, eh? Christian, the real thing, worships TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), truth necessarily founded upon an objective reality. Jews worship themselves (God's "chosen") and lies (JOHN 8:44)--like u, right?--lies then founded upon subjectivism, pretext for subjectivism being non-existent "good-evil" and the hubristic "free," God-like will.

      So Jews now, by means of their legalized COUNTERFEITING (central-banking), own everything and everyone, including the establishment Christians who say Christ is "Jew," and support terror-state of Israel.

      Jews = subjectivism = satanism (see their Talmud, as at Talmudical.blogspot.com). Christ = truth, truth founded necessarily upon an objective reality. Thus kikes hate and murdered Christ (= truth), but which truth resurrects, as one cannot kill truth, no less than one can kill God.

      So Jews own and control a fake "church" and terrorize and intimidate fake Christians who imagine truth now is merely what they want to "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev." But mere "beleeeevin'" doesn't make truth, etc., etc.

      But observe IF reality WAS subjective, THEN "beleeeeeeeeeeevin" WOULD be a virtue--as it is for Jews who insist on making themselves God, they believing in their own lies.

      Worst enemy of truth is (non-existent) "good" which inveigles all the dumbshits who now, for example, beleeeeeeeeeev in "climate-change," etc., as we saw and hrd the satanic pope come over a few days ago extolling and endorsing the world gov. for purpose of dealing w. such "climate-change" lies, etc., etc.

      So what's "Holy Spirit," the third part of the God-head?--it has to be consistent w. truth (= Christ), hence must be REASON, but tempered w. HONESTY and integrity as such reason pervades throughout the person, as to the subconscious/emotions, etc., etc.

      Jews pervert reason in svc of lies, esp. moralism, by which false "good-evil" they inveigle the stupid goyim--like u, eh?

      So the moronic, fake "Christian," over-populated puke are too easily persuaded to giving-up reason, just sucking-along w. such satanic pope, for example, imagining it is good and sufficient to just "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev"--that such idiot beleeeeeeeeeeevin' can make lies true, for example.

      For truth (= Christ) can't just be anything u want it to be; it can ONLY be in accord w. the objective (God-created, according to the allegory) reality, that reality then being the criterion, the measure.

      Thus the REAL Christianity is anti-semitic, and it's no accident Jews HATE Christ and real Christianity and why Jews work soooooo hard to destroy and mis-represent Christianity, etc.

    2. So What's Really Going On?

      Anonymous Sep 30, 2015, 8:04:00 AM

      "I see no difference between Christians and Jews as they are united." JR

      Well, so u "see no diff."?--seriously? Didn't Jews have Christ (= truth) killed?

      HOW could they be "united"? Didn't we Christians formerly have these filthy, satanic, Talmudic monsters fairly well-contained, segregated, and kept down w. our proverbial foot firmly on their necks?

      But something happened, right?--what do u think that was?

      So if Jews control the legalized COUNTERFEITING mechanism, do u think that might have something to do w. things the way Jews so totally rule nowadays, Jews mass-murdering gentiles nearly at will--like they did and still do in Palestine, Jews are now slow-kill mass-murdering people w. vaccines--those ARE NOT NOT NOT NOT "Nazis" at all, in any way.

      So, if u really "see no difference between Christians and Jews as they are united," whose fault is that?--did someone steal ur brains? U can't figure out what New Test. says?--or what Talmud teaches kikes?--whose fault is that?


  8. "None So Blind" As Those Who Insist On Lying And Lying To Themselves

    "I wonder if you live in the same police state I live in or somewhere else. I see no difference between Christians and Jews as they are united. JR" Anonymous Sep 30, 2015, 8:04:00 AM

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Ho ho ho ho ho ho--one cannot but to MARVEL at the gross, amazing stupidity and sheer mendacity of above-quoted comment. Jews and Christians "UNITED"?--Ho ho ho ho ho ho

    No, u utterly brainless, lying moron--(a) for Jews RULE, stupid scum. And (b) the people and REAL Christians have LOST--lost horribly, including esp. the so-called "Nazis"--all of these now being horrifically mass-murdered by the Jews, "Nazis" having long since been killed and mass-murdered by ur lovely Jew buddies, stupid, brainless lying liar.

    Only a very, very SMALL (relatively) faction of FAKE "Christians"--"Judeo-Christians" or "Christian-Zionists" (see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo) suck-along w. kikes, u poor, brainless, lying fool.

    Subjectivistic, psychotic empire of lies u live in, JR, u poor, pathetic moron. U "wonder" if u live in same "police-state"?--REALLY?--ho ho ho ho ho. I'd say we probably do live in same basic place--Jew S A, but ur pathetic mind thinks far differently about it, the "police-state" extending its influence and lies to ur mind. My mind doesn't accept the lies. My mind remains true to Christ (= TRUTH), un-like urs which is dedicated to lies and slavery.


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