15 years of 911 but not enough truth

Another 911 anniversary.........YAWN.........the bad guys won that battle.  We can cut the bullshit with the flags, tears and monuments.   I've really had enough of that self-flagellation - typical American propaganda.  Spend all the time on ceremony and emotion - zero time studying the facts that are available- while the gang that slashed this deep gash into our nation and culture run away with all of our loot.  

The irony of these  911 spectacles and crocodile TeeVee tears are that they are put on by the very media that aided in the crimes and continues with the cover-up to this very day.  In the end - thanks mostly to them - we lose.  Without a media cover-up apparatus the crime would never stand.

What - you want proof?  Just examine your television or radio for any sign of the controlled demolition of WTC7.  You don't know what that is?  It figures.  Like I said - "your" media is just another cog in a machine of deception - capable not just of outright lies and fakery - but lying by omission as well.  WTC7 is the "smoking gun" of 911 - but with such a cowardly media the word never got out to this day.  The media also waged an effective war on the truth by training the masses to call each other "conspiracy theorists" when they asked questions about anything regarding pertaining to 911 that didn't add up.  Media control is a necessary element of the domination of the public mind - and "your" media is well under control.

Did you see this on TeeVee?

Normally when we lose a battle we just move on and take our losses.  The danger with the events of 911 is that the mass murderers and traitors got away with 911 which tells me that they will do it again.  Crime pays - handsomely - whether it is put options or insurance claims or no-bid contracts on the resultant war or weapons deals or just about any enterprise connected to the fear industry.  It's all about the power and money the public be damned.

There is a ridiculous "election" going on in this nation right now that is devoid of anything that matters to the average person.  With the silly election and 911 anniversary stuff going on it was easy to miss that there were no mass shootings for a few weeks.  I guess even the con-artists have to go on vacation once in a while.

As far as this 911 business goes - the public remains in a state of shock - denying that their government and military are dominated by monsters.  For those of us who've taken the time to look at the abundance of evidence gathered by 911 researchers, the leadership in the United States can no longer be viewed as our caretakers, but as thieves and robbers willing to do whatever it takes to get the prize - whatever that may be.   These cruel masters that dominate our nation are not squeamish when it comes to murder, mass-murder, torture - whatever it takes to get the job done.  By the way you will pay for the materials to get the job done and you will pay the bills for the damage in the end too.  You may also have to sacrifice your children for any wars they start in the process or as part of the process.


Americans are living in an era of unfettered greed.  Those that rule over us do not share our values.  After all - would you attack one of your neighbors and blame it on your other neighbor so you could collect some money?  Would you run a bank and rob your own customers?  Would you run a country and use your own nation's military to attack your own people?  I wouldn't and you wouldn't but those in control of this nation will, have and will do it again - why?  Because they got away with it last time.

Although I consider myself a sore loser - especially when it comes to 911 justice - because we, those trying to get justice for the victims of 911 and for the citizens of this  country that were and continue to be abused....  although I am pissed about losing that battle so far - I cannot help but compliment the criminals (some probably embedded in our own government and military)  that slaughtered 3000+ Americans (and an even greater number after the fact that breathed in the toxic dust that day), blew up all those buildings with military precision, then hypnotized the public into not believing their own eyes when they see a controlled demolition denying their own senses - what they see with their own eyes.  Only a real pro is capable of such brutal and ruthless efficiency - and if I were a mass murderer too I would tip my hat to them if I had one on.


Those of us that have tried to understand the evil crime that is 911 have been met with a bewildering matrix of truth, lies, bullshit, bigfoot, aliens, science, religion, belief, disbelief and just about anything else you can think of.  There has been a disinformation campaign waged against Americans especially but also anyone in the world attempting to get to the truth of the matter.  Carefully crafted videos of people giving their life story about how they were drawn into their own personal search for 911 truth are found on the internet, then about halfway through the video the person who must be getting paid by somebody starts babbling about bigfoot did it or something.  This disinformation is almost everywhere.  There are 911 "stars" (actors?) who appear as guests on television and radio shows who bring the most outlandish-sounding explanations which serve as alternatives to the explanations given by more reasonable people.  There are major publications that support the pseudo-science that is the official conspiracy theory spouting falsehoods - but they remain credible because of the weight their "big name" publication carries in American pop culture.  How is anybody supposed to get to the bottom of this mess?  To further complicate this mess there are major players in the alternative media that over time turn out to be at least half-liars, or, in other words, truth-tellers regarding 911 but, if you have additional facts, can be found to be liars in other areas.  How can we give them credibility when they are only telling the truth half the time?


Although art may be the only way out of hell, the best tools we have for determining what is real and what is not real is SCIENCE.  But unfortunately for you and me - the scientists have given up their power to greedy shortsighted fools.  These fools are the folks running our major institutions - almost all of our universites, our military, our businesses.  I've heard a saying that an Americans will sell you the rope to hang them with - for a few dollars.  My observations tell me this is true.  But it is not true of all Americans.  It is not true of me and it is not true of others involved in the 911 truth and justice movement - most have done way more than I ever will.  Who are these folks and should we trust them?


Being 100% right about anything is not going to happen, especially regarding 911 crime.  There are many questions and contradictions in the 911 official story that belie the nefarious forces working behind the scenes in a network that controls military, commercial and media enterprises that are interlocked - using their combined abilities to commit a crime and cover-up and dominate our culture so completely with their lies that this screen remains practically impenetrable to most.  But there are always those that will see through the smokescreen and begin alerting others.  Some will listen and take another look while others cannot get past their own belief system so wallow in their own denial.  What is important is to not become frustrated, but to keep searching and searching and considering just about everything and eventually one's own bullshit detector (voice in our head) will give us an approximately correct answer.

So I cannot tell you that I have the correct answers or that I am one hundred percent sure of anything.  What I have concluded is that there are some out there doing their best to bring the truth to the public.  The best information I've personally vouched for that rings my bullshit detector the least is Architects and Engineers for 911 truth and the scientists behind what should now be famous dust study in which nano-thermite was found in the WTC dust.  I have never heard a serious rebuttal to the conclusions these scientists and engineers have arrived at.  What I have heard, instead, in response to their hard work in attempting to bring at least some organized effort toward that which we can call fact revolving around 911 is either silence, outright dismissal without reasoning, name-calling - or a classic strategy of 911 deniers which is simply pretending not to see what they are showing.

Go to Google and type "Dr. Professor Niels Harrit about nanotherite on 9/11" and watch the video.
Also watch some videos put out about building 7 by Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.  You may also wish to visit "Pilots for 911 Truth."  Another group of speeches you may find educational are those made by Professor David Ray Griffin who has dissected the official 911 report with excruciating detail - but it is not boring listening to his talks.

I don't know these people personally but the information they present stands on its own.  It is up to the rest of us to at least listen and look then decide what makes the most sense to us.

So we can only do our best but we must try to understand this crime and its implications for next time - and there will be a next time - perhaps sooner than you or I may think.


We'll have to wait until this circus election is over then I wonder if 6 months down the road it will be time for the next big one.  Who can tell with these monsters?  Yes that is a SWAG (Scientific wild assed guess) but why not?  Predictions about the future are always wrong and I have nothing to base such a statement on except the real crooks have not been caught and their accomplices still occupy high places.  The PNAC agenda has still not been completed so I don't think it is far fetched to assume that this agenda will be pursued to its conclusion.  After all who will stop them?

We have a military that, as far as I am concerned, betrayed We The People for interests unknown on 911.  We had jumbo jets flying around for over an hour and a half and these incompetent overpaid pussies couldn't shoot any of them down.  They ran around like the keystone kopz for the entire time and in the end failed to protect us.  We have Rudy Giuliani giving speeches at the presidential bullshit meeting posing questions like "who will keep us safe" - ha ha - wasn't that his job on 911 since he was in charge of New York city of all places on 911?

There were public officials that were warned of the attacks - persons like John Ashcroft who was told not to fly on any commercial airlines for the remainder of his term in office - which included 911.

We have the leaseholder of the World Trade Centers admitting that they "pulled" WTC 7 on 911 during an interview:

"I remember getting a call from the , er, fire department commander telling me they couldn't contain the fires, and we'd had such a loss of life that day that the smartest thing to do is to pullit, and they made that decision to pull, and we watched the building collapse"

We had an administration (yes Republican if it matters to you) that refused to perform an investigation until pressured by the victims' families.

We had the entire crime scene scrubbed of evidence with hundreds of truckloads of debris carted away and melted down to make sure nobody could gather enough damning evidence - in these cases the public officials abused their power controlling the crime scene not to protect evidence, but to cart it away before anyone got a chance to inspect it.

I haven't even touched the pentagon anomalies - more and more and more crime and cover-up.


The network of criminals that have usurped power in the United States is almost impossible to comprehend at this point.  That it is an interlocking group that permeates government, private big business, and military makes it very difficult to root out in one swipe.  But we are going to have to start somewhere - but where?

How are we going to root out this evil from our nation before they wreck everything?  These monsters have successfully convinced half this nation that torture and extrajudicial murder are good things.  Now, via their network of liars and traitors they are enshrining these "values" into our culture through precedent and drumming it into the minds of the public via multiple layers of propaganda from the movies to tv, from radio to internet.

How are we going to move against these evil parasites when we can't get three Americans to sit down at a table and talk to each other without calling each other names we learned on TV like "conspiracy theorist" and "tin foil hat" and other ridiculous trigger words designed specifically to divide and conquer?

Perhaps the answer can be gained from our enemies.  It seems that those that did 911 to us and were able to start these wars and get this police state established, these fear mongers who believe in endless war - perhaps we can learn from THEIR ABILITY TO SIT DOWN AND TALK TO EACH OTHER.
Are only the wicked able to make plans and think logically?  I don't think so - it just seems that they are the only ones motivated enough by their greed psychoses to spend enough time on these capers so they end up with all the chips at the end of the game.

We are going to have to find a way to dispense with the name-calling and simplistic TeeVee Lojik - get back to the principles of rationality and scientific method.  By we I mean YOU and ME.


To look for who it is behind the curtain one must first consider that there is a show going on and that there is someone in the background putting the show on for us.  But what are their motives for putting this show on?  Do we need to know what they are?  Must we marvel at their capacity for evil before we can start by simply looking at the crime itself and just try to solve that?  If we can't solve the whole crime can we solve part of it?  Who will do the legal work or is that in the past - is there really no legal solution?  What if we continue to ignore the crimes of 911 and simply accept that we live in a gigantic Murder Incorporated where we are on our way to total dictatorship?

From what I've seen so far I regarding the treatment of scientists, engineers, scholars, artists and anyone else by our government, media and neighbors we are heading on a road toward dictatorship.  There is a saying that "Freedom isn't free" - I agree with that statement - which means that if you wish to be free you are going to have to fight for it.  But who is going to fight for their freedom when they believe themselves to be free already?  Many people I've spoken to regarding the crimes of 911 seem oblivious to the implications of these criminals getting away with this crime and what that means regarding what they will do next.

There are many agendas afoot being sold to the public on the airwaves and controlled internet that have to do with globalist agendas.  These agendas seem to have benefited from the panic and fear resulting from the attacks of 911.  The old saying "Cui bono" still holds true - and that is a good place for anyone to start that wishes to understand who is really behind all that is going on.


If there is anything we can all do we can do one thing - stop using that idiotic propagandistic trigger-term "conspiracy theory."  If that is all we can do right now let's do it.  It may seem like a small step but it really can pay big dividends.  I try to do this whenever I attempt communications with anyone about anything.  We don't have to use their thought-limiting language when we are trying to think for ourselves.  We don't need divisive and insulting terms in a conversation that is intended to bring people together. 

We are amidst an information war - and that war is here in our country being waged on WE THE PEOPLE right now.  We need to take away the power of the propagandists - those that are experts in marketing bumper-sticker logic to us.  


The following video is a fine interview of Professor Dr. Niels Harrit discussing his battle with the system trying to get the word out on 911.  It provides a good understanding for those who have not been involved in the battle directly - so that they, too, can understand the complex and interlocking system we are up against and how that system is used to degrade those who bring up this taboo subject in this era of belief vs. science.

Here's another video worth your time where you can see a scientist who lost his job over this.  I don't think he mentions it in this particular video, it's in another one, where he lost his professorship at BYU while Dick Cheney was rewarded an honorary doctorate from the same institution.  What does that tell you about academic freedom in this  country?  I recommend watching it so you can see some of the human stuggle behind what it takes to get the truth out ...


We have lost a battle but we haven't lost the war.  Keep fighting.

Finally here is something I heard as the preface to one of his speeches on the USS Liberty - another taboo subject that is not allowed to be discussed in this land of the free and home of the brave - from Phil Tourney...

"The truth is the truth - even if nobody believes it.

A Lie is a lie - even if everybody believes it.

Right is right even if nobody is doing it.

Wrong is wrong even if everybody is doing it.

The truth will set you free"

I still find those words very inspiring and hope you will as well.