15 years of 911 but not enough truth

Another 911 anniversary.........YAWN.........the bad guys won that battle.  We can cut the bullshit with the flags, tears and monuments.   I've really had enough of that self-flagellation - typical American propaganda.  Spend all the time on ceremony and emotion - zero time studying the facts that are available- while the gang that slashed this deep gash into our nation and culture run away with all of our loot.  

The irony of these  911 spectacles and crocodile TeeVee tears are that they are put on by the very media that aided in the crimes and continues with the cover-up to this very day.  In the end - thanks mostly to them - we lose.  Without a media cover-up apparatus the crime would never stand.

What - you want proof?  Just examine your television or radio for any sign of the controlled demolition of WTC7.  You don't know what that is?  It figures.  Like I said - "your" media is just another cog in a machine of deception - capable not just of outright lies and fakery - but lying by omission as well.  WTC7 is the "smoking gun" of 911 - but with such a cowardly media the word never got out to this day.  The media also waged an effective war on the truth by training the masses to call each other "conspiracy theorists" when they asked questions about anything regarding pertaining to 911 that didn't add up.  Media control is a necessary element of the domination of the public mind - and "your" media is well under control.

Did you see this on TeeVee?

Normally when we lose a battle we just move on and take our losses.  The danger with the events of 911 is that the mass murderers and traitors got away with 911 which tells me that they will do it again.  Crime pays - handsomely - whether it is put options or insurance claims or no-bid contracts on the resultant war or weapons deals or just about any enterprise connected to the fear industry.  It's all about the power and money the public be damned.

There is a ridiculous "election" going on in this nation right now that is devoid of anything that matters to the average person.  With the silly election and 911 anniversary stuff going on it was easy to miss that there were no mass shootings for a few weeks.  I guess even the con-artists have to go on vacation once in a while.

As far as this 911 business goes - the public remains in a state of shock - denying that their government and military are dominated by monsters.  For those of us who've taken the time to look at the abundance of evidence gathered by 911 researchers, the leadership in the United States can no longer be viewed as our caretakers, but as thieves and robbers willing to do whatever it takes to get the prize - whatever that may be.   These cruel masters that dominate our nation are not squeamish when it comes to murder, mass-murder, torture - whatever it takes to get the job done.  By the way you will pay for the materials to get the job done and you will pay the bills for the damage in the end too.  You may also have to sacrifice your children for any wars they start in the process or as part of the process.


Americans are living in an era of unfettered greed.  Those that rule over us do not share our values.  After all - would you attack one of your neighbors and blame it on your other neighbor so you could collect some money?  Would you run a bank and rob your own customers?  Would you run a country and use your own nation's military to attack your own people?  I wouldn't and you wouldn't but those in control of this nation will, have and will do it again - why?  Because they got away with it last time.

Although I consider myself a sore loser - especially when it comes to 911 justice - because we, those trying to get justice for the victims of 911 and for the citizens of this  country that were and continue to be abused....  although I am pissed about losing that battle so far - I cannot help but compliment the criminals (some probably embedded in our own government and military)  that slaughtered 3000+ Americans (and an even greater number after the fact that breathed in the toxic dust that day), blew up all those buildings with military precision, then hypnotized the public into not believing their own eyes when they see a controlled demolition denying their own senses - what they see with their own eyes.  Only a real pro is capable of such brutal and ruthless efficiency - and if I were a mass murderer too I would tip my hat to them if I had one on.


Those of us that have tried to understand the evil crime that is 911 have been met with a bewildering matrix of truth, lies, bullshit, bigfoot, aliens, science, religion, belief, disbelief and just about anything else you can think of.  There has been a disinformation campaign waged against Americans especially but also anyone in the world attempting to get to the truth of the matter.  Carefully crafted videos of people giving their life story about how they were drawn into their own personal search for 911 truth are found on the internet, then about halfway through the video the person who must be getting paid by somebody starts babbling about bigfoot did it or something.  This disinformation is almost everywhere.  There are 911 "stars" (actors?) who appear as guests on television and radio shows who bring the most outlandish-sounding explanations which serve as alternatives to the explanations given by more reasonable people.  There are major publications that support the pseudo-science that is the official conspiracy theory spouting falsehoods - but they remain credible because of the weight their "big name" publication carries in American pop culture.  How is anybody supposed to get to the bottom of this mess?  To further complicate this mess there are major players in the alternative media that over time turn out to be at least half-liars, or, in other words, truth-tellers regarding 911 but, if you have additional facts, can be found to be liars in other areas.  How can we give them credibility when they are only telling the truth half the time?


Although art may be the only way out of hell, the best tools we have for determining what is real and what is not real is SCIENCE.  But unfortunately for you and me - the scientists have given up their power to greedy shortsighted fools.  These fools are the folks running our major institutions - almost all of our universites, our military, our businesses.  I've heard a saying that an Americans will sell you the rope to hang them with - for a few dollars.  My observations tell me this is true.  But it is not true of all Americans.  It is not true of me and it is not true of others involved in the 911 truth and justice movement - most have done way more than I ever will.  Who are these folks and should we trust them?


Being 100% right about anything is not going to happen, especially regarding 911 crime.  There are many questions and contradictions in the 911 official story that belie the nefarious forces working behind the scenes in a network that controls military, commercial and media enterprises that are interlocked - using their combined abilities to commit a crime and cover-up and dominate our culture so completely with their lies that this screen remains practically impenetrable to most.  But there are always those that will see through the smokescreen and begin alerting others.  Some will listen and take another look while others cannot get past their own belief system so wallow in their own denial.  What is important is to not become frustrated, but to keep searching and searching and considering just about everything and eventually one's own bullshit detector (voice in our head) will give us an approximately correct answer.

So I cannot tell you that I have the correct answers or that I am one hundred percent sure of anything.  What I have concluded is that there are some out there doing their best to bring the truth to the public.  The best information I've personally vouched for that rings my bullshit detector the least is Architects and Engineers for 911 truth and the scientists behind what should now be famous dust study in which nano-thermite was found in the WTC dust.  I have never heard a serious rebuttal to the conclusions these scientists and engineers have arrived at.  What I have heard, instead, in response to their hard work in attempting to bring at least some organized effort toward that which we can call fact revolving around 911 is either silence, outright dismissal without reasoning, name-calling - or a classic strategy of 911 deniers which is simply pretending not to see what they are showing.

Go to Google and type "Dr. Professor Niels Harrit about nanotherite on 9/11" and watch the video.
Also watch some videos put out about building 7 by Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.  You may also wish to visit "Pilots for 911 Truth."  Another group of speeches you may find educational are those made by Professor David Ray Griffin who has dissected the official 911 report with excruciating detail - but it is not boring listening to his talks.

I don't know these people personally but the information they present stands on its own.  It is up to the rest of us to at least listen and look then decide what makes the most sense to us.

So we can only do our best but we must try to understand this crime and its implications for next time - and there will be a next time - perhaps sooner than you or I may think.


We'll have to wait until this circus election is over then I wonder if 6 months down the road it will be time for the next big one.  Who can tell with these monsters?  Yes that is a SWAG (Scientific wild assed guess) but why not?  Predictions about the future are always wrong and I have nothing to base such a statement on except the real crooks have not been caught and their accomplices still occupy high places.  The PNAC agenda has still not been completed so I don't think it is far fetched to assume that this agenda will be pursued to its conclusion.  After all who will stop them?

We have a military that, as far as I am concerned, betrayed We The People for interests unknown on 911.  We had jumbo jets flying around for over an hour and a half and these incompetent overpaid pussies couldn't shoot any of them down.  They ran around like the keystone kopz for the entire time and in the end failed to protect us.  We have Rudy Giuliani giving speeches at the presidential bullshit meeting posing questions like "who will keep us safe" - ha ha - wasn't that his job on 911 since he was in charge of New York city of all places on 911?

There were public officials that were warned of the attacks - persons like John Ashcroft who was told not to fly on any commercial airlines for the remainder of his term in office - which included 911.

We have the leaseholder of the World Trade Centers admitting that they "pulled" WTC 7 on 911 during an interview:

"I remember getting a call from the , er, fire department commander telling me they couldn't contain the fires, and we'd had such a loss of life that day that the smartest thing to do is to pullit, and they made that decision to pull, and we watched the building collapse"

We had an administration (yes Republican if it matters to you) that refused to perform an investigation until pressured by the victims' families.

We had the entire crime scene scrubbed of evidence with hundreds of truckloads of debris carted away and melted down to make sure nobody could gather enough damning evidence - in these cases the public officials abused their power controlling the crime scene not to protect evidence, but to cart it away before anyone got a chance to inspect it.

I haven't even touched the pentagon anomalies - more and more and more crime and cover-up.


The network of criminals that have usurped power in the United States is almost impossible to comprehend at this point.  That it is an interlocking group that permeates government, private big business, and military makes it very difficult to root out in one swipe.  But we are going to have to start somewhere - but where?

How are we going to root out this evil from our nation before they wreck everything?  These monsters have successfully convinced half this nation that torture and extrajudicial murder are good things.  Now, via their network of liars and traitors they are enshrining these "values" into our culture through precedent and drumming it into the minds of the public via multiple layers of propaganda from the movies to tv, from radio to internet.

How are we going to move against these evil parasites when we can't get three Americans to sit down at a table and talk to each other without calling each other names we learned on TV like "conspiracy theorist" and "tin foil hat" and other ridiculous trigger words designed specifically to divide and conquer?

Perhaps the answer can be gained from our enemies.  It seems that those that did 911 to us and were able to start these wars and get this police state established, these fear mongers who believe in endless war - perhaps we can learn from THEIR ABILITY TO SIT DOWN AND TALK TO EACH OTHER.
Are only the wicked able to make plans and think logically?  I don't think so - it just seems that they are the only ones motivated enough by their greed psychoses to spend enough time on these capers so they end up with all the chips at the end of the game.

We are going to have to find a way to dispense with the name-calling and simplistic TeeVee Lojik - get back to the principles of rationality and scientific method.  By we I mean YOU and ME.


To look for who it is behind the curtain one must first consider that there is a show going on and that there is someone in the background putting the show on for us.  But what are their motives for putting this show on?  Do we need to know what they are?  Must we marvel at their capacity for evil before we can start by simply looking at the crime itself and just try to solve that?  If we can't solve the whole crime can we solve part of it?  Who will do the legal work or is that in the past - is there really no legal solution?  What if we continue to ignore the crimes of 911 and simply accept that we live in a gigantic Murder Incorporated where we are on our way to total dictatorship?

From what I've seen so far I regarding the treatment of scientists, engineers, scholars, artists and anyone else by our government, media and neighbors we are heading on a road toward dictatorship.  There is a saying that "Freedom isn't free" - I agree with that statement - which means that if you wish to be free you are going to have to fight for it.  But who is going to fight for their freedom when they believe themselves to be free already?  Many people I've spoken to regarding the crimes of 911 seem oblivious to the implications of these criminals getting away with this crime and what that means regarding what they will do next.

There are many agendas afoot being sold to the public on the airwaves and controlled internet that have to do with globalist agendas.  These agendas seem to have benefited from the panic and fear resulting from the attacks of 911.  The old saying "Cui bono" still holds true - and that is a good place for anyone to start that wishes to understand who is really behind all that is going on.


If there is anything we can all do we can do one thing - stop using that idiotic propagandistic trigger-term "conspiracy theory."  If that is all we can do right now let's do it.  It may seem like a small step but it really can pay big dividends.  I try to do this whenever I attempt communications with anyone about anything.  We don't have to use their thought-limiting language when we are trying to think for ourselves.  We don't need divisive and insulting terms in a conversation that is intended to bring people together. 

We are amidst an information war - and that war is here in our country being waged on WE THE PEOPLE right now.  We need to take away the power of the propagandists - those that are experts in marketing bumper-sticker logic to us.  


The following video is a fine interview of Professor Dr. Niels Harrit discussing his battle with the system trying to get the word out on 911.  It provides a good understanding for those who have not been involved in the battle directly - so that they, too, can understand the complex and interlocking system we are up against and how that system is used to degrade those who bring up this taboo subject in this era of belief vs. science.

Here's another video worth your time where you can see a scientist who lost his job over this.  I don't think he mentions it in this particular video, it's in another one, where he lost his professorship at BYU while Dick Cheney was rewarded an honorary doctorate from the same institution.  What does that tell you about academic freedom in this  country?  I recommend watching it so you can see some of the human stuggle behind what it takes to get the truth out ...


We have lost a battle but we haven't lost the war.  Keep fighting.

Finally here is something I heard as the preface to one of his speeches on the USS Liberty - another taboo subject that is not allowed to be discussed in this land of the free and home of the brave - from Phil Tourney...

"The truth is the truth - even if nobody believes it.

A Lie is a lie - even if everybody believes it.

Right is right even if nobody is doing it.

Wrong is wrong even if everybody is doing it.

The truth will set you free"

I still find those words very inspiring and hope you will as well.


  1. Israeli Mossad did 9/11. Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Dubya simply assisted in the coverup.

    THIS WILL SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE: 9/11 From Cheney to Mossad

    1. Thanks much for this great source and reference.

  2. Joos did it. Those with brain cells know this.

    1. Yes, just ck Bollyn.com, where it's shown how Jews ("Zionists, according to Bollyn) are at top of every strategic part of the large event/conspiracy, fm operations, investigation, adjudication, and cover-up.

  3. "Because they got away with it last time." Sad part is,the tribe members that did 911 are the same ones who started WWI and WWII.
    Author is right,the next terror attack will be greater and bigger loss of life and destruction.
    What is needed is very simple passage of laws-- No Jews can own control news media or hold public office and fake Christians exposed. Another sure cure is all politicians have term limits max of 8 years and no salary.

    1. "Jews-media"?--that's NOTHING compared to the legalized counterfeiting done by central-bank instrument, US Federal Reserve Bank which pumps-out the currency (not real "money") by which to buy-up, not only Jews-media, but EVERYTHING else, like practically all politicians, judges, the edjumacation system, and even all the entire establishment Christian churches, Catholic and Protestant which preach tolerance of Jews and teach the basis of satanism (subjectivism).

      Thus we need REAL money system of commodity-based, hence gold/silver, and return of states rights, break-up of this Jew criminal enterprise and EMPIRE.

    2. I forgot to note for ref. Mises.org on central-banking, also RealityZone.com


  4. Mr. Goody Provides Hubristic Conditions For Criminals, satanists, And Crimes Like 9/11

    Once again we get Mr. Goody babbling and yammering about non-existent "good-evil" at work in 9/11 which happened 15 yrs ago, was done by the satanists and Jews (see Bollyn.com) behind the master fraud at the very top, the central-banking institute, featuring legalized counterfeiting, the US Federal Reserve Bank, who are working for world gov. dictatorship, and who've continued along w. all the latest in Ukraine and Syria, Korea, and S. China Sea. Mr. Goody doesn't have the intelligence to putting 9/11 in full context--but that isn't his purpose.

    What is Mr. Goody's object?--to get featured on Mike Rivero's WhatReallyHappened.com by which he'd get a few people to read and some to ck-in telling him what a wonderful, good, "moral" person he, Mr. Goody, is, but who won't stick around too long when they find-out what an empty, utterly worthless wind-bag Mr. Goody really is, ho ho hoho ho.

    So now u see the purpose of 9/11 and how it happened when u realize so many people are such stupid, hubris-filled liars like Mr. Goody who just wants to pretend he's all for what's "good"--it's why he's called and known as Mr. Goody, who also likes to denigrate Christians and Christianity, calling others "hypocrites," thus making Jews and satanists feel so comfortable and confident for perpetrating their crimes, like 9/11.

    Thus when a country is full of such scummy hypocrites, liars, and flunkies for Jews and satanists like Mr. Goody, one begins to see how 9/11 is successfully perpetrated. Mr. Goody keeps things safe for Jews and satanists, the perpetrators of 9/11, Jew S A immersed in hubris and "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

    For Jews and satanists THRIVE in a culture dominated by such hypocrites, liars, and scum as Mr. Goody, folks, never doubt. Mr. Goody is INTEGRAL part of the general problem, including 9/11, which couldn't have happened without people like Mr. Goody.

    Long as there are hypocrites and traitorous, satanistic scum like Mr. Goody, u're going to have more 9/11s, folks.

  5. Mr. Goody's Sure-Fire Thought Process: Guarantees Success--For Criminals

    Anyone can tell Mr. Goody isn't even vaguely interested in finding-out the basic facts about 9/11 when u consider the simplest method of investigation, using inductive logic: (a) listing all the suspects, then (b) eliminating the least likely and reducing it down to most likely by demanding they explain where they were, what were they doing, and who could verify. (c) Thus we have Jews, Eskimos, Hottentots, and Patagonians. (d) Who now is most likely?--and do they have an alibi?--is it provable?

    CONCLUSION: It's Jews, and there's no alternative--BUT WAIT, the Jews explain very patiently that we can't suspect them as that would be anti-semitic. So doggone it, but that still leaves us in quandary--where did we go wrong? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Such then, above, is the method and conclusion of Mr. Goody who's so careful and dedicated to morality and political-correctness, not to mention total, absolute DEFEAT. We can rely on Mr. Goody, by golly--aren't we lucky to have such person of such sterling character?--it's what makes our nation great, eh? Ho ho ho ho

    1. Apsterian,

      I appreciate Mike giving me a forum to express some thoughts. Your expectations of me are quite high - thank you for that. But, as a mere mortal there is no way I can ever live up to the high expectations others may have for me. I think that is called being an adult - someday you may understand that.

      Your repetitive vindictive does not move me - I'm not really sure what your point is because it is muddied with many gratuitous insults - which encourages me to just ignore it.



    2. Mr. Goody Can't Figure-Out Use Which Is Made Of Him, Despite Himself

      U ignore reality, facts, logic, etc., Mr. Goody, because after all, U'RE MR. GOODY, right Mr. Goody?--that's what u're all about, Mr. Goody invoking good, knocking Christians/Christianity which Rivero loves, pretending u're good, calling others "hypocrites," when u're the biggest hypocrite of all, pretending u're good, etc.

      "Expressing thoughts"?--ho ho ho, Mr. Goody, u express no thoughts at all, ever, just self-righteousness and then that self-righteous -inspired contempt for Christianity/Christians which Rivero loves. For example, in this blog article of urs, u make pretense for respect for truth and facts, but u're really not interested--using that then for ur overall and typical self-righteousness. For u're Mr. Goody, right?

      U're a blatant, outright LIAR too, as we've noted several times. And my pt.s have always been fairly clear enough which is why u consistently ignore them. For example, "insults" is a lie, for it's truth which u won't face and u're expert at ignoring.

      And it's always good and effective to pt. u out as PERFECT EXAMPLE of precisely what's wrong w. satanic Jew S A, Mr. Goody, liar, Pharisaic, hypocrite as u are, puffed by such as Rivero whom u feed off for his anti-Christian resentment.

      And ho ho ho, but u can't figure-out my pt. even though ur new name is "Mr. Goody," eh? Ho ho ho ho ho, and u imagine people can't see what a liar u are? So u make no sense, Mr. Goody, but u're still convenient for making for some use nonetheless in the negative way for making fun of such scummy, willing, self-righteous pawn for satanism as u are.

      So keep playing ur Pharisaic game for satanism and sanctimony, Mr. Goody, even though u're pretty worthless, there's still some use which can be made fm u, eh? Ho ho hoho ho

    3. Apsterian,

      I'm used every day - that's OK.

      Mike Rivero is doing his best and if he offers me some of his time tho post my stuff I appreciate that greatly.

      Writing without readership seems pointless.

      Sometimes one doesn't know what else to do except state the obvious.

      Am I perfect? The answer to that question should be obvious.

      Maybe my own ignorance will save the next poor sap from making the same mistakes.

      Also I hate the scumbags that murdered all those people on 911 and dealt such a blow to this country and its culture.



  6. Mr. Goody Is Problem, As I've Demonstrated Extensively, In Detail

    "There is a ridiculous "election" going on in this nation right now that is devoid of anything that matters to the average person." -fm 5th para., above, by Mr. Goody

    Here's (above quote) just another lie of urs, Mr. Goody, for hitlery represents the Jew world order, following Jew, George Soros, hitlery the colleague and successor to Obola, Trump, on the contrary, who says, "Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo." This, foregoing, contrast is THEMATIC, Mr. Goody; didn't u know? But u can cover ur lie in this instance by means of ur moronic ignorance, right? Then again, Trump is wildly popular for serious number of people, even among significant portion of minorities.

    For it is true, on other hand, Trump remains big fan of kikes of Israel, both of them competing to pretend who's more for mass-murdering Israeli terror-state.

    But all throughout ur LONG blog article on 9/11 we are consistently peppered w. ur assertion of "good-evil," right?

    At same time, u want to pretend to invoking science, even recommending vids on the bldg. demolitions. So what about simple logic and induction: "Once u eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth" -Sherlock Holmes.

    So can Jews be "eliminated"?--of course not, but u won't go there, eh, Mr. Goody?

    For then u'll say, but golly, surely not all kikes are involved? But then look at their religion (Talmudical.blogspot.com) which is collectivistic for ideal--the ideal of WAR AGAINST HUMANITY. So kikes will NEVER finger kikes, unless it's a particular Jew (like Bernie Madoff, eh?), and then they'll always add, "but Jews in general are ok"--which is a lie (again, just ck their Talmud).

    And u can't face-up to essence of Jew and satanism which is subjectivism--why?--and it's because subjectivism is also the essence of ur sort of righteousness. And it's precisely that righteousness and subjectivism u want to cover-up as it's root of ur moralistic pretence to virtue.

    And of course, ur enemy and target is Christians/Christianity, hypocrite like u calling them "hypocrites," when u know nothing about Christianity--or "good."

    So, U'RE THE PROBLEM, Mr. Goody, traitor, liar, hypocrite, Pharisaic anti-Christ pretending to "good," etc., and I've made this clear for u, Mr. Goody--just ck my numerous expositions over last dozen or so comments in ur last dozen blogs, buddy. Do u really think u fool anyone? Ho ho ho ho

    1. Apsterian,

      You may be suffering from memory problems...

      I've brought up Dr. Alan Sabrosky, head of studies at the US Army war college in Carlisle PA many times - he is a Jew himself - should I blame him?

      Donald Rumsfeld has been brought up - he is not a Jew.

      Do you understand the delicate balance of things that must be considered when trying to address a public that has been flogged for decades that Israel is our friend - and that no one can criticize a Jew?

      Do you also realize that many Jews - probably the bravest of the brave are totally against the brutal treatment of the Palestinians - are they to be abused too? What about the Jews that are harassed every day by their neighbors and friends in good ole Israel for speaking out against that nations crimes - just as 911 truthers are here?

      I don't think it is appropriate to dish out simple minded answers - yes Israel is a big big big problem and I think there is a major problem with a network of operatives undermining American values - but to simply say "it's the Jews" is incomplete and includes the non-guilty.



    2. Nature Of Necessary War Against Judiaism, Jews

      The Jew-friendly, lying traitor reveals himself yet further. For no decent person calls himself Jew, as I noted.

      And in warfare it's necessary to using WHOLE-SALE methods--DEAL W. THEM ALL--ALL OF THEM, by means of WHOLE-SALE method, SUCH IS WAR.

      And if there's someone who doesn't want to be dealt w. as that person is Jew, then it's necessary to repudiate Judaism. But u're traitor, speaking and advocating for the enemy, Jews (all of them), pretending falsely and traitorously that humanity has obligation towards Jews, that there are "good" Jews, like there are good psychopaths.

  7. Also:


    Why has no one been able to prove where the nanothermate came from - and start there?

    Either it is weapons grade or it is not.

    Either it exists or it does not.

    Follow the evidence where it leads - just like any honest investigator.

    If it leads to Israelis - then I guess they are the ones that have to pay for it. And if those that did it are not Israelis then I suppose they are the ones that will have to pay for it.

    I can go on and on -my loyalty is here - in the country I was born in - the USA - that is the way it will always be.


    1. Anti-Christ Traitor Keeps Wiggling

      U're a liar betrayed by ur own words to effect u're anti-Christ, USA (now unfortunately Jew S A) made by and for Christians, this anti-Christianity of urs when u know nothing about Christianity, deliberately ignorant, even by ur own admission. U have no loyalty, just further lying on ur part--u having only anti-Christ obsession, that's all.

      And again, we see u bringing-up "nano-thermite" tid-bit as if it's notably significant. But if nano-thermite is significant it's mere detail that would only be ANOTHER thing pt-ing to Jews, not just Israelis.

      For we already know it's Jews and Israelis, nano-thermite mere detail which here u want to use as distraction/diversion, anti-Christ traitor as u are.

  8. Apsterian,

    I am not doing your homework assignments reading the Talmud.

    Follow the evidence where it leads - justice is supposed to be blind.

    Pretty simple - but are you too confused with all your religious psychobabble that you cannot act like an honest investigator.

    Find the crook and punish them. Simple as that.



    1. satanic Anti-Christ Liar Defending Jew Enemies Of Humanity

      It's not "homework assignment," anti-Christ liar, satanist, and traitor; it's INTEGRAL, ESSENTIAL EVIDENCE, u pathetic, satanic lying traitor, ho ho ho ho.

      And the other evidence merely confirms.

      "Confused"?--no, u lying anti-Christ, satanic, Jew-friendly traitor, u're one pretending to confusion of ur own.

      And what "religious psychobabble"?--u lying, satanic, traitorous anti-Christ satanist?--WHAT is "dishonest," liar?--tell us.

      There's the large conspiracy in general, including the central-banking counterfeit scam, following Talmudism in general, and then there are more specific operations.

      Find the crook?--we'll do that. We found a TRAITOR, in urself, haven't we?--anti-Christ liar speaking and advocating for Jew psychopaths and murderers, eh?

      Keep talking to us, liar, anti-Christ Satanist and traitor, speaking for and defending Jews, ho hohohoho.

  9. Mr. Goody Keeps Wiggling, Keeps Lying

    Sep 14, 2016, 8:21:00 PM

    "Find the crook and punish them. Simple as that." -Mr. Goody, fm above

    We found the "crook," just like we found the traitorous advocate and defender thereof, U, u putrid anti-Christ, lying traitor, u, Mr. Goody. And we show how and why too, u and ur Jew and satanic buddies all working together, all of u advocates and practitioners of SUBJECTIVISM, thus satanism. And we show just how u operate too, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho


  10. Mr. Goody Indulges His Own satanic "Religion" Of Subjectivism, "Good-Evil"

    Sep 14, 2016, 8:21:00 PM

    "Pretty simple - but are you too confused with all your religious psychobabble...." -Mr. Goody

    What?--tell us where the "religious psychobabble" is to be found, Mr. Goody, Jew-friendly, satanic liar--give the time signature for the entry where u find the "religious psychobabble," anti-Christ satanist and Jew-friendly, Jew-defending liar.

    It's ur religion to lie, Mr. Goody, in ur satanic manner, for urs is the religion of ur own little world of subjectivism and "good-evil" which u've created within ur little mind, eh, Mr. Goody? Ho ho ho ho

  11. Ck my note, above, at Sep 14, 2016, 7:49:00 AM, Mr. Goody: it's what all ur most recent notes confirm and detail, buddy, and u didn't realize it when u wrote them (the most recent ones), ho ho hoho ho. U're just a pawn and tool of satanism, buddy: U'RE THE PROBLEM, sucker, ho ho ho hoho


  12. Mr. Goody Struggles To Figuring-Out About "Nano-Thermite"

    Anonymous Sep 14, 2016, 8:16:00 PM

    "Why has no one been able to prove where the nanothermate came from - and start there?" -Mr. Goody, fm above

    Like it's all some huge mystery, eh? Ho ho ho oho ho, Mr. Goody, who OWNED WTC bldgs. in first place, eh?--who controlled the Port Authority which made the sale in first place? So what "security" corp. did he hire?--aren't these the necessary, presumptive starting places? U have to have this all explained to u? And the only "nano-tech" "nano-thermite" co.s are CIA and MOSSAD -connected, right?

    Bollyn.com shows us all who was total master of every operational aspect of 9/11--MOSSAD and no one else, not even CIA who merely suck-along--going back to the 70s they were planning and plotting it all.

    And don't forget P-Tech which inserted the soft-ware for the air-control systems for the Fed Aviation Admin, which inserted all the fake blips for where the planes were supposed to be--MOSSAD all the way.

    Good gravy, but u're amazingly, so conveniently dumb, aren't u?--like u think this bit about the "nano-thermite" is some kind of rocket-science to figure-out, eh? GTFO, sucker. Everything about u is always sooooo Jew-friendly, -serving, and -sympathetic--WHY?--HOW? Is it because u're subjectivist, moralist, hence given and susceptible to satanism?--dumbass sucker thereto?

    And ur Jew-friendliness and susceptibility to satanism also follows naturally fm ur psychotic anti-Christianity, doesn't it?--aside fm fact u don't and can't even say what Christianity really is all about, u poor, brainless s.o.b., sucker for satanism, traitor and enemy of the real USA, now the Jew S A, as there are actually quite a few people like u, eh Mr. Goody?

    So u see, Mr. Goody, in merely and simply examining u urself, ur mentality and "philosophy," such as it is (subjectivism), we see what the real problem is, not only for urself but for all Jew S A too, eh? Ho ho ho ho

    1. Apsterian says:
      "And the only "nano-tech" "nano-thermite" co.s are CIA and MOSSAD -connected, right?"

      I think that is called "begging the question"

      I don't know the manufacturers of the stuff they used to blow the place up - but I am confident that there are those in higher places than me that DO know.

      That's why I put it that way.


    2. Apsterian,

      If you insist on calling me "Jew friendly" I accept the charge - Dr Alan Sabrosky is Jewish and I appreciate his contribution to the cause of truth.



    3. These (above) are ur "responses"?--ho ho ho ho. Gad, Mr. Goody, but u're sad case, for sure. U do admit u're Jew-friendly scum, scum associating w. scum, we see, once again. "Begging question" is synonymous w. PRESUMPTION, moron. And I've only briefly researched issue of "nano-thermite," but it seems to be product of special manufacture only specially available, etc.

      U're obviously not all there, Mr. Goody, but I guess u imagine u've answered sufficiently to arguments regarding ur Jew-friendly lies, treason, and anti-Christianity, ho ho ho ho

    4. Apsterian,

      How many times can one respond to your:
      "You're a Jew, you're a Jew, you're a Jew"

      Then I tell you that I cannot blame all Jews for the crimes of individual Jews (and non-Jew accomplices) - then you continue anyway with your usual protests.

      It's a circle from which I see no way out.

      Either you don't want me to understand your point or you can't make it or I cannot understand it.

      If I cannot understand it you will have to explain it another way.


    5. Apsterian,

      I also think you are mis-using the term "moron" according to its original intended use. Similar to "idiot" but a different level.

      I'm not understanding you - and if I am not understanding you neither are other people I would guess.



    6. Psychos, Psychopaths, Sociopaths, Dupes, And Useful Idiots Must AND WILL Be Treated.

      The problem, Mr. Goody, lies in urself: U WON'T ACKNOWLEDGE, because u deliberately REFUSE, THE NATURE OF "JEW," WHAT IT IS, WHAT IT ENTAILS--u just want to invent it for urself within ur own little mentality. U're a willing dupe and classic "useful idiot"--and that's not our fault; it's urs, sucker, and u're gonna pay, never doubt.

      That (above) is why/how U'RE THE PROBLEM, SUCKER, part of the larger satanic cultural complex.

      And I gave u the references, probably over a hundred times now, over dozens of ur own blogs here, which u refuse to look at as u don't care about the facts, reality, truth. U PREFER THE SUBJECTIVIST REALITY U (and others too) have created within ur little minds. Further, u consider upholding this subjectivist illusion and "political-correctness," which u call "morality," above actual objective reality to being a virtue in itself. Like Jews, u HATE AND DESPISE the objective reality--like u despise humanity and Christians.

      No decent human calls himself "Jew." For Jew is enemy of humanity by the EXPLICIT tenets of their filthy religion, easily and plainly verified in their Talmud. Jew = sociopath/sociopathy, by definition, verified in their own Talmud. And Jews are collectivist, also by their own religion and Talmud. So no Jew commits any crime without the support and assent of other Jews (CK THEIR TALMUD, STUPID!).

      What u're saying then is u cannot blame sociopaths and criminals (Jews) for being sociopaths and criminals (Jews)--when it is their EXPLICIT religion and philosophy (sociopathy), justified by their calling themselves "chosen" and gentiles being "legitimate targets and victims," Jews' entire purpose and activity to be WAR AGAINST HUMANITY. According to Jews and Talmud, it's ok to murder, lie to, and cheat gentiles, long as Jews are benefitted overall--THIS IS THEIR PHILOSOPHY, explicitly given in Talmud--which scum and "useful idiots" like u refuse to acknowledge.

      And all history verifies this sociopathic religious practice by Jews (criminals and sociopaths), including in this very day in Palestine--but also by Jews in charge of central banking throughout the world.

      U're "not understanding" because u consider ur putrid political-correctness and moralism (Pharisaism) to be greater virtue than truth, reality, and honesty. U're a SUBJECTIVIST.

      And yes, there are other stupid, traitorous scum and subjectivist filth like urself, willing dupes of Jews (psychopaths and sociopaths) but u all nonetheless need have revolutionary justice applied to u, and it will happen, sucker, don't doubt. U must be properly dealt with for the good and survival of humanity, u see. It's not our fault if u refuse to face the objective reality, sucker. God gave u eyes to see, ears to hear, etc. U imagine ur Jew-friendly political-correctness and Pharisaism trumps reality, but u and ur allies and cohorts are about to learn the hard way, I'm afraid.


  13. satanic Cultural Complex Founded By Such As Mr. Goody

    What's problem w. Jew S A?--satanism in general (extreme subjectivism) which has so much taken over Jew S A and West in general, which satanism then is led by Jews (see Talmudical.blogspot.com) and founded upon the political-correct Jew-friendliness and anti-Christianity of such as Mr. Goody. Observe Mr. Goody's satanic obsession for Jew-sympathy, along w. anti-Christianity, and insane insistence upon subjectivism and "good-evil," all essential part-parcel for the satanic complex which thrives and rules in West and Jew S A. How did 9/11 happen?--over-population of people like Mr. Goody.

  14. Apsterian: Do you share this definition? We can get to your addition of "extreme" later...

    From wiki:"Subjectivism is the philosophical tenet that "our own mental activity is the only unquestionable fact of our experience""

    I, JR, do NOT agree with the statement.

    Perhaps you think my actions speak louder than my words - maybe I am writing specific words that lead you to believe this incorrect analysis of me.



    1. Judaism = SUBJECTIVISM

      Then why do u uphold delusionary "good-evil"? For there is no "good-evil" in an objective, hence determinist (absolute cause-effect) reality. "Good-evil" is SUBJECTIVISM. And the active, most practical satanists (extreme subjectivists) are simply COLLECTIVIST subjectivists who collude in their typical criminal enterprises as in case of central-banking and then all the derived criminal activities dependent thereupon.

      And subjectivism is the very CORE of Judaism (Talmud) by which they are "chosen" and thus entitled to exterminate, murder, cheat, and lie to the rest of humanity who are considered to being legitimate victims and targets--BY THE EXPLICIT TENETS OF THEIR FILTHY Talmudic religion.


    2. Judaism = Talmudism = Subjectivism = "Interpretation" = satanism

      Hence then, it is rightly, accurately said Judaism is satanism, criminality, and sociopathy, a literal war-plan against humanity, and there's no "good" Jew anymore than there's "good psychopath" or sociopath. No decent person calls himself "Jew."

      And this EXPLICIT subjectivism and literal WAR AGAINST HUMANITY is perfectly verified fm their filthy Talmud, Zohar, etc., and then confirmed fm all history, including present-day as we see their mass-murder of Palestinians, Arabs, et al. See Talmudical.blogspot.com. And as sponsors and supporters of UN Agenda-21 they (Jews) work for extermination of world population. And note G. Soros the main force behind "black lies matter," fomenting war btwn/among the races, etc.

      Thus Judaism/Talmud holds God's very purpose was to create the most precious thing of existence, kikes, the "apple" of God's eye. Thus the Jew Holy Days are days of mass-murder, as Passover and Purim (look them up), Hannukah is another. Judaism is a religion of WAR.

      Thus Jews preach God gave Moses the "Oral law" by which Jews "interpret" (midrash) the Torah by which to serve Jews in best way. And that's why Torah is NOT NOT NOT the controlling rule of Judaism, but rather the Talmud midrash (interpretation), which midrash Christ rejected and repudiated (Gosp.s MATT ch. 15; Mark ch. 7)

      The SUBJECTIVIST nature of Judaism and Talmud is so gross, emphatic, and blatant that Talmud is divided into two main sections, (a) Mishnah by which Torah is interpreted, and then (b) Gemara by which the Mishnah interpretation is further interpreted--the literal interpretation of the interpretation, in case there's any mistake. Thus Torah is ONLY what rabbis, through Talmud midrash, says it means, SUBJECTIVISM, whence Jews make themselves God, rabbis the leaders/masters, which Christ repudiated, why Jews say Christ was rightfully executed for heresy and blasphemy.


  15. Mr. Goody, Subjectivist, Moralist, Having Fun As satanism Advances

    Get a load of what Mr. Goody writes for us, above: "CONCLUSION
    " We have lost a battle but we haven't lost the war. Keep fighting.
    " I still find those words very inspiring and hope you will as well."

    "Keep fighting" he says, so patronizingly, like a cheer-leader at a pep-rally. Then he gives us words he's sure will "inspire"; after all, it inspired him, and it's soooo good and important (evidently) to be "inspired." Mr. Goody doesn't really care about accomplishing anything of substance regarding 9/11--he just wants people to be inspired as he is.

    But whatever u do, don't u dare bother those dear, precious Jews, says Mr. Goody. After all, there's Alan Sabrosky, and he's a "good" Jew, like there are good psychopaths, according to Mr. Goody who's sooo "inspired" and looking-out for everyone's welfare and morality in general, evidently--except he cares about Jews more than anyone else, we see.

    "We lost a battle," he says, but who's "we"? For don't forget Mr. Goody is an avowed anti-Christ who lies about Christianity and Christians (pretending he knows anything about them) and says Christians are hypocrites spouting "religious psychobabble" (see above note, Sep 14, 2016, 8:21:00 PM).

    Cui Bono (who benefits) regarding 9/11?--answer: Jews, satanists (who are extreme subjectivists), homosexuals (as we see lately), Israel, and the Jew world order, though their currency system is faltering now, pretty badly, and they'll need a war to cover things pretty soon, hence another false-flag, surely.

    So I'd say Mr. Goody demonstrates pretty well how the Jews and satanists operate and succeed, so far, as they did regarding 9/11: they've got willing dupes and useful idiots--like Mr. Goody, the moralist, who runs interference for them and defends them, lying for them, pretending sociopathy (Judaism) is ok, and there are "good" sociopaths, after all--look at Alan Sabrosky, ho ho ho ho.

    So who did 9/11?--Jews and satanists, obviously (see Bollyn.com). But HOW do these Jews and satanists get away w. it?--would it be by means of allies, cohorts, willing dupes, useful idiots, moralists, and subjectivists like Mr. Goody? Thus we see there are simply too many (over-populated) goons and idiots like Mr. Goody who are manipulated and used by Jew and satanist masterminds. Such is the satanic problem within "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

  16. Interesting essay/analysis at http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/09/07/has-israel-effectively-colonized-the-united-states/. Thus the essay draws parallel of Britain's control over India fm the 17th cent. w. present Israeli control over Jew S A, showing how smaller units control the larger. And indeed, it seems there's the "good-Jew vs. bad-Jew" game being played by Trump, who rejects "globalism" but yet endorses Israel, hitlery embracing the globalism, both of them insisting they're all for Israel.

  17. Palestine was never in the possession of the Jews. They were never masters of even the country west of the Jordan, nor of the sea coast. Many Phoenicians (Celts) and other Canaanitish cities were impregnable to Jewish strategy. The Jews occupied portions of the country only, and even these they had to share with the Canaanites. The sanctuaries of Palestine, such as Bethel, Beersheba, Gezer, Gibeon, Gigal, Hebron, Jerusalem, Shechem, etc., were not Jewish holy places, but ancient sanctuaries of the Canaanites "adopted" as such by the Jews, who, in most cases, "adopted" also the "hero" of the place.

    600 AM

    1. Yeah right, dumbass: and just WHERE do u get all this info?--is there a legitimate source, or did it all come to u in an oracle, stupid punk. And "Jews" are not same as Judeans, fool, but rather followers of Pharisees--ck any source, Jew or Christian--Pharisees (middle-class) only making up ~5% of pop. of Judea. "Jews" are not even known to exist until 3rd cent. BC, and all the so-called "Israelites" or descendents cannot be verified until after the Persian king Cyrus allowed the infestation of Palestine ~6th cent. BC.

    2. Stand in your own judgement. Were you there 2000 years ago? ALL of what we have is second hand and heresay. None of the early historians mention any such character as 'Jesus' Christ.
      Save the Flavian. A jew.
      Israel itself came back emptyhanded trying to prove the land deed claim. With all the motivation to do so.
      Admitting publicly its a myth/fabrication.
      Go fight with them.
      p.s. Aside from your vigilance for the christian church, you sound like the pharisee you accuse others of being.
      Again, stand in your own judgement.
      Stand down soldier


    3. U're just a babbling, brainless moron, as usual, aren't u?

    4. No one would insist on 'Palestine' being 'Judea' if they didn't have a stake in it.
      That, for all intents and persons matters only to those who covet the area. Jews in particular.
      Its not Americas business. Bringing a proven jewish hoax and the false feud between the Jewish Catholic corporation and itself, to my land.
      100% Satanic. Plainly. Rubbed in our faces.

  18. "Good woods burn silently, but thorns crackle loudly, crying out all the time 'We are wood! We are wood!!" — Old Persian Saying.

  19. Mr. Goody Pushes Lies, Dis-Info, Cognitive Dissonance, Doing His satanic Work

    "15 years of 911 but not enough truth," says Mr. Goody, above.

    But actually, we know quite a lot of the truth, including about scummy puke like Mr. Goody here and now who's simply adding some cognitive dissonance. "It's Jews, stupid." See "Solving 9/11" at Bollyn.com.

    And of course, along w. Jews, instrumental is the satanic (extreme subjectivist) cultural complex Jews head, lead, control, and manipulate, including then willing dupes and useful idiots like Mr. Goody, who says he hopes we're all "inspired," the scummy patronizing P.O.S., anti-Christ traitor and liar, pretending he's "patriot," who loves calling American Christian people "hypocrites."

    Mr. Goody wants people to think we need to know just a few more things, ho ho ho. No, Mr. Goody: we really know all we need to know, esp. about Jews and Jew-friendly traitors and scum like u, buddy.

    For we KNOW the ignorant, slanderous, lying scum, Mr. Goody, knows nothing about Christianity, despite his constant and continuous denigration of Christians/Christianity, and further, he vows not to know anything about Jews and satanism as he tells us, above, Sep 14, 2016, 8:21:00 PM. So we see the program of cognitive dissonance clearly, subtly pushed, in his way, by Mr. Goody, who says he wishes us all to be "inspired."

    And observe Western tradition of Jew-hatred and anti-semitism (anti-satanism), HEALTHY CHRISTIANITY, led so steadily to prosperity and relative security. But when this healthy and virtuous anti-semitism was rejected, great horror and calamity has ensued--and which is still playing itself out as the over-populated goons, fools, scum, morons, and suckers of the West and world struggle through the cognitive dissonance to discern what has happened.

    Observe how one of the very greatest saints and anti-semites of all history, dear unc' Adolf, continues being demonized by the satanic complex and mouth-pieces.

    Unfortunately, the masses of so-called Americans have been too well programmed and trained in "learned helplessness" by such as Mr. Goody, and it will take a little more time and surely a lot more misery before the masses of goons, fools, suckers, and morons begin to getting a brain, so-to-speak. Such is life in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.


  20. Proper Ethic To Be Practiced, Applied To satanic-Complex: For Such Is War

    "We have lost a battle but we haven't lost the war. Keep fighting.
    " I still find those words very inspiring and hope you will as well." -Mr. Goody, fm "conclusion," above.

    Mr. Goody herewith indicates "we've lost a battle...," but one must wonder if people have ever won a battle. When was the last battle the people and humanity won? Jew S A has lost consistently since War of Northern Aggression of 1860s.

    I notice also Mr. Goody includes himself among the people, "we," but this is presumptuous, at best--and in all truth, quite false--Mr. Goody actually being willing flunky, dupe, and useful idiot for the satanists (subjectivism) led by Jews--observe Mr. Goody's smarmy, patronizing tone, as regarding "inspiration."

    For, regarding 9/11, CUI BONO?--who benefitted?--answer: Jews Jews Jews Jews, satanists, and ONLY Jews and their satanist flunkies. Note Netanyahu, the kike leader of Israeli terror-state, admitted at the time that 9/11 was "very good," ho ho ho ho

    And note this scummy, lying, filthy, anti-Christ traitor (Mr. Goody) is so keen and obsessed w. defending Jews. According to Mr. Goody, it's only individual kikes who can ever do anything wrong, Jews not conspirators--when all the evidence SCREAMS they are filthy, scummy conspirators, their very religion being conspiratorial, advocating conspiracy against humanity. But not Sabrosky, the useful idiot (Mr. Goody) wheedles and whines, ho ho ho ho. Mr. Goody is sooooooo impressed by the kike simply admitting what so many others have always known, Jews being enemies of humanity, Sabrosky deflecting to the Israelis. So now Mr. Goody wants everyone to play "good-Jew, bad-Jew," ho ho ho ho

    Thus we know the Jews have achieved world hegemony, though Jews now, alone at the top as they are, still now consist of at least 2-3 factions: (a) the Israel-first ("neo-cons"); (b) Jew world order, "leftist-types," like Soros, "globalists"; (c) the more middle-class sort, though still extremely wealthy, who donate to "Libertarian"-sort, though all these kikes will often collaborate periodically and on certain Jew-sensitive issues. And note these "libertarian" -style Jews mimic exactly Mr. Goody for obsessionate insistence only individual kikes can be guilty.

    Such then is the satanist and Jew-problem, including this putrid scum, Mr. Goody, who works so hard for the kikes. Mr. Goody will never admit he works for kikes, only that he works for "ethics" (but really SUBJECTIVISM), ho ho hohoho--which is a lie, for proper ethics means that if kikes wage war against humanity, humanity must wage collectivist warfare against Jews and their allies, the satanists and useful idiots like Mr. Goody.

    1. Apsterian,

      Over and over again. Perhaps if you say it enough times you will believe it.

    2. Say WHAT "enough times," scum?--that u're anti-Christ, anti-human traitor, willing dupe and useful idiot for satanism? And u're such a brainless lying liar, the readers here KNOW u have no respect for them, u utter psychotic puke. Who do u think u're kidding, u piece-of-shit that stinks? Ho ho ho ho

    3. Apsterian,

      Yes - exactly.


    4. Mr. Goody Can't, Won't Figure It Out Regarding satanism

      "Exactly," says the psycho Mr. Goody, who has such a crowd and clamor of fans and supporters, even though he's periodically puffed by his anti-Christ buddy, Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com. What happened to all ur fans, Mr. Goody?--why don't u have any of them defending u and ur idiot formulations?--where are they?

      Above, Sep 16, 2016, 8:05:00 PM, u indicated u weren't subjectivist or that u "disagreed" with it. But u believe in "good-evil" as u express in ur topic article, and u evidently imagine there's a perfectly free human will, eh?--this is subjectivism, foundation of satanism, sucker; can't u figure it out?

      And what u can't figure-out is there are (extreme) subjectivists who are ORGANIZED--practical satanists--they're ur masters, sucker, but u can't figure it out, eh?

      But WHY can't u figure it out about satanism, Mr. Goody?--u're just toooooooooo good for that, eh?

  21. See, Mr. Goody: here's my formulation of the problem as wrote it for another blog:

    "But then how is it Jews are allowed to collectivistically--Jews unified as Jews, and not only in Israel--wage war most effective and successful against gentiles, including whites and Germans, but by some magical, mystic dispensation, there's no reciprocal, wholesale, collectivist war allowed against Jews by united humanity desperately attempting, as we see, to defending themselves?

    "Sure there are some Jews not directly involved in the legalized counterfeiting known as central-banking (see Mises.org) and closely associated lying in the mass-corporate Jews-media--which "media" is steadily losing influence, by the way. But Jews are yet united and unified for their lies regarding "persecution" and holohoax religion. And if there's a Jew who disagrees w. establishment Jews and their lies, then the other Jews see to threatening and intimidation of this renegade Jew, and Jews are notoriously reticent to talk about this sort of unity of Jews. So the effective unity of Jews for their waging of this war is un-deniable, given the facts quite easily grasped and observed.

    "Why aren't gentiles allowed the same sort of unity and whole-sale, collectivistic kind of action in reciprocation? Isn't that sort of collective, united, whole-sale kind of organization what is required and necessary for effective warfare and defense? Didn't Christianity formerly provide that sort of cultural protection against Jews and satanists?--isn't that the very purpose of Christianity?"

    1. Apsterian,

      Yup - you sure are caught up in a web.

      Lemme think about this...


    2. Ho ho ho, the world holds its breath, ho ho hoho

    3. "[C]aught up in a web"?--Ho ho ho, and be sure to tell us all about this being "caught-up" and the "web," sucker. But we know it has to do w. "good-evil," eh?--tell us all about it, sucker.

    4. Mr. Goody Struggles Over Reality

      "Lemme think about this..." -Mr. Goody, Anonymous Sep 22, 2016, 6:33:00 PM

      But Mr. Goody: what's to "think about"? Don't Jews act collectivistically, as verified fm reality and their Talmud?--yes or no?--don't they all affirm they're "persecuted"?--for isn't that mere part of their religion?--they're "persecuted" because they're sooooo envied, right? (a).

      (b) And aren't gentiles prevented fm wholesale, collectivist warfare against kikes--as u affirm is only proper ("ethical") way?--yes or no?

    5. "Yup - you sure are caught up in a web." -Mr. Goody, Sep 22, 2016, 6:33:00 PM

      Ho ho ho, listen to (read) the smug, smarmy, self-assurance of the politically-correct "advanced thinker," Mr. Goody, ho ho oho ho Isn't Mr. Goody just such a "progressive"? Ho ho ho ho--he's got things so well figured-out, doesn't he? Ho ho ho ho.

      Don't u wish u too could be as "good" as our Mr. Goody? Ho ho ho hoho ho


  22. Mr. Goody Doesn't Want To Face-Up To His Treason, Conspiracy

    See Mr. Goody, the satanists (extreme subjectivists) win as they know how to manipulate subjectivist (moralist) puke like u. How is it dumbshits like u imagine anyone else wants to listen to ur stupid crap?--I guess there just grows to being lots of hubristic scum who beleeeeeeeeeeev in "good-evil" fiction and psycho-babble.

    U may retort that we Christians are equally inept, but such are the circumstances of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the stupid people, corrupt and hubristic (subjectivistic)--like u--think they know everything, and Christian honesty is difficult to sell--as we see.

    So people must suffer and some of them even have to "fall" by proverbial "way-side," unfortunately. And only out of these difficult circumstances do people learn value of honesty, rejecting hubris and subjectivism as urs.

    So u see, Mr. Goody, once people agree in subjectivism, like Judaism, masonry, etc., THEY'RE CONSPIRATORS, and when anyone of them commits a crime, THEY'RE ALL GUILTY. That's why Jews, masons, and Pharisaics and subjectivists like urself need be rounded-up and dealt with--it's going to happen, sucker.

    1. Apsterian,

      I've perused your prose and find nothing in there where I can find common ground. I see invective, which I've learned to ignore, then I see some stuff about genocide.

      I don't have a problem with genocide - I have a problem with the fact that it solves no problem. We've already established that we have no respect for human life in this country - especially referring to the "faithful" as they are the most easily aroused to murder.

      Also: you continue with all these "big words" that require a "middleman" AKA a dictionary and "edumacation" to understand exactly what the fuck it is yoo R toKKIN 'bout.



    2. Mr. Goody: Excuses Jews/satanists, Blames Christians

      Well, Mr. Goody, after all, u've come to ur "Journey's" end, right? U're just a lying moralist/Pharisee, telling folks they must think like u, telling lies, like that u're "patriot" for a country founded by Christians, and upon Christian principles, u being anti-Christ. And my pt. is U'RE THE PROBLEM, subjectivist, liar, willing dupe and useful idiot for the satanists, led by Jews. "Most easily aroused to murder"?--that would be liars like u who begin w. murder of truth, eh?

      Have u ck'd Palestine where Jews murder Palestinians nearly everyday? And u're Jews little mouth-piece, we see. Here Jews/satanists have captured Jew S A, and u want to blame Christians. Ho ho ho ho, good work, Mr. Goody.

      So if u can write such a long article, I can find several topics for direct counter-exposition. Internet provides excellent facilities for easily finding definitions/meanings for words, Mr. Goody. I guess u're working on ur next blog article featuring Jew-friendly anti-Christianity so u can get a mention fm Rivero, ho ho o ho.

    3. Mr. Goody At End Of His "Good" Rope

      And I take ur pt., don't doubt, Mr. Goody: after all, u're subjectivist pushing "good-evil," like Plato who equates "good" along w. truth/reality and "beauty." We true Christians uphold truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all, founded upon the objective (hence God-given) reality, anything else only following.

    4. Oh, and don't forget, Mr. Goody, "genocide" is actually explicit part of Jew-led, Jew world order, satanist program of agenda-21 in guise of euphemism of "pop.-reduction," see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW_825o8s4I. Also ck https://lissakr11humane.com/2015/08/27/agenda-21-united-nations-population-reduction-an-astonishing-look-at-the-reason-so-many-are-sterile-sick-and-dying-today/


    5. Mr. Goody: Traitor, Psycho, Liar

      "I don't have a problem with genocide - I have a problem with the fact that it solves no problem." -Mr. Goody, Sep 23, 2016, 7:55:00 PM

      Ho ho ho, Mr. Goody speaks [writes], above, as if fm some considered study of the subject-matter, like the typical smug, pretentious piece-of-shit. But it's obvious that exterminating murderers (Jews and satanists) allows of no alternative, obviously. Killing murderers solves problems, u poor lying, passive-aggressive moron.

      The typically psychotic Mr. Goody insists on ignoring the facts, pretending there are "good" kikes like there are good psychopaths--lying for Jews and murderers. But obviously, the most efficient manner of conducting warfare is killing them all. We only have to remember that first, we have to be sure to dealing w. traitors and liars like Mr. Goody.

      Mr. Goody is FURTHEST thing fm "patriot"; on the contrary.

    6. "Also: you continue with all these "big words"...." Mr. Goody, Sep 23, 2016, 7:55:00 PM

      What "big words," Mr. Goody, lying sack of excrement? Ho ho ho. U know on-line dictionaries are easy to use w. ur lap-top, sucker. U just type in the word on the search bar, click "enter," and voila, stupid moron. Ho ho ho ho ho Is anyone really stupid as u?


  23. "Common Ground" With Mr. Goody

    Mr. Goody (rightly, actually) looks for "common ground," but we can go back to the basic problem of 9/11 (a). (b) And we can, additionally now, examine his statement, "We've already established that we have no respect for human life in this country - especially referring to the "faithful" as they are the most easily aroused to murder." -Sep 23, 2016, 7:55:00 PM, above.

    And we note Mr. Goody pretends he's "patriot," But Mr. Goody is anti-Christ, liar, and slanderer, as we see. Mr. Goody often makes remarks as the above lie regarding "faithful" whom he indicates are murderers.

    See, Mr. Goody, USA has become Jew S A, and that's part of the problem regarding 9/11, done by satanists, satanists led by Jews, there being PLENTY of evidence, as noted by Chris Bollyn (Bollyn.com).

    And as the real, orginal USA is Christian country, made by and for Christians, we see, as anyone can see, U COULDN'T BE "PATRIOT"--it's impossible, u being anti-Christ and liar prone to lying and making the anti-American sort of statements as we have fm u.

    We see further, Mr. Goody: u haven't resolved ur (other) statement fm above, Sep 16, 2016, 8:05:00 PM, regarding subjectivism. U seem to indicate u're not subjectivist, but we see u claim to "good-evil."

    So we see some things, Mr. Goody: (a) we see ur FUNDAMENTAL HOSTILITY to USA, a Christian country, for ur lie to effect u're "patriot"--u're actually an anti-Christ who lies (in numerous ways), who pretends u understand anything about Christianity, mis-representing it as u do and have done.

    (b) And we see now, more specifically and additionally, u slander the people of USA saying "there's no respect for human life," and further, regarding the "faithful" being prone to "murder."

    So u see, Mr. Goody: it's impossible that u're "patriot," buddy--U'RE AN ENEMY, why don't u admit it? And I mean u're an outright, avowed enemy of the real, original USA as it was meant to be, a Christian country for the Christian people.

    Not only are u outright, anti-Christ ENEMY, but u're traitor too, holding with, sympathizing with, and lying for the real perpetrators of 9/11, satanists and Jews.

    Further still, u lie about ur subjectivism and pretensions to "good-evil," which "good-evil" could ONLY be product of subjectivism and subjectivistic premises in the basic logic of it all.

    Of course, I've already analyzed ur lying for the Jews who are established and proven to being CONSPIRATORS by their very religion and war against humanity as demonstrated fm their Talmud. This lying and covering for Jews is YET ANOTHER instance and facet of ur enmity and treason regarding USA and ur pretended "patriotism."

    So I contend and submit there's excellent and quite sufficient "common ground" for the discussion here, Mr. Goody, though u don't want to admit it, in ur usual and typical girl-like, passive-aggressive manner.

    Thus I reiterate u're integral part of the problem of present Jew S A and also 9/11, Mr. Goody, given ur sort of "philosophy" as I've noted, u being perfect willing dupe and useful idiot for the satanic complex responsible for 9/11. And there's actually excellent "common ground" by which to observe and confirm ur status and circumstances in the large scheme of things. U're certainly no "patriot"; on the contrary.

    1. So give us a break, Mr. Goody; whatever u say, u ain't no "patriot." U're enemy of Christian USA. And u relate w. and sympathize w. Jews, enemies of humanity. U're a sociopath (anti-Christ), pure and simple.

    2. Further, and perhaps at bottom of it all, ur entire enterprise is to demonstrate ur moralism, right Mr. Goody?--u're a moralist, eh? Ho ho ho ho

    3. And given the two, patriotism and moralism, ur (obvious) preference would be moralism, moralism first, right Mr. Goody?--tell us.


  24. Mr. Goody: Psychotically Obsessed With Inferiority-Complex

    Thus we see what "American's Journey" is all about--MORALISM. And we see how it has ended for Mr. Goody: lies, subjectivism, and satanism--that's it folks, as Porky Pig would tell people at the end of the old Warner Bro.s cartoons, ho ho ho ho ho.

    And what then is it at the bottom and behind all this moralist obsession as we see fm Mr. Goody?--INFERIORITY COMPLEX, that's all, guilt-complex being mere sub-compartment.

    Thus Mr. Goody imagines he and humans have perfectly "free" (hence God-like) will--which can change reality, like God. Such then is satanism, folks, and now u see why/how Mr. Goody so much relates w. his Jew buddies, masters, and idols, why he defends their conspiracy, criminality, and sociopathy--because he's one too.

    It's just that gentile satanists/subjectivists are not nearly as organized, u see. So like masons and homosexuals, they (satanists) have to follow along w. Jews, Jews providing the financing and funds for these subjectivists, dupes, useful idiots, and criminals who betray fellow gentiles. After all, it (treason) is all in spirit of (moral) decency, etc., according to these scum.

    And how does a society produce these multitudes of scum, inferiors, moralists, and traitors?--answer: the natural over-population that occurs in CYCLIC course of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--as happened in Rome, and happened now in Jew S A and West.

    Thus we see into the basic motivation of such traitors like Mr. Goody, the excuse being "morality," but the reality being envy and resentment borne of inferiority complex.

    1. Summary: Mr. Goody, passive-aggressive sociopath, all covered then in moralism. The bottom-line fact.

  25. Mr. Goody's Sociopathy Masked By Moralism

    "We've already established that we have no respect for human life in this country - especially referring to the "faithful" as they are the most easily aroused to murder." -Mr. Goody, Sep 23, 2016, 7:55:00 PM

    Thus we see Mr. Goody lying and slandering the people, presumably the Christian people of USA, the "'faithful' being most easily aroused to murder," according to Mr. Goody WHO PRETENDS HE'S "PATRIOT."

    But Mr. Goody, u don't tell us how u arrived at this conclusion about the "faithful"--is it wishful thinking? What are ur facts?--can u give a ref.?

    "Faith," of course is quite a buzz-word, but basically meaning LOYALTY, but it's true--as we see in Mr. Goody's case--it seems to stand as a form of knowledge in place of reason, which then Mr. Goody takes as pretext for pretending he's smarter than these "faithful," or that he's better in his typical moralistic manner as he imagines he thinks whereas these other poor people merely have "faith."

    Mr. Goody can't figure-out "faith" might be legitimate thing IF it merely meant LOYALTY--yet he imagines he's smart and rational, not to mention sooooo "moral."

    Mr. Goody doesn't consider that if there really are these people incapable of reason, as Mr. Goody IS capable of such reason, they'd rather be quite passive and un-willing to act unless they had leadership and encouragement.

    And note Mr. Goody's typical passive-aggressive trait shows as he's presently incapable of comment, despite his pretending he's so smart and better than these "faithful."

    Mr. Goody seems to have same passive-aggressive difficulty resolving subjectivism w. his moralism as above at Sep 16, 2016, 8:05:00 PM.

    So u see Mr. Goody: it's difficult to see how u're really "patriot" when u're so willing and quick to call folks murderers, and when u're obviously anti-Christ sociopath--all covered and masked by ur moralism which u seem to prize above all.

    1. Treason, Psychosis, And Sociopathy All Covered, Masked By Moralism

      So u see, Mr. Goody: given u're anti-Christ sociopath, so willing to lie and slander Christians as u do, it's no wonder u're willing dupe and useful idiot for satanists and Jews. But we see ur Jew and satanist sympathy and anti-Christ sociopathy is covered and masked by ur moralism.

      To top it all off, u say u're not subjectivist, even though u're moralist who preaches "good-evil."

      And even though Jews are admitted, avowed collectivists, Mr. Goody requires they must be judged individually and not collectively.

      So how are u "patriot" when u hold w. satanic enemies of Christian people and deny justice of collectivists be dealt with on collective basis? Tell us all about it.

  26. Israel failed to find any archaeological proof of a jewish 'kingdom'. (with all the motivation to do so) Admitted its a myth, a fabrication from earlier stories.
    Now what? As jews are liars, what now genius?


    1. Dumbass: don't u think u ought to be addressing something of what was broached by Mr. Goody--as in his blog topics? Otherwise, u make no sense, as usual, and u seem to be hopped-up on drugs, like hitlery Clinton at the debate last night, most of the time.

    2. You sir, are mistaken about 'Mr.Goody' , by virtue of your use ofsatanic heretic/cast him out trauma based mind control 'spells'.
      I do not say you know you are doing this.

      He is mistaken to imagine that the initial formation of American was by 'deists'.
      Anything said deists lay claim to, is AFTER
      our people, following the Christos discipline laid the foundation. Everybody makes mistakes, nobody cares. Ad hominem attacks win no one over. I reiterate, the observable FACT the skip in your record Sir is counterproductive to winning a brother over
      AS YOUR BIBLE COMMANDS YOU TO AT LEAST TRY TO, infers you desire division.
      Divide and conquer being the bread and butter of those who stole/counterfeited the Christos revelation from us.
      I hope with all my being you are not deliberately 'cubing'/imprisoning him.
      Since you clearly recognize the gravity of our situation, clock ticking, my guess is you know the strongest medicine is called for.
      If so, we have common ground.

  27. Mr. Goody: Has Too Little HONESTY

    So u see, Mr. Goody: the very title of ur stupid blog is a lie, "...Not Enough Truth"--there's PLENTY of truth, sucker; u just don't want to face-up to it, that's all. And it demonstrates once again, pretended "good" and moralism is worst enemy of truth. Observe how u mis-represent the truth and evade the truth--all in name of "good" and moralism.

    U evade truth about 9/11.
    U evade truth about ur moralism.
    U evade truth about Satanism and subjectivism.
    And of course, u evade truth about ur precious Jews, most directly responsible for 9/11.

    So u see, Mr. Goody, how ur putrid moralism sucks and leads to "Decline of the West" and all the horrible consequences of a degenerate culture sinking in ur sort of hubris founded in inferiority-complex.

    "Not enough truth"?--no, Mr. Goody: for u, there's just not enough HONESTY, buddy, that's ur problem. For ur sort of "good" is built upon LIES and subjectivism, buddy, what u don't want to face.

  28. Truth? Of course there is. Nothing can be done against it. Only for it. (1 Cor.14.40)
    So, what to do? Points of agreement, 1. The bone of contention is this land- u.s.
    2. Excess guest bipedal bagged does not want to leave without being dragged out in chains .
    The massive blame Christians field proves this is ours. Tell any subversive who starts their shit: We are at peace with Am Indians , don't stir up strife or you'll be relocated to Israel.

    3. So called 'Jews' were purchased an entire region for their myth to come right. Some accepted pay to move there. Repeating the 'lost in the desert' part of the original yarn.
    Since it was paid for by whitey, whitey is expected to defend its investment. The only reason for investing was speculation on resources. 'Jews' the only ones stupid enough to move into another 'ghetto' - having had millenia of practice ERUV's.
    4. 'Jews' in the U.S. love pork to much to leave voluntarily. Ask a 'jew': 'Which would you prefer -A paid relocation (paid for with your own counterfeit Fed currency) to that place in between the Euphrates and the Nile your cult whines about. Or a bacon milkshake bacon cheeseburger combo. (You'll have to grow and buy that food so be prepared.)
    5. Ban the Talmud- Possibility. Announce the Talmud and the other jew fable the koran be banned as subversive manuals for overthrow
    (This is the best idea imo).
    After the horrible racist insults are public, the tribe will discover new motivation for destination Euphrates-Nile.


    1. Jews: Foremost satanists Remain With Significant Cultural Advantages, Don't Forget

      So what is "ERUV"?--no one knows what u're talking about, u're soooo lacking in simple coherence, sucker. U have no respect for the readers; u should just give it up.

      And don't forget Jews presently rule: people still accept the ZOG-bux printed-out fm the US Federal Reserve Bank counterfeiting scam. So Jews are still able to pay their collaborators, willing dupes and useful idiots like Mr. Goody.

      And all the mindless goons in the vast "middle" of the population continue to be successfully intimidated by the Jews-media, entertainment, and edjumacation system. So patriots remain underdogs even after the currency collapses.

      Christian patriots must stick to basics, (a) Christ = truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), (b) hence anti-semitic, Jews foremost leaders of satanism (hubris and lies, founded upon subjectivism and moralism), (c) states-rights philosophy and commodity-based gold/silver as proper money, etc.

    2. er·uv




      an ☆☆urban area☆☆ [aka Ghetto] enclosed by a wire boundary that symbolically extends the private domain of Jewish households into public areas, permitting activities within it that are normally forbidden in public on the Sabbath.

      Sun Tzu
      If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

      Sun Tzu, The Art of War

      Tags: strategy

  29. Quote: So what is "ERUV"?--no one knows what u're talking about, u're soooo lacking in simple coherence, sucker. ☆☆☆U have no respect for the readers☆☆☆; u should just give it up.

    Apsterian :

    So u see, Mr. Goody: given u're anti-Christ sociopath, so willing to lie and slander Christians as u do, it's no wonder u're willing dupe and ☆☆☆useful idiot☆☆☆ for satanists and Jews. But we see ur Jew and satanist sympathy and anti-Christ sociopathy is covered and masked by ur moralism. 

    100% Satanic and unable to detect it.

    ☆John 18:36 Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest ...☆

    1. Here's the problem, u poor, brainless, incoherent, drug-addled scum. U make no sense, and no one knows what u're talking about--how many times have u been told about this? Ho ho ho ho U poor, pathetic moron, but go ahead and keep grunting and bellowing like the brainless beast u are. Ho o ho ho ho

    2. You are 100% Satanic and unable to detect it.
      Everything you know is a lie.
      You live in the futility of your satanic mind.
      Trapped like a snarling rat.
      Make yourself approachable or LEAVE my country sir.

    3. ^^^ 100% Satanic and unable to detect it

    4. Every angle you play mirrors Jewish hatred of the white race. A jew who hates jews is nothing new. It is the #1 control mechanism employed by satanists.
      Re: 'Brainless beast'. I have no monkey genes in my blood. Your futile hostility infers you have monkey genes sir

    5. MK: ur problem is u're psychotic and obviously on drugs, and u make no sense. But we see despite it all, u're determined to defend Jew and Jewwy monsters, like ur buddy, Mr. Goody, so who's "satanic"? U say, "100 % satanic"?--as opposed to 75%, eh? Sounds like u're the "snarling rat," u psychotic, drug-addled, incoherent scum. "Approachable," u say?--scum, if I ever, ever, ever get u within arm's reach, . . . , ho ho ho ho ho--well, u'll be out of ur misery, u may be sure, ho hoho ho. And it isn't "ur country," u piece-of-Jew-friendly-shit, ho ho ho ho ho. "It is the #1 control mechanism employed by satanists," ho ho oh ho ho ho. Of course, a psychotic, drug-addled half-wit like u hasn't the slightest idea of reference sources, like all the rest of ur moronic utterances, u utterly brainless, babbling, sputtering animal, ho ho ho hoho.

    6. Meet me in a ring, octagon, or closed room.
      Put me out of the misery you bring with your infantile 100% Satanic potty mouth.
      Name the address. We'll make a video for Youtube.
      You clearly, plainly are here to exploit the rows you create. Aka as 'Jewwing'

      The internet is the new world order, and your on it.
      Everything, everyone says is tracked.
      Your cellphone makes you a Cyborg.
      You are a carbon 6 based life form.
      Hence 100% Satanic. Mr.Carbon 666 sir.

    7. Apollonian Accusation quote:

      ur problem is u're psychotic and obviously on drugs, and u make no sense. But we see despite it all, u're determined to defend Jew and Jewwy monsters, like ur buddy, Mr. Goody


      And I heard a great voice from Heaven that said, “Now is the deliverance and the power and The Kingdom of our God, for ☆☆☆The Accuser of our brethren☆☆☆ is cast down, which accused them night and day before our God,”

      Matthew 5.9
      Blesses are the peacemakers: for they shall be called children of God. 

      'Apsterian' corporate religion:
      (Corporate feuding)
      'I was raised Catholic'

      John 18.36

      “My Kingdom is not from this world; if my Kingdom were of this world, my servants would be fighting that I would not have been delivered up to the Judeans, but now my Kingdom IS NOT from here.”

      There is no such thing as a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim etc etc etc.
      There are races and nations.

      Luke 17.21

      “Neither do they say, 'Behold, here it is!' and 'Behold, from here to there!', for behold, the Kingdom of God is within SOME OF YOU.'

      Galatians 3.28
      Douay-Rheims Bible
      There is neither Jew nor Greek: there is neither bond nor free: there is neither male nor female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus. 
      Religions are stories/ideas.
      Not material substance.
      Without costumes you cannot point out Jew/Christian/Muslim/Hindu in a crowd.
      Hence mind control.
      See historian Strabo's quote on the impossibility of governing a mob of woman
      the need to invent stories, superstitions and boogeymen.

      Reference for my assertions are :

      Have a great day.

    8. MK: u ought to do humanity a favor and quit cluttering up the comments pages w. ur stupid, incoherent, crap, sucker. U just make no sense, dumbass--don't u get it?

    9. Quote: MK: u ought to do humanity a favor and quit cluttering up the comments pages w. ur stupid, incoherent, crap, sucker. U just make no sense, dumbass--don't u get it?

      It makes sense you and your goal doesn't like.
      Note your objection to Israels concession
      that the bible claim is a fabrication.

      Onky a Zionist would object to that.

      Get it?

      Obviously you are wise enough to avoid stepping into the Octogon with me.
      I respect that.
      You have some great points. Points that are in dire need of being made public.
      I would fund that.
      Since I don't have to fund your travel to the place of your choice for our duel.
      Wise beyond your years, you are Sir.
      If any of the others here accept Apsterian speaking for them, speak now or forever hold your peace.
      Good night.
      Best regards to all.

    10. Ho ho ho ho--whatever, MK, senseless, brainless, worthless, and useless--that's u, buddy, ho ho ho ho

    11. In your (haughty) opinion. Contradicting the bible you claim to support.
      You offer many invaluable points. Holding fast against the anti- white onslaught. Pelagian heresy. Cyclic nature of things.
      Most of all the worship of TRUTH above all else.
      Without dispute the Christ model exemplifies.
      Standing in our own judgement, honest about ourselves.
      Dishonesty about self while blaming others for those things we do and deny, are simple projections-distractions. Making the person who does that Satanic.
      The vast majority are retarded beyond measure.
      Famous 'intellectuals' such as anti- Christian Christopher Hitchings, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, are almost as retarded as the 'Great Jewish sages' and rabbi's.
      It is not without reason that there are countless 'atheist' rabbi's.
      With all their 'book learning' they fail to accept the absurdity of nothing creating something.
      Dear Sir, what responsibility will you accept for letting the jew cult into functional Christian lands?
      I recommend highly,not forsaking the gathering of the brethren. Going to a jewed out, judaizer led congregation and gently influencing the hypnotized. Using the simple
      sound bites you are gifted with to bring them back to their senses. 'Racism is axiomatic' is just one immutable Truth that will break the guilt spell cast on them by said Judaizers.
      Churches are community family meeting centers first. Making preaching/story telling first, is plainly mind control.
      Regarding Mr.Goody; I haven't read anything he has spelled out.
      If he thinks the folk who planted the seed of this civilization weren't whites following the Christ discipline, he is mistaken.
      Gratitude for that is in order.
      Blame is ingratitude.
      That makes the blamer, an u welcome 'guest'

    12. Ho ho hoho ho ho ho--all that needs be said, ho hohho ho ho

    13. I take it you will , as I do, engage the most judaized church within your reach.
      (Thats pretty much all churches now. Offering a wide range of choices)

    14. Stfu, moron, ho hoho ho ho

    15. 100% not 75% - ONE HUNDRED PER CENT (Satanic) ^^^

    16. Everything you 'know' is a lie. You been fed, and gobbled down the reverse of Truth in all things.

    17. Gobbling down the 911 kabbalistic occult mega ritual geomantic fable and choking on it.
      Rfid chipped 20 times over and loving it.
      Living in sodom and gomorrah
      in the role of the S+M dominatrix.

    18. Last, but not least, a coward. Your bluff was called and you found no courage to meet the challenge.
      One last chance: Meet me, I'LL EVEN PAY FOR YOUR COSTS, for the duel to the death. Or as you say

    19. Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho hoh ho, what a dumbass, ho ho ho ho

    20. I rested mine quite a while ago, ho ho hoho ho, laughter the only appropriate response to a drug-addled lobotomy like u. Ho ho ho ho

    21. No corresponding rational reply, ad hominem attaacks= 100% Satanic. A 'Satanic Christian'
      no less+ Cranky alcoholic+ coward. Afraid to take this 'drug addled lobotomy' on.
      Very wise nevertheless. I would leave you dead.

    22. What does a drug-addled lobotomy like urself know about "rational," sucker?--tell us, ho ho ho ho

    23. Apsterian quote: What does a drug-addled lobotomy like urself know about "rational," sucker?--tell us, ho ho ho ho

      (Anonymous Pastor: 'You are the most rational man in the world').
      Thanks for asking.

      This civilization (and all civilizations) from the beginning were created by those following the 'Christ' discipline. Thousands of years previous to Sumerian,Egyptian, Greco Roman pharoanic dynasties. Dynasties that culminated with 'rebel' pharoah Ahkenaten's exodusto Amarna.
      Rewritten into 'Moses' exodus to Canaan.
      Admitted openly now as baseless fabrication

      The 'Atenist' monotheists that rule the UK / Rome pharoanic partnership rescripted Ahkenatens 'exodus' to Amarna the into 'Judeo-Christian' myth. The fact it is not the first monotheism places that Satanic reversal script there.
      The isolated Amero Indians worshipped one 'Sky god'. Enough to settle that.

      Our separation of church and state was established as a wall against the entire scam.

      This is anathema to the ' Jewish/Catholic' (universal 'zion') vision of rule under its
      'Rod of Iron' partnership. - In full swing now.

    24. Ho ho hoho, well uh, ok MK, whatever u say, buddy, ho ho hoho ho

    25. Its not what we believe that matters, its our intent.

      You have been very informative.

      Most of this is expounding on your theses.

      IE You doing the hard work. The determination to hold a firm line against the desert god races, is an example for anyone with any guts at all, doesn't 'take it up the arse' to emulate.
      We are cometely past any question regarding their inability to build civilizations. Which is only exceeded by their will to destroy ours.

    26. Wtf? MK: u're a babbling, drug-addled lobotomized moron, buddy. Amazing thing is u imagine people should listen to scum like urself, pretending u're an oracle fm God, ho ho ho ho ho ho

    27. More amazing is you imagining you speak for others.
      Second only to the FACT , you have been satanic all through your tirades and have deluded yourself in the fantasy - 'Defending Christianity' acquits you entirely.
      Proof you are satanic (give all your energy to Saturn, the mythical ruler of law)
      1. You are on the internet. This makes you a cyborg.
      2. You likely use a cell phone, the 'rfid' chip that TRACKS YOU.
      3. You are a carbon six life form. 666
      4. Your 'Christian' patriotism depends on a 'satan' to forward itself. Satan is Saturn
      5. Accusationist- The role of the'adversary'
      is spelled out as that of the devil.

      Unsubstantiated subjectivist accusations
      6. Decrying the 'pharisees' while behaving
      exemplifying pharisaic distraction. Best
      summed up by the story of the woman called
      to be killed by the pharisees that used her
      as a whore. Aka kill the witness- beginning
      with scathing unsubstantiated accusation.
      You judge to be 'just telling the Truth'
      This about anonymous internet characters
      never met in person. While being anonymous
      yourself - a transhuman 100% Satanic cyborg
      7. You were purposely fed the reverse of
      in all things for above reasons. Satanic law
      of reversal, willing volunteer, who stuffs
      hungry mouth with reversal truth ,regurgitating it with acidic conjecture.
      8. Not what you or anyone believes, its only
      intent that matters. You have alluded to an
      intent to 'cull' people you deem worthless
      by any means possible. Only the devil hides
      intent. Pitting yourself against the 'peacemakers' (blessed be the)

      If no one stood up to inform you, (not at
      ask you) you would never, (as you haven't
      detected your own satanic condition. Sadly
      like 99% of humanity - in your case for
      over sixty years.

      I do hope this makes you a better person.
      I hold myself no better than you. Only
      having experience and success in saving
      humans and animals who have painted
      themselves into a corner of their own
      personal cube. Having been there first
      been been there myself.
      The entire 'Illuminati' was scheduled to go
      public, for the final armeggedon program.
      So I see no reason you shouldn't be part of
      The ONLY solution is the dangerous to do
      'Standing in our own judgements' first.
      (aka- 'Taking the log out of our own eye
      Hope this helps you at least privately.
      It clearly does not take an oracle to see
      the example of the reaction to those of us
      who 'tamper' with the slave class in the
      crucifition alleghory.
      Ive discussed your prospects privately with
      a non- 501c 'Pastor' I respect (works with
      his own hands to support his ministry, to
      acquit himself of taking counterfeit money
      jewish bribes to sell himself.
      Hating jewish antagonism. But hating the
      idea of killing so called judeo christian
      slaves to atone for the greater guilt of
      the pharisaic overlords.
      He thinks your hopeless and a shill for the
      jews. I personally feel different, knowing
      (not believing) your unaware-ness of this.
      Most likely result of trauma based
      programming. Known here in the west as
      After human trials it's now done remotely.
      Sigil- 'lesser magic' rubbed in slave faces
      on TV and the 'language of the universe'
      symbols rubbed in the slaves faces.
      Haven't we been here before?

      Im 'scum' = Your royalty= you represent the
      same class, you excoriate =self hate
      = probable jewish self hate. Being no
      program class teaches the use of self hatred
      to promote self hatred/guilt in their
      fictional 'Goyim' class -better than jews.

      Yes , I hope pastor is wrong about you.
      But having reviewed your public intent
      to 'deal' with those you deem 'traitors'
      I see his point.
      I step up and inform you to acquit myself
      of that intent. The 'at war with itself'
      trauma induced programming.

    28. MK: as I've explained to u numerous times, u're just a babbling moron who imagines u're a messianic oracle fm God. U're just another joke; stfu, u pathetic moronic lobotomy who seems, further, to be on drugs, ho o ho hohohoho ho ho ho

    29. Oh, and I forgot to add: I hope this helps u, at least privately, ho ho hoho oho ho ho ho

    30. Your giving your energy to Saturn/Satan right now. All of us are
      You have helped. I said that already.

  30. btw: 'Messianic' comes from the root 'Mssh' in demotic. The snake hiss.
    The warning before a strike.
    In the transposition to 'Israel' that 'god'
    told the israrlites not to have a king among them. They whined anyway and got one.
    Still can't live it down. Still trying to
    conjur up a new 'Mssh' ('Mess') after the last one croaked and failed to ressurect. 'M.Schneerson'
    This character being conjured is a ruler. Not
    a leader.
    Big difference. Big big difference to non-jews.
    This 'ruler' supposedly finally arrived in the
    16th kabbalist 'Sabbatei Zvi'.
    Duplicating the ability King Solomon had ruling
    demons, making them build his temple.
    Since that is happening as we speak, its safe to assume, we are those 'demons' begrudgingly building a jew temple over 'Herods' temple.
    Jew (hoax filter on) 'dr.rabbi' and previous pres. of american jewish congress, marvin antelman, documented the family line of Sabbatei
    Zvi, leading up to the Rothschild dynasty.
    Zvi was related to a British diplomat.
    Using satanic kabbalist reversal 'spells' integrated into every facet of public news, the
    adversarial 'demons' , provide the real energy needed to trick the silly willing slave demons
    to build the new Temple.
    Keeping the blood off masters hands, you are informed, with the Talmud public now, that each
    'jew' will own 2500+ slave demons.
    15 million (apprx jew head count) times 2500
    = 37,500
    Maybe you can look up how many 'judeo-christians' there are in Anerica Apsterian
    Help sort this out.
    I think there are at least 37.5 mil who go to judaism for 'goyim' churches.
    While the remaining 360 million give their energy to judaism 'satan/saturn' .
    There are no protests of the black cube pool next to the 911 geomantic site.
    Slave class were too busy building it, to earn more counterfeit financial credits to care.
    They'll build anything they are 'paid' too.
    They are the demons enslaved by master black kabbalist magicians, they have no choice if they are to feed the next generation of slaves.
    Resistance is futile. Any armed rebellion
    attack like 'Spartacus' will be crushed.
    Even with 'in fighting' between the top bloodline familys various mafia factions, the gold will stay in the same hands.
    It always has.

    1. Ho ho hohoho ho ho, whatever u say, u utter, complete psychotic drug-addled moron who imagines u're God's oracle for us humans, ho ho hoho ho ho ho


    2. ^ Dear mr. prosecutor: What do you say about soldiering? Soldiers are ordered under threat of punishment to ignore their conscience. To spill blood.
      Whereas a warrior's conscience drives them to protect their family.
      You give verbal 'pats' on your readers heads for not questioning you. I'll grant you that.
      Though it shuts out uncensored discourse as we have seen in other public discourse arenas.

      Nothing to be afraid of obviously your jews have your back-You would be gagged, otherwise.
      Your PC and cellphone keeping tabs on your whereabouts.
      Questioning hoaxes -iS hoax maintenance.

      Take 911, the thread subject. Building 7 collapses. Rubbed in your face. Hidden in plain sight.
      No need to discuss a 'mysterious' force forcing it to implode. Was it this or that plastic explosive.
      Hoax maintenance rescue crew is all thats needed here. Its all over but the whining.

      Hoax maintenance jugglers cheering up the bewildered slaves.
      Actually, Building 7 collapsed after its heart was broken seeing its sister buildings fatally wounded. Wouldn't you collapse if you witnessed your sisters being killed? Maybe not.

      Clearly, jews get tired trying to rouse the goy to fight their fight for Israel. Otherwise blowing up buildings to create premise would be unecessary. 'Lose your buildings, or shed your blood in our middle east construction project' Save your buildings by 'volunteering'
      Experience has taught them, that getting whites to do their blood sacrifices takes
      an enormous effort. Flooding W.Europe with invading refugees would of not been deemed necessary if silly human slaves weren't so lazy about fighting to build 'Greater Israel'.

      Apsterian -poker tell's:
      Giving orders to whites to attack, while holding the threat of being 'dealt with' for
      'heresy' reveals the priority of crypto judeo-christian wing of worldwide conquest. The historic instigator OF attacks on W.European whites (War against Gauls, Against Germania,30 year war) .
      Move to Rome. Work on saving the corporation
      their. Oh, wait, thats your assignment here.
      Hows that working for you? Ratchet up the
      personal inventives maybe?

      Obviously its not easy living up to the
      'worlds most rational man' remark.
      Nevertheless, great gratitude goes to my opponent, for providing motivation.

    3. Ho ho ho ho, the drug-addled moron never ceases w. incoherent babbling and gibberish, imagining he's such an oracle, ho ho hoho

    4. It's merely the truth, MK, ho hoho

    5. Sir, is that Eye witness, or heresay?

  31. I cannot read your latest posts...your page reads....the post you are looking for does not exist....

    1. Hi Mel!

      Thanks for stopping by. I was working on something and it was such a mess that I hadda' bag it and think things through a bit more. Hopefully this week.


    2. It's just going to be more holier-than-thou, Pharisaism, as usual, eh Mr. Goody? Ho ho ho ho Maybe Mike Rivero will run it, and that's what's u're working on--to get Rivero run it, ho ho ho ho

    3. apsterian,

      hopefully whatever it is it will be worthwhile -

      in any case it isn't that important for Mike to run it - what is important is for it to be toward what is good.

      Obviously Mike cannot advertise that weather modification is going on so he probably won't be able to run the next one. But that's OK.

      The bigger question really is what are we all trying to save? That is the real struggle - if something is not worth saving...



  32. Rule-Of-Law Cannot Abide Subjectivism/satanism

    Anonymous Nov 3, 2016, 10:42:00 PM

    "...[W]hat is important is for it to be toward what is good." -Mr. Goody

    Don't u see how u just keep presuming?--what is "good"?--and WHY is that "good"? For in truth there isn't and couldn't be "good" in an objective, hence determined reality of absolute cause-effect, there being no perfectly "free" human will, humans deterministically seeking their interest (ultimately heaven), humans sinners, as St. Paul affirms.

    And what is it to be "saved"?--we're obviously trying to save our republic of (a) freedom and (b) prosperity, both of which are built upon rule-of-law, republic going down the drain of satanism, satanism being extreme subjectivism, as urs, built upon fallacious, delusionary (and hereticalist) "good-evil."

    For there's fatal contradiction btwn rule-of-law and ur satanic "good-evil," "good-evil" being pretext of subjectivism which subjectivism u deny yet practice and uphold insisting as u do upon child's "good-evil," hence inferiority/guilt -complex.

    Subjectivism (hence "good-evil") cannot sustain rule-of-law, in fact, actually undercuts and destroys it.

    And traitor as u are, aside fm being subjectivist/satanist, u insist upon saving, protecting, and up-holding satanism and foremost practitioners thereof, Jews and queers.

    And u won't admit to treason as u're psychotic, insisting upon two conflicting, opposite principles, "good-evil," and rule-of-law. U don't seem to grasp "good-evil" is necessarily built upon subjectivism which u deny u uphold. U're psycho, psychotic, anti-Christ, SIGNIFICANT part of the problem.

    1. Apsterian,

      I still have no idea what you are talking about. But please don't stop.


    2. Mr. Goody: U're psycho, right?--u're anti-Christ yet insist u're "American," right? U believe (and I mean beleeeeeeeev, no less than the Judeo-Christians u abhor) in "good-evil," right?--yet u deny u're subjectivist. Aren't these correct statements? Tell us.

    3. And u were asked simple question: what is "good," and WHY is it "good"? Tell us, Mr. Goody.

    4. Apsterian:

      That's a good question....


    5. Well Mr. Goody: u may think u're funny or clever, but if u use it the way u do, as if u seriously believe it exists, then it's up to u to say what it is. But if u can't define what it means, then u rather seem to tacitly admit u're absurd, hence not worth too much in way of reading ur stuff, eh?

    6. Apsterian,



  33. Anonymous Nov 3, 2016, 10:42:00 PM


    "[H]opefully whatever it is it will be worthwhile -

    "in any case it isn't that important for Mike to run it - what is important is for it to be toward what is good." -Mr. Goody

    Well, Mr. Goody: why wouldn't what u produce be "worthwhile"?--how/why would there be any question about it, at least in ur own mind? Don't u know wtf u're doing? For goodness sakes.

    For me, u're excellent example (as of "useful idiot"/willing dupe) of what's wrong w. Jew S A, so I'm often able to take what u write and then respond in an instructive sort of way I can make use of.

    1. Apsterian,

      What is the point of trying to change your mind if it is already made up?

      I don't see any purpose.


    2. Why bother trying to "change minds"?--u ought to just try making sense. "Good" is long- and well-known as subjective. But u want to pretend there is a real "good," that it's objective, so u have a problem for definition. So far, u're notable, pathetic failure.

  34. Apsterian,

    I did answer the question "what is good" but somehow the text was not saved. These computers are all run by crooks - so you get what you get.

    But the point was that was is "good" is that which is "not bad." What is "not bad?" That is something that we would have done unto us.


    1. U make no sense, buddy. "Good" is subjective, but u deny subjectivity, right?--that's ur problem. So u make no sense.

    2. Apsterian,

      You make no sense genius. I think murder is bad - and I'm always going to think murder is bad - so you can take your psychobabble back to your next discussion with your shrink.

      Murder is "Bad" regardless of your "endorsed by the educamated" opinion.

      Therefore your opinion carries no more weight than mine - which is guilty of all charges.

      So what? I don't pretend to be perfect or even know anything, a la Socrates, so the stuff you purport is only fit for a retart.



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