Christmas Vacation

I'm at my favorite coffee shop CBy's up on the hill by St. John's Church.  The sounds of the coffee shop surround me and cheer me up.  I get to see everyone here on the holidays when I come into town to visit.

A drink cooler on the wall opposite me drones on.  The round claw-foot table to my left is empty now - the four seniors that were having a good time there just left - one of the folks from the shop here is now wiping the table off already.

The front door opens intermittently with that " old-screen-door sound" as new customers walk in and go to the counter to place their order.

I'm sitting with my back to the storefront that is the front of this coffee shop against a mint green-painted wooden paneled wall under an ancient wooden propeller from a real airplane.

Music plays in the background...

I was writing the last post about the chemtrail spraying that goes on and found that many of the people I mention it to cannot fathom that it is really going on.  It has become my most recent opportunity to observe first-hand the effects of propaganda on the population and ponder how people's minds really work against them - and how these human foibles are used to fool the population.  It is a little bit scary.

I've pointed to the aircraft that are aerial spraying with plumes of aerosol-looking trails lingering behind the aircraft way way way longer in time and length than any actual contrails.  Sometimes planes at similar altitudes will fly near each other - one with no contrail - the other with a plume spraying out the back.

These plumes are sprayed by multiple aircraft to cover large areas of the sky usually in the direction of the sun from the perspective of the ground observer.  The plumes are sprayed at right angles to the prevailing winds and will begin to droop and spread across the sky as the wind spreads them out into thin ugly white sheets across the sky.

I've pointed this out to different people and they look back at me with that "Deer in the Headlights" look.  I understand - once I noticed them it took quite some time for my own brain to register that yes - someone really does have the power to cover our nice blue skies with this filthy white haze.  Nobody can believe that anyone would spray poison into the very air that their own kids will have to breath ?-   Sounds like a reasonable question - a question I cannot answer since I am not a psychopath like the people engaged in this gigantic operation that spans our entire nation.

I have been fortunate enough to travel from coast to coast in the US over the last decade and more and can positively affirm I've seen this aerial spraying activity everywhere.  No one is not being sprayed.  It is also being done over the national parks.

One particular person I know who denies that aerial spraying is going on and tries to make me look like I'm crazy by bringing this topic up when the uninitiated are around had to silence his smart mouth when I showed him an article from one of his favorite publications admitting that the technology exists and works - but the article pretends that they aren't already doing it over the U.S.

Here's the article:
Geoengineering Could Turn Skies White
 This article from Scientific American changed his tune a bit - then he went back into denial as his brain struggled with the idea that someone would poison the very air they need to breath.  Obviously only a psychopath would do such a thing - therefore it must not be possible.


...to be continued as the next several days unfold - I have to go now - time to leave the coffee shop.  12:56 12-23-2016
12-25-2016 Christmas Day  0920

It's overcast today 46 degrees F.  Damp.  I'm back at the coffee shop.  Two folks at the window reading - I'm facing it.  The guy has a dog on a leash that keeps bugging him to pet him more which is asking a lot.  The dog has his own little water dish on the floor.  The tall guy that was talking to him just went out the squeaking door.

A Dodge pickup with hot-rod exhaust zooms past, now a black Acura.  Dog needs constant attention, he's at his water dish again - oh wait he has food in there.

A guy to my right is working his way through a thick newspaper - lots of ads.  Shaggy the dog came over to me - the leash extends pretty far under owner control-button.  I got up and petted dog - he's a happy dog.

Happy scenes of Christmas.  They close early today - 14:00.
So I had another person the other day say to me:  "Why can't you just enjoy your life?  Do you really think that as an individual you can save the world?"

First off I explained that "Saving the world" is the furthest thing from my mind - and also a very poorly defined goal.  I like to stick to things I think I know - which isn't that much.  With each passing day the world really does become more and more mysterious - not only because more and more questions seem to arise the more we know things - but also as the layers of lies from this disgusting tabloid media pour out of corporate America, the pentagon and other professional mind-benders.

The last entry I made to this particular blog mentioned one particularly useless publication:  Scientific American.  They too have become - or always were - a source of UnScience.

I found an article from them on a site called Reddit - another owned tool of our manipulative owners.  Anyway here is the article where the "climate change scientists" are moaning about losing their  funding for climate research.  This typically childish article CLICK HERE: Science and the Trump presidency has some blather for you to consider:

"There was a feeling that the government was not interested in expert opinion, and I think it’s the same kind of thing that you are probably going to see with the new [Trump] administration” in the U.S., says David Tarasick, a senior research scientist at Environment and Climate Change Canada (the equivalent of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). Tarasick says Harper’s government prevented him from speaking to the media about compelling research titled “Unprecedented Arctic Ozone Loss in 2011” for two weeks after the report was published in Nature. His agency simply denied interview requests without stating any reason, he says. Instead, that media office supplied “approved” statements to attribute to Tarasick, but he says he had never seen or approved that language himself. (The agency’s media office said at the time that the interview simply “cannot be granted,” according to the National Post)."

There are other articles on their main page sounding alarm bells that somehow, suddenly, a new phenomena is occuring due to political change - science somehow doesn't matter.

The dismissal of science is not new - as anyone involved in recent so-called conspiracy research already knows.  As those involved in any crime research that is not politic already knows.

I marvel at the ability of these so-called scientists to discuss weather without mentioning the unmentionable - the elephant in the room - chemtrail spraying.  But what can you do with people who claim to study the weather but never actually walk away from their computer screen and examine the actual SKY?  It's no wonder they are not going to get the funding - there is nothing to study.  Whatever the purpose of the chemspraying - it must be effecting the weather since all weather comes from the sun - and covering the sky with fake clouds obscures the sun.  Not that complicated.

Yet these scientists want to pretent they are going to have an honest discussion about ANYTHING WEATHER while ignoring this mass-scale pollution of the very air we breath.

Let me guess - this chemtrail spraying is another example of protecting us by poisoning us.


911 researchers and chemtrail researchers have both learned the power of propaganda over science.  It is the same pain felt by WHISTLEBLOWERS who are vilified in the media which translates to opprobrium for doing the right thing.

Real science takes a backseat to politics - ALWAYS IN AMERICA.  It all comes down to the power and the money the public be damned.

To take things a step further I have to say that psychopaths get a fairer deal in the United States than those really trying to right wrongs.  It has become OK to "follow orders" regardless of the misery, death and destruction that results while those trying to prevent such things are vilified or penalized in other ways.  Look at the Viet Nam war protesters.  The military veterans were all brainwashed to blame the protesters of that war for us "losing" that war (as if there really was a goal toward winning it ha ha ha) - only to find out in the end that the architects of the war admitted that they made a mistake lying the American public into it.  That means that the war protesters were RIGHT and the government was WRONG - but propaganda always wins in the end when too few control too much of the media.  Same as is going on right now.

Whistleblowers have become targets of scorn in the public mind - because the crooks must own the media that makes whistleblowers seem like enemies of the very public they are trying to inform.  Our security system "it's classified" was never intended to protect criminals who've managed to secure powerful positions by worming their way into our government institutions.  That was never the intent.  The ONLY CHECK/BALANCE on all this top secret activity is the protection of the whistleblower.  By manipulating "our" media whistleblowers are portrayed any way necessary for the crooks who've usurped power to eliminate one way or another without the public realizing that injustice is being served once again.

Take this Snowden character.  I don't even know if he is real but the concept is a good one.  But I haven't heard a peep out of him about 911 or chemtrail spraying.  It is easy to determine the alliances of just about any media outlet by observing what is missing - what they will not report.


There is no end in site to the division of the country - and this division begins with the very division of our perspectives on the world.  We Americans are losing our common bonds that unite us because there are conflicting powers fighting over all of our money and the power our country projects economically and militarily.

I asked a group of military veterans the other day some questions - regarding this ISIS group or whoever it is "we" are fighting.  After they blubbered on about some nebulous and blurry explanations I realized that not one of them knew exactly who in the hell ISIS is.  None of them could explain that, or what their connection to 911 is - you know - the reason we are supposedly involved in all of this conflict.

As usual I can't tell which people I am talking to are paid to lie and which are ignorant because they get their news from Americans propaganda outlets - it's a mystery - but none could explain to me why I should hate this new enemy.

I explained to them that I'm still trying to get over hating the Japs and the Germans as I had learned as a child - not from my parents of family - but from the movies and TeeVee propaganda I was exposed to.  Then I had to switch over to hating "gooks" from the Viet Nam era - another phony bullshit war - then switch over to hating Arabs or hell I can't keep track of it anymore...

Getting back to the point - my fellow citizens and haters couldn't explain to me why I should hate the particular people we are fighting.  Add to that they have no concept of some of the important events that got us to where we are like the unmentionable connections surrounding 911 and the continuing cover-up of that massive crime against America - their country as well as mine.

They are completely ignorant - and smug - regarding the chemtrail spraying - because the media outlets they trust are lying to them and using the same always-effective tactics of smearing those asking questions.

So we are divided - I from what looks like a manipulated herd - making it difficult to do things like "enjoy my life" when someone points to a purple sunset that I know is caused by light filtered by pollutants someone is spraying into the atmosphere.


I'd like to say "Happy New Year" but anymore I take a wait-and-see attitude on life.

It would be a happy new year to me if Trump would get them to stop the aerial spraying.  I resent it and am horrified by it.  I know we have learned to be nothing more than worshippers of all things military in the US these days - but I would imagine they are military jets that are spraying the sky God gave to all of us.  Yes, I know, if you are a so-called scientist that there is no creator in your world view - so yes - we remain divided on that too.  Being suckered by theories that justify anti-human activity is a tough way to live through life if you ask me.  I think it is so short sited but that's OK it is still a relatively free country.

It would be a happy new year if some real action was taken to lock up at least one of the top crooks from the 911 caper buy of course in America we are so corrupt there is no way that will happen.  Money is our God - like it or not - and if mass murder is necessary to make a few bucks - don't worry - the law enforcement people are right on board as long as you are stealing billions and the media is owned by the perps.  So no progress will ever be made in this category unless...

Unless Trump gets on the phone with the FCC and tells them to break up this media.  No  more of this purely agenda driven crap spewed out on every frequency known to man.

Why is it that when driving across this chemtrail sprayed wasteland is it that all that is available on the airwaves is hot air from that fat-mouthed Limbaugh and Hannity and those clowns?

As if we haven't had enough of the same propagandists for decades- feeding the mushroom masses more shit and pushing them further and further into the dark ages - I noticed that some of the cover-up artists from the original 911 coverup are returning to the media?

The Trump presidency seems like they are getting ready to continue an agenda that has been in the planning.

To plan for the presidency I took a look at the stock market and started with the merchants of death as possible investment avenues for my future.  But they are all very high prices per share - seems like Raytheon, Lockheed, Boeing, Northrup and the other merchants of death are out of my price range as far as making a good buck as they napalm people I've never met in the coming decade.

I looked into the large chemical manufacturers - after all - somebody has to supply all that poison they are filling your childrens lungs with - again - share prices prohibitively high.  What does this mean for a warlike people?  How am I supposed to profit from all of this mass murder and death?

I'm sure these thought occurred to our masters since it is all about the power and the money the public be damned.

Therefore I suspect a stock market "haircut" in the near future - right after everybody finishes spending money on Christmas - then something will happen to drop these stock prices down before the next phase of war operations.  This "crash" will be accepted by the public as natural as a cloud sprayed from a fleet of jumbo jets on a sunny day.

Next there should be an "incident" - something to scare the shit out of the public so we can march off to another war and get the money flowing back to the pentagon and the merchants of death.

Is this some SWAG?  (Scientific wild assed guess) -  yes - it is scientific in that I am relying on the patterns of history in the United States forever.


Things have changed again here at the coffee shop  - a couple has come in for what looks like a really nice breakfast of some fine-looking breakfast sandwiches and coffee in to-go cups.  Another customer creaks out the front door and walks to my left past the large storefront panes of glass.

I smell something like cheese that got a little charcoaled in a toaster oven - love that smell.  80's music is playing in the background - heard something from the 70's a while ago.  I think it may have been KC and the Sunshine band but I don't know the exact name of the song.

The couple if eating their sandwiches and just kind of looking around enjoying the environment.  The floors are aged hardwood...  the music stopped....playing again - it's a satellite radio station.....



So you know my "crazy" ideas and world view.  These ideas are quite unpopular and will get me labeled as a nut by most TeeVee heads since they are so well trained by Fox, NBC, MSNBC, and the newspapers that admit they don't print things when the government asks them not to.  They must think they are being "patriotic" by keeping the public ignorant of high crimes - as long as the high crimes are committed in the government.

Americans are divided because we cannot rely on the party line anymore.  Forget the two party system - we have a no party system because it seems we have nobody actually looking out for the good of the public.

Individuals and independent critical thinkers are now targeted individuals in the United States.  I was talking to someone recently and admitted that I don't like going out to too many events with other people because there isn't much point in talking to people who all think you are crazy.

The public is not only ill-informed and lied to by "our" media on "our public airwaves" but these frequencies are actually used to mis-inform them and feed them lies that work against their best interests.  Eventually as reality trumps the facts - as always happens eventually - the public will see through the lies - but as usual - and as planned - it will be too late to take action against the perps.  That seems to be the system we live in.

Trump made a statement about these shots causing autism - I agree there is something to look into there - and that one statement put him on a shit list of people screaming that he is crazy for bringing up what seems obvious to me.  Whether or not there is an agenda behind it should be something we can figure out - but one would think that we could rely on our precious "scientists" to grow a spine and look into the matter in the unbiased ungodlike manner they brag about so much.  But like most priests - the scientists are paid by the very people we would like them to investigate.  That's called a conflict of interest - another phrase soon to be erased from the American lexicon.

Want some proof?  Consider this:  Editor in Chief of Worlds best known medical journal:  Half of all research is false:

Dr. Horton recently published a statement declaring that a lot of published research is in fact unreliable at best, if not completely false.
“The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.” (source)
This is quite disturbing, given the fact that all of these studies (which are industry sponsored) are used to develop drugs/vaccines to supposedly help people, train medical staff, educate medical students and more."

So how crazy is Trump?  It sounds like he is simply stating something that makes sense in the real
world and needs to be examined scientifically - but that can't be done because our scientists that are not building bombs or lying about the weather for profit are pinned down - surrounded by their fellow cowards and cannot do real science or they may lose their funding.

What kind of a crappy system is this?  Wouldn't it be a step toward making America great again by supporting TRUTH and cutting the ability of these donors to control the flow of information the public needs to take decisions that will work for them?


Transportation should be a high priority for anyone claiming to make America great again.  If there is no way to stop the merchants of death can we at least get some high speed trains built in this backasswords county?  I'm tired of every bragging that we are a super power then I hear what people are paying for their insurance premiums.  Ha hahahahah.

Our healthcare system is a joke - our population is so fat and sick all of the time yet it costs a fortune.  I run into people who are strongarmed into taking all these phony flu shots at all times of the year - and they are always coughing and sneezing with another flu.  What a great medical system we have for flu shot manufacturers.  Cranking out some crap to pump into your arm.  I asked a group of guys what is in the flu shots they are forced to pay for so they can work and they all told me they don't know.  I asked if they know one single ingredient and all knew zero.

Does this mean they are stupid animals because they are allowing corporate greedy people to inject them with unknown substances ?  That's what many of them would say if it were different people and different circumstances - but in their case they simply shrug their shoulders like slaves everywhere do and say "I can do nothing I need my job."   Ha ha ha.  Some medicine.  Some science.

The fact is that in their heart they still trust these monsters to protect them - despite these monsters being outed in the past by researchers - but the propaganda sweeps it away - never to be remembered...

Don't believe me?  Consider this:  CDC admits last year's flu shot was one of the most ineffective vaccines to date

Flu shots have proven to be less and less effective in the wake of the past few flu seasons. In a stunning feat of acknowledgment, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently admitted that the 2014–15 flu vaccine was no better, setting record lows for effectiveness.
The organization has admitted that the 2014–2015 flu shot reduced the risk of getting the flu by a mere 23 percent. Meanwhile, the mainstream media has continued to cast anyone who dare question the efficacy of vaccines to the lunatic fringe.(1)----------------------------------

The music changed to some upbeat stuff from the seventies - a white Ford pickup passes to the left - I can see my car parked across the street against the opposite curb through the window panes.  The house across the street is red brick with a porch and a black wrought iron fence.  Twin corkscrew hedges greet guests that enter the front door which is a large black double door on the right side of the porch.  The doors look like they are eight feet high with glass panes chest height to six feet up then two more panes above that on each door.  It remains dreary outside but it doesn't feel dreary sitting here at CBys.

The sun has come out - I have to leave...10:04 12-25-2016


  1. Mr Goody: Still Pretending He's "American"

    What's this?--u say u're NOT a "psychopath"?--ho ho ho ho--maybe not, but u're un-questionably psycho in some other way, no doubt, pretending u're "American," yet anti-Christ and tolerant of Jews and satanists.

    All u ever do is pretend u're "normal" and that there's such thing as "good-evil." And I guess this latest blog article of urs is another such effort of urs to so pretend, eh?

    I don't think Mike Reviro is going to run this article of urs, Mr. Goody.

    1. Apsterian,

      Merry Christmas



  2. Mr Goody Continues To Fool Himself In Wishful Thinking

    Mr. Goody, above, asks, "What kind of a crappy system is this?"

    But Mr. Goody, seriously, here u are, admitted anti-Christ, tolerant friend of the Jews, and u pretending as u do, golly, but what's gwine on?--u Mr. Goody, u, sir--u're what's going on, sucker--why the surprise?

    Even if we aren't and weren't prejudiced against (admitted) anti-Christs like urself, surely u can grasp there's a lack of cultural cohesion and integrity given the putrid HUBRIS and anti-Christianity as urs (a), and then the (b) outright, avowed and deliberate satanism, as of our dear queers, led by Jews.

    Ok?--so we continue in midst and motion of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, things falling apart, which must surely continue until the remnant survivors finally getting a clue to doing what's necessary--extermination of satanist element and cultural (such as they are) impulses. THINGS WOULD SEEM TO HAVE TO GETTING A LOT WORSE, YET STILL, eh? And we KNOW economy must take HUGE hit, currency-collapse, US Dollar loss of "reserve-currency" status, soon.

    Mr. Goody asks, "So how crazy is Trump?"--at least he was wise enough to promise to the remnant of civilization that "nationalism, NOT GLOBALISM, will be our credo"--this is surely a step in the right direction, BUT we see there are still problems, Trump himself heavily invested in Jews (and vice-versa), his daughter and son married to the filth--his daughter even having apostatized, becoming an avowed Christ-killer, her husband pushing holohoax lies.

    So u see, Mr. Goody, where we are--not out of proverbial "woods" yet, eh? For even though the satanists and Jews still have "upper-hand," at least there's some dissension within their ranks, there being "NO HONOR among thieves."

    So I suggest u get ready for some rough going, Mr. Goody--US Dollar is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED, buddy, general price rise is going to be at least 2, and probably 3 and 4 times what they are--we're all going to be a lot poorer, welfare system is going to collapse. People need to be armed, and we MUST exterminate Judaism and satanism--it's what's got to happen if there's to be any hope. Get a clue, sucker.


  3. Mr. Goody Brilliantly, But Un-Knowingly Expresses His Gross Hypocrisy

    Hey Mr. Goody: why do u tell us stuff like, fm above, "Don't believe me? Consider this: CDC admits last year's flu shot was one of the most ineffective vaccines to date"

    or "Want some proof? Consider this: Editor in Chief of Worlds best known medical journal: Half of all research is false:"

    Do u remember all the facts I've given u about Jews and satanists?--how Judaism is just a kind of satanism (satanism being extreme subjectivism).

    But then u sum it up for urself too, don't u? "The fact is that in their heart [like ur own, Mr. Goody] they still trust these monsters [like the Jews and satanists who rule Jew S A] to protect them - despite these monsters being outed in the past by researchers - but the propaganda sweeps it away - never to be remembered..."

    So u see, Mr. Goody, how well u describe the very thing which I observe about u--only u want to pretend it's better or more appropriately applied to others, eh?

    Amazing how that all works, eh?--are u a hypocrite?--un-questionably, without the slightest doubt, buddy. And only time is going to tell as Jew S A continues "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the economy getting evermore desperate, the dumbshits (like urself) finding out, as they will, what it's like to being POOR, prices soon enough doubling and tripling.

    What is it that keeps u urself, Mr. Goody, sooooooooooo secure in ur stupidity and ignorance--which u complain about regarding the people u speak of, above? Well, u think u're sooooooo "good," right?--Mr. "normal," ho ho ho ho

    And I can assure u, Mr. Goody, the people u complain about, as u do, above, more resemble u than u imagine, buddy--feeling soooooooooo "secure" in their way, not terribly un-like u urself.

    So are u frustrated?--if so, then u can understand our own frustration at folks like u who pretend u're "good," and that it's sooooooooooo "cool" to not being anti-semitic, eh?

    It's truly interesting u see so much the VERY SAME problem in others, as u so well describe, above, which u suffer for urself.

    1. Apsterian,

      I don't know how you want me to respond to your childish name-calling and misrepresentations of my viewpoint.

      What I wrote should speak for itself regardless of your or anyone else's approval.

      The chemtrails - I noticed you side-stepped that and other important topics - as usual.


    2. Mr. Goody Has Nothing More To Say, Actually (Never Had Very Much)

      Just another of ur girl-like passive-aggressive evasions, we see, Mr. Goody, regarding ur note, just above, eh? And actually, I thought I did a good deal less truth-telling, which u call "name-calling." And we see u continue to lie, saying I "mis-represent" ur "view-point"--what "view-point" was that?

      I merely compared ur assertions, showing what a hypocrite u are--again, ho ho ho ho.

      U're anti-Christ, yet call urself "American," right? And we see u write, above:

      " There is no end in site [sic] to the division of the country - and this division begins with the very division of our perspectives on the world. We Americans are losing our common bonds that unite us because...."

      U're not a hypocrite?

      And regarding "chem-trails" I don't and never have disagreed it's poison, consisting of aluminum and barium compounds which are known poisons, I understand--and u can ck earlier posts and comments of mine, going-back yrs now, sucker. U're the liar, buddy.

      And what other "important topics" was I supposed to address?--u're the expert at evasion, sucker, and people have all the proof by simply looking at past blogs and comments of urs, don't they? U live in ur own reality, ignoring what u don't like.

      So Mr. Goody, u needed ur 3 month vacation before u took-up again a blog-article u'd begun long time ago, eh? Ur brain is fried, buddy, to judge fm ur production--and it isn't a pretty sight. I doubt Mike Rivero will EVER run another of ur articles--u've simply run out of things to say based on ur anti-Christ pretending to non-existent "good-evil."

  4. Mr. Goody: What Is He Really "Good" For?--Well, Let's See...

    Mr. Goody says: "The chemtrails - I noticed you side-stepped that and other important topics - as usual." -Mr. Goody, fm above, Dec 26, 2016, 4:41:00 PM

    One of the tell-tale trademarks of ur psychotic nature, Mr. Goody, is how u so easily and readily TOTALLY forget everything about what's previously, and not that long ago, either, been written IN UR OWN BLOGS, no less. Have u noticed that? Ho ho ho ho ho

    For now that I think about it, I note I've actually written quite a lot about GMOs, toxic vaccines, and the toxic chem-trails, NUMEROUS TIMES in ur blogs, sucker--but u've forgotten all about it, because u have no solid sense of any serious, objective reality, do u?--to u, everything is about being normal and politically-correct, even as u deny it (being politically-correct), and "good," eh Mr. Goody? Ho ho ho ho ho oho

    For EVERYTHING about u, Mr. Goody, is SUBJECTIVE--that's all u care about--and that's because all u care about is "good-evil," and how it appears to others. And everything u write about u just now thought-up on occasion of ur latest writing, right? Ho ho ho ho oho. U TOTALLY forget what was written even in ur last blog, ho ho ho ho ho

    Everything u do, in way of ur "writing" efforts, is for Mike Rivero, who u think is impressed by ur anti-Christianity and way u talk-down to Christians and thus pretend to "criticize" Christianity, about which Christianity u actually know NOTHING--just platitudinous stupid crap which u imagine stupid Christians think about and/or imagine, ho ho ho ho oho. U're such a joke, Mr. Goody, sooooooooooo predictable, ho ho ho ho ho

    And u have the gall to write, above: "WITHOUT RECONCILIATION OUR NATION WILL FURTHER DIVIDE." Ho ho ho ho ho

    "Reconciliation"?--u don't want that, Mr. Goody. U rather want to appear "GOOD" and morally "virtuous," right? Ho ho ho ho ho--u want to impress Mike Rivero so he'll publicize ur idiot anti-Christian babbling, that's all.

    So we see u point-up this theme of "reconciliation," but rather want to push anti-Christ political-correctness and "moral virtue," right?--that's ur real object, isn't it? Ho ho ho oho ho

    And u can't handle (u don't seem to have the intelligence) the satanist (extreme subjectivism) issue; thus u end up the TOOL of the satanists and Jews, don't u?--and this u do quite WILLINGLY, we see, always acting the girl in ur passive-aggressive mode, ho ho ho ho.

    So u see, Mr. Goody: U'RE THE PROBLEM, buddy--and u refuse to face it. Hence u're actually the perfect picture of the real problem--HUBRIS in all ur pretended "moralist" virtue, ho ho ho ho oho--soooooooooooo politically-correct as u are, even while u lie and deny u're politically-correct, blaming Christians while not even knowing what Christianity is, defending Jews, queers, and satanists, ho ho ho ho ho.

    So what else can we do w. u, Mr. Goody, but to (a) make fun of u as u deserve for all ur idiot, brainless hypocrisy, and (b) to pt. out to people what u say, how u act, and how it all fits in culturally, psychologically, and sociologically. Such is "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, u being perfect case-in-pt. Ho ho ho ho ho ho

    1. Apsterian,
      As usual you quote the same book over and over like a bible-thumper.

      Your incessant personal attacks speak volumes about nothing really. Over and over again you simply attack me while sidestepping the true intent and content of the blog post.

      But at least it seems you read it.



    2. Girl-Like Sgt. Schultz "Knows Nothing"--Yet Clamors For "Reconciliation"?

      Another girl-like, passive-aggressive response we get, above, fm Mr. Goody who in his usual manner obliquely asserts "the true intent and content of the blog post."

      But what is that "true intent and content"? Ho hoh o ho ho. Mr. Goody seems to insist that "true intent and content" is other than what his respondent (me) assumes, but refuses, in his empty-head, girl-like, passive-aggressive manner, to say or clarify, ho ho ho ho ho.

      "Personal attacks"?--Mr. Goody u're an avowed, admitted anti-Christ who pretends u're "American," who has gotten on Rivero's list precisely for ur eager willingness to talk-down to Christians, berating them, pretending to criticize them for being mis-guided when u don't know what Christianity is.

      Isn't that why u're called "Mr. Goody"?--ho ho ho ho--pretending Christianity is about "good"?--pretending to criticize Christianity on grounds of what u insist and pretend is "good," eh Mr. Goody? Ho ho ho ho ho.

      And so I quote (actually I rather cite the book for its general subject-matter) the "same book"?--SO WHAT?--what's the pt. u want to make, sucker?--I'm not supposed to do it (citing the book)?--WHY, u brainless moron--don't u realize u need to say something about that matter of why not? Ho ho ho ho

      Didn't u say, above: "WITHOUT RECONCILIATION OUR NATION WILL FURTHER DIVIDE"? Ho ho ho ho ho

      So how is there "reconciliation" with anti-Christ like u who willingly, knowingly makes way for satanists, satanism, and Jews?

      But like Sgt. Schultz of "Hogan's Heroes," u want to pretend to "know nothing," right? So then WTF are u talking about, fool?

      "Reconciliation"?--u're the problem, Mr. Goody, u and the MASS of fools in Jew S A, making way for Jews and satanists, destroying the country, playing stupid as u do, like Sgt. Schultz, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

      Such then is continuing "Decline of the West," by Spengler, isn't it?--u giving us definitive demonstration, right?

      "Reconciliation"?--WTF are u talking about?--u're the problem, sucker. For satanism and hubris continues to rage within the degenerate culture in Spenglerian "decline," right?--as u demonstrate so perfectly here, playing the passive-aggressive girl, ho ho ho ho

      Christian anti-satanism and anti-semitism is the inspiration and original foundation of USA, now degenerate Jew S A, buddy--isn't that basic Christian inspiration necessary basis of any proper "reconciliation"?--proper law founded upon this Christian anti-satanism?

      How can there be "reconciliation" w. u continuing playing the stupid girl?--"I know nossing," like Sgt. Schultz?

      If u expect Rivero to run any of ur work, don't u think u ought to be able to say something substantial about Christianity which u pretend to criticize? How do u "reconcile" these things? Ho ho ho ho

    3. Apsterian,

      When you call me an "Anti-Christ" that is part of your Bible-thumping lexicon - obviously having nothing to do with my outlook on life. You are projecting so that's fine.

      As far as you just battering away at me trying to get a rise out of me I think I'm just a bit more mature than you or something - you will figure that out as you grow up more - I don't know why else you are always attacking me unless there is some useful purpose.

      Finally - I say all that I care about is having my stuff on Mike's website where it is probably obvious that with discussions of chemtrails Mike and I part company so why would I use a chemtrail blog to get on Mike's site? That doesn't really even make sense.

      It is unfortunate for Mike's readers that he has that perspective that they cannot read what I have to say and take it into consideration but we all have limitations to what we can and cannot talk about.

      As far as your insults - I have to admit they did give me a few laughs - you will have to get a new writer - too much repetition and weak arguments.



    4. Notice Mr. Goody Strangely Avoids satanic Subject

      Mr. Goody: it's sufficient for me that folks see u're (a) psychotic, (b) a liar. Further, we see u say nothing about satanism, do u?

      After all, I simply quoted u on ur theme of "reconciliation," and I pt'd out obvious fact u're anti-Christ--which people can judge for themselves, right?

      "Bible-thumping"?--that's actually part of ur anti-Christ "lexicon," right? People see it and know it, Mr. Goody.

      Ur "outlook on life"?--it's to berate Christians and Christianity and talking-down to them, lecturing them w. ur lies and lying, and pretending u're "good" and know all about "good," right?--that's what Rivero likes about u, why he ever puts u on his daily list, right? Ho ho ho ho

      And no, Mr. Goody: I don't "insult"; I tell the truth which u don't like, u being a liar and actually quite satanic, right?--about which satanism we see u don't talk much about, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

    5. Apsterian,

      If you are a Christian I can only say that I find one Christian, at least, abusive.

      Is that what it means to be a Christian? I'm trying to understand you Christians.


    6. Mr. Goody: satanic Liar Bares His Lying Fangs

      U're brilliant, Mr. Goody, showing people (those who bother reading ur blogs) what "good" is all about--LYING, as u do, as u show us.

      Now u ask in ur satanic manner, "[i]s that what it means to be a Christian?" All I need say is u can ck UR OWN BLOGS here, and comments, going back for a good while now to see what I say about Christianity, u brainless, pathetic lying liar. Ho ho ho ho ho ho.

    7. Apsterian,

      Thank you for your fine example of what it is to be a "Christian" -

      Now what in the heck does that have to do with all the chemicals they are covering the sky with?


    8. At this pt. in this dialectic of ours, I'd say readers can judge for themselves quite well enough, eh Mr. Goody? Ho ho ho oho


  5. Is Mr. Goody Perfectly Programmed By TV?

    "I asked a group of military veterans the other day some questions...." -Mr. Goody, fm above text

    Who do u think u are, Mr. Goody?--did u think u're George Stephenopoulos on "Good Morning America"? Ho ho ho ho.

    What happened?--where were u?--at a mall?--and u spotted some "veterans"?--how did u know they were "veterans," buddy?--tell us.

    U're a little psycho, aren't u?--schizoid, eh?--not all there, are u? U expect readers to take u seriously?

    So Mr. Goody, do u think u're "normal"?--that everyone wants to listen to (or read) u? U're pretty desperate to get on Mike Rivero's "WhatReallyHappened" site, eh?

    That's my thesis, Mr. Goody: u're perfect example of what's wrong w. Jew S A. U're perfect example of what's brought Jew S A now in Spenglerian "Decline of the West," buddy.

    U're actually rather comical the way u write ur idiotic crap (as above, about "veterans") and then when u're questioned on it for the logic and sense of it, u play the passive-aggressive girl, like u do, ho ho ho ho ho

    All u want to do is get on Rivero's website--just like the old song by "Dr. Hook," u want to get ur picture on the "Cover of the Rolling Stone," ho ho ho ho

    Why would u want to ape a nobody and loser like George Stephenopoulos?--u don't even know, do u?--u just have been trained to ape what u see on TV, right? Ho ho ho ho ho

    1. Apsterian,

      When it comes to the truth it becomes apparent that we are all on our own and may find that we must abandon everything and everyone so the truth can be told.

      Maybe you don't understand that.



    2. Passive-Aggressive Mr. Goody Gets Mystical On Us

      Golly Mr. Goody: u suggest there's something I'm not properly understanding? Ho ho ho

      But what makes u think I'm not "understanding"?--that's the mystery.

      So we're "on our own"?--how is it only u would understand, but not anyone else, eh sucker?

      "[M]ust abandon everything and everyone"--WTF?--"so truth can be told"? Ho ho ho ho--that's pretty heavy, Mr. Goody

      Does it occur to u that u tend to babbling mindlessly and moronically?--maybe u don't understand that, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

    3. Apsterian,

      Thank you for edumacating me on what it is to be a Christian by setting your fine example.

      If the satanists are NOT like you then they must be a bit more pleasant.

      Not sure what you are getting at - and yes I love babbling aimlessly especially when babbling about the treason on 911 and the chemspraying that is going into your lungs - compliments of your tax money at some level I am sure.

      Take a deep breath and enjoy the unfresh air!



    4. Does Mr. Goody Need More Vacation Time?

      Mr. Goody: Christianity surely is NOT laying-down for u liars and satanists, buddy--on the contrary--why do u think it is?--that's great mystery, and u're not the only one who imagines Christianity is some kind of pacifism. "Turning other cheek" is optional, sucker.

      And of course I set a Christian example by means of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6). U don't like truth, do u, Mr. Goody?--like u don't like Christianity.

      And u're "Mr. Goody," aren't u?--u're the one who says there's "good," but can't say what it is, eh?--u're a LIAR, right? What is satanism if not lying and worship of lies, right Mr. Goody?--see Gosp. JOHN 8:44.

      U're "not sure what [I'm] getting at"?--just more of ur lies and lying, right, Mr. Goody?

      So u babble about "treason on 911 and the chem-spraying"?--but say nothing about WHO it is who did it and is doing it, eh Mr. Goody?--like Jews and satanists.

      So take another 3 month vacation, Mr. Goody, and try to think up something of ur typical anti-Christ and satanic nature that might get u on Rivero's list of articles, buddy, ho ho ho ho.

    5. Apsterian,

      I don't give a rats ass about getting on any site anywhere. You were saying?


    6. Sucker Doesn't Care About...What?

      Ur problem is u don't give the hind-end of a rat for reality, buddy--why u suffer satanist consequences pretending to ur false reality in all ur hubris, swept up as u are in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, buddy.


  6. Mr. Goody Is Absolute EXPERT On Mike Rivero, As For Rivero's Psychology

    But I must admit for myself, perhaps I'm a little jealous, eh? After all, Rivero likes u, Mr. Goody, doesn't he? Rivero admires the way u talk down to Christians. And the amazing thing is u literally know very little if anything about Christianity (a), and (b) u don't want to know anything about Christianity either.

    Only slight problem is how u're qualified to talk-down as u do about something (a) u know so little about, and (b) having such contempt for it, u don't want to know anything about it either, ho ho ho ho ho.

    But u know Rivero (a), and (b) u KNOW why Rivero likes u--that's what impresses me most about u, Mr. Goody, such a winner u really are, eh?

    1. Apsterian,

      I can only say that chemtrails are an unwelcome topic on Mike's site - for one reason or another. That much I know because I am paraphrasing Mike's own words.

      Other than that I can only report things as I see them - as limited as my perspective is.

      I must say that you are so busy attacking all the time it is hard for me to try to decipher what it is you are actually saying.

      I don't pay much attention to discouraging words so I try to find something useful in what it is you are saying.

      Thank you for reading the blog by the way - so how are those chemtrails doing in your part of the country?



    2. Passive-Aggressive Mr. Goody Doesn't Care Much For Reality

      "I don't pay much attention to discouraging words . . . ." - Mr. Goody, Dec 27, 2016, 6:13:00 PM

      Mr. Goody: u're not all there, are u?--and we know u barely pay attn. to anything regarding reality, buddy, as u live in ur own little world, don't u?--so concerned w. pretending u're "good."

      Incidentally, above note of mine was about Rivero appreciating u for ur knocking Christians and Christianity, u lecturing and talking-down to Christians, even while knowing nothing about Christianity and not even being concerned to know anything about it as u down-grade it, sucker.

      And u're a liar: what's to "decipher," scum?--u're an anti-Christ, Jew-friendly suck-along to satanists, and u want humans and Christians to "reconcile" w. psychotic monsters like u?--not gonna happen, sucker, ho ho ho ho

    3. Apsterian,

      How bout those chemtrails? Take a deep breath.....ahhhhhhh!

      Isn't that nice fresh poisoned air?

      Now what were you saying - you are a shrink now? omg...


    4. Will Mr. Goody Take Another Three Month Vacation?

      "Now what were you saying - you are a shrink now? omg..." -Mr. Goody, Dec 28, 2016, 8:23:00 AM

      What?--can't u read? Does it take a "shrink" to note ur now habitual passive-aggressive, girl-like responses?

      Regarding "chem-trails"--were u trying to make some pt.?--why not just spit it out? After all, Rivero likes and uses u for ur anti-Christ attitude and lecturing; doesn't need u for "chem-trails," where he can just post more strictly journalistic, fact-oriented articles, right?

      So, I was saying, we're not going to "reconcile" w. u Jew-friendly, satanistic tools, Mr. Goody--we know u don't want to take that msg, eh?

      After all, where did poison "chem-trails" come fm?--fm u satanist tools, right?

      What do u think u'll do now, Mr. Goody?--take another 3 month vacation? Imitating George Stephanopoulos didn't come-off so well, did it?--Mike Rivero wasn't impressed, eh?

    5. Apsterian,

      Whaaaaa? I can't help but laugh - not sure what the heck is going on in that noodle of yours but keep going.

      Ahhhh - take a deep breath - enjoy the air the little kiddies breath! Thank your military for protecting you with chemicals sprayed into your air supply!

      Mike can't talk about chemtrails so why torture him with topics he can't discuss?



    6. Mr. Goody Demonstrates satanism And Lies, Couched In Passive-Aggressive Mode

      Mr. Goody: u're just a satanistic liar, right? So u never reply without expressing ur passive-aggressive sort of lying, right?

      As I understand and seem to observe, Rivero doesn't hesitate to talking about "chem-trails," moron--u just like to lie, eh? And what's the pt. u're trying to make, anyway, dumbass?--u just want to keep repeating about "chem-trails," eh psycho? Ho ho ho ho

      Regardless, u do a good job revealing what goes on in ur "noodle," eh Mr. Goody?--lies and lying, all couched within passive-aggressive mode, as u demonstrate so well, Mr. Goody. Keep it up, buddy, ho ho ho ho ho

    7. Apsterian,

      You've turned into Santa Claus! ho ho ho

      I wonder what this lie is... you are not making sense...very confusing.

      I don't see why you are picking on Mike - perhaps you've never heard his show - he doesn't acknowledge the existence of the chemtrail phenomenon - is that this lie? Whaaa? Passive aggressive? Now you are a shrink? And what do you have against girls?

    8. Who Does Mr. Goody Think He Fools?--Aside FM Himself?

      Ultimately, readers will judge for themselves, eh Mr. Goody? Ho ho ho ho ho. Otherwise, I'd say "confusion" seems to be ur natural state, eh? Ho ho hoho ho

      After all, ur entire game is to pretend and parade as someone who's "good," eh Mr. Goody?--that's how u came by ur name, isn't it? Ho ho ho ho ho

      Example: I'm not picking-on Rivero--u are, saying he doesn't adequately cover the "chem-trail" issue, eh? Ho ho ho oho

      I don't know if I'm "shrink," but u can look it up for urself about "passive-aggressive" syndrome, mentality, Mr. Goody. U act girly in way of playing coy--u can look that up too, eh? Readers will judge for themselves, I'm sure. Ho ho ho ho


  7. Mr. Goody Reveals Himself For Lies, Contempt, satanic Culture

    "Is that what it means to be a Christian? I'm trying to understand you Christians." -Mr. Goody, fm above, Dec 28, 2016, 6:53:00 PM

    Thus fm above quote by Mr. Goody, we see far better, more clearly what he's really all about--he's stinking liar and tool of satanism, of course, but we see here more clearly just how the satanists work.

    Mr. Goody, of course, first of all lies, pushing "good-evil," and he specializes in lecturing and talking-down to Christians--why Mike Rivero (WhatReallyHappened.com) occasionally features his blog. Now we see the lying fool, Mr. Goody, pretends he wants to "understand" Christians in his distinctive passive-aggressive mode.

    What this idiot, Mr. Goody, forgets is that HE'D BETTER understand Christianity if he knows what's good for him, the scummy little P.O.S., ho ho ho ho

    For there couldn't be a better demonstration for the low level of respect for USA's founding culture is there?--than this passive-aggressive patronizing satanist tool, Mr. Goody, telling people about his alleged facts of reality.

    Mr. Goody's passive-aggressive patronizing only goes to show how little fear satanists have for the Christian people, and I submit we urgently need to change this state of affairs.

    For what has happened, folks?--I say (again) it's perfect picture of hubris within "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. USA has become Jew S A, led about by the nose by Jews and Israel, as we see.

    And we see satanists gloating and exulting--even though they seem to have lost a good deal in latest elections. Yet Jews still have strong influence over Trump, a couple of his children married to the anti-Christ scum. But it's good at least to see masterminds fall-out among themselves, there being "no honor among thieves."

    For soon enough proverbial excrement will hit "fan" as US Dollar ("petro-dollar") collapses as reserve-currency, a terrible devaluation and doubling and tripling of prices, perhaps even worse.

    But such horrible turmoil is what had to happen given the corruption and perversion we know about all too well.

    States-rights, nullification of un-Constitutional laws, and real (gold/silver) money will serve Christians and patriots best of all--against satanic filth and scum.

    So I say to scum like Mr. Goody: u seek understanding of Christians, Christianity?--well, I suggest u work to gain that info a.s.a.p., sucker, if u know what's good for u, ho oho ho ho ho

    1. Apsterian,

      So I am to understand thatby using you as a representative of "Christians" I can safely conclude that Christians are:
      1. Mean
      2. Irrational
      3. Illogical

      From your comments it seems I'll have to give "Christians" like yourself a low grade.

      Thank you for setting an example for me to draw conclusions from.


    2. Is Mr. Goody Really Qualified To Be Giving Out "Grades"?

      Mr. Goody: if u say I'm "irrational" or "illogical," u need to substantiate that, buddy, hooh o hoho ho--what specifically are u talking about?

      U don't even understand basic principles of exposition, and u say others are "irrational" and "illogical"? Ho hoho ho ho Thus u only demonstrate my theses, eh?--ho ho ho ho

  8. Mr. Goody: Searching Still, For A Clue


    Further down, Mr. Goody writes, "THE DIVISION AMERICA."

    Then, in comments, just above, we get,

    "Is that what it means to be a Christian? I'm trying to understand you Christians." -Mr. Goody, fm above, Dec 28, 2016, 6:53:00 PM

    Too bad Mr. Goody is sooo amazingly stupid, he still can't figure-out what Christianity is--whose fault is it? The stupid puke could read New Test., but he still HASN'T GOT A CLUE--and isn't that just soooooooooooooooooo sad?

    Golly Mr. Goody, but what can be said for poor fool like u?--are u survivable?--I seriously wonder, sucker, ho ho ho ho oho

    Suffice it to say, we Christians WILL NOT "reconcile" w. such as u, a willing dupe and useful idiot for satanists. U will reconcile w. us, buddy--believe it, sucker, ho ho ho ho ho

    1. Apsterian,

      If it's Christians vs. Satanists, and you are setting an example of a "Christian" - I'm not impressed.

      With friends like what you set as an example who needs enemies?

      Are Satanists different or just more of the same? I'm not so sure what is so great about a Christian if that is what you are.

      Please clarify - I'd like to know what you are bragging about - and don't bring up Oswald Spengler.



  9. Poor Mr. Goody

    So as Mr. Goody writes, "THE DIVISION AMERICA," the observation is satanists and their dupes, like Mr. Goody, are on the wrong side of that "division" he's so perceptively noted.

    1. Apsterian,

      You set a fine example for a "Christian"

      so sad...



    2. Does Mr. Goody Really Unnastan' Christianity?

      Yeah, but Mr. Goody, u need to take stock and do some self-examination, buddy--what do u really know about Christianity, the real thing?--anything?--ho ho ho, I seriously doubt it, sucker, hoh o ho ho ho.

      U seem to think Christians are supposed to just lay-down for u satanist puke, ho ho ho ho ho. Guess again, sucker. Ho ho ho ho ho

  10. What?--Did Mr. Goody Finally Get A Clue?

    Mr. Goody writes, above:

    "If it's Christians vs. Satanists, and....

    "Please clarify - I'd like to know ... - and don't bring up Oswald Spengler." -Mr. Goody, Dec 29, 2016, 11:10:00 AM

    Well, Mr. Goody, surely u understand u deserve credit for bringing up the basic idea and theme, "THE DIVISION AMERICA," also, "reconciliation," which I quoted and then tried to complete and detail for exposition.

    And u well represent the satanistic side, don't u?--even much by ur own admission, even if this "admission" might be somewhat tacit, on certain points. As satanism is extreme subjectivism, and subjectivism is fundamental to "good-evil," I've often pt'd out u're perfect tool, dupe, and "useful idiot" for the satanists.

    Note Spengler is good for citation as he understands and exposits the CYCLIC theory of hist. Thus USA has become Jew S A, as I've often noted, USA having begun upon Christian principles, but now suffering great HUBRIS and consequently becoming such a force and engine for satanism.

    Christianity of course, was and still is, great monument to TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) principle built and based necessarily upon the OBJECTIVE principle, opposing satanism, lies, and the Pharisees (JOHN 8:44).

    Regarding Rivero (WhatReallyHappened.com), I don't listen to his radio show, but I note fm his website, which I follow avidly, that he often lists stories and articles on problem of "chem-trails," among the other problems too.

    So, and as I noted, I'd say u deserve a good deal of credit for some of what u write, as about "THE DIVISION AMERICA." I simply added details w. some emphasis.


    1. Don't Doubt satanism Is Serious, Substantial, Significant Subject-Matter

      And one other thing, regarding satanism--it's serious, widely discussed subject-matter, never doubt. U can go to Jew-tube and type it into search engine and u get HUNDREDS of thousands of hits. So there's no excuse for u not acknowledging this important cultural phenomenon, satanism.

      Hrd of "Pizza-gate"?--heavily suppressed by Jews-media, it's serious subject and involves satanism which includes, necessarily, child-trafficking and child-sacrifice, ritual-murder.

      Such satanism is why/how Spengler's CYCLIC theory of hist. is so important, the virtuous society, so successful, like the early Roman and original American becomes, through the natural "decline," hubris, and corruption, so satanic, the pretext being "good-evil," founded in subjectivism, as cause of their "prosperity" and "victory" in war, induced upon evermore corrupt progeny generations of weaklings and inferiors who never had to fight for things like their ancestors, of original pioneers and soldiers, who've now become corrupt and "entitled," as the buzz-word has it, as hist. demonstrates, and as journalism presents to ur own eyes.

      Thus these inferiors, weaklings, and their hubris literally TRANSFORMS the culture in satanist style, as we see.

      And there's no doubt about it, John Podesta, for example, hitlery's campaign-manager un-questionably invoking this satanism as u or anyone can easily verify.

      Thus Spengler's "Decline of the West," is so valuable and informative as theoretic explanation and hist. survey for how things work over time.


  11. Mr. Goody: Victim Of Spenglerian "Decline Of West"?

    Mr. Goody asks, "Whaaa? Passive aggressive? Now you are a shrink? -above, Dec 29, 2016, 11:04:00 AM

    I took some psych classes, but why would one have to be "shrink"?--why not just be observant student of psychology? Did u fail to note my satirical essay, above, at Dec 27, 2016, 4:12:00 PM? Who do u think u are, Mr. Goody?--George Stephanopoulos?

    For who writes like u do?--"I asked a group of military veterans the other day some questions...."

    U seem to imagine u're like a celebrity who's paid to speak before audiences and groups, eh?--like George Stephenopoulos, eh? Did the "group" reply to ur questions in unison, or did they all talk in order, one after the other?--ho ho ho ho ho. U're a joke, Mr. Goody.

    U seem to have a screw loose, Mr. Goody.

    Then u ask, "Are Satanists different or just more of the same?" -Dec 29, 2016, 11:10:00 AM

    But it's not first time I explained to u about satanism, is it, Mr. Goody?--u forget things sooooooo easily, don't u?--how is this, Mr. Goody?

    U forget simplest things because u live in a subjectivistic world, don't u?--a world in which u're "good," right?--that's how u became our dearest "Mr. Goody," right?

    So u see, Mr. Goody, how ur subjectivism rather fails to serve u, eh?--u can't even remember info (about satanism) given to u in ur own blogs. U imagine u're like George Stephenopoulos, talking to "groups," ho ho ho ho.

    No, I'm not a "shrink," but I can tell when someone (like u, Mr. Goody) isn't all there, eh?--isn't that true of many people?--does it mean we're all "shrinks"?--I don't think so.

    So u see, Mr. Goody, I submit u're another victim of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, u taken-up along w. the general cultural hubris, so subjectivistic in ur moralistic manner, pretending u speak to "groups," ho ho ho ho ho--and forgetting simple things which have been explained to u several times, even, in ur own blogs' comment sections. Question is who is it u really think u're fooling, Mr. Goody?--'cause the answer is u fool urself most of all, and it's not a pretty sight, buddy.


    1. Mr. Goody Needs Strong Dose Of Truth, Reality

      So u see Mr. Goody, I guess the pt. is that Spenglerian cultural "decline," hubris, and satanism haven't turned-out too well for u, buddy. And it isn't right or fitting for such as u to being soooo condescending (or passive-aggressive), eh?

      And when it's suggested one like urself needs to find Christ, it merely means u need to face up to TRUTH, sucker, for that's what Christ is--TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH. Get a clue, buddy.

    2. Apsterian,

      You live in the same world I live in in case you haven't noticed.

      You are breathing the same chemtrail air as me - in case you haven't noticed.

      As far as Christians, which you claim to be and brag about so much - I've found very little redeeming value in your approach to communication.

      As a Christian you need to lead by example and be more like Christ. Then you can pontificate.

      Same for the rest of you bloody "Christians" out there.



    3. Anti-Christ Fool Refuses To Facing Reality--Suffers

      U poor brainless anti-Christ scum: don't u see u demonstrate the anti-Christ problem, willing tool, dupe and "useful idiot" for Jews and satanists as u are? How's that working for u, moron? Spoken to any "groups" lately? Hoh o ho ho ho ho

    4. WHAT Is Mr. Goody Talking About?

      See Mr. Goody: u're just a subjectivist, whereas satanists are extreme subjectivists, u thus being merely tool, dupe, and "useful idiot" for satanists.

      And u have no concept of Christianity, or Christian truth ideal based on the objective reality.

      So u don't and couldn't have any grasp of "Christian example."

    5. Apsterian,

      Again, as a Christian your customs are offensive and unhelpful.

      You are not helping your cause of Christianity - whether I understand it or not - as Ghandi said"I like your Christ but not your Christians."
      Perhaps you are one of the Christians he was speaking of?



    6. Mr. Goody Continues Evasion Of satanist Issue

      Mr. Goody writes, "[a]gain, as a Christian your customs are offensive and unhelpful." But Mr. Goody doesn't say what "customs" he's talking about or why they're "offensive and unhelpful."

      Basic "custom" of Christianity would be speaking truth--which we see Mr. Goody finds "offensive," etc.

      Then Mr. Goody says I'm not helping cause of truth (Christianity)?--but he doesn't say why.

      Mr. Goody then adds some moronic quote fm Ghandi, which he's used before, but we're not clear what pt. he's trying to make--rather seems just another of Mr. Goody's passive-aggressive evasions.

      Mr. Goody doesn't want to face-up to fact he's part of the satanist problem, he being willing tool, dupe, and "useful idiot."

  12. Mr. Goody Struggles For Even A Clue, Ho Ho Ho

    Mr. Goody writes,

    "As far as Christians, which you claim to be and brag about so much - I've found very little redeeming value in your approach to communication." -above, Dec 31, 2016, 11:50:00 AM

    Get it straight, Mr. Goody: I do try being Christian, for sure. But what I "claim" is regarding the Christian philosophy found in the literature, contrasted then to ur satanism, though I admit u're not intelligent enough to think of it (satanism) that way, u being Mr. Goody who pretends to non-existent reality and "good-evil."

    "[A]pproach to communications"?--ho ho ho ho ho. Well, we all do our best, don't we? But my "approach" is pretty direct and plain-spoken, sucker--is the Christian philosophy what and as I explain?--yes or no?--it's pretty simple and clear-cut, I'd say, ho ho ho ho

    Then u, in ur satanic stupidity tell us, "[a]s a Christian you need to lead by example and be more like Christ. Then you can pontificate." And u say this as if u know anything about what it is to being "more like Christ," u brainless fool.

    But as I noted above, u don't even seem to grasping the basic concept (regarding being "like Christ"), sucker, ho ho ho ho ho--in all ur moronic, passive-aggressive ignorance and condescension, poor fool, ho ho ho ho.

    "Pontificate"?--observe how satanist like u imagines that's what Christian does, eh?

    But if Christ = truth, then it wouldn't and couldn't be "pontification," would it, u poor satanist scum? Ho ho ho ho ho

    So have fun speaking and asking questions to "groups of veterans" as u do and say, ho ho ho ho ho

    1. Errata: Actually, u're not so much "satanist" as I've noted u're more tool, dupe, and "useful idiot" for them/it. See what a "Christian" I am, for sticking-up for accuracy? Ho ho ohho ho

    2. Apsterian,

      So, in other words, if someone is unedumacated,and they haven't been "adjusted" in some way according to your standards - they are somehow deficient in pointing out your disconnect with Christ and Christ's teachings, although you take Christianity as a shield with which to defend your horrible communications methods.

      That sounds VERY Christian to me, as most Christians are exactly like you - whatever that is - mean, intolerant and condescending.

      Take your religion and ram it up your cunt.


    3. Mr. Goody's Feathers Are All Ruffled As He's Exposed As Hypocrite

      Mr. Goody again presumes, in one place, at least, to understanding the "teachings" of Christ, and asserts I'm "disconnected" therefrom, ho ho ho.

      But Mr. Goody, u don't seem to understand the "teachings" of Christ. So far as we understand, u have nothing but contempt for Christ (= truth), his teachings, Christians, and Christianity. Hence HOW can u "reconcile"?--and regarding the very "division" u pt'd up, aren't u the problem?--why do u suck-along w. satanism/subjectivism hence enemies of USA, properly understood?

      So is it my fault u hate TRUTH (= Christ)?--that's my "comm. method," sucker, truth. So if there's something not truthful, then say what it is.

      In ur very next sentence, u essentially admit u don't grasp "teachings" of Christ when u say, "whatever that is," ho ho ho

      Then the little girl gets nasty and says I should "ram" what he calls "religion," ho ho ho ho.

      But it isn't "religion," sucker--and u're a liar. I speak (write) to u in simple matter-of-fact terms. U're an anti-Christ, as u've essentially admitted, and U'RE THE PROBLEM, as I've noted, sucking-along w. the satanic traitors and criminals who are behind all the "chem-trail" spraying, etc.

      But we see why u get angry as u pretend to being "good" in ur usual hypocrital manner, but then u're confronted w. the actual facts, u being sympathetic w. the satanists who do the "chem-trail" spraying.


  13. Mr. Goody's Long Road To Self-Discovery

    Mr. Goody wrote: "Same for the rest of you bloody "Christians" out there." -Dec 31, 2016, 11:50:00 AM

    See?--u're the one "un-reconciled," Mr. Goody, an alien, a hostile, an enemy. U simply reveal urself, don't u?

    What idiocy or insanity gets into u?--how is it u pretend u're better? U're the problem, buddy, as I've pt'd out. And u're NOT NOT NOT "American."

    Thus to pretend u're "American" is simply a lie, and u're PSYCHOTIC, whether I'm a "shrink" or not. U're psychotic to think u're "American" or that u even have any business here in USA which has now become Jew S A, so unfortunately.

    So maybe u wouldn't call urself, or consider urself quite "satanic" (extreme subjectivism) but u're un-doubtedly close to it, and u're anti-Christ, by ur own admission.

    Satanists?--those are the people involved in "pizza-gate," as un-covered by the "wikileaks," and they deal in child-trafficking and -sacrifice (ritual murder). Those are ur leaders, Mr. Goody--they're just a little further along in anti-Americanism, anti-Christianity, than u are, that's all.

    So to deal w. the satanic problem we need to start w. real money, gold-silver, and real states-rights, nullification, repudiation of national debt, etc. I guess we have to persuade Israel we deserve our freedom.

    And when all the newly-freed "states" have decided how Christian they want to be, then u, for example, could decide what state u'd want to inhabit which is most conducive or sympathetic to ur ideals.

    1. Mr. Goody Seems Confused

      Of course, significance of pizza-gate is satanism and lies, murder and mass-murder of the population which is scheduled to be reduced according to "agenda-21" and the latest Agenda-30 addendum. "Chem-trails" would be mere detail to all this. So what?--u object to satanism, or what?

    2. Apsterian,

      I object to dumb-fucks like you.

      As far as cornfusion it's a better state of mind than where you are blabbing about nothing.

      You offer nothing of substance having to do with any of the points I've brought up.

      Chemtrails demonstrate that we are being sprayed like fucking BUGS you dumb sunnuvabitch. Get that through your fucking head.

      If you cannot understand that - try looking up "Chemtrails" in the Bible your poor sap.

      Is that what you wanted to hear?



    3. Mr. Goody: EXPOSED

      Mr. Goody writes, "Chemtrails demonstrate that we are being sprayed like fucking BUGS...." And I then rejoined, doesn't afore-mentioned Agenda-21 advocate population-reduction?

      And I took note of the chem-spraying as early as my note to u, above, of Dec 26, 2016, 6:09:00 PM, 6th paragraph, sucker--can u read?--what's ur problem?

      And we noted that's one of ur psychotic, passive-aggressive symptoms, isn't it?--u forget so easily and readily what was just written to u. Who's the "dumb sunnuvabitch" and the "dumb-fuck"?

      But we get it, Mr. Goody: u're a psycho, is what's the problem, subjectivistic, subject to satanic manipulation, and well-versed in ways of passive-aggression, evasion, and outright lying (pretending u're "American" when u're actually anti-Christian as u express and essentially admit).

      U say I "offer nothing of substance having to do with any of the points I've brought up," but this is another lie of urs as I pt. out EXACTLY who's doing the "chem-spraying" and why they do it, (a), and (b) I show historically and sociologically exactly how this has all come-about.

      So u see, Mr. Goody, how u're now exposed for all the world to see, eh? U'RE THE PROBLEM, sucker, willing tool, dupe, and "useful idiot" for the satanists who are themselves now exposed in "pizza-gate," right?


  14. Mr. Goody's Determined March And Descent Into Madness, Psychosis, Hubris

    I thought I'd address Mr. Goody's lies in somewhat greater detail. Mr. Goody writes, just above, "You offer nothing of substance having to do with any of the points I've brought up." Notice Mr. Goody can't generalize or sum-up regarding his so-called "points" he "brought up." And observe also, fm above, he said something similar:

    Mr. Goody says: "The chemtrails - I noticed you side-stepped that and other important topics - as usual." -Mr. Goody, fm above, Dec 26, 2016, 4:41:00 PM

    But what is ur article really about, Mr. Goody?--it's really just a rambling patch-work of jumbled-together topics, right?--"chem-trails" being only one of them, right?

    We notice u intersperse ur writing w. artsy-craftsy interludes regarding the goings-on at the coffee shop, beginning and end, and two places in btwn, eh?

    So u complain about "chem-trails," and speculate and comment upon circumstances, and after ur first artsy-craftsy interlude u comment briefly upon "Scientific American" article, Snowden, and whistle-blowers, make ur notes about "reconciliation," division, and "hatred of the enemy" in ur questioning "a group of veterans," and 9/11.

    Suddenly then, ur psychotic rambling shifts, and u begin talking about Trump, ho ho ho oho, also Limbaugh and Hannity, and u get to ur second artsy-craftsy interlude--all "stream-of-consciousness" artsy-craftsiness w. u, eh Mr. Goody?

    Then u start ur idiot rambling up again for ur final section w. "DIVISION AMERICA" heading, mentioning Trump, autism, and hypodermic shots, and there u trail-off, hardly mentioning anything more about "chem-trails," ho o ho ho ho ho

    So u give us no conclusions, no summing-up, just a bunch of rambling, mentioning various topics and dropping a few names, interspersed w. ur artsy-craftsy coffee shop notes, ho ho ho ho

    So we see just the sort of pretentious, psychotic liar u are, Mr. Goody, pretending u talk about any "important pt.s," making no general conclusions fm the items and details u bring-up.

    Thus we see u really only want to PRETEND u're making any serious critique. And when I pt. out the satanist culture which is responsible for the mass-murder, one-world gov. pushing pop.-reduction, Agenda-21, and poisoned vaccines, u just lie and say I'm ignoring ur "points," ho ho ho ho--when u really say nothing, making no substantial conclusions, as we see.

    Then u have the gall to write, when I call u out for ur empty, pointless babbling and rambling, "Chemtrails demonstrate that we are being sprayed like fucking BUGS you dumb sunnuvabitch. Get that through your fucking head.

    "If you cannot understand that - try looking up "Chemtrails" in the Bible your poor sap."

    Hoho ho ho ho ho oho--who do u think u're kidding, u utterly psychotic tool, dupe and useful idiot, suck-along working for satanists? Ho ho ho ho ho

    Such then is Mr. Goody's "American's Journey" into pretension, madness, and psychosis, eh Mr. Goody?--it's all just an effort to fooling urself, eh?--u don't fool too many others, do u? Ho ho ho ho oho

    1. Do u begin to "getting it," Mr. Goody?--U'RE THE PROBLEM, sucker, letting urself be manipulated by the satanism (subjectivism) and satanists, buddy. U're only doing their work. Ho ho ho ho

    2. And u "protesteth too much," don't u, when u tell me about humans being "sprayed like bugs"? Would u say u're satanically psycho? Ho ho ho ho

    3. Apsterian,

      Look up "chemtrail" in your Bible and see how far you get.

      Ha ha ha.

      Enjoy your chemicalized air.

      If you have kids their lungs are getting this stuff in them forever.


    4. Why do u bother even posting anything?--it's like u're demon-possessed, eh? Hoh o ho ho ho

  15. The satanic Consistency Of Mr. Goody Demonstrated In Detail

    And of course, Mr. Goody totally and, typically for him, overlooks the role and effect of the central-bank (see Mises.org) "money-power" of legalized counterfeiting, by which they literally just print-up and digitalize nearly all the currency (not real "money") they want and need to owning, controlling, and manipulating things--everything and everybody.

    For examples, and going down the line for the text of his blog-article, note Mr. Goody writes,

    "I found an article from them on a site called Reddit - another owned tool of our manipulative owners. Anyway here is the article where the "climate change scientists" are moaning about losing their funding for climate research."

    So then, isn't "funding" rather controlled by the central-bank?--both directly and in-directly?

    Further down, Mr. Goody writes, "TODAY SCIENCE IS ONLY ALLOWED IF YOU ARE SERVING AN APPROVED AGENDA." Don't powers behind the central-bank necessary control what's "approved"?

    Mr. Goody then writes,

    "Real science takes a backseat to politics - ALWAYS IN AMERICA. It all comes down to the power and the money the public be damned."

    And doesn't this, just above, also indicate power of central-bank?

    Down just a little further, Mr. Goody notes, "...but propaganda always wins in the end when too few control too much of the media. Same as is going on right now."

    So who then "controls" if not the people behind the central-bank?--who necessarily, even if indirectly, controls the funding?

    Mr. Goody next (in the article's text) writes,

    "Whistleblowers have become targets of scorn in the public mind - because the crooks must own the media that makes whistleblowers seem like enemies of the very public they are trying to inform."

    Observe, Mr. Goody notes (above) the crooks (a), but then doesn't mention (b) the central-bank.

    Interestingly, Mr. Goody next tells us,

    "Money is our God - like it or not - and if mass murder is necessary to make a few bucks - don't worry - the law enforcement people are right on board as long as you are stealing billions and the media is owned by the perps. So no progress will ever be made in this category unless...."

    UNLESS satanically-manipulated fools like Mr. Goody duly and effectively pt.-out that satanic central-bank instrument, eh?

    -----[END OF PART 1, SEE BELOW FOR 2]----

    1. -----[HERE'S PART 2 TO ABOVE]------

      The fool rather writes, "Unless Trump gets on the phone with the FCC and tells them to break up this media." But why not simply remove the central-bank which provides the criminals w. all the funds, dumbass? Doesn't it occur to the moron the FCC is a tool of the powers for keeping the press in line?

      Mr. Goody then writes,

      "Why is it that when driving across this chemtrail sprayed wasteland is it that all that is available on the airwaves is hot air from that fat-mouthed Limbaugh and Hannity and those clowns?

      Is it (above) because of the central-bank and the financing it provides to the strategic people?--think that has anything to doing w. it all, Mr. Goody, u utterly brainless moron?

      "Forget the two party system - we have a no party system because it seems we have nobody actually looking out for the good of the public," writes Mr. Goody.

      But actually, we have deliberately ignorant morons like Mr. Goody who consistently FAILS to pt.-ing out the effects of the central-bank--think that's part of the problem?

      Mr. Goody, a little later on, says,

      "Eventually as reality trumps the facts - as always happens eventually - the public will see through the lies - but as usual - and as planned - it will be too late to take action against the perps. That seems to be the system we live in."

      Yes, Mr. Goody, perhaps, but it's also because of satanically manipulated morons and fools like u, too, eh?--failing as u do to pt.-ing out the central-bank scam.

      Mr. Goody tells us, "But like most priests - the scientists are paid by the very people we would like them to investigate." And note dumbass Mr. Goody CONTINUES to ignore and not mention the central-bank which ultimately provides for all the "paying."

      In an amazing, lucid passage, Mr. Goody tells us,

      "...our scientists that are not building bombs or lying about the weather for profit are pinned down - surrounded by their fellow cowards and cannot do real science or they may lose their funding.

      "What kind of a crappy system is this? Wouldn't it be a step toward making America great again by supporting TRUTH and cutting the ability of these donors to control the flow of information the public needs to take decisions that will work for them?"

      Again, Mr. Goody fails perfectly, ignoring the central-bank.

      So we see how PERFECTLY (and satanically) Mr. Goody fails for mentioning the central-bank, legalized counterfeiting--is it deliberate?--it sure is un-canny--how could someone be soooooooooo goddam stupid? And note all throughout his article, Mr. Goody observes the stupidity of the people, not even suspecting his own, which is ten-times worse, as he's had it explained to him, about the central-bank, literally DOZENS of times, ho ho ho ho--is this pathetic?--is it satanic? It is absolutely satanic, without any doubt.

      Such then is Mr. Goody, willing tool, dupe, and "useful idiot" for Satanists. Q.E.D.

    2. See how abysmally dumb, and satanically stupid u are, Mr. Goody?--u never mentioned that legalized counterfeiting, central-bank instrument, even once--is that un-canny?--how is it possible?--tell us.

    3. Apsterian,

      Open your Bible and look up "chemtrails"

      Do you see how abysmally dumb, and satanically stupid u are, Mr. Goody?

      You say nothing over and over again.

      You seem to be a waste of time since you are incapable of discussing the post itself.

      As far as if there is any hope for me I'd say not much so just get past it.

      "I" am not the subject of the post - the poisoning of you and me and everyone else by "scientists" was the topic via spraying us with chemicals from jets.

      It is easy to see just look up in the sky.

      Take a deep breath! Ahhhhh.

      Can you imagine what they are doing to the kids' lungs? OMG !

      Chemtrails are good for you! Bwa ha ha ha.

      No that's satanic.


    4. Chemtrails are the subject of this blog post.

      If you have kids they are breathing the stuff in.


    5. satanically Pathetic?

      Mr. Goody says,

      "I" am not the subject of the post - the poisoning of you and me and everyone else by "scientists" was the topic via spraying us with chemicals from jets." -Mr. Goody, Jan 2, 2017, 10:11:00 AM

      But isn't the why and how important, u satanically pathetic moron? Ho ho ho o ho

    6. The Village "Useful Idiot," I Swear, Ho Ho Ho

      Can you imagine what they are doing to the kids' lungs? OMG ! -Mr. Goody, Jan 2, 2017, 10:11:00 AM

      Look what satanism/subjectivism has done to ur pathetic, poor mind, and that's a lot worse, isn't it?--pathetic, moronic, willing tool, dupe, and classic "useful idiot." Ho ho hoho

    7. no comprendo

    8. U're just a stinking, brainless, moronic liar, buddy--aren't u proud? Hoh o ho ho ho ho


  16. Mr. Goody Has Much 'Splaining To Do

    Mr. Goody: we're still waiting for ur "splaining" why u don't mention the "usury" "money-power," behind the legalized counterfeiting, fiat-money system which owns the Jews-media and all politicians and judges, etc.

    For isn't central-bank a MONOPOLY?--a cartel, by definition, which then is obviously and necessarily behind the "big Pharma" cartel and medical establishment which drugs about a 5th (20 %) of the population, esp. women and children?

    And who/what is at core of this cartel/monopoly establishment (the money and banking cartel, big Pharma and medical, Jews-media, etc.) and network, but Jews and satanists?

    And aren't these satanists behind this cartel/monopoly system responsible for the poison "chem-trails," poison vaccines, and poisonous GMOs?

    Are u working for satanists?--isn't that why u're anti-Christ?--tell us.

    1. Apsterian,

      If you are a representative of Christ, and I am to base my perspective of a "Christian" (as you claim to be) on your actions I am not sure how you differentiate yourself from so-called Satanists. You seem to share their values.



    2. Mr Goody: Inveterate Liar

      As usual, u're just a lying liar who lies, ho ho ho ho. Christianity upholds TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence necessary foundation thereto, objective reality, against Jew lies and subjectivism (JOHN 8:44), scum--as u've been told NUMEROUS times, eh, u lying scum?

      Ur "perspective" upon Christianity must and should be founded on the source, moron: Christian New Test., again, as u've been told numerous times.

      U just hate truth (= Christ), Mr. Goody, and tell us about ur satanist-friendly (subjectivist) values: u're subjectivist as that's necessary foundation for otherwise non-existent "good-evil," right?--tell us, sucker.

    3. Mr. Goody Confronted, Informed

      Mr. Goody says, "...I am not sure how you differentiate yourself from so-called Satanists." -Jan 4, 2017, 6:36:00 PM

      Of course, u lie, again. Christians worship truth (= Christ) as only way to Godly happiness, sucker, as u should know, and as u've surely been told numerous times, there being truth due to the God-created objective reality, which objectivity satanists (extreme subjectivists) deny. That's the "differentiation," scum, truth vs. lies

      U, on the other hand, like to prank, even pranking urself, as we see. U think reality is whatever u want it to be (subjectivism), extending to ur pretending to non-existent, non-verifiable "good-evil" which u want to use to intimidate the people and Christians--that's what u're all about, eh?

  17. Here's great article written about people like u, Mr. Goody: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2017/01/walter-e-williams/left-reality-just-social-construct/


  18. "American's 'Journey'" In Crisis For Identity

    Mr. Goody tells us, above, "no comprendo," Jan 4, 2017, 6:34:00 PM. So what's going on now, Mr. Goody?--has ur site turned into a prank site?--u're just pulling everyone's leg?--but we KNOW u're anti-Christ, without doubt--that's certainly not mere "prank."

    U just don't want to admit u're satanist, eh? Pretending now u can't see diff. btwn Christian and satanist?--but that would be just toooooooo stupid, eh?--got to be a prank, eh?

    Seems now u're scraping bottom of the barrel for ideas, Mr. Goody. Who/what are u?--we KNOW u're anti-Christ. And we KNOW u don't have guts, or even intelligence, to admit u're satanist, as u don't want to admit to crass subjectivism for ur philosophy.

    So it looks like u're stuck for simple idea of IDENTITY--who/what are u, scum?

    Such then is tragic course of "American's Journey": the poor fool is confronted for his basic philosophy, such as it is, or lack thereof. Mr. Goody wants to pretend to "good," but lacks a foundation, and doesn't want to admit to satanic extreme subjectivism, psychotically pretending he can't tell diff. btwn such subjectivism and Christian truth ideal.

    What a pathetic liar, serving to show what committed liars do, in the end, merely struggling to deceive oneself--which isn't always too easy thing to do. But Mr. Goody is dedicated, determined liar--why we suspected him for being a Jew.

    So tell us, Mr. Goody, how does a brainless, cowardly buffoon like urself, who doesn't want to admit u're satanist, continue to pretend u're some sort of "moral" judge who criticizes Christians, when u can't tell, as u say, diff. btwn Christianity and satanism?

    And the pt. is, how do u expect ANYONE to respect u when u play the ignorant buffoon who doesn't "comprehend," and can't tell diff. btwn Christian and satanist? So is buffoonery the final destination for "American's Journey"?--tell us, Mr. Goody, o ho ho hoho ho

    1. Mr. Goody Is Really Mere Con-Artist, Charlatan, Himself Primary Victim

      Interesting, Mr. Goody, but we see u actually had a blog article on the central-bank, at http://americansjourney.blogspot.com/2011/04/battle-of-new-orleans.html

      But u're a psycho, eh?--and u forget so easily what u wrote urself, no less than u forget what people have explained to u, as I noted, ho ho ho ho oho

      Ur site seems to have become mere prank site, u pretending to moralism and talking-down to Christians. But when u're confronted for a real, serious philosophy, u just break-down, playing coy and passive-aggressive as we see u doing.


  19. Mr. Goody Pranks Himself Most Of All

    Thus we see pretty conclusively how "AmericansJourney" is a prank website. What's the "prank"?--Mr. Goody pretends to lecture and talking-down to Christians--which he thinks Mike Rivero (WhatReallyHappened.com) cherishes.

    Mr. Goody imagines he intimidates and impresses Christians by means of his moralistic-style "pranking."

    And don't forget folks, Mr. Goody features headlines like, "WITHOUT RECONCILIATION OUR NATION WILL FURTHER DIVIDE" and "THE DIVISION AMERICA."

    It's what's called "effrontery" or "chutzpah"--not to mention PRESUMPTION, ho ho ho ho ho. Who does Mr. Goody think he's kidding? For what's the "division" but the Christian USA vs. satanism?

    So Mr. Goody "pranks" himself most of all, having created his own little reality by which he imagines he intimidates Christians, the PEOPLE of USA.

    But U'RE the problem, Mr. Goody, as I've noted, u the willing tool, dupe, and "useful idiot" for satanists.


    1. Inferiority-Complex At Root Of Things For Mr. Goody

      So what is it at the bottom of things for Mr. Goody?--I submit it's general inferiority-complex, which makes him yearn to pretend he's "good."

      And then there's the problem Mr. Goody has more specifically w. Christians and Christianity. And it's interesting Mr. Goody really doesn't seem to understand what Christianity is even about.

      So there we have it for the basic things regarding Mr. Goody--he starts of w. inferiority-complex by which he insists he must be "good." Things then get a little more complex, throughout Mr. Goody's life, evidently, but not really by much.


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