Wasting time

When  I think of talking to Americans all I can think of is wasting my time - and I hate waste.

I've been watching some stuff from MIT on physics and found that MIT has the most brilliant physicists.  However, if I were the emperor - I'd have all of them executed except for this guy:

This really breaks my heart because I love Walter Lewin - if you haven't seen his lectures - you really are missing out on understanding physics - and perhaps loving physics.  Unfortunately - he'd have to be thrown under the bus too.  This disturbs me greatly  - but as emperor - one must be tough.  EVen Solon of Athens decreed that citizens MUST TAKE A POSITION ON IMPORTANT ISSUES.  Alas - our best physicists already know that it is not worth sticking their neck out to combat DOGMA.  Especially when going up against the holy rollers who support the war.

Since we are going to get rid of all the scientists at this weakling university - this tool of the warmongering elite - these fucking puppets for retards like the propagandists at Popular Mechanix to toy with - maybe it's not such a bad thing.  Maybe America doesn't need scientists and engineers that are just flat out cowards.  AFter all -their skills can be equally employed by the enemy.

Now I'm not foolish enough to call for people to murder each other - after all - that's what this blog is all about.  Trying to poke the bear.

But geez - how fucking lame does a scientist have to be to allow this shit to go on:??? HA HA HA Thanks for your "patriotism" MIT!!! You fucking tools!  

I wonder if the scientists and engineers from MIT are just such a bunch of fucking cowards that they now direct their attention to serving the new world order.  YOU know , this one:

So folks - are you paying to send your kid to this cowardly institution?  The colleges/universities - whatever they call these money-sucks and student-loan vacume cleaners - ha ha ha ha - the ones around here in the Bible belt are even worse.

Is it any wonder we are presently fucked?

America is self-destructing.  Academic freedom is gone.  So....

The next time you scratch out that check to the school for your kids - think about the cowards teaching your kids how to be cowards...

But what difference will that make?  Your kids are only to be used as cannon fodder and tools to further these militaristic fuck-ups.  The oil will pay for the war!

The preachers and clergy support war, militarism and torture - after all - silence is agreement!  Losers.
If you are a preacher stay the fuck away from me, lunch was expensive - I don't have the money to puke it up.

Pray for war.  I need to get my stock investing account going so I can bet on more war.  I hope you will pray with me for more torture and war so I can be sure where to invest the money I may have that the filthy government and banks haven't already taken.

Keep having kids folks - we need more bullet-catchers.

I will try to be nicer in the next post - but the fact is that Americans are so fucking stupid right now there is absolutely no point dealing with them.  I try to avoid Americans as much as possible right now - they are so brainwashed and uninformed it is hard to fathom.

I will post again shortly with some positive thinks so all the mindless robots can get a grip that the American public is suffering from a controlled demolition.

See ya' suckers!  Give some more money to the cops to buy bullets to shoot you with!