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Video: Think of This Every Time Your Congressperson Screws You (Again)

Go to time = 11:58:47 on video part 2 HERE FOR DEPOSITION

"...because the entire house, this Congressional-woman's house was bugged..."

UPDATE AUGUST 29, 2009 Bisexual Congresswoman Blackmailed, House Bugged
UPDATE AUGUST 29, 2009 Identification of the Enemy is the First Step
UPDATE SEPT 12, 2009 Found the vid below at 911blogger
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 Pentagon backs massive missile sale to Turkey

UPDATE SEPT 24, 2009 The Congresswoman in question, according to Edmonds, is Illinois' 9th-district Rep. Jan Schakowsky.

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Focus on a Powerful Commenter with a Question for Readers

To me the comments are the best part of this blog because they allow me to understand other viewpoints.

I would like to single one out that I think of often because it draws a clear line. It is simple to understand. No previous study needed to understand the commenter's point. The comment is clearly AmericanRevolutionesque.

First here is the previous boring and unpopular post discussing a non-issue in the United States today. ( I'm judging by the absent meaningful action taken by the U.S. Federal Government so far on torture):
A Solution to Torture? A Conversation Starter...

The comment from post above:
"Anonymous said...
Also as far as initiative goes, it's a novel idea but I don't want the majority making laws that are unfair to the minority. This is NOT a democracy this IS a republic! In the end, we have a system that allows us to override a non responsive government and it is garunteed in the second amendment. Do what the rest of us are doing. Load up, stock pile and say your prayers, give us liberty or give us death."

Question to Readers,
Can any reader name a founding father of the American Revolution that would disagree with the Commenter?

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Barney Frank uses Straw Man Logical Fallacy to discredit and dismiss peer-reviewed 911 Dust Study

Please watch these videos from We Are Change LA (WACLA) link here : but first take a look at THIS PEER REVIEWED SCIENTIFIC PAPER. I performed a search of the paper for "George Bush" and this text string was not found in the scientific paper. If I missed something please let me know. With that in mind ...

In this first video Barney Frank receives scientific peer-reviewed dust study:

In this second video Barney Frank dismisses the study because he posits that those submitting the paper are implying that George Bush was behind the 911 attacks:

Please now take a look at this link at 911Blogger where you can see the documents submitted to our public servants/serpents - you can decide which are which:

(click here) then look below vid for links

So when Barney Frank dismisses those presenting the dust study and related materials because he says "I don't believe George Bush was behind 911" to which WACLA replies "...no it's not ...I am saying that they analyzed the dust samples...science..."

Barney Frank is presenting a "Straw Man" argument which is a fallacy of logic revealing that his conclusion has no validity. Barney Frank ignores the real argument concerning scientific analysis of 4 dust samples by skillfully throwing up a fake argument (The Straw Man) : That the 911Truther is "implying" that "George Bush is behind 911." Barney Frank then knocks down the fake argument (Straw Man) that he himself created to discredit the 911 Truther.

As previously mentioned I couldn't find where the implication Barney Frank attributes to WACLA appears in the paper.

I place Barney Frank in the "politician" category as differentiated from the "statesman" category. Only a statesman can face 911 Truth - and we are discovering with each passing day how statesmen are rare, politicians are a dime a dozen.

Read more on logical fallacy here.

See more on the Dust Study here:

UPDATE AUGUST 27, 2009 Chemical Engineer Mark Basile Discusses 9/11 WTC Dust
UPDATE AUGUST 27, 2009 MARK BASILE direct link AUDIO interview I found on 911Blogger link above
UPDATE AUGUST 29, 2009 Who Put Super-Thermite in the Twin Towers?
UPDATE AUGUST 30, 2009 Television Footage from 911 - lots to see
UPDATE VIDEO I found on Picasso Dreams Website

UPDATE NOV 3, 2009 Congressman Brad Sherman admits explosives found in dust of World Trade Center

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I'm Proud to be a ANTI-911-Truther

UPDATE AUGUST 25, 2009 This needs to be continued but is a viewpoint I struggle to understand. But somehow these people are out there.

I am the ANTI-911-TRUTHER:

What does this mean? This means I spend more time debunking myths for some unknown reason:

This means I have no interest in so-called grass-roots propelled "911 conspiracies" but I spend absolutely over 8 hours a day - maybe one to collect some overtime pay - "debunking" citizens of a democratically-elected-non-representative-government-which-is the real problem "debunking theories" I claim to have no interest in...

This means I have no interest in so-called "911-conspiracy theories" but that is where I spend all my time trying to "debunk" scientifically derived conclusions. But I am not a conspiracy theory buff...I just spent all, meaning every working moment....debunking things I have no interest in on the evil internet...." Yeah I'm sane but I spend all my time f'n around with Architects and Engineers and Scientists from all over the gawdamm planet about the nano-thermate found in all dust samples - but I'm not interested in 911 - I just spend over 8 hours a day in predictable shifts on the disreputable internet "debunking" things like the earth revolves around the sun and that nano-thermate(unexploded) was found in all WTC dust samples - I don't care about 911 truth but I'll just stay on the internet night after night after month after year "debunking" that unexploded nanothermate red on one side grey on the other eggshells were found in every godam sample of wtc dust - and that it's military shit. Yeah - no conspiracy theory here - a conspiracy f'n fact!

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I am Proud to Be a "Conspiracy Theorist" ...especially after the case is solved ha ha

George Washington said "It is better to be alone than in bad company"

You see Sherlock was the original but the pipe's a bit much... Here is a guy that is not afraid to be a conspiracy theorist - yeah don't tell me he was in show biz and that is a problem... the fact is he is a Navy S.E.A.L. which means he paid his dues - then went into show biz. The advantage is that he's been in both places and knows both Businesses if you wanna' call them that. But it doesn't matter.

Conspiracy Theory: Reason vs. The Crowd

UPDATE AUGUST 27, 2009 The Poisoned Well by Sibel Edmonds. (No wonder she doesn't work for the FBI anymore - they reward sheep - not heroes.)

Update oct 14, 2009 --Watch

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Fox news 5 reports WTC 7 collapse before it happens

Amazing that they report the collapse then watch it happen moments later. I don't know about time stamps etc... on the video but you can make up your own mind.

Perhaps you've seen this before:

UPDATE AUGUST 21, 2009 Archive here thanks to commenter below shows timestamps
UPDATE AUGUST 23, 2009 ----mostly due to structural failure

---UPDATE AUGUST 23, 2009
"You hear 'dat? Keep your eye on that building..."
"The building is about to blow up move it back"
" We are walking back there is a building about to blow up..."
"...WTC 7 was brought down on Sept 11 at ...Larry Silverstein... they pulled that building he said" paraphrasing
---UPDATE OCT 25, 2009
I just noticed Sen. John Kerry says "they brought it down in a controlled fashion" so he remembers hearing that just like the rest of us did - and says so before it may have become 'unpopular speech'

Pullit Pullit Pullit

UPDATE AUGUST 30, 2009 TV Footage - on some broadcasts they say previously filmed

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Everybody Knows - Except ME!!!!

UPDATE AUGUST 23, 2009 Fascinating site has this quote: August 21, 2009

Albert Einstein quote

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” —Albert Einstein

I heard this song on Boiling Frogs :

Before you read this article or listen to the video/audio (which I would recommend because it is such an awesome song)- first picture a coffin - containing the body of your loved one in uniform. Dead of course. Fighting for freedom. Fighting terror. Then picture yourself a few years later after doing some homework realizing you've been lied to. Why not do the homework now and bring them home alive? Why not stop the filth running these fake wars NOW before it is too late and the United States is turned into a smoking rubble heap? That is what can happen my friend - in fact - that is the result of world conquest. Ugly for sure. Will you wake up and break the grasp the propagandists have on your mind? Or will you settle into your comfortable mind-numbness and HOPE for the best? It's your call. Like they say - you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

1. The Media-Fake, false, owned, payed-for, liars, shills. Champions of the suppression of free speech and the denial of inalienable rights spelled out in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Our media is obviously corrupt because they are the biggest proponents of the restriction of the first amendment. Ha ha ha. Some media. Doesn't say much about the pussies at the FCC.
2. The government: Non-representative of WE THE PEOPLE. It doesn't matter who gets elected - an agenda apart from that desired by WE THE PEOPLE is pursued - demonstrated by their actions as contrary to their campaign lies. What does it mean when a government does the OPPOSITE of what WE THE PEOPLE WANT?
3. The Military: Completely screwed-up and at the mercy of mercenaries. Not showing the courage required to execute orders consistent with their oath. Soldiers fighting resource wars while rights they are told they are fighting for are stripped from these very veterans when they return home. Military=Dupe
4. The Economy-devastated - treasonous with the farming out of security and manufacturing - the Federal government put in place for a common defence has actually betrayed the union because they have undermined our security by farming out EVERYTHING. What security are they giving WE THE PEOPLE?
5. American Values will have to sort this out for yourself. For me - I see none of the values I was raised with affirmed in public forums. I find this disconcerting because I don't understand why we had a free country before with such freedom, but now are supposed to listen to a bunch of paranoid police-state sissies telling me everyone in the world wants to kill me for my freedoms.
6. The People - Awakening in droves - as they get involved and try to exercise rights are finding out how infringed their rights really have become. This will definitely be a friction point. This is where the "line in the sand" will be drawn and Americans will take their rights back after finally realizing how much they have been infringed for so long by so many traitors who were supposed to be protecting these very rights.
7. The Congress -BLACKMAILED- Yes - what else can explain their total disregard for what is good and right - and what is the will of their constituents except blackmail? Money? Yes. Power? Yes. What else?
8. The President - A puppet marketed into the office to forward somebody else's agenda - not yours. Get over it you poor sucker but that is the truth. Time for you to face it.
9. The future - Right now - question everything and be the biggest conspiracy theorist the world has ever known - you will be doing yourself and everyone else a favor. Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Jefferson wasn't stupid. Watch for new leaders as they rise to the occasion - support them - educate yourself so as not to fall for another liar.

UPDATE AUGUST 22, 2009 Sibel Edmonds interview
UPDATE AUGUST 27, 2009Troops know when they are doing right and wrong - it is your duty to support them and ensure they are fighting to protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights

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Identification of the Enemy is the First Step

What actually is an enemy? We are all accustomed to thinking in terms of external enemies. But what about domestic enemies? This concept requires new thinking patterns requiring the citizen to consider that there are people in powerful positions in the U.S. Federal government (maybe state governments too) who advance agendas that are harmful to the United States. Think about it - who else except a traitor would demand that Americans surrender inalienable rights? What agenda is so important that we have to wreck the country to get it done? And who would be so selfish that they care more for their own plans than they do for the welfare of the United States? It's pretty simple to me: ANYONE advancing agendas that require the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights is by definition an enemy of the American people. I'd also like to add torturers (who stumble when a fourth grader asks for clarification of such barbaric acts) to my list of enemies of the American people. After all - how do you explain torturing prisoners with INSECTS to a fourth grader? How in the hell do you explain it to any sane person? What do you do when the kids grow up and start torturing you?

The following audio interview is extremely important and I urge you to take the time to listen to it: (HERE) if you care about your country. The American Federal government has been hijacked by a multitude of fascist powers and they are not there for tap-dancing lessons. They are there to advance AIPAC agendas, to make money in the corporate police state, to engage in military misadventure -this means they have agendas that require you surrender your rights, the lives of your children, your privacy, your tax money, your freedom to travel, your country's honor. We have to torture now too by the way. This Orwellian nightmare must end and I mean soon. But how do we end it?

The first step is identification of enemies. This is way way easier than you think. Anyone suggesting or pushing any agenda that requires Americans to surrender inalienable rights spelled out in the Bill of Rights, or anyone with an agenda that is contrary to preservation and protection of the U.S Constitution is your enemy. Let that sink in for a minute because when you start to think about it - it is one heckuva' lot of people. Although you may be hard pressed to rationalize your Representatives, Senators or other government officials betraying America the fact is that they are. The question is is why .

Here's another interesting site you may wish to visit based on the heroic FBI translator silenced by said infiltrated government:
PICTURES HERE for a rogues gallery of faces you may recognize. Faces of people in positions of power for quite some time on whose watch the United States was marched off to war based on a pack of lies based on torture. Why?

One might wonder what exactly American soldiers are fighting for? Since the U.S. Federal Government no longer respects the Constitution of the United States or the Bill of Rights one can conclude that no U.S. soldier is actually fighting for our liberties. So what are they fighting for? Look HERE to see one possibility. Judging by the tyrannical direction of our leader (Fuhrer) to take away Americans' rights one can only wonder what the reason is that U.S. troops are being deployed now to Columbia. Yeah I'm sure they are going to Columbia to preserve the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

This is insanity. This is fascism.

Are you, my fellow Americans ready for your loved one to come home in a box? If the answer is yes - please explain to me what they are fighting for.

First educate yourself and face reality. Second watch for leaders as they rise to the occasion so you can support them despite massively funded phonies like the last liar that got into the presidency.
Wayne Madsen on Alex Jones
UPDATE AUGUST 18, 2009 FBI Training Agent Provocateurs - Why???
UPDATE AUGUST 18, 2009 50 Top U.S. War Criminals
UPDATE AUGUST 27, 2009 VIDEO - Sibel Edmonds Testimony

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Where should I invest my money? 2009 August

UPDATE DECEMBER 18, 2009 Jim Rogers: Become a Farmer-video-with notes
Some forecasters with decent track records for your consideration: By the way Jim Rogers says that six

Gerald Celente
Jim Rogers
Mike Whitney
Paul Craig Roberts

Peter Schiff

Just a few for you to look at. Celente invests 1/2 his money in American dollars, 1/2 his money in Euros but has 80% in gold. Doesn't add up to me from the interview - I don't know if he was able to fully explain due to time constraints- but my two bits says to get any money you need liquid and can't afford to lose into gold coin because it will retain its value regardless of the currency value of the country you live in. The best place to position seems to be commodities.
UPDATE AUGUST 30, 2009 NANOTECH Scientist use atomic-force microscope to imaged molecule for the first timeTHIS ARTICLE REMINDS ME OF THE PROFITS IN LIQUID HELIUM I think are possible
UPDATE AUGUST 27, 2009 Hummel: The US Will Default On Its Debt

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Who Payed for Osama's Jacket? Pic and Video

Looks like American camo to me. I wonder if there is a message in this picture? Maybe you will too after you read THIS ARTICLE where it appears Americans are actually buying the bullets used to kill their own sons and daughters, fathers, sisters, mothers and brothers in uniform. But what the hell there's billions of taxpayer bucks to piss away so let's have a party! From the article:

"The manager of an Afghan firm with lucrative construction contracts with the U.S. government builds in a minimum of 20 percent for the Taliban in his cost estimates. The manager, who will not speak openly, has told friends privately that he makes in the neighborhood of $1 million per month. Out of this, $200,000 is siphoned off for the insurgents."

And I thought friendly fire was the only self-inflicted damage suffered. Now we find out just about anything that happens to our troops was bought and payed for with taxpayer money , and of course, opium. Maybe it'll bring the point home if you look at THIS ARTICLE describing the bomb damage assessment of your taxpayer dollars on our fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers in uniform. From the article:
"The month began with a fatal roadside bombing and ended with word that an American had died of wounds suffered in a firefight. After nearly eight years of warfare in Afghanistan, July proved by far the deadliest month yet for U.S. troops and their foreign allies.

Bombs and rocket attacks, ambushes and aviation accidents killed many of the 72 foreign troops, including 43 Americans, according to data at the website icasualties.org. Previously, the highest monthly U.S. toll was 28 in June 2008, according to the independent website.

...Also driving the increased casualty count is the growing U.S. troop presence, Western forays into previously Taliban-dominated areas and a determined, resilient insurgency.

"It's a strong example of the asymmetric nature of Taliban and insurgent tactics and procedures," said Seth Jones, an Afghanistan expert with Rand Corp."

So let me get this straight - the Taliban had the Opium wiped out pre-911, the U.S. moves in, Opium production skyrockets and the American taxpayer now gets to finance both sides of the same war. Some deal huh? What boggles the mind of Jack Rabbit is how anybody who has lost a loved one, or presently has a loved one at risk in this war based on lies practices restraint. I mean....we are financing both sides of the same war. We are financing both sides of the same war. We are financing both sides of the same war. We are financing both sides of the same war. Yes, I'll try anything including repetition to wake people up.

Now watch this video where we learn from Dennis Kucinich that Americans pay for weapons used to slaughter kids!

Meanwhile give up your guns, give up your free speech, give up your liberty and give up your money - because we're from the American government and we're here to help!

UPDATE AUGUST 3, 2009 Taliban's Tank-Killing Bombs Came From US, Not Iran

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The Dark Implications of Nanothermate in WTC Dust - Unlikely Heroes Explain

Thanks to the folks (CLICK) here for the videos and a great site that brings 911 Truth to those open-minded enough to follow this greatest of grass-roots movements. Forgive me for the build-up but many of these people - especially Dr. Jones - have given up their careers to bring the truth to the rest of us. Like Galileo before them they've experienced the persecution of the authorities who deny the findings of science to retain their power. These authorities care not whether or not criminals are brought to justice - only that brave individuals "shut up" so as not to rock the boat of power.

The testimonies included in this video are important because they explain the chain of custody so important to the validity of the dust samples used in the studies by Dr. Jones and company. Also - and I wouldn't bring this up if we weren't living in a time of murder incorporated, just in case something happens to the sources of the dust samples - guess what? Here is the testimony publicly vouched for. I only say this because of the circumstances surrounding the death of Barry Jennings who was an eye witness to the WTC7 collapse. His story damned the official and implausible lie told by the U.S. Federal government to WE THE PEOPLE. Somehow Barry Jennings is no longer with us - it's a mystery. Why is it a mystery? An eyewitness to the crime of the century and the best chance of finding out what happened is YOU and ME - NOT the FBI because the are brainwashing snitches .

The dark implications of the active thermitic material discovered the all WTC dust samples are that there was indeed a conspiracy - a cabal of murderous conniving manipulators who thought they could murder 3,000 people on 911 then let all the police, firemen and other first responders die from the toxic remains of the pyroclastic cloud. Regardless of the pain, suffering and sorrow dealt to the victims and their families left to fend for themselves the plotters laughed all the way to the bank and to Iraq and to Afghanistan and points beyond. They scarred America's psyche so deeply that the country suffered by becoming even further divided than it was before.

I find it easier to excuse the perps in the 911 crime than to excuse my fellow citizens who continue to wear their blinders while brave patriots like those in the following video face persecution. Why? Because I understand the mind of the power-hungry greedy crook - they can't help it - which is why jails are built for such people. What I cannot come to terms with are my fellow citizens - especially those who have not yet lent a hand where their expertise allows - to the patriotic scientists, witnesses and whistleblowers who in some suspicious cases (Barry Jennings see link left side of this blog) may have already been silenced for their contribution to the truth. Without facing the truth of 911 America is doomed. I say this because no republic OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE can survive with criminal gangs running it instead of an informed citizenry. Like Mussolini, Hitler and Tojo we will go down the same rathole and deal with the wasteland that follows those intent on world domination. Isn't that enough reason to at least take a look at the evidence if you haven't already?

Will you leave this world a better place than you found it like your ancestors did? Or will you - of your own free will - ignore the crime of the century despite warnings and cling to the safety of your almost religious belief that "this can't happen here?"

Please - take the time to educate yourself - listen and watch - then make up your mind later - it is the least a citizen can do.
Do it for the people who had to jump to their deaths on 911. Do it for the families of the 911 victims. Do it for the firefighters who at this very moment are dropping like flies from 911-related ailments. Do it for your children, do it for justice, do it now - because until 911 Truth is faced - out in the open and there is a public discussion, trials, punishments - then healing - American will never be American again.

UPDATE AUGUST 27, 2009 Chemical Engineer Mark Basile Discusses 9/11 WTC Dust
UPDATE AUGUST 27, 2009 MARK BASILE direct link AUDIO interview I found on 911Blogger link above

UPDATE AUGUST 29, 2009 Found this on Reddit Today

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Chris Matthews Hates Thomas Jefferson Quotes

I find the disrespectful tone of Chris Matthews toward Mr. William Kostric disgusting.

1. Why can't Chrissy talk like a gentleman and quit pretending that there is no 2nd Amendment?
2. Why doesn't Chrissy have any respect for states rights?
3. Why is Chrissy always shouting?
4. Why does Chrissy press the guest he demonizes to comment on the Obama birther stuff when the guy says he hasn't studied the issue and doesn't have an opinion?
5. Why doesn't Chrissy have any respect for the words of Thomas Jefferson?
6. Why doesn't Chrissy goddam a gun when cops carry them? Would he goddam them then?
7. Why like almost everybody on corporate TV and radio and print media does Chrissy SEE NO EVIL? (He's a reporter)
8. Why does it never dawn on Chrissy-poo that perhaps this armed citizen could DEFEND THE PRESIDENT from assassination which is part of the advantage of an armed citizenry?
9. Chrissy mistakes the words on the man's sign - and takes the name of "our Lord" in vain. I thought Chrissy was a Catholic?
10. Why is Chrissy yelling at this man for something Thomas Jefferson said? Why is Chrissy so NOT a fan of Thomas Jefferson?
11. Why doesn't Chrissy understand that Thomas Jefferson, the originator of the man's quote, WAS A PRESIDENT!!! Perhaps Jefferson, not being a Tyrant and a friend of Liberty and the people... well you get the idea.
12. Finally: This is a lesson for all revolutionary thinkers, planners, writers, protesters and liberty lovers everywhere in getting media attention legally , peacefully, and articulately. Hats off to the "crazed gun-carrying protester" (decoded PATRIOT) for an example of free speech and exercise of our rights as spelled out in the easy-to-read Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Ron Paul on Ed Schultz regarding this:

As Long as it is NOT CONCEALED:

More from the protester:

Mr. Kostric gets a chance to speak on Alex Jones - Kostric knows - EXERCISE your RIGHTS or lose them.

-----UPDATE AUGUST 18, 2009

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Win or Lose the War - Companies Survive-Two Pics

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Great video for WWII Buffs and Banking fans

UPDATE AUGUST 15, 2009 Americans paying for Taliban

It's a small world after all ... as the song goes. This video brings that point home nicely. The same characters seem to appear over and over again when the rivers are running red with blood. I've added some pics at the bottom so you can look at how companies seem to survive wars whether on the winning or losing side - specifically aircraft engine production.

A friend of mine handed me a copy of "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler" many years ago. His brother was a S.E.A.L. in Vietnam. From his brother he knew things in the world were not as they appear. He asked me to read said book to give him my opinion if it were true. I read the book and it had dark implications - but at the time I didn't know enough to say for sure - but it looked logical enough.

Below is a video interview of the author of this book - perhaps you will find the characters familiar? I wonder if you can tell me whether there is any validity to this author's research?

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Fear of Inoculation: Is there ANY basis?

UPDATE DEC 30, 2009 Read more WHO chief yet to be vaccinated against swine flu
UPDATE AUGUST 25, 2009 1/2 of somebody doesn't want the vaccine
UPDATE Wayne Madsen on AJones
UPDATE AUGUST 18, 2009 False Flag Flu?
UPDATE AUGUST 23, 2009 Dr at the end of this interview says he thinks t
the vaccine will be safe - hype out of proportion

UPDATE AUGUST 26, 2009 Excerpt:

UPDATE AUGUST 26, 2009 WITH LAST UPDATE FROM WRH Is the past prologue for A/H1N1?
By Wayne Madsen

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 Nano Particles used in Untested H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccines
We "conspiracy theorists" are used to being laughed at for considering the possibility that two or more evil people would consider inoculating us against our best interests. The public furor over rumored(?) mandatory forced vaccinations in the United States and elsewhere is growing- the public smells a rat. So do I.

Based on the U.S. government's recent track record of failure, waste, broken promises, corruption, bad science, and mismanagement I urge cynicism. Based on the U.S. government's recent track record of criminally insane activity demonstrating an absolute disregard for human rights and human life (We're talking about TORTURERS my friends) - I urge saying NO. Why?

Because to think this pathetic gang in power in the U.S. Federal government would give me a vaccine for my own good is irrational. Why? Because to believe this vaccination is being done by Big Brother in my best interest would be to ignore that every single action taken not only during the criminal Bush administration - but also since the liar Obama's crowning was AGAINST MY BEST INTERESTS AND YOURS- and this vaccine will finally, finally be good for me. The kicker is that the only way to find out is to test it by introducing it into my blood. An irrational belief requiring me to ignore their ACTIONS and trust their PROMISES. In this case I think one is better off HOPING not to get the flu. Get it? Hope. Yeah I know - that was NOT funny!

Oh yeah - one more point. History tells us bad people give "inoculations" for diabolical reasons. Now I ask you - how much do you trust your and your children's lives in the hands of leaders who have demonstrated that they share none of the values of the American citizenry? I hope it is enough to bet your life on it. What reason can you give me to trust them? Leave a comment please.

Go to The first way of war By John Grenier where you can see the American Indians were "inoculated" in order to exterminate them. From the book:

UPDATE AUGUST 29, 2009 Startling New Evidence That The ‘Swine Flu’ Pandemic Is Man-Made
UPDATE NOV 3, 2009 Twenty Reasons why Vitamin D is better than swine flue vaccine
UPDATE NOV 3, 2009 CFR Recording Suggests Creating False Scarcity To Drive Up Demand For H1N1 Vaccine

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A Tale of Two Dictatorships

I might as well warn you that this will require a time investment on your part. It is not my intention to scare you as much as it is to give you a heads up - and to remind: Dictatorship Happens.

By learning from manipulators in the past we can stop the manipulators in the present. Especially when the manipulators employ similar methods of mass psychology to convince the public to surrender their rights. We must never let this happen on our watch. No good will ever result from the surrender of civil rights - EVER. Moves to take away your rights should always be taken as cues that a dictator is acting.

I encourage watching the World At War: A New Germany and The Obama Deception. Linked below is the first segment of this chapter of the World at War series, the rest are on YouTube.

Pay attention to parallels like team spirit, a false prophet, permanent state of emergency, fire wrecking landmark building, censorship of hate speech, camps for dissenters, bad economic conditions setting the stage, children singing songs and marching together with flags and uniforms, fusing of political parties into one, universal national service.

We've heard Hitler say "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer" (One Folk, One Nation, one Leader) - and Obama is quoted as saying: “We are one people; We are one nation; and together, we will begin the next chapter in America’s story.” I hope Obama never gets to the One Leader part - but I think we all know where hope got us with this liar.

By the way - given that Hitler's country was broke - where did he get all the money for tanks, the worlds most advanced air force at the time, uniforms, machine guns, cannons, ammunition? Did he borrow it from someone? With what would he pay them back? ***(Update video at bottom gets into this)

First the World at War - trust me the parallels will send a shiver through your spine:

Now the Obama deception:


----UPDATE AUG 9, 2009
Discussion on defining the problem and more- oligarchy discussed

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Elderly crippled cane-dependent knife-wielding menace stopped by heroic police!

UPDATE AUGUST 14, 2009 Video - police taser guy sitting in chair on his front porch - must see to believe

Or should the title of this post say police used excessive force by slamming her against the ground resulting in a puddle of blood? What about the flexibility of an elderly HUMAN BEING's joints? I'll bet the wrist lock or whatever was used to flip her did those joints some good. I mean just 'cause she can barely walk with the aid of a cane and seems to have a hip issue - why would one think her skeleton would be frail? Ah who cares just slam her on the ground - she has a knife! Watch both vids below and make up your own mind.

Jack Rabbit's opinion for what it's worth: Since I could have stopped that lady with both arms tied behind my back, without hurting her and I have no police training - and yes I am extremely confident in saying that - I conclude that the police in this case brought no value to the situation. In other words did the public get even one damn dollar's worth of value for the fortune we are spending to support our ubiquitous heavily armed police? If the answer is - well this is how their training guides them - then I'd say fire the trainer and demand a refund. I want my tax money back!

By the way if you answer that the cop feared for her life - then that cop doesn't demonstrate those characteristics one would expect of a "brave" person - so shouldn't be a cop in the first place. Fear in this situation is unbecoming of a police officer.

Unedited video:

News report video: This is not a medical doctor by the way

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Cui Bono ? 2009 In honor of Greg Quibell

Greg is gone now. Before I deleted my last blog I had a post simply called Que Bono? I was informed by a kind and gentle reader in the comments that "Cui Bono?" is the proper Latin. So I've named this post in honor of said benevolent commenter-and I invite: Please come back and feel free to let me have it for this post - 'cause I don't give a flyin' Fk about grammar or diction right now although I can always use the help- I'm so pissed! Why?

Harken back to the original "Que Bono" posting: I featured a video of Greg Quibell. I never knew him personally but the video broke my heart. This gentleman was a "911 first responder." He mentions that he could do this and that; but to make a long story short - he wasn't bragging - his abilities were on par with an eighteen-year-old. In other words he was in perfect health - and he attended to it - maybe because it was his job maybe whatever - but listen to him below - he was in great shape. He also sounds to me like your average joe blow hero. Yeah, he goes to his job, he saves a few lives, he has a few beers and they bullshit - and he goes home. I didn't know him but how much you wanna' bet he wasn't in this for any glory or bullshit medals - he went to work and saved lives - even if he might die doing it - every day. Do you want white or wheat toast with your eggs? Matter of fact. This is the American hero.

911 happens - he goes to work as usual -but in the video his condition was deplorable and he was on the receiving end of - how shall I say this - unmerciful medical system bullshit. I don't know who to blame - others certainly do - if they could only get a little T.V. time - that magic potion (MagicPotion#911) that awakens the American masses. For some reason having to do with the events of September 11, 2001 his health took a turn for the worst. Meaning - he suddenly become not only unhealthy - but on a path TO DIE. Meanwhile back at the ranch - nobody could figure out, uhm ....anything....uh...insurance?????whaaaa..... heck you're fine....here's an aspirin for your arm that has swollen to three times the size of your leg...but we can't pay for that....where is GeorgeBushitt's Bullhorn now? Oh, that's right he's flushin' somebody out dead or alive - while Greg Quibell dies. Smoke'emout. Deadoralive. Kill them Muslims or whatever crap they spewed to the corporate media to feed to the mushroom masses. (Feed'em shit keep'em in the dark)

I wonder why the corporate-media-controlled airwaves (owned in theory by the public) refuse to address this epidemic medical catastrophe? May I venture a guess?: Because the scumbags that "own" our American airwaves are too cowardly to air something that might cause a cessation of paycheck delivery to their mailbox. No - wait - that's not it - perhaps to protect their interests? Yes getting closer. How about because they are INVOLVED? Yes - that's it! Look at the WTC7 link on the left side of this blog - Watch the BBC report the collapse of WTC7 before it happened** - we know this because Jane Standley is standleying in front of a view of the not-yet-collapsed-Solomon-building as she reports the collapse of the Solomon brothers building - then the TV gets a little fuzzy. Hmmmmm - sounds like a conspiracy theory - so like a good robotic American I will discount that possibility-NOT! To be succinct they are traitors and cowards who have no hearts, brains, or souls - that is - unless they themselves are sick - but to hell with the 911 First responders - those who risk their lives every sonofabitchofagawdamf'n day for all of us - and now when their bodies are rotting - we tell them...basically - FU! Doesn't it make you proud to be an American?

I'm sorry. A few deep breaths - stare into the candle flame - wipe a tear out of my eye - only one - I need to see clearly - because I'll never shut up until the public demonstrates that they, too, are vertebrates - that means have backbones! Balls! Cohones! Guts! Get involved - don't be afraid! Speak out, speak up - there is strength in numbers.

Please watch these videos and let me know...... Cui Bono?

***BBC Jane Standley

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KBDI Denver Airs 9/11 Press for Truth-911 Family Members get a chance to speak

Your government, my fellow citizens, spent $100 Million bucks of YOUR MONEY investigating Clinton's sexual escapades - but only allotted $3 Million originally to seek justice for the 911 victims - why? What sense does this make when one considers that one of the only things the federal government is supposed to do is provide for a common defense? Speaking of defense - they screwed up big time on 911 - and who was held to account? Not one person was demoted or fired - while the victims' families were abandoned. To add to the criminal negligence of the federal government the first responders have been hung out to dry - no wait - hung out to DIE - as their lungs rot away from the poisonous air they were told was safe to breath by ... you guessed it - our federal government.

Since the federal government proved to be such a dismal failure - a grassroots movement arose beginning with the 911 victims' families. Finally - a breakthrough has occurred where they got some more TV time - the only elixir with the means to awaken a sleeping and disinformed American public. Please take a second look - your future, and your children's futures depend on it.

It is a common misconception, spread mainly by shills in chat rooms and comment sections in blogs - that it dishonors the families of the victims by searching for answers to the 911 crime. Nothing could be further from the truth. IF IT WEREN'T FOR THE 911 VICTIMS' FAMILIES THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO 911 INVESTIGATION. Details in the video below.

If you have not yet taken a second look at the mountain of evidence gathered by the grassroots 911 Truth movement - the time is now. Listen to the folks in the video below - why are they labeled as kooks when all they are asking for is a real answer to the crime of the century - in which they lost family members? Who benefits by labeling these victimized citizens other than those with guilt to hide? Once you take the time to examine the evidence, and you won't have to try very hard - this crime is a no-brainer. I challenge you to think for yourself and take a second look.

It is the citizen's duty to police their government and to support these stalwarts at KBDI and the family members.

UPDATE AUGUST 6, 2009 Zogby Poll: Over 70 Million American Adults Support New 9/11 Investigation
UPDATE AUGUST 6, 2009 Rise In Asthma Linked To 9/11 Dust Cloud---BY THE WAY... based on my following of this topic over time I would say asthma is beyond understatement.

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Prince William County, Virginia Police Terrorize with Tasers in front of kids...

I can go on and on but it seems every day something shows up in the media - it is my duty as a citizen to speak out. Cops have to earn the respect of the public or get used to the criticism.
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 3, 2009 VIDEO Police Draw guns on wrong student
UPDATE AUGUST 27, 2009 Man dies after being Tasered at L.A. subway station
UPDATE AUGUST 18, 2009 Man Tasered in stop by state cops dies
UPDATE AUGUST 17, 2009 Cops taser kid 19 times resulting in coma -VIDEO
UPDATE AUGUST 14, 2009 Mom in minivan tasered twice in Salina traffic stop; camera captures deputy’s rough roadside arrest
UPDATE AUGUST 14, 2009 Video - NAZI style police Taser guy on his front porch
UPDATE AUGUST 4, 2009 Cops sodomize with TASER
UPDATE AUGUST 4, 2009 Girl tased by police chief - she's fourteen
UPDATE AUGUST 4, 2009 Remember this? BART shooting.
Here are the folks that trained Charlottesville, VA police:
UPDATE AUGUST 4, 2009 BLACKWATER FOUNDER implicated in murder
UPDATE AUG 4, 2009 MURDER INC. training USA cops including in my town
UPDATE AUG 6, 2009 Prince William police investigate Taser incident
UPDATE AUG 6, 2009 Prince William County Police Investigate Officers' Use of Taser
UPDATE NOV 8, 2009
Blind Woman Tasered


Click to see Prince William terrorist "peace officers" torturing citizens with tasers.

Way to keep the peace! Click on the link to watch this group of terrorists from Prince William County, Virginia (Manassas) wreak havoc in front of a bunch of little kids. This was all due to noise? A pregnant mother tased in the back? The guy tasered from three different directions? In front of kids over noise? Talk about traumatizing kids! WTF is wrong with these people?

The newsperson in the video asks "What went wrong?" I can answer that - hiring terrorists as police in the first place. This video demonstrates the attitude of police in America - us vs. them - cops vs. the enemy (public) - no wonder incidents like this abomination are so common. CLICK HERE for previous post examining the training of US Police by mercenary killers. Could we be witnessing a trend?

Congratulations to Prince William County Police - perhaps you abusers will have an opportunity to use your guns instead of your TASERs in front of children - then you can really feel like big men. And by the way - you cowards - do you really think these kids will grow up as your supporters? Way to earn respect - just like a bank robber - by pointing a gun or TASER at someone - the very behaviour you idiots are supposed to prevent! Perhaps these "peace officers" can be promoted to work in one of Americas torture chambers in the electrocution department. A pregnant mother and grandfather - and there are four of you present in the video? What a bunch of pussies!

See also: TASER - the answer to everything

-------UPDATE AUGUST 3, 2009



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...but will they fire on Americans?

Please don't label me as anti-military. I'm not. What I am against are wars of aggression and occupation fought for radical religious groups of any denomination, resources like our OIL from under their SOIL, or chasing boogeymen who are no longer with us. What concerns me is the willingness to use American soldiers and mercenaries on U.S. soil. See "Bill Moyers..." posting on this blog for a taste of what happened during Katrina. I hope we are not witnessing preparation for more of the same.

Please listen carefully to the willingness to complete "any" mission. Also how they will be on hand to "help out" during emergencies-what- while they are in Iraq or Afghanistan? Who are these people American soldiers need to imprison? WTF?? When did Americans become the aggressor nation of occupiers? Take a look at the link below - preparing soldiers for careers if they make it out of the meat grinders overseas - they get to come home to a job locking up fellow citizens in corporate prisons. What planet am I on?

CLICK HERE FOR National Guard Job: 31E - Internment / Resettlement Specialist

NOW CHECK OUT OATHKEEPERS who will not betray the U.S. Constitution. What is the mission in Afghanistan (ask your congresscoward) if bin Laden is DEAD? CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO "Osama bin Laden DEAD or alive? Who is your representative representing when he/she sends YOUR kid into the meat grinder?
UPDATE AUG 2, 2009 Lackawanna residents happy 'crazy' Cheney plan was axed
UPDATE AUG 3, 2009 Prince William Cops Taser pregnant mom and grandfather in their own backyard due to Loud Children's party - Video

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