Barney Frank uses Straw Man Logical Fallacy to discredit and dismiss peer-reviewed 911 Dust Study

Please watch these videos from We Are Change LA (WACLA) link here : but first take a look at THIS PEER REVIEWED SCIENTIFIC PAPER. I performed a search of the paper for "George Bush" and this text string was not found in the scientific paper. If I missed something please let me know. With that in mind ...

In this first video Barney Frank receives scientific peer-reviewed dust study:

In this second video Barney Frank dismisses the study because he posits that those submitting the paper are implying that George Bush was behind the 911 attacks:

Please now take a look at this link at 911Blogger where you can see the documents submitted to our public servants/serpents - you can decide which are which:

(click here) then look below vid for links

So when Barney Frank dismisses those presenting the dust study and related materials because he says "I don't believe George Bush was behind 911" to which WACLA replies "...no it's not ...I am saying that they analyzed the dust samples...science..."

Barney Frank is presenting a "Straw Man" argument which is a fallacy of logic revealing that his conclusion has no validity. Barney Frank ignores the real argument concerning scientific analysis of 4 dust samples by skillfully throwing up a fake argument (The Straw Man) : That the 911Truther is "implying" that "George Bush is behind 911." Barney Frank then knocks down the fake argument (Straw Man) that he himself created to discredit the 911 Truther.

As previously mentioned I couldn't find where the implication Barney Frank attributes to WACLA appears in the paper.

I place Barney Frank in the "politician" category as differentiated from the "statesman" category. Only a statesman can face 911 Truth - and we are discovering with each passing day how statesmen are rare, politicians are a dime a dozen.

Read more on logical fallacy here.

See more on the Dust Study here:

UPDATE AUGUST 27, 2009 Chemical Engineer Mark Basile Discusses 9/11 WTC Dust
UPDATE AUGUST 27, 2009 MARK BASILE direct link AUDIO interview I found on 911Blogger link above
UPDATE AUGUST 29, 2009 Who Put Super-Thermite in the Twin Towers?
UPDATE AUGUST 30, 2009 Television Footage from 911 - lots to see
UPDATE VIDEO I found on Picasso Dreams Website

UPDATE NOV 3, 2009 Congressman Brad Sherman admits explosives found in dust of World Trade Center

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  1. Oh, Barney is just feeling plucky- he made a funny after all, the other day.... we all know he's just another worthless skinbag occupying a desk and office at our expense.

  2. It's a lot easier to suck dick than to face the truth.

  3. As a heterosexual I can't comment on the comment by Anonymous 6:49 above

  4. There are those who really don't know what happened on 9/11 because they've never bothered to look, swallowing the official story (or dick, as per anonymous above, pick your favorite distraction). Those I refer to as committing "treason by ignorance" -- they assist our enemies simply by not knowing.

    But Barney Frank knows *exactly* what happened on 9/11, so his denials take a more direct form of treason, consciously assisting the ongoing coverup of the crime. Either he supports the goals of the criminals, or he is terrified of arousing their ire by uttering the truth. If it's terror that gets him to assist the coverup, does he ever think about the dangers he would face for telling the truth compared to the dangers all of our military personnel face due to the lie he supports?

  5. don't worry, it'll all come to a close soon.

    When your words and investigation go unnoticed, or blatantly ignored, and you are treated like a sub-human form...then only a few alternatives remain.

    I guess its just a matter of patience to get through this talking phase.

  6. Pelagian Heresy By Which Truth Is Determined By Moralism
    (Apollonian, 26 Aug 09)

    The fallacy in question, regarding this latest evidence of 9-11 nano-thermite, on part of Frank, the Jew and admitted "gay" politician fm Mass., is not merely that of "straw man"--which then is simply a diversion or "red herring"-type fallacy--but even more to the pt., it is "question-begging" when a false premise is adduced--to effect G. Bush couldn't possibly be implicated by whatever facts. Obvious question is why and how?

    Another version of same false premise, or "question-begging," is that Israel and/or Jews cannot be implicated--as it would then be "anti-semitism," which cannot be allowed or imagined.

    Thus observe then how "MORALITY" itself is made and used to TRUMP and invalidate TRUTH, reality, and logic--esp. in case of Israel/Jews. Thus all inductive evidence pt.s overwhelmingly to Jew/Israeli involvement and responsibility for 9-11--which is then denied on grounds of "anti-semitism" (morality).

    Hence then TRUTH is over-ruled, ignored, and re-made on the excuse of such "morality" and anti-antisemitism. Jews are committing all these murders and mass-murders of stupid gentiles, stupid, over-populated gentiles falling all over themselves upon the excuse of "morality"--"thou shalt not be anti-semitic."

    CONCLUSION: Hence observe Jews can get away w. mass-murder and anything whatsoever, and anytime gentiles object, the Jew simply invokes MORALISM, the great God of present ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies. For that then is how truth and reality are over-ruled and re-made by these God-like Jews who have imposed MORALITY upon the stupid, over-populated gentiles in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Such is Pelagian heresy.

  7. Thanks above: Perhaps we agree on a lot, but when you say "Israel and/or Jews" I don't find those words equivalent - all I have to do is find one "Jew" that is an exception - and I believe I can. Also all I have to find is one Israeli. Again I bet I could. As far as "Zionist" I'd say you'd be closer to the truth. But I'll stick with the straw man thing I put up there because it's straighforward and observable in the videos-if the reader agrees that the scientific paper makes no such assertion that Frank does.

  8. Barnyard Franks--how in the hell does this freak get elected--over and over again.Elections must be fixed. Here is the problem--only one politician had come out about 911 attacks and the Jews made sure she lost the election. You would think, Ron Paul would help out but they know who did it,just like the all jewish media knows--Israel Firsters. Politicians knows,if they do something and the Israelies are exposed,there wouldn't be enough lamp posts to hang the Glorious Basterds. Les Pisreal

  9. Ahh yes. That awkward phase. We know they're all lying, but it's too early to shoot the bastards.

  10. Homos are vulnerable to blackmail and Barney Frank is demonstrating what it looks like in practice.

  11. Barney is not even an ice cube compared to the iceberg of the crime. He along with House, and the Senate, and all of The Washington D. C. Players willingly carry the yoke of the International Bankers. Facing the hopelessness sober can almost be suicidal. A little research will show that the “Feds” along with their partners in Europe financed WWI and WWII. Unless the police of every country and the military of every country is educated as to who the real enemy really is, rather quickly, expect WWIII.

  12. Just a thought. Where exactly is Michael Chertoff's "homeland"?

  13. Once you read the evidence on 911, it is obvious that Israel was behind it. Watch out for the next false fag operation from the Mossad. (from Australia) Have a nice day, cheers.

  14. The average informed person can research the case & be very alarmed at all the evidence supporting a conspiracy ... AND YET the Government's army of highly paid, highly IQ'd staffers & consultants just can't seem to work it out. Strange also that the vast army of mainstream reporters & editors don't seem to get it either. We must wonder why.

  15. IRelivent,barney WHO?
    when the people of the USA.forget these criminals,then the justice can begin!
    as long as you continue to ask these scum questions, and keep listening/spreading the LIES and keep their names in the public eye,you get what you ask for more LIES.

  16. Complicity through default. Moral Cowards!

  17. Child's Moralist Logic Is Not Merely Inadequate--It's TREASON
    (Apollonian, 27 Aug 09)

    "JackRabbit": thanks, but for goodness sakes, surely u understand we've all seen ur child's moralistic logic before--it's proven failure. U're just playing Jews' game, that's all--and surely u can't be so stupid as not to know it perfectly well.

    Note the situation is far too critical to continue with ur moralistic nonsense; these Jew monsters have nuclear and other sophisticated weapons--aside fm their COUNTERFEITING operations (see RealityZone.com, TheMoneyMasters.com, and JudenFrei.org for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud) which has given them control and effective ownership of the world.

    DEFINITION of "Jew" is Talmudist--see RevisionistHistory.org, TruthTellers.org, and Come-and-hear.com for best Talmudic expo. A Talmudist is a murderer and a psychopath who does it all willingly, pleading God's instructions backed by God's and rabbis' threats as excuse. Yes, there may be "Jews" who fail to understand Talmud--BUT THAT'S THEIR TOUGH LUCK. Get real and get a clue. Life on earth is war, and u must be adult enough to face facts.

    There's no meaningful distinction btwn "Zionist" and Talmudist--THIS IS FALLACY OF "FALSE DICHOTOMY"--look it up.

    The situation is so critical it's perfectly justified and necessary to kill, exterminate, and completely annihilate all Jews, period--and if necessary, u too (along with all other gentile dupes--like "Judeo-Christian" [JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.] hereticalists) as u traitorously defend them.

    CONCLUSION: Ur child's moralistic excuse of "philosophy" is what's gotten world into present mess. I'm not asking u--I'm telling u the way it is, comrade. Heed reality and get wise. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  18. To Appolonian: I wonder when you said "The fallacy in question, regarding this latest evidence of 9-11 nano-thermite, on part of Frank, the Jew and admitted "gay" politician fm Mass., is not merely that of "straw man"--which then is simply a diversion or "red herring"-type fallacy--but even more to the pt., it is "question-begging" when a false premise is adduced--to effect G. Bush couldn't possibly be implicated by whatever facts. Obvious question is why and how?"

    above if that falls under your category stated in second comment:

    "CONCLUSION: Ur child's moralistic excuse of "philosophy" is what's gotten world into present mess. I'm not asking u--I'm telling u the way it is, comrade. Heed reality and get wise. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian"

    or am I to understand that your logic is adult logic while mine is child logic? I don't see the logic behind your reasoning.

    You also say:
    "There's no meaningful distinction btwn "Zionist" and Talmudist--THIS IS FALLACY OF "FALSE DICHOTOMY"--look it up."

    So you again appeal to logic. What gives?

  19. "JackRabbit's" Is Same Old Irrationalist Morality Of Patronization And InHumanity, So Useful To Jews
    (Apollonian, 27 Aug 09)

    "JackRabbit": to be honest, I'm not following ur "argument" (August 27, 2009 11:18 AM ), such as it is (which doesn't surprise me, in all truth). U actually understand little about logic as we can see.

    But ur original argument (August 26, 2009 10:22 PM ) is well- and widely-known and -seen--u use excuse of what u pretend is "exception" to express ur imagined "humanity," so prejudicial and destructive to gentiles, and patronization of Jew monsters who only laugh at ur foolishness which must not, I say, be tolerated.

    CONCLUSION: U're simply another "moralist" (of typical Pelagian variety) who pretends ur false, anti-human, anti-rationalist, Jew-friendly "morality" now trumps reality, logic, and truth to effect Jews must not be treated in necessary manner for their psychopathology. Evidently u think Jews will reward u--which I'm sure they will as it is considered useful and expedient. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  20. Dear WACLA,
    Please, do give your evidence to a congressman, but YOUR congressman, one from LA. You see, congressmen, and women, serve THEIR constituents, not the equivalent of "space aliens", which is what you are to congressman Frank, as opposed to people of his district in the Commonwealth.

    Of course, unless you have some kind of agenda against congressman Frank.

    Citizen of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

  21. Appolonian: Maybe I can make this easier. I like to circumscribe issues - in this case the Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States. That is the extent of my interest. I don't care about Jewish religion, your religion, or the religion I was brought up with when it comes to a government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE. As a child with poor logic skills, even I can see that bringing religion into government is a fools errand, whether they are 9 or 90 years of age. Perhaps my childish logic works well being unclouded by years of adulthood stained by various irrational religious influences in their own way trying to convince the rest of us fools that their religion is the better one. You keep your religious mental mindf&ck and I'll keep the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

  22. To commenter: Citizen of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

    Since Barney Frank is making laws encroaching on the rights of all states in the union, and the high crimes apparent will take action on the part of more than one congressperson, and for that action to take place said congresspeople need education - that it is reasonable to give the information to all of them?

  23. Jew Lies And Talmudism Are Relevant Facts For 9-11 Subject
    (Apollonian, 27 Aug 09)

    JackRabbit: now u change the subject, but that's okay--it's ur blog, isn't it? But religion isn't necessarily a mystic subject. Jew religion--Talmudism--is ritual murder of gentiles, and I gave u necessary ref.s, so I did my scholarly job. If u don't want to heed the facts, which are indeed relevant (Jews are Talmudic murderers, psychopaths, etc.), that's ur problem.

    Note "straw man" means u concoct a complete argument by which u present a conclusion--which might be logical, but based upon irrelevant premises--which amounts to a diversion fm original pt., which again, is irrelevant. But Barney Frank wants to impose--not a "straw man"--but a foregone conclusion and premise at same time; this is classic question-begging.

    Ur blog here on Barney Frank has nothing whatever to do with US Constitution, etc.--except maybe by distant extrapolation. Rather u began, quite creditably, talking about logic, and I pt'd out the correct fallacy was "question-begging," similar to same foregone conclusion regarding Jews and illegitimate moralist imperative to not being anti-semitic. U then made it obligatory pt. to put in ur heroic defense of God's "chosen," for which I'm sure all Jews in vicinity are so gratified.

    CONCLUSION: USA was and is a Christian country; hence USA should and must be anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), and this is quite relevant to everything, including US Constitution, 9-11, and Barney Frank personally, etc. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  24. Apollonian: With the greatest respect: I have no interest in religion. I am not for or against any particular one - all I ask is that whatever one's religion happens to be that it stay out of my government.

    There is an Ibex article where I got into this subject with somebody else if you care to look at the comments - but as far as my point on this post it is really simple - even for a pathetic dummy like me to see - and I don't need any religion to see it - just a little common sense.

  25. Appolonian:
    I don't want to join any religion represented by people who say things like this in the comments above:

    "The situation is so critical it's perfectly justified and necessary to kill, exterminate, and completely annihilate all Jews, period--and if necessary, u too (along with all other gentile dupes--like "Judeo-Christian" [JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.] hereticalists) as u traitorously defend them."

    In fact it is this attitude that brings me back to the Constitution and Bill of Rights - specifically the one about having the right to bear arms to defend ourselves from those who wish to silence those seeking the truth .

  26. "JackRabbit" Reveals His Own Religious Attitudes--Pelagianist Sanctimony
    (Apollonian, 27 Aug 09)

    JackRabbit: what do u say about those who throw people in jail--as in Canada, Australia, Germany, France, and many other places too--who denounce the Jew (not just "zionist") "religion" of holohoax (see Ihr.org, Codoh.com, and ZundelSite.org for expo/ref.)? Now Jews and their accomplices want to do it, suppression of free speech and expression, here in USA too, these Jews in tandem w. their queer and bolshevik allies fm among the various minorities.

    Can't u see this one-world Jew-oriented dictatorship growing up all around u, throughout the world?--and I mean it is EXPLICITLY JEW-ORIENTED and -serving, comrade--do u begin to comprehend what's going on?

    And it's also Jews who want to dis-arm people too by means of "gun-control," etc. "It's Jews, stupid"--do u get it?

    Regarding "religion," there's mysticism which is just nonsense (by definition) which is insisted upon in contempt of reason, reason itself being religion, and then there's "religion" which is just a habitual behavior by definition--again, look it up. "Religion" IS NOT synonymous with obsession--which is what u seem to think religion is. And "religion" is NOT mere irrationality either, as I noted.

    So "religion" can be rational or irrational--and that's same as dichotomy btwn Christian and Jew as in Gosp. JOHN, TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy. Thus Christianity is HEALTH, whereas Judaism, its anti-thesis, is hysteria and psycho-pathology.

    So u're just posturing in pretended hollow piety with all ur empty words about Const. and Bill of Rights, for these proceed fm something prior which is that Western/Christian Reason in general.

    Did u catch that--JackRabbit? US Const. and Bill of Rights, etc., proceed fm Christian civilization and a religious tradition--there's no historical or sociologic question about it. And thus by necessary logic, US Const. and Bill of Rights ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE ANTI-SEMITISM (anti-psycho-pathology), comrade.

    And JackRabbit note something else: U DON'T "SEEK TRUTH" at all, really; rather, u merely want to pose as someone of MORALISM, that's all. And u think it's "moral" to defend Jews--same for ur just-above pious comments about US Const. and B. of Rights--u just want to pose and pretend, that's all, mainly for urself, evidently. U really couldn't care less about truth. U can't seem to be able to face how JEWS "OWN" U, comrade--they've got u "going," don't they?

    Regarding ur "religion," aside fm the typical Pharisaic and sanctimonious attitude u take towards "religion," the definition of which u obviously don't understand, u're evidently something of a Pelagian, one who believes in "good-evil," without being able to define the premises thereto--a typical Jew-sympathizer.

    CONCLUSION: So anyway, I consider this blog dialectic was actually quite productive as it demonstrates ur typical and very ironically religious-styled BLINDNESS towards the Jew (not just "zionist") dictatorship which continues to grow up all around us. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  27. I have read all comments, and I have to agree with apollonian on this! I have listened to too many JEW apologists. It seems the MASSIVE JEW MIND-FUKK has taken it's toll, on the DUMB CATTLE! 95% of "JEWS" are not even semitic! They are a CANCER to this planet, and they need to be eradicated, along with their USEFUL IDIOTS!!! People are starting to AWAKEN to their CRIMINAL activities. LIVE FREE, OR DIE!

  28. I still think Barney Frank's logic blows

  29. Barney is just trolling for his next hot beef injection.


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