Rep. Paul Broun's Raid (on the TSA)


Today's alternative media reports the following:  (LINK HERE)

"TSA chief John Pistole is under the gun — with at least one congressman calling for his head.

Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) said Pistole has “been totally incompetent in his position” and “needs to be gone” — and he blamed “political correctness” for why the agency is “patting down grandma and children.
“They are totally inept. Mr. Pistole needs to be gone. I think [Homeland Security Secretary] Janet Napolitano needs to be gone,” Broun told POLITICO."

Later in the article we find...
"An official with the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees TSA, says Pistole “has significantly strengthened transportation security for all Americans.”
“John Pistole is a highly respected member of our nation’s counterterrorism community,” said DHS spokesman Peter Boogaard. “The Secretary and the Administration have the utmost confidence in Mr. Pistole's leadership and his commitment to ensuring the safety of all Americans.”

Recently another Congressman Texas Rep. Francisco Canseco (LINK)reported harassment by the Pistole-whipping TSA:
"Texas Rep. Francisco Canseco says he was inappropriately touched in private areas during a run in with the TSA earlier this month at San Antonio International Airport.
“The agent was very aggressive in his pat-down, and he was patting me down where no one is supposed to go,” Canseco, who describes himself as a “limited-government conservative”, told KENS 5 news.
“It got very uncomfortable so I moved his hand away. That stopped everything and brought in supervisors and everyone else.” Canseco added.
When the Congressman said he’d been assaulted, the TSA agent claimed that Canseco had actually assaulted him. The TSA says that neither man was cited in the incident."
Of course John Pistole is a highly respected member of our nation's counterterrorism community - because our nation's counterterrorism community is known for a culture that is not in agreement with the culture of America - a culture based upon the concepts of individual liberty as outlined in our founding documents.

That's why these Pistole and Janet Napolitano have to go - because they ARE the problem.

Our Federal government's job is to protect the individual rights of We the People - that is the foundation of their very existence.  When our Federal government's actions cease to function in their most basic duties - the protection of our individual liberty - they no longer present a value to the citizenry.  They must - according to our Declaration of Independence - be replaced with a government apparatus that WILL protect our individual liberties.  

How is it possible for the TSA to simultaneously protect my life while irradiating me with X-rays at an airport?

How is it possible for the TSA to protect my right against unreasonable search and seizure by illegally searching, and at times stealing my property?

How is it reasonable for parents to both warn their kids against strangers touching them inappropriately and simultaneously allow strangers to touch them inappropriately in uniform?  Wouldn't all a child-molester have to do to gain the child's confidence now be:  simply don a uniform to have their way?  LINK

I applaud Rep. Paul Broun for calling for the ouster of Janet Napolitano and John Pistole.  It's a good start - and yet another long-awaited example that our government representatives are waking up.  Please show them your support for standing with We the People.

Perhaps now that they've come around to the realization that our policies are mis-guided they will consider examining the vast body of evidence available in the real media - the vast body of evidence showing that the foundations of the need for this "security state" are based on monstrous lies.  

We all know that prisons are amongst the most dangerous places on the planet.  It is obvious that it is beyond reason to expect that by turning America into one gigantic prison under lock-down - that we would be "safer."  Isn't the opposite - that we would be in the utmost danger - a more reasonable conclusion?

Thanks again to Rep Broun for standing up for We the People.  I encourage that he be given the support he needs to make sure we all remain free under our law of the land - the Constitution of the United States.


Was the "Greatest Generation" wrong for killing the NAZIs?


I saw a joke reading comments on gun videos:  "So....three NAZIs walk into a B.A.R......"

The joke is that a BAR is a Browning Automatic Rifle.  That's one of the tools the "greatest generation" used to wipe out the NAZIs.  Here's one below:

Each of those shots is 30.06 caliber.  The weapon had a box magazine of 20 rounds.  One of those shots will kill you, a burst from the weapon - toast.

Why did the "greatest generation" use weapons like the BAR to kill NAZIs?  I'm starting to wonder if the history books and people I knew as a kid who participated in the conflict might have had a problem with self-control or something?  Why?

Americans of the "greatest generation" refused to tolerate NAZIs.  In fact, when the "greatest generation" noticed uniformed jack-booted thugs, bullies, miscreants, thieves, liars, child-molesters and murderers behaving badly - they built the Jeep, the P-51 Mustang, the M1 Garand, the BAR and then promptly used them to shoot the shit out of those "ver are your papers" smartasses.  

Fast forward - today - Americans of the "___________ generation" (what will they call US?) seem able to tolerate NAZIs quite well.  They can stand in line at the airport, on a bus, on the side of the highway and observe while their dog is shot-gunned to death for wagging its tail.  They bury the dog, try to comfort the kids - and say a prayer hoping the thugs that did this to them will get well soon.  

They will "get mad" when TSA people take their little princess behind closed doors and ..... hey I'm not sure what they are doing back there - I wasn't there and I haven't seen any footage.  Here's an example of NAZIs run amok in America:

"'When my scared child could not do so, two TSOs called for backup saying, "The suspect is not cooperating." The suspect, of course, being a frightened child. They treated my daughter no better than if she had been a terrorist.'"

Here's the "suspect" from the above article:

Full body pat-down or  Hey little girl want some candy?  SICK


C'mon - really?  This is SICK.

I know this is a terrible thing to say - but isn't it reasonable to conclude that if you like putting your hands on other people's children behind closed doors that the best place to get a job is with the TSA?  That's a no-brainer.  They murder child molesters in prison you know.  But here in the "civilized world" we watch them molest the kids right in front of us.  What does that say about our justice system -that there really is a more just system of crime and punishment in a prison than at an airport in the US?

I am glad that so many people are waking up in such vast numbers - that the mother  - instead of resorting to picking up a BAR and doing what the "greatest generation" would have done - used the peaceful process of communication to get the word out about the SICK incident.

I am so glad that we still have our first amendment right - not that it can be taken away - but that I am still able to exercise it without having been shot yet - good news - because presently there is no need for violence - as long as I can do battle on the field of facts, ideas, right, justice - what is good and right and just are obvious to us all.  I mean ALL of us - a universal statement.  How can I make such a statement that we ALL KNOW what is right or wrong, just or unjust, liberty or slavery?  Easy - just experience the force of law as applied to you or your kids - you'll figure it out fast.

If you are a TSA employee - do you want somebody feeling your kids' or wives' genitals?  Or say - a Judge in Virginia - do you go to the airport and stand there while they feel your kids and wife up?  How about Cass Sunstein - does he want to have a SWAT team kick his door down, kill his chihuahua, slap his kids around - then leave 'cause they went to the wrong house?  How about Michael Cherthoff - you know - Mr. Airport Scanner - does he go to the airport and take a radiation shower with the rest of the inmates?  

The great awakening is bringing forth new ideas -  the power of mass communictions in the hands of WE the People -continues to surround, divide and conquer the power-hungry megalomaniacs that have pushed us this far toward dictatorship.

I am very proud of our Virginia state representatives that passed a law - positive action - that they will not allow state anybody to assist with NDAA.  A commenter pointed out that they didn't go far enough - stating that they will use force to protect their citizens rights from anyone attempting to use force to deny their citizens their rights.  I agree - but something tells me - that as events are accelerating geometrically - as these representatives have already waken up - their ability to see with their newly corrected vision - will rapidly take hold - just like the rest of us who are already there.

Once a person can see clearly at least one big injustice - however that happens - the rest move from out-of-range to arm's length immediately.  Once a person realizes they have been lied to about one subject - something they just wouldn't consider before - but now know for a FACT that they were lied to - it brings into question EVERYTHING - their powers of critical thought advanced from a dull butter knife to a honed razor - keen for more truth-light - eager to slash the dark curtain they can now not only see - but have the means to slice through to more light. 

There is no question - that this awakening is hitting that critical-mass - it can not be stopped now.


The "greatest generation" - and our generation both have that "ace in the hole" known as the second amendment.  Both have no real desire to ever use it.  But there it is - like a line-backer friend standing behind you - as you are just about to be slugged by a bully - then all of a sudden - the bully decides he'd better not take the chance.

We the People are being bullied, Tazered, taxed, robbed by the Federal Reserve, and pushed into a corner by a goon-squad of unprofessional and justice-system backed liberty-theives.  On the battlefield of ideas - via the exercise of freedom of speech - they are losing.

We the People are pointing out the hypocrisy of the holy ones - the absurdity, for example, of nuking Iran to prevent a nuclear war.  Who's idea was that?  Lock that nut up in a rubber room!

We the People are pointing out that our own Justice Department has been caught selling guns to drug-dealers - and those guns were in turn used to murder innocent Mexicans and at least one US Border agent.  Who's idea was that?  Lock that nut up in a rubber room!

We the People have been lied to about the Iraq war - no WMD - just devastated the place and the people - for nothing - and are successfully preventing a repeat performance in Iran - pointing out that we are watching a re-run made-for-TV propaganda film with no basis in fact. 

We the People are sounding the alarm that our own government may stage yet another false-flag attack to stampede the US population into another panicked state - starting WW3 - a war that has been in the planning for years.

We the People will stop the Tyranny - as long as we exercise our freedom of speech and allow our creative powers to use every means available to prompt action from those in our system with the responsibility and power to act now to stop these psychopathic warmongers.

The future is bright - the judges will choose to lock up the corrupt cops who like to murder for fun.  The judges will lock up the crooks on Wall Street who have pillaged.  The cops will police themselves and eject the evil-minded and violent thugs from their ranks - such qualities will be shunned not rewarded.

Our military will remember their true purpose - their real reason for being - and stop biting the hand that feeds them.  They will ask themselves why these words appear on this patch - but the people signing their paycheck are oppressed?


The Greatest Generation was right for killing the NAZIs - it got to that point.  Hopefully we can convince those in power in the United States to do their damned jobs so we don't get to that point again.



The Duty Of The Military In A Militarized Empire

---------UPDATE APRIL 26, 2012 - http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/04/tsa-screeners-drug-arrest.html       CLICK HERE


New Law: Virginia will not cooperate with NDAA detention

Today I am happy to announce that Virginia's state government has proven to stand for the unalienable rights of We The People.  

From THIS ARTICLE we learn:
"On Wednesday, the Virginia legislature overwhelmingly passed a law that forbids state agencies from cooperating with any federal attempt to exercise the indefinite detention without due process provisions written into sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act.

HB1160 “Prevents any agency, political subdivision, employee, or member of the military of Virginia from assisting an agency of the armed forces of the United States in the conduct of the investigation, prosecution, or detention of a United States citizen in violation of the United States Constitution, Constitution of Virginia, or any Virginia law or regulation.”"
I am so proud of those in  our state government for having the courage to stand up to the Federal power-addicts.  Those who voted against this law should be removed from office in the next election.

What a wonderful day this is - I no longer have to assume that if a law enforcement officer must visit me that I may be whisked away to some secret location indefinitely.  What a relief to know that the RULE OF LAW will be maintained in my favorite state in the union.
For those states that have not yet taken such measures to protect their citizens with concrete action - I urge you to do so immediately.  Push-back now from the states is critical to ensuring that we retain our ability to hold our public officials accountable - to openly discuss the serious matters facing our nation - to protect the ability of We The People to exercise our rights as the ultimate judges of the direction and management of our national and local affairs.
This law proves that the great awakening of humanity - unfolding at this tumultuos time - is taking a turn for what is good and right in the world - the cause of liberty, and justice for all.

Note:  I'll still be watching to make sure y'all keep your promise though.


Secret Service agent regularly posted photos of himself with sexy women; three more agents booted

Must be a real party - having all those tax dollars to tip the dancers...  woo hoo!

But really folks - these guys are the best - none finer!  The elite security squadron that just got the same police powers of the local cops in Connecticut handed to them!  Because they are really gonna' protect us from them titty-bar terrorists!  

I wonder why they didn't catch the 911 hijackers, devout Muslims we are told by our protectors - who loved booze, titty-bars and coke.  I mean - statistically - there had to be a SS guard somewhere in the vicinity - oh well - I guess they were distracted by the chicks - and who can blame them?  

When's the next taxpayer-funded vacay?  Oh - that's top secret - I'll have to wait to see if they remember not to stiff the hookers at the next orgy.  

"The married federal agent also posted a photograph of himself guarding former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin — and boasted below it that he was “really checking her out.”"

Good Chemtrail vid


Man's Best Friend.......Cops' favorite bullet-catcher

Should we be alarmed when we see certain patterns of behaviour in our police forces - nationwide?  How should one interpret certain behavioral characteristics?  

Consider this snippet then take a good look at the links below:  link here:
Serial killers have a definitive and common personality profile. When serial killers are profiled, the reasons behind their aggression are normally apparent. There are many types of serial killers and each type has its own agenda and reason for killing. Nevertheless, there are common traits found among all serial killers. Some behaviors can be found as early as childhood. Typical signs of danger in children include bed wetting, setting fires, and abusing animals."

Police fatally shoot dog at Adams Morgan festival: link

"The incident unfolded before hundreds of revelers at the heart of the Adams Morgan celebration, disrupting an otherwise peaceful afternoon. Eric Jost, 26, of Cleveland Park said he watched a young girl with a butterfly painted on her face become "hysterical" as she "witnessed it all."

Austin Police Chief Apologizes for Shooting of Cisco the Dog link

Austin Police Cpl. Anthony Hipolito told ABCNews.com that the officer did respond to the wrong address, but it was the address provided by the 911 call. The call came from the house next to Paxton's."

 "I said, 'Don't shoot him. Don't shoot my dog. He won't bite you.' But he shot him, just like that. It all happened in under 30 seconds," Paxton said. "There was no attack on the officer other than barking and challenging him."

Police Shoot Mayors Dog in Botched Raid

Police shooting of Pines dog prompts call for change in policy  link

In Pembroke Pines, an officer fired six shots at an Australian shepherd named Baxter on Feb. 24. Hit by three bullets, the dog died three weeks later.

Now Baxter's owners and hundreds of supporters are demanding change in how officers respond to animal calls. Lethal force, they say, should be used only as a last resort.
The Pembroke Pines Police Department has determined Baxter's shooting was justified.
But Baxter's owners, Frank and Cindy Jones, wonder whether the officer might have used a Taser or pepper spray instead of a gun."

brave heroic cops kill 5 pound family dog

Camden Police use 33 bullets to kill puppy, bullets hit cars & homes

Police Dashcam: Non-Threatening Dog Shot By Lagrange Missouri Police

Police Leave Note for Family: We Killed Your Dog

Police shot 12 pound family dog to death because it barked ?

SS Gains local Police Powers in Connecticut

pic from wik

As if Federal police-state encroachment and overall police brutality in the United States needs more encouragement, we learn from THIS article that the SS has just been granted the same powers as local police in Connecticut:

"After sharp debate, the House of Representatives voted Wednesday to give Secret Service agents the same police powers as local officers in Connecticut for certain crimes.

The agents would be able to obtain arrest and search warrants in the same way as local police for financial crimes, including identity theft, money laundering, computer crimes, forgery, illegal use of a credit card, larceny, and issuing a bad check.
"What is the problem that we are fixing here?'' Williams asked.

Rep. Ed Jutila of Niantic, the measure's chief proponent, responded that the Secret Service needs "the maximum ability'' to coordinate its efforts with local law enforcement officials.
"If they happen across something that appears to be a crime under Connecticut law, they can take immediate action — and that's what this is about,'' Jutila said.""
In light of recent SS activity I wonder why anyone would give a free pass to strangers that should be reserved to locally hand-picked candidates who share the same morals and values of the local populace?  

The critical thinker might take into consideration that SS agents are not police - they are bodyguards.  They serve as a deadly deterrent to those intent on harming their VIP employer.

Is it safe to assume that simply because someone is a member of the SS that they are bringing their power to use violence and deadly force to a scene in the mental frame of mind required of a peace officer?  

SS man Christopher Deedy - up on murder charges

Consider this recent "police work" at three o'clock in the morning at McDonalds performed by an SS man: LINK HERE

"A federal special agent was charged Sunday night with second degree murder for Saturday's deadly shooting in at McDonald's.
Police say 27-year old Christopher Deedy killed 23 year-old Kollin Elderts in the McDonalds on Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki.
Gunshots rang out around three o'clock Saturday morning.
"Everyone was liked freaked out people ran out," said Dexter Davis.
Davis was waiting to order his food when it happened.
"I just turned around and I seen the guy laying on the ground," he says.
Witnesses say that Elderts had been yelling racial slurs, before getting into an altercation with Deedy.
Police say Deedy fired three shots.
"I heard a pow and then a few seconds later I heard pow pow pow," said Connie Reinking, who was across the street at the time.
Police say one of the bullet***** Elderts in the chest, killing him.
Another bullet ended up in the wall and a third ended up in the ceiling.
Police also recovered a knife at the scene and got a copy of the surveillance video.
Investigators don't believe Elderts and Deedy met prior to the incident inside McDonalds.
"It's kinda weird because we don't really have that much other than the fights," said Robert Hackney, owner of A Tiki Tatto which is next door to the McDonald's. "shootings - that's pretty unusual."
Kollin Elderts was from Kailua - a Kalaheo grad.
His family says Kollin wasn't the type to cause trouble.
"Yeah he likes to party like any young person does, but never a person to make any problem for anybody," said his uncle Kalani Elderts.
Christopher Deedy is from Arlington, Virginia and is a Special Agent for the US State Department.
Officials say Deedy was off-duty at the time.
The State Department won't say whether or not he's in town for APEC.
In addition to murder, Deedy is also charged with a firearms offense.
He remains in custody with bail set at $250,000.
He's scheduled to appear in court Monday."

I don't know about you - but I do not want a person like Christopher Deedy walking around my neighborhood with a loaded weapon - whether the government gave him the gun and badge or not.  Putting aside the tragic loss of the life of a 23 year-old man, what about the misery caused for the family - and the trauma experienced by the people who had to witness this obscene scene?

What about the shots that ended up in the ceiling?  They were not aimed shots - they were "spray and pray" shots - which could have easily killed others in the vicinity.

We are told about the high honor and integrity of these Government Gunslingers all the time - but they are only human - as we learned from the recent Hooker-stiffing party they botched in Columbia when they were supposed to be working.  Aside from waking up with hangovers when they are supposed to be looking out of United States officials, aside from their arrogance in stiffing working women, we find that our elite SS members:

"The partying U.S. Secret Service agents and officers who allegedly brought prostitutes into their Cartagena, Colombia hotel rooms brought the call girls “into contact with sensitive security information,” the Chair and ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform wrote to Mark J. Sullivan, the director of the U.S. Secret Service today.
The facts as you described them raised questions about the agency’s culture,” the two congressmen write. “The incident in Cartagena is troubling because Secret Service agents and officers made a range of bad decisions, from drinking too much, to engaging with prostitutes, to bringing foreign nationals into contact with sensitive security information, to exposing themselves to blackmail and other forms of potential compromise.”  LINK HERE

THE SS is not infallible - or even superhuman.  Remember that Reagan was shot on their watch, Kennedy murdered on their watch etc...  Here's one from the Bush era - where Bush had to help the SS through security!  

Here's them failing to stop Reagan from taking a bullet:

Here is a video a commenter reminded me about showing the failure of the SS to protect JFK:

Perhaps I am a bit harsh speaking of our SS guards in this manner.  Perhaps I am showing my naturally cynical view towards handing police powers to the security staff tasked with protecting US officials.  

But really - do you blame me?

Our Republic deserves better than yet-another cover-up,  yet another slap on the wrist, yet another get-out-of-jail-free card for arrogant animals abusing sacred powers of life and death.

It is up to our government employees - at every level - to fix this culture of arrogance and power abuse.

But for now - stay out of Connecticut - because until We the People see them stop behaving like a nightmare from history - they will be judged by their actions.

From HERE:
"The origin of the SS came from a small permanent guard unit made up of NSDAP volunteers to provide security for Nazi Party meetings in Munich. Formed at the end of 1920, they were known as the "Saal-Schutz" (Hall-Protection).[1] Later under the leadership of Heinrich Himmler between 1929 and 1945, the SS was renamed the "Schutz-Staffel" and grew from a small paramilitary formation to one of the largest and most powerful organizations in theThird Reich.[2]