Secret Service agent regularly posted photos of himself with sexy women; three more agents booted

Must be a real party - having all those tax dollars to tip the dancers...  woo hoo!

But really folks - these guys are the best - none finer!  The elite security squadron that just got the same police powers of the local cops in Connecticut handed to them!  Because they are really gonna' protect us from them titty-bar terrorists!  

I wonder why they didn't catch the 911 hijackers, devout Muslims we are told by our protectors - who loved booze, titty-bars and coke.  I mean - statistically - there had to be a SS guard somewhere in the vicinity - oh well - I guess they were distracted by the chicks - and who can blame them?  

When's the next taxpayer-funded vacay?  Oh - that's top secret - I'll have to wait to see if they remember not to stiff the hookers at the next orgy.  

"The married federal agent also posted a photograph of himself guarding former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin — and boasted below it that he was “really checking her out.”"


  1. The people they "protect" are far more dangerous and do far more harm than any act the ss did. They should be fired ... but so should the people they are protecting. If fact most of the people they protect should be in prison.

  2. When misbehaving, and abuse of power exists in the deeds of those who we were taught should be the ones we must try to emulate,

    when the constitution is ALLOWED to erode before the eyes of the blind and the minds of the thinkers and the wind and rain, foot falls and pain of those same "shining stars" are the cause of that crumbling, sere erosion; it is no wonder.

    It is no wonder that those closest and precious to these disappointments of our generation and as far back as our great great grandparent's generations will emulate that same abuse of power and misbehaving becomes the "norm."

  3. haha actually his pictures are really cute here

  4. Wonder what the DC Madam would have known.


  5. Yes Mick - thanks for the reminder.

    Do you remember that BIG BOX of papers the DC Madam was lugging to her mother's house days before she was suicided? Only saw that picture once. Never heard what was in that BIG GIANT box of papers she had. I guess it "went missing" -

    Convenient turns of events seem to happen with statistic-defying regularity for our "protectors" - people dying just in time not to talk in court - evidence erased, lost, destroyed - things like that.

    Yes - I'll bet the DC Madam knew a few things - but - whaddaya know - she happened to die before the public had a chance to get the facts on our public servants.

  6. These cretins commit felonies by the dozens as a matter of fact but we the pigeons are fined for jaywalking and murdered for "contempt of cop" which isn't even illegal and is in fact the default attitude.

  7. Thanks anon - yes - their badges are essentially membership cards - a sort of mafia - with laws designed to protect them from accountability.

    It is rare that a guvermint gunslinger pay for a "mistake" - like shooting a citizen for nothing - there's always some justification provided by the crooked good-ole-boys judicial system -

    The secret clearances they hold are another shield from public accountability - always used to prevent the public from seeing the facts - for national security - complete and utter bullshit.

    These guys know they can do whatever they want whenever they want - the can break laws from drugs to murder and get away with it -

    The "scandal" is just a little bump in the road - a media circus and congressional grandstanding will commence for a few news cycles - they'll scapegoat a few low-level people with slaps on the wrists - these people, as a previous commenter pointed out will go to work for one of the mercenary companies - make more money - and the cop-cult will get back to their fun- living it up - above the law.

    But you never know - maybe - and I think it's possible with our awakening going on now - that the good-guys - and I know they exist - will start moving to change this culture and clean up their act before it's too late for the Republic -

  8. At least this guy is NOT spitting on the Constitution like the Bush criminal cabal and Lobobama. Do you think the dancer is going to blow up Fukushima or the WTCs dancing like that? I don't. Party on Garth and tell that reporter to shut up and have a drink or leave.

  9. Leaving cracks in the security of the US is spitting on the Constitution.

    I can't assume "this guy" is any better than the SS man that shot and killed a 23-year-old man at McDonalds - and sprayed a few unaimed shots into the ceiling of the "restaurant" - obviously unconcerned where those shots might impact - no - they get no free flag-wavin' patriotic pass from me. Just the opposite.

    Looks like a mafia goon-squad to me -

    Can you carry on like that the night before you may have to defend the president of the United States from Assassination? If so - don't you think you are decreasing your odds for success after letting a bunch of hookers into the hotel rooms where game-plans may be available to those interested - while you are busy with your girlfriend?

    This is probably commonplace - as you seem to to consider it - for me - I'm paying for this party.

    If that's the best protection the president can get - he might be better off actually trying to broker some peace in the world - stop the drug war - like they wanted down there - and you know - security could probably relax a bit since the whole world wouldn't want revenge for drone attacks on innocent people.

    I'm not implying relaxation of security details - but Thomas Jefferson left the doors of the White House open - Andrew Jackson regularly took in guests that were veterans -

    The present need for five rings of security around the president - whether home or abroad is indicative of an imperialistic agenda.

    1. Jack Rabbit, you may have hit on something there. You have a keen insight on happenings but consider this.
      The Secret Service and military were being set up by others who would document these events to blackmail them into doing what they are told, they have the dirt on them and now are vulnerable.
      I can understand a few but SO MANY?
      In other words, they would stand down in the event of doing the president harm
      Seems to me this is more than just a prostitute case
      THINK about it!

    2. Thanks Joe B for commenting and your insights.

      I think it is important for members of elite services to not find themselves in positions like this in the first place.

      If one wishes to carry on at titty-bars and frequent brothels and do drugs - go work somewhere else. There are plenty of places to work where these lifestyles are OK - but this shouldn't be one of them.

      That's an opinion -

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