New Law: Virginia will not cooperate with NDAA detention

Today I am happy to announce that Virginia's state government has proven to stand for the unalienable rights of We The People.  

From THIS ARTICLE we learn:
"On Wednesday, the Virginia legislature overwhelmingly passed a law that forbids state agencies from cooperating with any federal attempt to exercise the indefinite detention without due process provisions written into sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act.

HB1160 “Prevents any agency, political subdivision, employee, or member of the military of Virginia from assisting an agency of the armed forces of the United States in the conduct of the investigation, prosecution, or detention of a United States citizen in violation of the United States Constitution, Constitution of Virginia, or any Virginia law or regulation.”"
I am so proud of those in  our state government for having the courage to stand up to the Federal power-addicts.  Those who voted against this law should be removed from office in the next election.

What a wonderful day this is - I no longer have to assume that if a law enforcement officer must visit me that I may be whisked away to some secret location indefinitely.  What a relief to know that the RULE OF LAW will be maintained in my favorite state in the union.
For those states that have not yet taken such measures to protect their citizens with concrete action - I urge you to do so immediately.  Push-back now from the states is critical to ensuring that we retain our ability to hold our public officials accountable - to openly discuss the serious matters facing our nation - to protect the ability of We The People to exercise our rights as the ultimate judges of the direction and management of our national and local affairs.
This law proves that the great awakening of humanity - unfolding at this tumultuos time - is taking a turn for what is good and right in the world - the cause of liberty, and justice for all.

Note:  I'll still be watching to make sure y'all keep your promise though.


  1. I think I'll start dating again. get some exercise. Write an editorial that fingers molesters and thieves and government hoodlums. I think I'll go jogging.
    Given the correct information, most everyone will do the right thing. Those owners of the national corporate media have hell to pay. And the devil does NOT share his toys.

  2. I'd feel better if the law read that state agencies would actively oppose, rather than being prevented from assisting. All this says is that if the Feds come for you, the state agencies will not help them - but it doesn't mean the feds can't come get you on their own.

  3. You are right Steve - my take is that the propaganda from the corpora-whore media still grasps many of those that took this action - and that they are just now waking up, possibly feeling foolish for taking this "bold" step - when in fact, it is not bold at all - it is their DUTY!

    Those who took this first step must feel the affirmation of the public - positive feedback from We the People - telling them "Thanks for Looking out for Us!"

    Not too long ago - as I was waking up - as the first signs of the mess we are in sparked neurons in my brain - I felt foolish at first - limiting myself to timid statements - still not fully grasping the magnitude of the iceburg I had stumbled upon.

    You are right - this is definitely not enough - not even close - the tyranny that NDAA - and other assertions by these megalomaniacs - the tyranny - the implications are so intense.........

    These officials did the right thing - they must be supported, encouraged - and prompted to start digging deeper under the surface. They must feel that it is OK to ask the really tough questions - and get the perps into court - so we can avert a civil/revolutionary violent war.

    That is what is at stake right now - but it is too much to ask of those, just stirring from their slumber - to take it all in at once.

    Next - more states must follow this measure - states must begin to assert their intent to tell the anti-liberty police-state people to back off now - and that the state governments will act the second the Feds try to do X.

    What exactly will "X" be?

    Look at the Bill of Rights - that's what it is there for. To serve as a trip-wire - as an alarm bell - as a final last point of retreat from which a cornered population of liberty-loving Americans will say - "No more - stand down - or it's high noon."

    If they don't - then I can only say, as Patrick Henry said in Richmond, Virginia long ago: "Give me Liberty or Give me Death"

    One of my dearest friends - a Vietnam vet - total peace guy - had equipment shot full of holes attached to his body - people wiped out around him - been through the bad stuff....

    Even he said to me: "Sometimes you have to fight."

    I am asking those in law enforcement, state government, military, national government to take a deep breath and consider the precipice we are upon.

    Nobody wants or needs a violent conflict - it is not needed since we have a workable form of government - but if the pigs can't get their noses out of the trough - that's what we are going to have.

    I cannot live as a slave. Slavery is beneath me.

    And as most people that know me will attest: I'll never shut up.

  4. Tell them that you are poud and they did the right thing, when they stod up against a sentral coverment.

    And educate the rest.

    The cabal is unrawelig in a breathtaking speed.
    And I dont belive for a second that you will find anyone in Iran, for that matter, that hates an American, why should he, its the robberbarons and their whores(with all respect to the real ones) that is the problem.

    We all know it, its just the poeple of USA to wake upand realise that.


    “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.

  5. The second amendment wasnt made for hunting or preventing burglaries, it was meant for the citizens to use against tyrannical government taking over.

  6. Yes Anon - the MLK Jr quote is thought-provoking - silence of our friends indeed.

    Your point regarding people in Iran not hating Americans - yes - really - why the hell would they hate us? Especially if they have family living here. It really creeps me out when I hear these syndicated corporate radio people demonizing people who haven't done a damned thing to us. A country that we've meddled/muddled their government causing them all sorts of problems. And as a previous commenter pointed out - many of "us" are not responsible - it is the followers participating in these foreign affairs that are truly responsible and wouldn't be able to get away with their monstrous lies - if only the facts could be laid out for the public to see. Maybe I'm wrong - buy I'd like to see some evidence so I can make up my own mind. For now it's "fool me twice shame on me" certain that those who lied to me before to lay waste to nations would do exactly that again if they can get away with it. And they are trying. They are trying the same tactics - propaganda - and - this is the scary part -

    last time they used a false flag attack for their "New Pearl Harbor"


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