US/Israel: Iran NOT Building Nukes

"You might think that you would have heard more about that, wouldn’t you? U.S. and Israel agree that Iran is NOT building a nuclear bomb. However, this joint assessment that Iran has NOT decided to build a nuclear bomb apparently represented too big a change in the accepted narrative for the Times and the rest of the FCM to process."


Hockey dude diss's the Prez - cause the Prez sucks

"Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas released the following statement Monday evening regarding his absence from the Bruins' visit to the White House this afternoon:

"I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People.

This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level. This is in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision for the Federal government.

Because I believe this, today I exercised my right as a Free Citizen, and did not visit the White House. This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country. This was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL.

This is the only public statement I will be making on this topic. TT""


Paul Craig Roberts: More On Ron Paul

"The biggest mistake that libertarians make is the way they view government and private sectors. Government is the root of all evil, and the private sector is the source of all good. Libertarians have never figured out that people are the same whether in the government or in the private sector. They will abuse their power regardless of where they perch. That is why government needs to be tied down by the Constitution and the private sector by regulation. Yes, regulation can go too far. Certainly, deregulation has gone too far."  Read more HERE


I found this article by Paul Craig Roberts right on target.  It is a matter of realism.

I've found that as years pass, my visual focus has faded - requiring that I wear glasses.  Although a bit of a pain - this comes with a surprise gift - clearer vision regarding reality itself.  The ups and downs of life help smooth out the highs and lows - bringing reality into clear focus.  Part of reality is realizing that nobody gets to have EVERYTHING they want.  That goes for me, you - it doesn't matter.  God and nature just will not cooperate - things are not set up that way - and the sooner we all realize this simple fact - the sooner life gets easier - as we stop clinging to the banks and going with the flow to get to where we all want to go.

I am not talking about selling out, compromising principles, or selling our souls.  I'm talking about bringing about positive political change in America - moving this boat back onto course - casting off the pirates, sobering up the captain - and getting things ship-shape so we can all get to our individual destinations.  The Ship requires rules - and we will all stand our watches - man our stations, perform our duties - then when we hit shore - get off and get on with our lives - turning things over to the next crew.

Presently there are factions fighting for control of the government of this country.  Some of these factions are the Republican and Democrat party factions - blind, brainwashed, bleating sheep that put party above all - the nation be damned.  Hey if the captain is drunk - but he's our man - he's for the party - to hell with it.  Well folks - you know - if you are mature and a realist - this cannot work - we'll all end up walking on the walls to get off the ship and jumping into the sea - praying the waterborne sharks don't kill those of us the land-based sharks are wiping out now.  

There are libertarians too - as PCR addresses in the article linked above.  I hear them interviewed on the radio once in a while - complaining about one thing or another they "don't agree with" regarding Ron Paul - and the whole time I wonder why they insist on shooting themselves in the foot.  Rather than finding common ground - and realizing - as adults do - that nobody gets to have everything they want RIGHT NOW - maybe never - that somewhere along the line - your going to have to pick a captain - find out what you can do to help sail the ship - and get to work.

Speaking of captains - the alternatives presented?  Newt?  Mitt?  Rick?  WTF???  And Libertarian hopefuls (emphasis on "HOPE") - none to think of.  So why don't they get behind someone who maybe will bring them half of what they want instead of NOTHING? 

PCR's article makes great points about Ron Paul being labeled as a person who is going to take away - immediately - the social safety net many rely on in our presently cruel and unusual medical environment - to stay alive.  Why in the world would someone on a fixed income - sick - relying on medicare or medicaid vote for Ron Paul if they think he is intent on taking these benefits away?

Of course Ron Paul is discussing adult issues - intent on addressing root cause of our nation's ailments - over time - keeping things going for those who have no way out as long as needed - while rebuilding a structure for those young enough - to have a newer, better working structure awaiting them should they need it - or better yet - their own financial stability to be able to handle things on their own.  Add to that - a financially functioning medical care system - that people can afford.

These ideals are all possible - but they take time - and there must be a transition period - as with changing over any massive system.  

One fact remains - anyone YOU vote for - except for Ron Paul - is a crap shoot- and the dice ARE LOADED.  Ron Paul's long record proves he does what he told you he would do while campaigning.  Don't ever forget that.

The rest are still playing "he said she said" - avoiding the real issues when possible - explaining away all their past backstabbings and lies - and promising everybody everything with no intention whatsoever to deliver when the election stolen for them installs their sorry ass into office - in defiance of a public obviously wishing for somebody honest that really wants to fix this mess.

So - when it comes time to vote - you will not only be voting for yourself -you will be voting for the captain that will sail the ship that not only you, but youR kids and grandkids will be on.  Whether they are brought aboard to lug powder bags below decks while the ship is used for war until sunk or worn out - or whether they will sail on board to a destination of their own choosing is the question.

A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Liberty.  There is no other alternative right now.  That is the reality we face.  It is up to you to face that reality - to find a way to support the best there is - put aside "party" and other selfish thought-stoppers - and do what is clearly right.  

Please climb aboard, we'll start with the rudder (Constitution) and work our way out from there.


VIDS......I Predict a NO SHOW: Ga. judge orders president to appear at hearing

See more at the link HERE:


I don't see our President showing up for this.  Why should he?  All he has to do is declare the judge a "terrorist" and have him "disappeared" to some unknown locale for a lesson in "waterboarding" or worse - until he changes his mind.

But wait - why even bother trying to "help" the judge change his mind?  The president, under the NDAA, which both parties of Congress have passed, claims the authority to simply shut these bothersome lightweights up - permanently if necessary.

Recently a private investigator publicly stated that she checked Obama's Social Security Number (042-68-4425) using a database most of us have no access to, at risk of losing her livelihood - and found that his SSN is also quite mysterious. 

This is not an issue of left vs. right - or any of the other conspiratorial theories forwarded by those still hypnotized by Obama.  It isn't about "keeping him off the ballot" or any of the other claptrap.

I've often heard during my learning efforts - that the "only stupid question is the one that goes unasked."  There is no more wiggle-room for those uninterested in the facts.  Get to court and settle this issue once and for all so we can move on.  Or...

...just put your blinders back on - play the role of the monkeys that "see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil" - and just go with the flow - allowing the president to ignore the laws the rest of us are forced to abide by with the threat of force as a last resort to MAKE us comply.

But once again - if I were Obama - why bother?  Just ignore these troublemaking terrorists - and use the NDAA to start disappearing those causing problems.  Obama must be terrified - otherwise he'd just show up for court.  Therefore - since they are able to terrorize the president - then they are terrorists.  Have the judge, the private investigator in the video above, the radio host - all of them - have them all detained or murdered - and make this problem go away.  This simple and "legal" act will also serve to keep the rest of the sheep from bleating out of sync with the rest of the flock.


"Hits" are for a Mafia underword - NOT for America

Add caption

"Sam the Minuteman by Nathaniel Benchley - My favorite book is Sam the Minuteman by Nathaniel Benchley. This book tells the story of what happened when the minutemen met the British soldiers in Lexington, Massachusetts. I like this book because I taught at a school in Lexington for five years. Every April we watched Paul Revere ride down the street proclaiming, "The British are coming!". A reenactment of the battle then took place. I have always enjoyed learning about events in American history. 

Browsing the internet - it's hard to overcome blogger's block.  Why?

There's not much new.  The Republican primary circus - is - as usual - nothing more than a public-perception-prep for the coming stolen elections.  The big-money big-mouth fake "conservative" Major and minor leagues of political dumb-phukery continue - pretending that Ron Paul is just an oddity - when in reality he is THE MAN we've all been waiting for.  Instead - the McRomney's and Mayor McGinriches and Sanitariums get the press - since it is of the utmost importance to the bankster puppetmasters to install one of these corporate clowns into the puppa-prezidincy so they can keep the gravy train rolling down the same ole tracks - enriching the bloodthirsty few while the rest of us rot.

The big money has perfected the "divide-and-conquer" strategy - get all the masses fighting amongst themselves about non-issues, ensure media blackouts of Ron Paul - continue the pretend-ville that is Amerika - so the masses still not internet-savvy are left with their fake world-view to deal with.

I've read about Iranian scientists being evaporated with car bombs - while the paid-off or bribed NWO backstabbers like Hillary and the rest of them assure us - yes - this time they aren't lying - that Amerika would NEVER assassinate someone - even though the liar-in-chief mystery-man occupying our Wshite House just signed the NDAA into "law" asserting the ability to indefinitely detain American citizens just by pointing at them and calling them a name.

The same Wshite House that murdered Alwaki - an American citizen - and his son (standard operating procedure when eliminating dissent) - yes - this same disgrace of a guvmint - murderers - telling us that this time it wasn't them.

I'd call such actions and statements a "joke" if I thought this was funny.  Because it isn't - and I'm not laughing.

Americans don't "do" "hits."  That's for Al Capone and an underworld of gangsters - snuffing out the competition encroaching on their territory.  "Territory" meaning the coveted assets of another nation controlled by somebody who doesn't wanna' take our funny money anymore - won't sell us their natural resources at bargain basement prices - won't do what we tell them.

I saw a story about the French no longer "training" Afghan troops, calling the Afghan fighters who want the Imperialist occupyers to leave - calling these patriots of their own country "cowards" since every now and then - one of these fighters - who want France, England, and the US out of their country - sacrifice their life for a coupla' the "enemies'" (our guys') lives.  Hmmmmm.  May I let you in on a secret?  Any foreign troops come here to start bossing me and the armed-to-the-teeth Americans I know - are gonna get picked off unmercifully.  Yes - from close and from afar.  That's the American way.  Does it not strike YOU as a bit hypocritical to complain when a patriot from another nation acts exactly as we would to a foreign invading power?  Isn't that the duty of the citizen?  You bet it is - don't listen to those claiming it's better to lay down your arms in favor of enslavement.  Talk about bad advice.

I also read this story:

"COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- U.S. Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia has a simple solution for people who don't like all the political advertisements unleashed by the court's decision two years ago that ended limits on corporate contributions in political campaigns - change the channel or turn off the TV.

Scalia was asked about the decision during a presentation before the South Carolina Bar on Saturday, exactly two years after the court handed down the 5-4 decision in the case that led to the rise of Super PACs. They are outside groups affiliated with candidates that can take in unlimited contributions as long as they don't directly coordinate with the candidate.
"I don't care who is doing the speech - the more the merrier," Scalia said. "People are not stupid. If they don't like it, they'll shut it off.""

Yes - Scalia - although you appear most impressive in your Darth Vader-like robes - I'm not impressed.  What you are NOT discussing is the "lying via omission" problem.  

You see - oh great robed-one - when the media is OWNED by a few - who deliberately choose to eliminate choices - then - the problem becomes one of false choices.  I know judge - oh great one - that nobody oughta' mess with you - after all - you have all this misdirected power an unfinite wisdom - but didja' ever think about the audience not turning it off - because they think that what they are watching is all there is?  Oh - ha ha ha - what a crazy idea - but ...

There are many in America - this crumbling rathole - sold out to the highest bidder - who don't now have access to the internet.  There are also a 1% out there who have more money than the rest of us - who are smart enough to purchase ALL OF THE MEDIA - lock stock and barrel - except for the internet - now under attack.

And - Scalia - I'm sure you know - that if you are not connected in the law-yer biz - you are doomed.  You know - 20% of the law-yers are good - the rest - that we get - suck.  So we pay up or go to jail.  We don't have the money to sue.  We don't have the money to buy up all the TV and radio stations that incessantly bombard the masses with "news" carefully - and with trained confidence-artists (shills) - being sold garbage posing as "the whole big picture" - being herded with well known propagandistic and marketing techniques - down the same path to the slaughter.  No - it's really worse - as I said before - just listening to the monied owners of everything - selling us a stolen election before it happens.

No Scalia - the people are not "stupid" but they surely are kept "ignorant" because the media is bought and paid for.  Many never hear the options available.  They remain ignorant - and they are still far from stupid.  But - garbage-in-garbage-out - even a computer program spits out the wrong answer when the facts serving as input are incomplete, manipulated or incorrect.  Now mix the Diebold voting machines into this mess and you have a bigger mess.

Have you ever had your bank miss a penny of withdrawal fees from your interactions at instant banking tellers - anywhere?  You can go to Washinton state, to Florida, Maine and Texas.  YOu can go overseas.  They never miss a penny.  But you can bet your life that there will be miscounted votes when it comes to elections - because elections are stolen - and the debates, propaganda and everything else is engineered around the FACT that the election will be stolen - and the appearance - the verisimiltude - of a good fight - MUST BE PRESENTED FOR THE PUBLIC SO THEY DON'T GO ABSOLUTELY BAT-SHIT CRAZY WHEN THEY GET ROBBED YET AGAIN.

I hope those reading this will vote for Ron Paul no matter what.  Ron Paul has wisdom - and he is wise enough to know that change is n't necessarily something that can happen with one, two, five or whatever number of elections.  He does know that no matter what - the public is paying very close attention to the antics of the puppetmasters, the paid liars, and the corporate interests.  

Natural law is independent of the corrupt legal system in this country - a system where Scalia thinks he stands for ANYTHING when the NDAA was passed and signed - and it hasn't already had it's day in court to be thrown on the dictatorship-trash-heap of tyrannical history.

No matter what - keep heart - vote for Dr. Ron Paul - and keep your fingers crossed - we just might win.


Cruise Ship Disaster - NOT LIKE the Titanic - and Obama NOT like "Honest Abe" Lincoln

HONEST ABE - pic from wik

A quote from THIS article says "like something out of the Titanic..."

""Some of the crew were telling us to go back to our cabins while others were saying go to the lifeboats - it was obvious we were in serious trouble because we heard a terrible scraping noise, the lights flickered and then came back on again.

"At first, there was a message to say it was an electrical fault but almost immediately the ship started to lean to one side and you could tell we were in serious trouble. We were in the restaurant and everything just started sliding off the tables.

"We couldn't believe our eyes. There was just utter chaos people were rushing about and pushing each other in a panic. Children were crying and no-one seemed to know what was happening. We got into a lifeboat and were taken to Giglio but even there things were not much better as no-one gave us a hot drink or a blanker for ages.

There have been claims from furious passengers that the evacuation was "chaotic" and carried out amid scenes of panic with some comparing it to the Titanic - whose 100 year anniversary is in three months' time."

...ah but it is NOT "like something out of the  REAL Titanic incident.  It may   be something out of the Titanic MOVIE - but NOT something out of Titanic history.  Why?

The sinking of the Titanic - and what really happened there - was disgraced by the Titanic movie - a movie that depicted selfish violence and people crawling over each others backs to get to the limited number of lifeboats.

Take a look at this memorial to those lost during the Titanic disaster:
The monument is inscribed thus:


APRIL 15 1912
So - it isn't like something out of what really happened on the REAL Titanic - it's like what happened in the movie "Titanic" which is the only image of history (FAKE HISTORY) regarding that incident that exists (WAS EMBEDDED BY HOLLYWOOD) in the consumerist mind of the football-absorbed modern uneducated historically ignorant masses of "citizen-voters" here in America - why is this important?

A coupla' weeks ago I was talking to my niece - she asked me if I saw some Hollywood movie - I answered "I don't watch any movies anymore at all" - which I don't.  She asked why.  I told her that they are nothing but bullshit propaganda - there to plant the seeds in the public mind for upcoming events.  The Titanic came up and I used that as an example for my scorn.  I said to her "take the movie Titanic for example "(which I went to see back in the day and was appalled) - Hollywood disgraced the gentlemen on that ship - who calmly allowed women and children to get onto the limited number of lifeboats - and just went ahead and drowned - to save others. An unselfish act - of a bygone people of a bygone era.  She said:  "It's just a movie."  I said "I know that - but all that anybody knows - about the Titanic - is what they learned in that movie - and the movie depicted selfishness and violence as a means of grabbing a chance to live - rather than self-sacrifice."  Hollywood's Titanic sickens me for that reason.  They'd might as well go piss on the monument - those who made that movie.

Here we are today  - and the quotes are there - with idiots talking about the selfish materialistic immoral pukes crawling over each others backs to get off the boat.  Fuck the kids - the pregnant women, the old, the sick - Fuck'em - it's all about ME!

Why do I bring this up?

SERIAL LIAR pic from wik

Just to comment on the power of the media - the corporate-owned media - part of the New World Order agenda - ready to plant the long-term seeds in YOUR MIND - so when the stuff hits the fan - and all hell breaks loose - you will have already been properly conditioned for it.  Hollywood movies do the long-term work.  Goon squads of traitorous NAZI SWAT teams and TSA traitors do the short term shock work.

Conditioning of the public - in a climate of never-ending FEAR - and a constant incessant state of ALERT - prepare the individuals that make up the masses for the messages to be embedded into their minds.  (I'm talking about YOU, reader.)

Let's think about the present for a moment shall we?  From OCTOBER 27, 2008:

I'VE heard there's a movie about A. Lincoln coming out.  Interesting.....

We know that the "Constitutional Scholar" (whatever that is - it's only a coupla' pages written to be unambiguous and understandable to the common man)....

We know that the mystery-man in the Wshite House signed the NDAA basically burning the Constitution - thereby extirpating the very foundations of what IS AMERICA - what has made AMERICA GREAT - he just crumpled it up and flushed it down the toilet.

We also know that Lincoln was the first to suspend Habeas Corpus -
locking up dissenters that were considered enemies.  This may be why John Wilkes Booth - one of several conspirators - (yes this isn't a conspiracy theory - it's a conspiracy fact) - tasked with killing Lincoln while others were to kill a coupla other government members - Booth shot Lincoln then yelled "Sic Semper Tyrannis" or thus always to Tyrants.

We have a new Tyrant - and as always in Amerika - it is important to teach this ignorant rabble of football fans a history lesson about central government power.  The best way - give them a history lesson in the form of a movie.

I haven't seen the movie yet - and perhaps I'm jumping the gun here.  But Hollywood has done such a disservice to this nation - by polluting the minds of America's citizens with hyped-up bullshit - modifying history - in just so careful a way - to make sure that the masses are ready for what Hollywood's puppetmasters have planned next for the masses.

Maybe I'm wrong about this movie.  But either way - the movie will become the historical record for the masses of TV-watchers and armchair quarterbacks - as they try to comprehend the fast pace of events sinking them into a new dark age of police state tyranny here in the United States.

I hope and pray - to my God anyway - that those trying to destroy this great nation from within will meet the fate of those who have attempted in the past to do just that.

Our federal government has gone far enough.  The NDAA must not stand - it is fighting words - and that means - as you already know - that since the Constitution has been discarded - we only have one document - one Jefferson included on his tombstone - the Declaration of Independence of the United States.  That means big trouble.

Abraham Lincoln was known as "Honest Abe."  What will Obombya be known as - a lyin' sack of shit?  There is no comparison.  One begged borrowed and created his own money - the greenbacks - defying the banks to save the union - a noble man - with a noble cause - doing what was good for the people.  Obombya has lied so many times I can't count them, and is willing to use Draconian law to do what is BAD FOR ALL OF US - including disposing with the Constitution - that document the defines what IS AMERICA.  There is NO COMPARISON.

Beware of the agenda-driven Corporate media - in all it's disguises - be a miser with your Corporate-media time - after all - they are slick marketers interested in only one thing - influencing your behavior.  Just remember - whether or not the stimulus you receive is based on reality - your actions occur in the real world.  This was stated by Walter Lippman in "Public Opinion" - a book about "shaping minds."  Yes indeed - such principles are used with vigor!  YOU ARE THE TARGET!

Military and police and government gun-slingers - pick a side.  You are either with us or you are with the terrorists.

What should be the fate of those stealing our liberty from within?

We have a presidential election coming up - do your homework - independent of the US Corpora Mcmedia - get your facts - and pay close attention to the new GEORGE WASHINGTON - RON PAUL.



Where's PETA on this one?

Don't worry Dolphin - we're your friends just having fun!


""We've got dolphins," said retired Adm. Tim Keating in a Wednesday interview with NPR. Keating commanded the U.S. 5th Fleet in Bahrain during the run-up to the Iraq war. He sounded uncomfortable with elaborating on the Navy's use of the lovable mammals but said in a situation like the standoff in Hormuz, Navy-trained dolphins would come in handy:"

Note to Dolphins:  Never, ever, ever, ever - trust a recruiter - or a human being, for that matter - especially if they "train" you to sniff around mines with a camera bolted to your arm, or fin, or whatever that thing is.

It's not worth the treats.  They are not your friends.  Dolphins - save yourself before the false flag attack that is sure to come.  

"We've got dolphins!"  the admiral says.  But, alas - many will be dolphin stew.


Panetta: Apparent Marine desecration of Taliban corpses is ‘utterly deplorable’ - but killing them is OK?

"Top U.S. officials moved swiftly Thursday to try to prevent diplomatic damage and contain public disgust from the release of a video that appeared to show Marines urinating on three Afghan corpses — images that spread quickly around the globe.
Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta said he had viewed the video and considered it “utterly deplorable.” He telephoned Afghan President Hamid Karzai and pledged a full investigation." Read More HERE
These Marines were sent into a situation where it is "kill or be killed" - with full confidence that their "leaders" sent them there for good reason.  Hey it's war - it's gonna' get rough.  Maybe they lost some guys during the battle - I don't know.    
The disgusting part of all this is that our country's moral standards are so low that few in government can even recognize that the most disgusting aspect of this incident is that nobody seems to notice that lives were lost.  Ya' know - HUMAN LIVES - that old-fashioned concept where life is sacred.  Not any more.  WHAT DO WE FOCUS ON? - A COUPLA' GUYS TAKING A PISS AFTER FIGHTING IT OUT TO THE DEATH.   WHAT A JOKE!
Remember my fellow citizens - and everybody else - who is sending these Marines over there in the first place - what they are doing there - and where they intend to send them next. The next enemy will have to be dehumanized too - and similar incidents - documented or not - will probably also happen in that theater.  It's a war - ya' know - where people kill each other - More war like Hillary and the rest of them a screaming for more of.  But all of the sudden they've been shocked - shocked!  Suddenly their hair is on fire!  A picture got out showing our troops pissing on dead enemy fighters.  Like Hillary really gives a damn.  Theater.
I am not defending the actions of the marines- but I can see how things have got to this point.  The enemies of America - especially Muslims - are viewed as animals to be slaughtered by many involved in this conflict.  Perhaps that attitude has permeated our armed forces in many areas - where there really is no "discipline."  It's just "kill 'em all let God sort 'em out" and everybody keep your goddam mouths shut.
This picture escaped the censorship - and found its way back to America.  
Meanwhile the war drums beat for more war...
Meanwhile the attempts to usurp our Constitution continue with the aid of the McMedia...
Meanwhile elections are stolen...
Meanwhile more soldiers, "enemies", die - basically ...for ...nothing...
...but after the real sick deed has already been committed - Americans are up in arms about takin' a piss.

A Morphing Media? ...or is Dr. Paul's medicine already working?

Dr. Paul's Presidential Prescription to Restore our Republic's Health

I'd say both.

Corporate McMedia shills' shapes yesterday began to morph.  Yes - their efforts to hide Ron Paul's existence, to smear him, to smear his supporters have failed.  And they know it.  And so do their audiences.  

Glenn Beck recently took a spill on TV - which obviously means it was for real - and hadda' call in to his sorry-ass Israeli-firster show in an attempt to re-legitemize himself - by stating that Ron Paul just might be the Republican nominee.  Why?

Laura Ingraham (UVA Law-turned-radio-DJ)  had Jim DeMint on her show where, in a somewhat befuddled elitist manner, fought to comprehend why, as DeMint told her, in so many words, that the  majority of people want Ron Paul and there is simply no way to hide it anymore.  

What DeMint did NOT tell her is that those like (UVA-grad-turned-radio-DJ) Laura who've sold their souls to Satan for PAC and Party - uhmmm, well, heh heh, picked the wrong side.  The audience knows full well.  More and more people are awakening to the years of lies via omission and otherwise our McMedia McTalkers have fed us.  

Those tired of war based on lies, lost property, no jobs,  have found that the junk-journalism, the McSh%tSandwiches Laura, Sean, Neil, Savage, Rush cook up are poisoning our great republic - assisting in it's abuse by banksters, globalists and looters.  Families of veterans have awakened to see that the McSh%tsandwich in the flag-wrapping from Faux news is much to blame for ALL their nations health problems.  

So the corpora McTalkers continue on each day - coming out of the confluence-call huddle - with their plan to steer the herd back in the wrong direction - but - the Ron Paul effect is so strong - that guests who would normally back them up, callers that would normally back them up - now tell them, in so many words, that hemp is on the way.

After all - since the McMindphukers were all complicit in maintaining radio silence during the passing and signing of the back-stabbing civil-rights-stomping NDAA - what the hell.  There is no law anymore - except that enforced by a gun.  Yes - if they've all agreed that nobody has rights - we all know that applies to them too.  And there are enough audience members who know they've been betrayed to get the job done.  Since everyone will have more time on their hands having lost their reason to listen to the radio - they may busy themselves compiling lists of McMindphukers and traitors to be murdered by the government - and put them in the suggestion box at the Wshite House.

Pretending to finally "get it" our skilled McMindphukers will morph into Ron Paul "understanders" - as they suddenly come to their senses - realizing - that Ron Paul has cured them of blindness!  I can see Glenn Beck playing this up already!  Yes - he awoke from a dream inspired by the guy he wanted to "shoot in the head" and realized - that now he too can be disappeared once his usefulness is over supporting the Zionist agenda and the war-mongers - and stuffing his pockets through fear-mongering.  Yes - he awoke and realized that Ron Paul, not only exists, but is preaching the gospel of the Constitution.  What a novel idea!

The McMindphukers would really like not to say anything positive about Ron Paul - since they've already shown their allegiance to tyranny, war, fearmongering and Islamophobia.   But they can't - and won't - because the Ron Paul medicine is working!  The medicine is working on the public, transforming McConsumers to CITIZENS - and especially alarming and powerful - INFORMED CITIZENS!  Healthy minds now free of the McPoison from the McMindphukers - seeing clearly the simple path out of the worst of our mess - abiding by the Consitution - the restoration of civil rights.  Stopping wars based on lies and the vampire-military-industrial-blood-money complex.  

I recommend the Ron Paul diet - turning the McMindphukers off completely - unless your intent in listening is as mine is.  I listen occasionally to pick up the drift of what propaganda approach the puppetmasters have planned for the yet-un-awakened.  Sometimes I'll call in to lend a voice of opposition.  If you can get through - it is powerful - much more than you may realize.  People react to dissent - in a powerful way - it gives them great hope that there are others just like them out there - fed up - angry - and willing to fight for Liberty - not McCorporaland's Fried Freedom - but LIBERTY. 

Get your news from the internet - compare - contrast - look at the record of Ron Paul vs the McMorphers running for office.

The puppetmasters know they have very little time left to pull the trigger on the final stage of the "long war" as they longingly call it.  It's time to shorten their bloody horizons.  We're in it for the whole enchilada my friends.  Look around you - at those you know, what you know, where you live - and where you hope to be.  Is it worth fighting for?  You decide.