Where's PETA on this one?

Don't worry Dolphin - we're your friends just having fun!


""We've got dolphins," said retired Adm. Tim Keating in a Wednesday interview with NPR. Keating commanded the U.S. 5th Fleet in Bahrain during the run-up to the Iraq war. He sounded uncomfortable with elaborating on the Navy's use of the lovable mammals but said in a situation like the standoff in Hormuz, Navy-trained dolphins would come in handy:"

Note to Dolphins:  Never, ever, ever, ever - trust a recruiter - or a human being, for that matter - especially if they "train" you to sniff around mines with a camera bolted to your arm, or fin, or whatever that thing is.

It's not worth the treats.  They are not your friends.  Dolphins - save yourself before the false flag attack that is sure to come.  

"We've got dolphins!"  the admiral says.  But, alas - many will be dolphin stew.

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