Judge 'inundated' with death threats after Arizona ruling

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" Last year, the Arizona Republic reported that the number of threats nationwide against federal judges and prosecutors, plus jurors and witnesses, more than doubled in the last six years, from 592 to nearly 1,300. Gonzales indicated at the time that the federal judges in Arizona get three to four threats a week.

The increase in threats coincides with more online use and the proliferation of blogs, he said. A quick scan shows many sites and discussion forums where Bolton is called a traitor or other, unprintable names.
Note: Blame it on the bloggers. A control freak is a control freak. Those who consider free speech dangerous are themselves the greatest threats to our republic. How is it possible to speak truth to power without speaking truth to power? How is it possible to identify a traitor, as a traitor, if there are limitations on the word "traitor?"

The death threats may have increased as blogging has increased - but who is to say for sure what the correlation is? Is it because the average American citizen, who is paying the salary of the judges and cops, is too weak-minded to read a rant on the internet without reacting in a violent way?

Or is it because people now have access to the whole picture - the big picture - with all the rumors, facts and details mixed together that they can, by themselves, sift through until they are satisfied that they have a grasp of the subject. They then realize that our criminal justice system and militarized police aid the oppressors and are taking a lot of our money as they cooperate with anti-constitutional traitors who have corrupted our laws for their own self-serving goals?

Is it that the citizens are finally feeling the wrath of an out-of-control Federally driven police state - with an agenda all its own - that ignores the will of the people completely - using the people's own money in ways contrary to the well-being of the people - and that is why the people are expressing themselves to "authority figures" in such dramatic ways?

The justness of a law can be measured by the people's willingness to abide by that law.

What does it mean when the government ignores the law - then tells the rest of us to have respect for the law?

Brazil offers haven to Iran woman in adultery case

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"The case created an international outcry when Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani initially was sentenced to death by stoning. Iran withdrew that part of the sentence earlier this month, but the mother of two could still face execution by hanging.
During a campaign rally for his party's presidential candidate, Silva appealed to Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, "to allow Brazil to grant political asylum to this woman."
"If she is causing problems there, we will welcome her here," Silva added, according to Brazil's official news service, Agencia Brasil."

Fatal Crash Stokes Afghan-U.S. Tension in Kabul

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"Four Afghans were killed in the accident on the main airport road, according to Kabul's criminal investigations chief, Abdul Ghaafar Sayedzada.

U.S. embassy spokesperson Caitlin Hayden confirmed to CBS News that the SUV involved was carrying four contractors from DynCorp, a private security firm affiliated with the embassy. Afghan police officials said the Americans were traveling in a two-vehicle convoy.


Sen. Ben Nelson is first Democrat to oppose Kagan

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" And the National Rifle Association, which wields outsized influence in states like Nebraska, is opposing Kagan, calling her hostile to gun rights and promising to punish senators who vote "yes" in candidate ratings it circulates to millions of gun-owning voters."

UPDATE: White House Reacts to Guest's Criminal Past

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" Macko, a Charlottesville resident, stood next to President Obama as his example of the need to extend jobless benefits.

"We need to extend unemployment compensation benefits for women like Leslie Macko, who lost her job at a fitness center last year, and has been looking for work ever since. Because she's eligible for only a few more weeks of unemployment, she's doing what she never thought she'd have to do. Not at this point, anyway. She's turning to her father for financial support," Obama said in his speech at the White House on July 19th."

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Location -- No-Fly Zone

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" According to the FAA, a temporary flight restriction has been issued for the area where Chelsea is tying the knot on Saturday in Rhinebeck, NY -- and will last from 3 PM EDT Saturday until 3:30 AM EDT Sunday. "
Note: The American people are viewed as cattle in the way of the elites's party train.


Scientists identify cell believed to be cause of prostate cancer

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" The results showed that it was basal rather than luminal cells that initiated prostate cancer in the animals."

62 cops linked to drug cartels arrested in Mexico

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" Mexican federal authorities arrested 62 police officers in the state of Baja California Thursday suspected of ties to organized crime and drug trafficking, the state's attorney general said, according to the state-run Notimex news agency."
Note: Good thing our US cops and government are as pure as the driven snow. This kind of thing would never happen here in America. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

US investigates contract workforce in Iraq

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" The US military said yesterday that it is clamping down on contracting firms working on American bases using employees whose home countries ban travel to Iraq, raising questions about why the contractors were allowed to work in the country for so long despite the bans."

Feds put up $1 billion more for mortgage relief

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" Under this new Emergency Mortgage Relief program, eligible homeowners who are at least three months delinquent can get up to $50,000 apiece in federal loans to pay their mortgages."

Israel chief of staff's bodyguard jailed for sex assault

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" He served in a unit of the domestic security agency Shin Bet which provides close protection for the prime minister, chief of staff of the armed forces and other top officials."

Iran 'ready' to suspend uranium enrichment if assured of import

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" Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Director Ali Akbar Salehi told Iranian television news that if the supply of 20 percent enriched uranium was assured from sources outside Iran that would eliminate the need for Iran to go through the enrichment process for its Tehran reactor."
Note: My guess is the Pentagon-driven corporate-owned media here in the US - will push for an attack anyway. This has nothing to do with nukes and everything to do with power, domination, and endless war.

DC sniper claims conspirators in Shatner interview

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" Malvo's revelations came in response to questions about claims by a psychiatrist that the duo had co-conspirators. The psychiatrist, Neil Blumberg, who worked with Malvo before his trial, also said Malvo had confessed to more shootings in addition to the spree that terrorized the Washington region in 2002, when 13 people were hit and 10 of them died.

An FBI spokeswoman declined to comment Thursday on the claims. Malvo's lawyer during his trial, Timothy Sullivan, did not immediately return a call.

McMahon Campaign Hits Grimm For Taking "Jewish Money"

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" Nelson stressed that the point of compiling the list was not to show that Grimm had a lot of Jewish support, but that he had little support in the district."
Note: I can hear the howls already. It's not "jews" that are a problem - it is Zionists with loyalty to Israel above US interests that are the problem.

Anheuser-Busch InBev loses Budweiser name case

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" The ruling comes 14 years after its initial application to register the name as an EU trademark was blocked by Czech brewer Budejovicky Budvar."
Note: I had a few glasses at the Bud place in the Czech republic a few years after the wall came down.

Enron's former CEO, Jeffrey Skilling, applies for bail

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" He was found guilty on 19 counts including conspiracy, fraud and insider trading. Enron founder, Kenneth Lay, was also convicted but died six weeks later as he awaited sentence
Note: Conspiracy? Who are the crazy conspiracy theorists making these accusations?

H.R. 5741: Congress attempting to legislate slavery in the US

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" To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or in civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, and for other purposes."
Note: Next are armband-wearing kids, marching to songs, first carrying shovels over their shoulders - eventually carrying rifles. I suppose American parents will start to pay attention when more of their kids come home in boxes. In the meantime the wars are an abstraction - a blurb on the news in between hyped-up "terrorist attacks" and "drug busts."

Corporate media in America is public enemy number one - I feel sorry for the Sean Hannity types, the Laura Ingrahams, the Thom Hartmanns, the Neil Boortzs, the Rushbos, the Glenn "shoot him in the head" Becks, the Wolf Blitzers - all of them. Because America will wake up - one way or the other - and if I were any of the above war-mongering con-artists I'd get out of Dodge real quick-like when the SHTF.

The lie cannot last forever. And it will not.

Obama Appoints a Not-Too-Long-Ago-Hatched Neocon Larva

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" We have another month or so before Bryza appears before the Congress again, and hopefully much more will come to light between now and then. By this I mean mainly the ‘foreign press’;-) But the real issue here is this newly hatched Neocon’s nomination by the current President in the first place. Is President Obama that keen and committed to keeping and or bringing back known neocons? Is it that this President is unable to find any clean non-Neocon candidates for strategically very important positions like this? Is this President (and his advisors) simply too ignorant to disregard tons of alarming, improper, eye-brow raising, embarrassing …background and current facts about the candidate he nominated for this ambassadorship?!"

Judge orders life sentence for Florida Keys drug smuggler (while acting as an operative of the U.S. State Department)

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" Williams also raised eyebrows when he admitted under oath to smuggling drugs, but did so, he testified, while acting as an operative of the U.S. State Department. He later fired his attorney, Joel DeFabio of Coral Gables, for not arguing that point before jurors."
Note: Americans are mushrooms - fed shit and kept in the dark. A "war on drugs?" ha ha ah ah aha ha! You poor pathetic tax-paying fools. I pity thee. But isn't it true that ignorance of the law is no excuse? As American "citizens" (consumers) remain criminally negligent via ignorance of the actions of their government - they will suffer the consequences.

Good news for the Feds and scumbags perpetuating this drug-war madness: I see absolutely, positively no discussion at a neighbor-to-neighber level regarding the drug corruption of our government. So my evaluation: Keep going - you have still not done anything to awaken the soccer moms or the ballgame-mesmerized masses. They will still willingly - and proudly provide you with "troops" (their kids) to keep the heroin coming in, the cocaine coming in, and the police state going.

Thanks Feds! You, through your selfishness and ignorance of the basic tenets upon which our republic is founded - are destroying America. Keep lining your pockets - I hope you sleep well at night.

You make me sick.

Citigroup: Israel a risky bet

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" “Underlying economic fundamentals are strong in Israel, especially relative to other developed markets, but we are concerned by the geopolitical risk,” Citigroup analyst Michael Klahr was quoted as saying in the report titled Assessing Geopolitical Risk and the Investment Case for Israel. “There exists significant geopolitical risk due to an adversarial relationship with the Palestinians, Hizbullah (in Lebanon) and perhaps more worryingly with Iran.”"
Note: No kidding geniuses. Same as our failing war-economy. Bombs don't produce anything except death and destruction - and by the way, they kill people. And by the way - Arab lives are lives too. And if one keeps producing bombs - and one has no opportunity to empty warehouses full of them, well then - no more need to keep producing bombs. So war means - empty the storehouses - and order more bombs - to kill more people - cycle continues.

My fellow Americans - we are a disgrace to humanity. It's time to start subsidizing solar panels and inverters here in the United States - get real - rebuild our infrastructure - and start acting like mature adults. This "war on terror" fantasy is a pathetic joke.

Uncle Sam shuns Goldman until it's business

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" But behind closed doors and out of camera shot, Goldman is still considered the gold standard that the federal government turns to when it needs to raise billions in the markets or complete major transactions."

The $41,000 Question: Is the Chevy Volt Worth the Money?

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" They’ll also have to be people willing to pay BMW prices for a Chevy. The biggest challenge for Chevrolet may be in finding those upmarket customers. According to Edmunds.com, only 13 percent of new vehicles sold this year cost more than $40,000 (not including incentives). J.D. Power & Associates in its 2010 Initial Quality Study said that 15 percent of new vehicle sales (excluding exotics) were of cars with a suggested retail price of $40,000 and above."
Note: Count me out.

Elena Kagan news: Sen. Jeff Sessions calls Kagan a 'dangerous' nominee

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" For instance, the National Rifle Association is opposing Kagan, calling her hostile to gun rights and telling senators it will punish them in its candidate ratings for supporting her."

Reference to missile-downed helicopter in leaked Afghanistan reports highlights a threat

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" Because of the NATO force's heavy reliance on them, one of the most eye-catching revelations in a trove of classified documents posted on the Internet this week was that insurgents apparently used a portable heat-seeking surface-to-air missile to shoot down a twin-rotor CH-47 Chinook in Helmand province in May 2007, killing seven Western service members."
Note: Rut-roh-rorge! This is THE END. No helicopter air superiority (and this is just me talking) means war lost. Done. It's over.

Empire - Superclass

U.S. Army Stressed After Nearly a Decade of War

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" The military has fought for years against the stigma of combat stress injuries like post traumatic stress disorder, yet the study accuses Army leaders of neglecting to recognize the symptoms of a potential suicide victim. It notes that according to a separate survey an estimated 13 percent of the Army suffered from PTSD, while only 9 percent of suicide deaths in recent years had been diagnosed with PTSD, suggesting many of the victims had fallen through the cracks."

Facebook data harvester speaks out

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" Earlier this year there was a storm of protest from users of the site over the complexity of Facebook's privacy settings. As a result, the site rolled out simplified privacy controls.

Facebook has a default setting for privacy that makes some user information publicly available. People have to make a conscious choice to opt-out of the defaults.
Note: It seems that Facebook is too powerful to be left alone - they need to be attacked - and they seem to be under attack from many directions presently.

U.S. Army veteran in Colombia feels like he's caught in a no-fly trap

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" Knaeble has tried other ways to get home. In May he planned to fly from Colombia to Mexico and then cross the U.S.-Mexico border by land. But he was greeted at the gate in Mexico City by government agents. They detained him and questioned him about his recent conversion to Islam. Fifteen hours later, he says, he was put on a plane back to Bogota."

House Republicans Giving Green Light for Israeli Strike on Iran

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" It “supports using all means of persuading the Government of Iran to stop building and acquiring nuclear weapons” and pledges that the U.S. will ensure that Israel “continues to receive critical economic and military assistance, including missile defense capabilities, needed to address the threat of Iran.”"
Note: I don't like terms like "all means."


Isn't Oliver Stone just being truthful?

Oliver Stone recently apologized for comments he made (click here):

" Stone kicked off a media firestorm over the weekend for telling a reporter from London’s Sunday Times that Adolf Hitler, the subject of his upcoming documentary, did more damage to Russia than he did to the Jews. He also stated that the U.S.'s support for Israel is the result of Jewish domination of the media."

His apology didn't seem to do much good:

" “Anyone who works with this guy should be ashamed,” Saban, who is Jewish and a supporter of Israel, said in comments posted at HuffingtonPost.com and confirmed by Pillersdorf. “Oliver Stone should be given a helping hand --indeed, a vigorous shove -- into the land of forced retirement.”...

Jews obviously do not control media or any other industry,” Stone said in his apology. “The fact that the Holocaust is still a very important, vivid and current matter today is, in fact, a great credit to the very hard work of a broad coalition of people committed to the remembrance of this atrocity -- and it was an atrocity.”

But let's get real here for a moment - doesn't the reaction to Oliver Stone's comments prove his point? After all, his only crime is being candid. The media smear campaign from the Jewish community is simply the expected, predictable and automatic attack anyone speaking against Jews or Israel will suffer. Get real. The same exact thing happened to Helen Thomas when she had the temerity to ask the tough questions. This anti-Semite schtick is getting old, old, old!

Don't call me a Jew-hater, Jew-basher or any of that nonsense. I have Jewish friends and I intend to keep them. But I've got to call it as I see it - and there is either corruption, nepotism, or Zionism going on here.

Check out these links and make up your own mind whether or not a 2% segment of the population of America should hold such a high percentage of powerful positions. Do you think they talk? Do you think they have common goals? Do you think they share a common agenda?

I wonder if any of them feel a special loyalty to Israel - a loyalty that might affect their judgement when it comes to putting America FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD. (To quote a friend of mine.)

From the Treasury link:
" Of the twenty(20) top officials in the U.S. Treasury Department, twelve(12) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 60%. Jews are approximately 2% of the United States population.* This means that Jews are over-represented among the top officials of the U.S. Treasury Department by a factor of 30 times times, or 3,000 percent. This extreme numerical over-representation of Jews among the top officials of the U.S. Treasury Department cannot be explained away as a coincidence or as the result of mere random chance. You must ask yourself how such an incredibly small and extremely unrepresentative minority ethnic group that only represents 2% of the American population could so completely dominate the highest levels of the U.S. Treasury Department."

Consider the following:

Who Controls the U.S. Treasury Department?
Who Controls the Federal Reserve System?
Who Controls the US Economy?
Who Controls the U.S. State Department?
Who Controls the AIG?
Who Controls the Goldman Sachs?
Who Controls the CFR?
Who Controls the Ivy League?

Note: Special thanks to texmex on reddit for providing the links.

Schwarzenegger Orders Worker Furloughs Amid Impasse on California Budget

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" California began its fiscal year without a spending plan after Schwarzenegger and Democrats remained deadlocked over how to fill a $19.1 billion deficit. Controller John Chiang has warned he may again need to issue IOUs to pay bills if the impasse continues into September."
Note: While the wars continue...

FBI director defends bureau over test cheating

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" FBI Director Robert Mueller told Congress on Wednesday that he doesn't know how many of his agents cheated on an important test about the limitations of the bureau's powers to conduct surveillance and open cases without evidence that a crime has been committed."
Note: Like it really matters. Just another out-of-control police agency. Look at THIS STORY: Officer picks wrong parking spot for a glimpse of the respect police have for the "law." That is as long as they are not inconvenienced by it.

My respect for law enforcement at this time is low - I see them as welfare queens sucking off the government teat - doing the bidding of the feds without understanding or caring to understand the rights of citizens.

Protect and serve? Right.

GOP says Strickland took money from Wall Street

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" The GOP says Ohio's Democratic governor has taken nearly $1.5 million in campaign money from those with ties to the financial industry while attacking the Wall Street ties of his Republican rival."

Jim Rogers predicts a new recession in 2012

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" With reference to Ben Bernanke, chairman of the US Federal Reserve, he said: "Is Mr Bernanke going to print more money than he already has? No, the world would run out of trees.""
Note: What I like about Jim Rogers is his ability to explain things in terms I can understand. No smoke and mirrors. No double-talk. Unafraid to say unpopular things.

Big Oil Co.s profits soar on high prices, refining

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" Conoco, the third-largest U.S. oil company, said second quarter net profits rose 385 percent to $4.2 billion, boosted by a $2.9 billion gain related to the company's sale of its stake in a Canadian oil sands venture."
Note: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Report: Sallie Mae hires advisers on strategic alternatives

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" While the company would not confirm a relationship with Goldman Sachs, or comment directly on alternatives being considered, CEO Albert Lord has made it clear changes are coming "
Note: Ineffably mind-boggling.

Congress gives Obama long-delayed Afghan war funds

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" The $37 billion is in addition to about $130 billion Congress already approved for Afghanistan and Iraq for this year. Congress has appropriated more than $1 trillion for the two wars since 2001."
Note: Keep pissing it all away you fools. Congress is out of touch with reality. 911 was a false-flag attack - if these clowns realized that they wouldn't give another nickel for this travesty. Iraq had no WMD - another debacle. Vote these idiots out of office before we all end up losing everything.

This war is lost, lost, lost. Notice with all the crap on TV and radio - with all the talk of budget deficits etc... - never is there any mention of the obscene cost of these unjust wars of aggression.

Congress has once again failed to use the "power of the purse" to stop the butchery - clinging to the myth of an undefinable "war on terror." While America crumbles, jobs are lost, and Americans lose their homes - Congress spends even more money we don't have.

Obama needs to take that Nobel Peace Prize and stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

Mom charged with DWI after girl calls 911 from car

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" The Islip woman was charged under a new law that makes it a felony to drive drunk with minors in a vehicle. She was arraigned and released on $2,000 bond."
Note: Kiddie will be wondering why mommie will be broke from now on since she won't find work easily with a felony.


Paul Craig Roberts: The Year America Dissolved

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" When hubris sent America in pursuit of overseas empire, the venture coincided with the offshoring of American manufacturing, industrial, and professional service jobs and the corresponding erosion of the government’s tax base, with the advent of massive budget and trade deficits, with the erosion of the fiat paper currency’s value, and with America’s dependence on foreign creditors and puppet rulers.

The Roman Empire lasted for centuries. The American one collapsed overnight."

Israel demolishes Bedouin village

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" "It took them about three or four hours to destroy all the houses," she said, describing the scene as "appalling.""

Iraq inquiry: Former UN inspector Blix says war illegal

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" In the run-up to war, he said the US government was "high on" the idea of pre-emptive military action as a solution to international crises.

"They thought they could get away with it and therefore it was desirable to do so.""

Venezuela head threatens US oil cut over Colombia row

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" "If there was any attack on Venezuela from Colombian territory or from anywhere else, promoted by the Yankee empire, we would suspend oil shipments to the US, even if we have to eat stones," he said."
Note: I don't care what your opinion is of Hugo Chavez, and I don't think my opinion is matters either. Charity begins at home. Let's fix our own country and lead by example - and let these folks solve their own problems.

US Senate Lockerbie hearing postponed

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"It has been suggested BP wanted Megrahi released to curry favour with Libya."

Brazil Wants US Out of Discussions on Venezuelan-Colombian Dispute

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"Brazil and other UNASUR members want the issue to be discussed in the framework of the regional organization of which United States is not a member, and thus away from the influence of Washington."

BP's Hayward to leave as CEO; Russia job on tap

At Military Contractor’s Trial, a $100,000 Buckle

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" Also included were university textbooks for his daughter, pornographic videos for his son, plastic surgery for his wife, a burial plot for his mother, prostitutes for his employees, and, for him, a $100,000 American-flag belt buckle encrusted with rubies, sapphires and diamonds."
Note: Remember this when you pay your taxes.

G.M. Puts $41,000 Price Tag on the Volt

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" DETROIT — The Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in car capable of driving about 40 miles at a time on battery power without using any gasoline, will have a sticker price of $41,000 before a $7,500 federal tax credit, General Motors said Tuesday."
Note: Funny how GM gets tax credit support. What about some tax credit support for solar panels and inverters here in the states from the Feds? $41,000 bucks for this car? That price is insane. I'll stick with used Jeeps for now.

BP under fire over 'photoshopped' image of oil spill command centre

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" The oil company has acknowledged that it posted on its website an altered photo that exaggerated the level of activity at the centre in Houston"

Brazilian farmers declare war on Monsanto

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" "Cross pollination may take place if there's a field of GM soya next to a non-GM one at flowering time," Galvan said. "Contamination can also take place if the machines are not well cleaned at harvest time, and some GM beans remain. In this way, they will be considered GM when they are tested.""

Judge faces anti-Semitism probe after speech attacking Israel helps free arms factory protesters

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" Judge George Bathurst-Norman was said by critics to have persuaded a jury to clear a group of campaigners who smashed up a factory making parts for Israeli warplanes.
Summing up in the criminal damage trial, he compared Israel to the Nazi regime and accused the country of ignoring international law."

Note: Well they shot an American 19-year-old four times in the head on a Gaza-bound peace ship without complaint from US government or media. At least somebody out there is speaking out against these violent religious extremists.

Oath Breakers and the Age of Treason

Read entire article HERE.

" Outlandish language like the "war on terrorism" is the norm in Orwellian America, where everything is the reverse of what government leaders say. The "Patriot Act" of 2001 is actually the "Traitor Act." The war on terrorism is the war on freedom; the 9/11 investigation is the 9/11 cover up; Israel's acts of self-defense are in reality acts of criminal aggression; the financial collapse is the financial heist and con; hope and change is more of the same; national security is national tyranny; a new world order is the last vestiges of an old world's chaos. But the truth matters little, and instead, lies are cherished. Like sheep, the people are deceived into loving the traitors, and fearing the patriots."

Sun Yat-sen: Born in Hawaii?

"Sun Yat-sen was born on 12 November 1866 to a Hakka family in the village of Cuiheng, Xiangshan (later Zhongshan) county, Guangzhou prefecture, Guangdong province (26 km or 16 miles north of Macau), in the Empire of the Great Qing of China.
As a child, Sun Yat-sen listened to many stories about the Taiping Rebellion from an old Taiping soldier named Lai han-ying (賴漢英). After receiving a few years of local school, at age thirteen, Sun went to live with his elder brother, Sun Mei, in Honolulu. Sun Mei, who was fifteen years Sun Yat-sen's senior, had emigrated to the Hawaiian Islands as a laborer and had become a prosperous merchant. Though Sun Mei was not always supportive of Sun's later revolutionary activities, he supported his brother financially, allowing Sun to give up his professional career. Sun Yat-sen studied at the ʻIolani School where he learned English, mathematics and science. Originally unable to speak the English language, Sun Yat-sen picked up the language so quickly that he received a prize for outstanding achievement from King David Kalākaua. While at ʻIolani, he befriended Tong Phong, who later founded the First Chinese-American Bank. After attending Iolani School, from which he graduated in 1882,[4] Sun enrolled in Oahu College (now Punahou School) for further studies for one semester.[5] He was soon sent home to China as his brother was becoming afraid that Sun Yat-sen was about to embrace Christianity, which he did, but he returned to Hawaii at least twice, in 1900 and 1901.[6] In March 1904, he obtained a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth,[7] issued by the Territory of Hawaii, stating he was born on November 24, 1870 in Kula, Maui.[8]"
Note: From Wikipedia

Video: What I've Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy


Economics in Freefall

Read entire article HERE.

" Indeed, economists themselves and academics are often captured by private interest groups and turned into shills. In How The Economy Was Lost, I accuse economists of shilling for transnational corporations when they falsely describe jobs offshoring as the beneficial workings of free trade. Like the Israel Lobby, corporations have found that money will purchase professors, academic departments and think tanks, as well as journalists."

Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states as Big Government claims ownership over our water

Read entire article HERE.

" You may not be aware of this, but many Western states, including Utah, Washington and Colorado, have long outlawed individuals from collecting rainwater on their own properties because, according to officials, that rain belongs to someone else."

Revealed: Document Exposes US Double-talk On Lockerbie

Read entire article HERE.

" The US administration lobbied the Scottish government more strongly against sending Megrahi home under a prisoner transfer agreement signed by the British and Libyan governments — in a deal now known to have been linked to a £550m oil contract for BP."

The Tally Stick: A non-precious-metal form of money

Did you ever wonder where the phrase "short end of the stick" came from ?

Read PDF HERE to find the origin and more .

" Internal control was implemented by splitting the tally stick lengthwise through the notches, leaving one half of the notches on each piece. Each party to a transaction kept one half of each tally stick, and the accounts were audited by fitting the two pieces together to determine if they would “tally.”

...Since tally sticks could be used to pay the taxes imposed by the king, he created a demand for tally sticks."


Understanding the tally stick helps bring the idea of money into focus by presenting a primitive model easy for anyone to understand. No electricity is required. No fancy accounting methods or advanced degrees in accounting. No calculator. Just match up the ends of the stick.

Tally sticks demonstrate that precious metals are not necessary for a money system, although the intrinsic value of certain metals, like gold or silver, make them inherently useful for the purpose of providing a means of exchange. I've heard people say that gold isn't worth this or gold isn't worth that. My only answer is that King Tut's mask was worth a fortune when they buried it in the vault - and it is worth a fortune now. And I'm just talking about scrap value. This is also true for any gold coin - it is still worth metal value - regardless of the denomination stamped on the coin itself.

The tally stick system serves as a reminder that reliable and honest monetary systems independent of precious metals can and have worked. The question really is: For whom is the monetary system of our country designed to benefit? A system can be designed to benefit We the People or a system can be designed to rob We the People. Both are possible. Which do we have now?

It seems that we are accelerating toward the day when we will face our financial mess - whether we like it or not. The more the public understands the money and banking issue - and that there are selfish people manipulating our money system for personal gain rather than the public good- the easier will be the transition to a new model that will benefit We the People.

Forget auditing the Federal Reserve - it needs to be exposed and abolished. A new system must be set up that provides a means of exchange that will elevate us above the need for pure barter, provide a means to store wealth, that is transparent, understandable to all, and capable of audit by means understandable everyone.

Until our banking system is fixed we will wallow in misery. We will stay on our treadmill of debt sending the fruits of our labor to faceless bankers - all the while enabling the mass murderers that depend on this fraudulent system to continue their bloody adventures confiscating the natural resources of those unable to defend themselves against military powers that rely on our fractional reserve banking system.
Bonus Video: G. Edward Griffin on the origins of the Federal Reserve Bank. If you haven't taken the time to watch this well-delivered presentation - please do. His presentation is a gift: an easy way to understand in detail a very complicated subject.

*pic from http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/images/museum/enlarge/6.jpg


Israel, U.S. agree to cooperate in developing Arrow anti-missile system

Read entire article HERE.

" The Arrow missile defense system is co-funded by Israel and the United States and designed to, according to Israel's description, shield the Jewish state from possible long-range missile attacks by Iran and Syria."
Note: Co-funded my ass. More welfare for a bunch of violent religious extremists.

White House decries WikiLeaks' release of Afghan war documents

Read entire article HERE.

" The White House late Sunday condemned the leaking of what appear to be about 90,000 U.S. military records, as a handful of international media organizations that received access to the documents began to disclose their account of the war in Afghanistan.

In a statement, President Obama's national security advisor, Marine Gen. James L. Jones, deplored the "disclosure of classified information" that he said could put the lives of Americans and U.S. partners at risk and threaten the nation's security.
Note: The only people putting lives of Americans and U.S. partners at risk are the lying scumbags that send them into combat for a bunch of greedy fascist scum in our government - and in the government of other nations who stand to benefit from our wars of aggression based on lies propagated by the Pentagon lie-factory known as the Ameriscum Corporate media.

The Wikileaks people cannot be faulted for bringing information provided by whisleblowers, bravehearts of the most noble character, who risk it all to get the truth to the civilians of our Republic - the civilians who are IN CHARGE OF THE MILITARY AND RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS THE US MILITARY TAKES IN OUR NAME.

All the crybabies out there bitching about Wikileaks need to go change their diapers, get their rattle and wait for us patriots to sort all this out.

Air France attendant held for robbing passengers

Read entire article HERE.

" Since January, there have been about 140 thefts, the newspaper said. "The Japanese were ideal prey because they travel with lots of cash -- euros and yen -- instead of paying with credit cards," a police source said"
Note: Interesting - that some airlines still accept cash - unlike those "serving" US cattle/passengers - that only accept credit cards and have no time for American cash. ("Legal tender for all debts public and private" my ass)

The WikiLeaks Afghanistan leak

Read entire article HERE.

" The Guardian describes the documents as "a devastating portrait of the failing war in Afghanistan, revealing how coalition forces have killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents, Taliban attacks have soared and Nato commanders fear neighbouring Pakistan and Iran are fueling the insurgency.""
Note: What is important to understand - is that - since the war in Afpakistan is based on 911 - and the 911 attacks were a false-flag attack - that the Afpak adventure is just another war of aggression prosecuted by an imperial out-of-control government of fascists here in Amerika along with their accomplices in foreign governments.

First - defund. Second - start going over the records. Third - put the perps in jail. All the time make sure that the word gets out to the public. Result - better days ahead.

Mexico: Prison Guards Let Killers out, Lent Guns

Read entire article HERE.

" Guards and officials at a prison in northern Mexico allegedly let inmates out, lent them guns and allowed them to use official vehicles to carry out drug-related killings, including the massacre of 17 people last week, prosecutors said Sunday."
Note: Just remember - that buffoon globalist el Presidente from south of the border, Calderon, came to the United States crying that Americans need to give up their assault rifles because .... this is hard to believe... that those assault rifles are responsible for the violence in his corruption-ridden lawless country. Go HERE FOR POST ON LOSER EL PRESIDENT CALDERON'S WHINING ABOUT OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

Send these globalist gun-grabbing scum packing. I'd like to see somebody try to get away with a similar caper, as in the above story, here in the states. You see, people here in America are armed with "assault rifles" [sic] which are simply semiautomatic weapons that allow one to defend themselves against any form of scum on the planet intent on murder.


Read entire article HERE.

" Though warned of “career suicide” for speaking up, members of the military and, in particular, the intelligence community began putting the pieces together. 9/11 was an intelligence operation involving the United States, Great Britain, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Everything was there, finance, private “black ops” contractors, but mostly, a pre-staged media frenzy on the front end, counterfeit intelligence on Iraq in the middle and a rigged investigation, the “9/11 Commission coverup” on the backside. It didn’t take FBI and intelligence agency officials long to track 9/11 planning back to 1999, not in Afghanistan but much closer to home. "
Note: If you are one of those that cannot fathom the treachery of 911 so will not look at the evidence - I can only warn you that you will never understand the world around you - you will never see the big picture - and you will suffer for your willingness to remain ignorant - living in a myth-based fantasy world. If you have to ask - "But why didn't I see the 'truth' on TV?" you have a long way to go in understanding the manufactured reality you are served up - piping hot - right out of the Pentagon lie-factory kitchen.

I am past begging people to look at the 911 problem - ignore at your own peril. Ignore at your children's peril. Ignore at your country's peril.

Lockerbie: BP stands by boss amid reports he's leaving

Read entire article HERE.

" The disaster has sent BP's stock price plunging. Meanwhile, U.S. senators want to question Hayward about the role of BP in the release from prison of al Megrahi, the Libyan convicted of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing that killed 270 people. Most of the dead were Americans.

Pakistan Aids Insurgency in Afghanistan, Reports Assert

Read entire article HERE.

" The documents, made available by an organization called WikiLeaks, suggest that Pakistan, an ostensible ally of the United States, allows representatives of its spy service to meet directly with the Taliban in secret strategy sessions to organize networks of militant groups that fight against American soldiers in Afghanistan, and even hatch plots to assassinate Afghan leaders."
Note: Our service personnel are being abused severely by a bunch of greedy scum. The whisteblowers must be supported as they "buck the system" and "fight city hall" - bringing the truth home where it counts - so an informed public can bind their government down with the "chains of the Constitution."

A dam big project: Incredible images of construction work on 1,900ft-long Hoover Bridge

Read entire article HERE.

" Twelve years in planning and five years under construction, the development - known officially as the 'Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge' - is finally taking shape."

Nato probes reports raid killed 45 Afghan civilians

Read entire article HERE.

" "I heard the sound of the rocket land on our house. I rushed in screaming with my father and saw bodies lying in the dust… I found I was even standing on a dead body."

One of the bodies was his brother.

"He had been lying asleep in the afternoon when they were killed," Mohammed said."

Bear Takes Joy Ride: VID look at the shredded car

Read entire article HERE.

Stampede at German Love Parade festival kills 19

Read entire article HERE.

" British DJ at the festival: ''Organisers told us to carry on playing." "
Note: It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.


Video: CNN Anchors Call For Crackdown on Bloggers...but wait ...there's more...

Methinks they protest too much.

Of all the occupations in the world - there is one - journalism - that one would expect to be at the vanguard in the battle to protect free speech. But in Amerika - "journalists," like Kyra Phillips and John Roberts from CNN, instead lead the public into panic over the "problem" with free speech on the internet.

But why? What are they afraid of? Someone pointing out how staged this whole conversation really is?

Take a look at the link below the video after you have a chance to watch the heated debate as these unbiased journalists of differing opinions tear each other to pieces over this pressing issue concerning pesky bloggers.

Read entire article CNN's Kyra Phillips and John Roberts Engaged

" Phillips, who's based in Atlanta and Roberts, who anchors American Morning from New York, were on a weekend getaway at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia. As they approached the 18th green, Phillips noticed something on the pin -- turns out it was a card and the engagement ring was in the cup."

Conclusion: They are right - anonymous bloggers are a problem.
Bonus Video: More annoying stuff we bloggers won't let go - while the CNN "journalists" prep the public for the next war based on lies:

Video: Tom Tancredo Calls For Obama's Impeachment On Megyn Kelly Show

Will Louisiana shortly be taking an oil bath? Weather Map link:

Click HERE and look at the clouds moving over the Gulf. Does This mean Louisiana will soon be taking an oil bath?
Thanks DR

Britain is the European capital of broken homes as worst teenage pregnancy and single-parent household rates revealed Read more: http://www.dailymail

Read entire article HERE.

" Norman Wells, of Family and Youth Concern which researches the causes and consequences of family breakdown, said: ‘These figures paint a gloomy picture of a society that values the short-lived pleasure of casual sexual relationships more highly than the lifelong commitment signified by marriage

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1297268/Britain-European-capital-broken-homes.html?ITO=1490#ixzz0udBfXk00"

Former Fort Lauderdale cop who hit and killed pedestrian jailed for 60 days

Read entire article HERE.

" A former Fort Lauderdale cop who hit and killed a pedestrian on Federal Highway and, it was later learned, regularly topped speeds of 90 mph while driving in his patrol car was sentenced Friday to 60 days in jail."

Hugo Chávez breaks diplomatic ties between Venezuela and Colombia

Read entire article HERE.

" enezuela's president ordered a "maximum alert" on the border and warned that his Andean neighbour could provoke war. "We have no other choice but, out of dignity, to totally break our relations with our brother nation of Colombia," Chávez told state television."

V.A. Easing Rules for Users of Medical Marijuana

Read entire article HERE.

" A department directive, expected to take effect next week, resolves the conflict in veterans facilities between federal law, which outlaws marijuana, and the 14 states that allow medicinal use of the drug, effectively deferring to the states."

Oil, Blood Money, and Blair's Last Scandal

Read entire article HERE.

" For the families of all the innocent people slaughtered in Lockerbie, this has been a cold-water education in what their governments really value. Cohen, remembering her murdered 20 year-old daughter Theodora, says: "Western governments seem to be run by one thing now – the great God money."

There's a revealing little postscript to this tale. Last month, Blair went to Libya on behalf of the many mega-corporations who now employ him. He was greeted by Gaddaffi himself – who tortures dissidents and terrorises his population – "like a brother", according to the Libyan press. There has even been speculation that, now they need a CEO, Tony Blair will go to work for BP. In so many ways, it seems, he always has.


Hypocrisy? Gen. Petraeus slams Taliban for 'indiscriminate' civilian kills in Afghanistan

hypocrisy |hiˈpäkrisē|
noun ( pl. -sies)
the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense.*
Perhaps you will find this article: Gen. Petraeus slams Taliban for 'indiscriminate' civilian kills in Afghanistan as hypocritical as did I. From the article:

"Gen. David Petraeus is turning the tables on the Taliban for "indiscriminate" civilian killings, which U.S. forces have taken heat over for years.

The latest in a flurry of statements by NATO's International Security Assistance Force in Kabul, Afghanistan, slammed insurgents for killing one and wounding eight innocents with gunfire, grenades and improvised bombs in Kandahar and Logar provinces.

According to confirmed reports, insurgents have killed 87 civilians and wounded 193 in the past three weeks," ISAF said
But if one were to take a step back and think critically - what do we have to compare the actions of our chosen enemies to so we can determine what can be considered "indiscriminate?"

How about our own actions? Let's see what some mainstream sources can tell us about the performance of the U.S. military when it comes to avoiding civilian casualties.

First please consider: THIS ARTICLE:

" Iraqi Civilians Killed, Estimated - A UN issued report dated Sept 20, 2006 stating that Iraqi civilian casualties have been significantly under-reported. Casualties are reported at 50,000 to over 100,000, but may be much higher. Some informed estimates place Iraqi civilian casualities at over 600,000."

The author of the above article provides THIS LINK to a Brookings Institution Document you may wish to examine for yourself.

Here's another: U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan get mixed response:

" The Khan family never heard it. They had been sleeping for an hour when a Hellfire missile pierced their mud hut on an August night in 2008. Black smoke and dust choked villagers as they dug through the rubble.

Four-year-old Zeerak's legs were severed. His sister Maria, 3, was badly scorched. Both were dead. When their cousin Irfan, 16, saw them, he gently curled them into his arms, squeezed the rumpled bodies to his chest, lightly kissed their faces, and slid into a stupor.

...another: 60 drone hits kill 14 al-Qaeda men, 687 civilians

" LAHORE: Of the 60 cross-border predator strikes carried out by the Afghanistan-based American drones in Pakistan between January 14, 2006 and April 8, 2009, only 10 were able to hit their actual targets, killing 14 wanted al-Qaeda leaders, besides perishing 687 innocent Pakistani civilians. The success percentage of the US predator strikes thus comes to not more than six per cent."

...another: The Year of the Drone (New America Foundation) The site has a clickable map you can use interactively:

" Our study shows that the 142 reported drone strikes in northwest Pakistan, including 46 in 2010, from 2004 to the present have killed approximately between 1,013 and 1,362 individuals, of whom around 702 to 1,013 were described as militants in reliable press accounts. Thus, the true non-militant fatality rate since 2004 according to our analysis is approximately 33 percent."

Interactive Drone Strike Map from New America Foundation

View U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan in a larger map

...another: New York Times: Operators of Drones Are Faulted in Afghan Deaths:

" KABUL, Afghanistan — The American military on Saturday released a scathing report on the deaths of 23 Afghan civilians, saying that “inaccurate and unprofessional” reporting by Predator drone operators helped lead to an airstrike in February on a group of innocent men, women and children.

...The Predator operators reported seeing only military-age men in the truck, the report said. The ground commander concurred, the report said, and the Special Operations team asked for an airstrike. An OH-58D Kiowa helicopter fired Hellfire missiles and rockets, destroying the vehicles and killing 23 civilians. Twelve others were wounded.

...another: Global Research: International Law: The First Casualty of America's Drone War
A comprehensive legal analysis of U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan

" Case Study #1

The first case study selected is the September 8, 2008 missile attack on a North Waziristan village. The drones fired at least five missiles at a religious school founded by Jalaluddin Haqqani—a Taliban leader (who was formerly financed by the CIA) and the official target of the U.S. attack. At least 17 people were killed with some estimates reaching as high as 23.[30] Of those killed, at least eight were children. Haqqani's wife, sister, and sister-in-law were all killed as well. Roughly twenty were wounded, most of which were women and children according to doctors on the scene. Haqqani was not present at the time of the bombing.[31]

Case Study #2

Initially, U.S. and Pakistani officials declared that up to four members of al-Qaeda were killed in the bombings. ABC News could hardly contain its euphoria over the killings and declared the Muslim holiday gathering to be a "terror summit."[33] When the dust settled after the blasts, at least three houses were totally destroyed and at least 18 people were killed, with some reports putting the death toll as high as 22.[34] By all accounts, five children and five women were among the dead while 14 of the dead were likely from the same family.[35] Furthermore, it has since been confirmed that the "terror summit" was nothing of the sort, with U.S. and Pakistani officials later admitting that "none of those al-Qaeda leaders" previously alleged to have "perished in the strike" were in fact killed, noting that "only local villagers were killed."[36]"

The Global Research article above goes into much depth with more case studies and the legal ramifications. But we can't blame the military for all this mayhem- let's not forget the contractors. You may be familiar with the video below:

...By the way - if you think this is all in the past - think again. Here's one from today: July 24, 2010: 16 killed in US drone attack in Pakistan:

" At least 16 people have been killed during a US drone attack in Pakistan's northwestern
tribal belt, security officials say.
... Over the past few years, hundreds of people, mostly civilians, have been killed in similar US attacks in the region.
Conclusion: Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Practice what you preach. Lead by example.
~picture borrowed from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Atomics_MQ-1_Predator
*Apple dictionary

BP Fish Oil Plus (puppet satire)

This text will be replaced by the player

EVIDENCE MOUNTS - BP chemicals HARMFUL and will kill humans

Sen. John Kerry skips town on sails tax

Read entire article HERE.

" Isabel - Kerry’s luxe, 76-foot New Zealand-built Friendship sloop with an Edwardian-style, glossy varnished teak interior, two VIP main cabins and a pilothouse fitted with a wet bar and cold wine storage - was designed by Rhode Island boat designer Ted Fontaine."

We Can Handle the Truth – Stop Trying to Hide the Truth from Us

Read entire article HERE.

" The news from Afghanistan and Iraq is not good, but Americans are not even told all the news – especially when it includes abuses, even war crimes, committed by the U.S. military. The U.S. is supposed to have civilian control of the military, as President Obama recently demonstrated when he fired General McChrystal, but the people are supposed to be ultimately in charge in a representative democracy. We need to know the truth in order to do our job as citizens and hold elected officials responsible."


Note: has "Republic" become a dirty word?

Euro Falls as Stress Test Said to Only Consider Trading Losses

Read entire article HERE.

" Europe’s shared currency has declined 8.5 percent this year, the biggest loss among its developed-world counterparts, according to Bloomberg Correlation-Weighted Indexes. The dollar has gained 3.4 percent, and the yen advanced 11 percent."


How Megrahi and Libya were framed for Lockerbie

Read entire article HERE.

" Amid all the fuss about Megrahi’s early release, there remains strong evidence he didn’t do it."


Thanks Br

Video: Bangladesh's traffic menace

Note: Thanks Br

PARTY TIME! U.S. Department of Defense Announces Latest Contract Awards

Read entire article HERE.

" Acquisition Services Corp., Huntsville, Alabama (HQ0147-10-D-0035); BCF Solutions, Chantilly, Va. (HQ0147-10-D-0036); and Quantech Services, Inc., Lexington, Mass. (HQ0147-10-D-0037) are each being awarded an indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract ...Each contract has a not-to-exceed ordering ceiling of $601,800,000.

... McDonnell Douglas Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Boeing Co., Long Beach, Calif., was awarded a $37,044,801 contract

...Sonalysts, Inc., Waterford, Conn., was awarded a $5,781,914 contract

... CTA, Inc., Ridgecrest, Calif., is being awarded a $34,362,979 indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract

...Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., McLean, Va., is being awarded a $20,738,905 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract

...Croman Corp., White City, Ore., is being awarded a $12,257,224 firm-fixed-price, cost-reimbursement modification to a previously awarded indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract

...Agri Chemical & Supply, Inc.*, Oceanside, Calif., is being awarded a maximum amount $10,000,000 firm-fixed-price, performance based, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract

...Booz Allen Hamilton, McLean, Va., is being awarded an $8,220,354 indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract

... Raytheon Co., Fullerton, Calif., is being awarded a $6,771,682 modification to a previously awarded cost-plus-incentive- fee contract

...Carleton Life Support Systems, Inc., Davenport, Iowa, is being awarded a maximum $18,478,801 firm-fixed-price, sole-source, indefinite-delivery contract

...Bremen Bowdon*, Bowdon, Ga., is being awarded a maximum $12,303,000 firm-fixed-price contract for men’s dress coats.

...Campbellsville Apparel Co., LLC*, Campbellsville, Ky., is being awarded a maximum $11,317,977 firm-fixed-price, total set-aside contract for men’s briefs.

...Honeywell International, Inc., Tempe, Ariz. is being awarded a maximum $8,731,800 firm-fixed-price, sole-source contract
Note: Party Time! Woo hoo! Oh - wait - I have to pay for all this!
Pic from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bomb

Bonus Video:


Read entire article HERE.

" ..the NSA is only going to get bigger: 10,000 more workers over the next 15 years; $2 billion to pay for just the first phase of expansion; an overall increase in size that will bring its building space throughout the Fort Meade cluster to nearly 14 million square feet."

Lawmaker: 'Thank God' Bush is gone

Read entire article HERE.

"...but Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) this week went one step further: He thanked the Almighty for it."
Note: Amen

Colombians protest U.S. military presence

Read entire article HERE.

"Protestors rejected the Colombia-U.S. military cooperation agreement signed on Oct. 30, 2009, which allowed the U.S. military to be quartered in at least seven Colombian bases."

IMF cancels Haiti's $268m debt

Read entire article HERE.

""That loan will be interest-free until 2011, but by the end of next year, Haiti will then start repaying interest on new loans, which some might say is only perpetuating the cycle of debt that this country has struggled to get out from."

The United States of...China?

Read entire article HERE.

" The latest beneficiary of China's outward investment push is a small Missouri town called Moberly, with just 14,000 people. This Saturday, Mamtek International -- a Chinese mainland-invested company based in Hong Kong -- plans to break ground on a state-of-the-art factory making sucralose, a no-calorie sugar substitute used in sodas and baked goods. The plant is expected to infuse $46 million into the local economy, create 312 jobs by the end of 2011 and double those employment figures over the longer term."


Police violently smash mothers head onto the road nearly killing her

Read entire article HERE.

"Video shows a San Francisco police officer throwing a resisting suspect to the ground, apparently knocking her unconscious"

Video: Mom upset about daughter's full body security scan experience

Read entire article HERE.

"Her 12-year-old daughter, whom she did not want to appear on camera, was at Tampa International Airport on vacation with a family friend when a TSA officer chose her.

"It's an image of a nude child that they're seeing. This is child pornography whether people want to believe this or not. How is this any different," said Nemphos. "

Note: It seems to me that the best place to work if you are a pedophile is at the TSA since there is no penalty for viewing child porn - an activity that otherwise would be criminal. Legally viewing child porn as a TSA "naked body scanner" operator may be the perfect cover,and a life-saver, since convicted pedophiles get murdered in prison. This TSA job is a "stay out of jail free card" for those interested in viewing naked children.

The war on terror has finally transformed America into a police state where obedient and docile robots are expected to obey any command of "authority figures" immediately and without question. The penalty for asserting one's rights - or even applying common sense can range from travel delays to Tasering, from arrest to being shot.

We cannot continue to pretend that a person in a uniform gawking at the naked body of a twelve-year-old girl is "protecting" the girl or the country. One can certainly conclude that a TSA person viewing their naked 12-year-old daughter is NOT protecting that daughter from pedophiles. Child porn is child porn.

Don't fool yourselves - the very people that want to look at naked kids are going to be attracted to these "jobs" allowing them to legally look at your naked kids - and some of them WILL get through.

So where is your limit? Will you obey when it is your child's turn?

Atlanta CEO DeFarra Gaymon Killed By Cop in Sex Sweep of N.J. Park

Read entire article HERE.

" "Dean Gaymon was a nonviolent, nonaggressive and nonthreatening person his entire life," said the statement. " It would have been completely and totally against his nature to 'tussle' with a police officer, to resist authority, to assault a police officer...Words such as 'I am going to kill you' would not be uttered from him.""

Neil Armstrong, 60 Minutes Interview

Morgan Stanley sees profit surge

Read entire article HERE.

"Meanwhile, another Wall Street stalwart, Wells Fargo, reported its quarterly net profit fell slightly to $3.1bn from $3.2bn a year earlier."

Oakland Says 'Yes' to Industrial Pot

Read entire article HERE.

" The ordinance could generate hundreds of jobs and millions in taxes, according to proponents. But opponents called it unfair to the cannabis growers who have traditionally supplied medical marijuana to consumers."

Gulf boats having trouble finding any oil: US official

Read entire article HERE.

" Some 750 boats drafted in to scoop up oil from the Gulf of Mexicoare having "trouble" finding any crude in the sea, a top US official said Wednesday, almost a week after a busted well was capped."


Former US Govt. officers willing to testify under oath about UFO experiences

Go ahead and call me a nut. I don't care. These folks are willing to go under oath before Congress. But as usual the Congress is the problem - they are too busy supporting more war and handouts for other nations while Americans starve.

As you watch this video I wonder if you will question whether a group this large is worth listening to. And if they are "crazy" as is the expected government, or corporate propaganda smear - ask yourself why at least one speaker was holding the keys to nuclear weapons. Wasn't it our government that gave the man those keys? Why would they hand the keys to nuclear weapons to a crazy person - wouldn't that then make the decision makers the crazy ones?

It is no wonder few are coming forward with information in our "soft dictatorship" here in Amerka - it is becoming more and more obvious that there is no point. With a media ready to destroy anyone on command - supporting the globalists and powerful - it is an act of suicide to speak up - sometimes literally - sometimes figuratively.

We need an Amnesty in America for Patriots - we need to let everybody come out of the closet to tell their story - which will allow us to get past the compartmentalization - leading the way to the liberty we know is so close - yet remains just beyond our grasp.


Iranian Scientist Would Not Play Curveball

Read entire article HERE.

" Tenet and his merry men and women were able to persuade themselves that once the President decided to go to war, their job was to create “intelligence” to “justify” it, so the case made to the American people would be a “slam-dunk.”

The next war hangs largely on whether U.S. intelligence analysts with integrity are allowed to ply their trade without fear or favor; or, failing that, whether they will decide to give priority to the supervening value of preventing another unnecessary war, as opposed to keeping a promise not to divulge classified information. Most of them are well aware that all too often such information is stamped “SECRET” simply to keep the truth from the American people."