The United States of...China?

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" The latest beneficiary of China's outward investment push is a small Missouri town called Moberly, with just 14,000 people. This Saturday, Mamtek International -- a Chinese mainland-invested company based in Hong Kong -- plans to break ground on a state-of-the-art factory making sucralose, a no-calorie sugar substitute used in sodas and baked goods. The plant is expected to infuse $46 million into the local economy, create 312 jobs by the end of 2011 and double those employment figures over the longer term."


  1. Might be a scam. It's 4/6/11 and very little work done and China plant has never been seen and can not be confirmed

  2. Thanks for the tip anonymous - wonder what's up with that?
    Did the deal fall through or did somebody make this whole thing up?


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