Trump hits one out of the park: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. To Chair Trump’s Commission On Vaccine Safety

This is a great move by Trump if you ask me:  CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE REGARDING

President-elect Donald J. Trump asked to meet with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at Trump Tower in Manhattan to discuss issues surrounding “vaccines and immunizations.”

On Tuesday it was revealed that Kennedy would be leading a vaccine safety commission. The unlikely pair both call themselves “pro-vaccine” but want safety assurances and more scientific rigor. Kennedy Jr. has long argued for safe vaccines and for alternatives to mercury derived ingredients (thimerosal)."

I was immediately heartened by this amicable and well-reasoned approach to the vaccine-autism questions our public is facing.  This issue alone is worth Trump getting into office.  It is THAT important because it represents so many facets of the challenges that face us:

     1.  Science vs. "Big Pharma"  - that we all acknowledge we have problems with the dollar controlling science and medicine but that we also acknowledge that vaccines may be necessary - but lets allow science to function and lead the charge with those that have been fighting the battle.

     2.  Propaganda vs. Reason - The vaccine issue also can help us by facing a situation where good questions based  on citizens' personal observations were successfully silenced by the media - for whatever reason.  If evidence shows that the vaccines really are causing problems then a lot of pain and suffering and waste can be avoided for those who would be next in line by continuing a habit of harmful vaccination formulas.

I told a coupla' guys today that some of the things I see Donald Trump doing - actually more than I've admitted so far just because they could have been flukes...

But putting RFK in charge of finding some answers to the vaccine safety issue to me is brilliant.  It GETS THE JOB DONE - meaning - get to the truth of the matter and let's deal with it.  Kennedy is a great choice - he's been vocal on this issue during the days when it was so unpopular to even mention that there may be a problem with our  vaccines and that we must get to the bottom of it.

That's about all - I'm not anywhere fun so no "reporting" on that which goes on around me other than the drone of the bathroom fan and the "whoosh" of the fans in this computer.  My feet are cold because the corner here is drafty and my feet and legs freeze when it is cold out.

Here are some other moves that happened for whatever reason around Trump that make me think good things about his decisions so far:   Giuliani sidelined and Woolsey left.  They have been on war with terror, and are in some ways the architects of our defense against terror - and they've botched it.  Look at where we are now - living through chaos.  Goodbye guys - you've failed.  Thanks Trump if you did that because it will make America great again.


Just another overcast Sunday

I'm in a local coffee shop - different town than the last one - this is my "home town" if you want to call it that.  I don't know if it means much to call somewhere "home" when I don't own anything here.  Food for thought.  I'm still living a semi-nomadic lifestyle and am contemplating whether or not I will buy some property in the near future or not - it depends.

I drove down the street to a local coffee shop here on the East side of town where I live.

When I arrived almost all the tables were empty except for the two booths on the far wall as one walks in the front door.  There is a loft/second floor in this place which is kinda' neat if there are no tables down here on level one.
Some sort of modern music is playing - somewhat upbeat.  Suddenly this place has gotten very busy - a couple is sitting at a table to my right flipping through one of the fine art magazines.  Some guy in a dumb-looking but warm-looking wool hat is pacing back and forth waiting for his food or drink.  Another burly fellow in a brown bomber jacket and black baseball cap shifts from left to right leg as he awaits his food or whatever.  A young lady is waiting at the side of the counter in a knit beret hat switching between being engrossed in some activity on her iPhone - wait they called "latte with coconut" and she went over to get it.

More people flooding in - an elderly lady with grey hair just came over and asked to take away the other chair from my table - I nodded in mid-type-sentence so I wouldn't disturb my train of unthought.  The guy took the wool hat off and is chatting with the coffee dude ...  cold air drafts across the floor hitting me in the legs when the front door opens.  We are in the middle of a "deep freeze" this last few days here in Bibleville.


So I've been talking to various individuals I know and respect about many things - and the topic always seems to come around to money and politics.  I've learned which subjects I can talk about with certain people and which topics I cannot yet - maybe never- I guess we'll have to wait and see.

The big question for many of us is about our futures - and for those with kids - what their future will hold.  Nobody seems to have a clue as to what is going on.

Recent conversations I've had recently with individuals I respect greatly and have known for a long time have given me both encouragement and discouragement.  Another several guys I've spoken to convinced me that there is a significant segment of the population that understands many of the issues I bring up here on this blog but that they are in the minority.

The music remains upbeat - the sun is dimming as cloud cover increases - obscuring the blue skies overhead.

So Trump will be taking office soon and there are all kinds of questions about what is really going on with him.  People are wondering why he doesn't want to have secret service protection and prefers, instead, his own security people.  Several friends etc... have brought this up to me and  I told them that I agreed with Trump's decision to do such a thing.  After all the secret service failed former presidents - most notably JFK. reagan got shot, Carter had problems and on and on.  I think Trump's decision is well founded.  Aren't the secret service the one's responsble for leaving George W. Bush in his chair reading "My Pet Goat" while the country was under attack?  

The incident on 911 where the secret service let GWB sit there - a sitting duck - raised all kinds of questions about why the prez wasn't instantly whisked away - unless they somehow knew there was no immediate threat - or that they had a heads-up that something was going to happen that day.  Who knows?  After all - we aren't allowed to ask these OBVIOUS questions of our own government or our fellow "citizens" will break into unison calling us "Conspiracy Theorists" for simply asking what the hell kind of protocol allows for the nation to be attacked and the prez is left sitting there.  Trump is right - secret service cannot presently be trusted.

And what about the other groups Trump has disrespected?  Again - I totally agree.  Let's start with the FBI - these folks seem to be working for the highest bidder and yes - there are higher bidders than the president in this nation run by Murder Incorporated.  A few examples are the FBI being reported as having bombed the WTC back in the 90's when their patsy recorded conversations he had with his FBI handlers - thereby bagging them.  Type in "Dan Rather FBI WTC bombing" and watch the vid:

Another problem with the FBI is their recent fame as reported by the Washington Post for having been a pack of liars regarding DNA evidence - where their "elite" unit lied consistently sending innocent people to their deaths in death penalty cases:  Read article by clicking HERE

The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before 2000.
Of 28 examiners with the FBI Laboratory’s microscopic hair comparison unit, 26 overstated forensic matches in ways that favored prosecutors in more than 95 percent of the 268 trials reviewed so far, according to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) and the Innocence Project, which are assisting the government with the country’s largest post-conviction review of questioned forensic evidence.
The cases include those of 32 defendants sentenced to death. Of those, 14 have been executed or died in prison, the groups said under an agreement with the government to release results after the review of the first 200 convictions."
So there are many reasons not to trust these characters until they get their own house in order.  All their piss-testing and security clearances have not yielded a good agency - I think Trump is wise to regard their "help" with great suspicion.  Now if he needs someone intimidated - they would be a good group to take into consideration - it seems that they are very good at that.

The coffee scene has changed - two women moved from one of the tables to one of the booths on the end wall.  A guy in a red sweater came in and is reading a book to my left.  A guy with an Apple laptop is sitting to my right with his wife or somebody - they are chatting.  Three senior ladies are chatting overnear the entrance to the shop - the lady that grabbed the chair from my table is still over there with her buddies.  A tall guy in a quilted ski vest and baseball hat ordered something and went over to the bathroom while they are preparing his food/drink.  One of the girls that works here is cleaning up the area on the wall across from me where everybody mixes sugar and cream into their coffee...  The sunlight has dimmed and it is becoming more heavily overcast...

So what about some of the other issues going on with world events? 

"Our" media here in the 'states has decayed to an abysmal level - to where nobody can figure out anything that is going on.  It seems that we are all left with our "gut feeling" analysis since there is not a shred of information that comes out of the media outlets that can be trusted at any level.

Corporations in league with the government dominate all information that gets out to the public - and this information is filterd and scripted so as to benefit those disseminating said information.  A large portion of "our" media is run by an alien - yes - Murdoch - who is not even an American.  It seems absurd to have so much of our information controlled by somebody who seems to have agendas seperate from the basics - like the preservation of our rights.

The music in the coffee shop here has changed to something that sounds sort of like the Beatles - Yesterday-sounding-ok that song ended.  Now a tune with a driving beat.  I can feel the sun hitting the back of my head through the pane glass window behind me - it's hot - even coming through the thick cloud layer.  Customers continue arriving- getting coffee - mixing it up - now a guy gets black coffee - ignores the cream and sugar and goes right upstairs with it with his computer.

Other conversations regarding the stock market point to it being too high to stay up where it is.  Everything is up up up - seeming to defy any negative news for various stocks.  Apple's CEO took a pay cut for piss-poor performance but the stock seems happy anyway.  The merchants of death are also very high - with per-share prices 150-200+ range.  

This week a former CIA director quit the Trump transition team - Woolsey - and I found that encouraging since if I remember correctly he was part of the intelligence community that kept the push going for the wars in the Middle East that we seem unable to "win" whatever that means.

Some folks have wondered if Trump should trust the intel community and I say he's right on target for not trusting them - since they have got just about everything wrong going all the way back to the big day that got these wars going.

Remember the Anthrax from Colin Powell?  That's an event that even Powell admits besmirched his record.

Remember the Yellowcake from Niger?  Ha ha ha.  Then when ambassador Wilson investigated this claim and returned to the US to tell the American people he found his CIA wife betrayed by the Neocons that pushed us into the war.

What about Snowden - if he is a whistleblower why hasn't anyone checked into his allegations and why does he have to hide in Russia from the United States if he did indeed reveal high crimes and wrongdoing?  After all the ONLY check/balance on the intelligence community is whistleblowers - and our own government has declared open season on them.

Another problem with the intel people is that they seem to be leading the government by presenting our leaders with information that may or may not be true - then our leaders are forced into a position where it seems like they feel they must react.  This is not leadership originating in the right place.

I agree with Trump - cut them off and figure out where we are at with things.  Then after knowing the answers to some questions - go ahead and ask the intelligence community some questions you already know the answers to and figure it out that way.

Finally Trump needs to break up the media - it is too few hands.  Journalists need to be protected.