Glenn Beck says "Shoot Him in the Head!!!"

Premise: "He's a bad guy" (doesn't mention women) therefore: "Shoot him in the head." ask questions then.... "Shoot him in the head." I thought Glennypoo read the Bill of Rights and Constitution and would realize that by making this statement he'd be making himself a member of "Public Enemy Number One" - the corrupt unConstitutional and Bill of Rights denying filth wrecking our great nation.

Yoo ess ayy! Yoo ess ayy!

The title has nothing to do with what I am about to "pen."  The title has to do with the doofy cheerleading rant popular at typical dumbed down political events postured for a corrupt media.  The public in America - just like the public in NAZI Germany - obliges those providing the initial pulses that make them resonate in unison.

It's becoming more difficult to write it seems.  Ur, uhm - I mean "blog" not "write."  As if it matters.  That's one of those things that one of my best friends told me - "That's what people hate about you - your exactitude."

Yes - what a world.  The title has to do with a thought I had while "driving" on I65 in Nashville, TN recently on my way to yoga.  To calm down.  With my foot on the floor whipping my head around like a NASCAR driver - that's how one drives around here - ya' hyeah?

Since my life-change recently - my living conditions have shifted a tad.  For one thing I no longer live on a birding and wildlife trail in Virginia near a paradise-like fishing lake - I live on a bed in a "room" with cement and sunbaked everything when it is not being whipped by wind or hail or a tornado alert.

This territory is not for the feint of heart.  A girl that smokes way too many cigarettes and has a "bad" attitude - meaning she has not yet adjusted to living in this bleak area -  uhm wait I have to explain.  I was waxing my Jeep and I decided to be kind for a second in this cooked camp - and I was not rewarded with so much as a kind anything.  The bitch was puffing on a 'smoke and I said - "Another day in Paradise" (sardonically) and she goes"you think this is paradise?" and I said - "No - but it's got to be paradise somewhere and it is another day right?"  What a bitch.

I was outside waxing my Jeep like I do all the time since there is nothing else to do in a prison camp other than argue with the Indians that run the stalag.  No toilet paper for two days - good thing I have secret supply wrapped in plastic in case we are in a flood - like the last one that ruined EVERYTHING here including the ability to close a door properly - any door.

Everybody here is trying to get one over on you.  They are trying to get more than they put into the equation.  I don't drive a hard bargain.  I drive an easy bargain - if one can understand it.  My way or the highway.

Anyway - one supposed decorated Air Force veteran recently hasn't paid me back the $60.00 he borrowed (he said it was only fifty when I asked him about making payments.)  He couldn't pay his rent so disappeared one day - he asked for my phone number but I never trusted him anyway and didn't give it to him.  At least not till he pays me back.  He's a black man - don't know if that matters but it is a fact.  The other thing I know about him is he told me he was "honor guard" in the military - ya' know White House shit.  Yeah.  I gave the big-talker some money to help him 'cause I know he's just a stupid collection agent anyway.  I hate collection agents - but I let him think he ripped me off just to keep his ego going so he can find employment.  I forgive him.  But I guess it is no longer OK to generalize about veterans regarding anything - just like any other group - there are good and bad - same as always.

Another situation came up

My friend nearby who is tired of dealing with cheapskates recently complained about an Indian cheapo and was telling me that she was going to ask him if he was Jewish.  I never laughed so hard in my life!  Think about it  - how the heck did Jews get the credit for being the biggest cheap f*()s?  Most of the Jews I've known in my life were damn generous compared to these bastajis.  That's French for "haasole."  Please excuse my frenj.

From a philisophical standpoint the poor are NO more ethical than the rich in my opinion based upon months of observations.  It seems to me that not only are the "stakes" (the amount anted up for the deal) lower amounts - but they are more frequent and the payment or consequences for lack of payment occur speedily.  True justice.  NO lawyers, delays or any bullshit.  Pay the Indian or your shit goes in the dumpster.  Poetic really.  Just perfect.  They got rid of the freeloader I lent the money too - oh by the way it was worth it to get rid of the leech - it was costing me a fortune to drive him an HOUR early for my start time - and sit in traffic on the way home after expending MORE gas getting his DEADBEAT ass to work than it took for me to get to my job.

The poor are just as ruthless and greedy - but they are just as thrifty, talented, creative and money-smart.  The tips I am getting now and the examples available are beyond belief.  I now am able to really cut costs after hanging around with some of these folks.  Most of those I run into in this situation have fallen on hard time - meaning medical (two years not walking - requiring pain meds_)  Then you have those who's Aorta got messed up in a car accident.  No insurance - Obamacare - Romneybamacare - whatever this insurance scam is - it's all bullshit so far.  You heard the situation I just described - I didnt' get into the meth-addicts - heroin addicts etc....  I barracaded my door a few weeks ago because of an incident that happened months ago  - there are people on the street that need MEDICAL ASSISTANCE.  HAVING THEM GET INTO TROUBLE SO THE POLICE CAN SIMPLY EXECUTE THEM IS NOT CHRISTIAN.  So now here we go with the Christian thing.

Yeah - that again.  I  must admit there is something to be said about the Christian way.  It is a way of benevolence - set by example and prices paid sometimes immeasurable - and sometimes bring about the demise of those participating in Christian ways.  I think Christ had a great message - it needs to make it to, or back to , Indian businesspeople.  And the rest of them - I'm an American - this is a big country - dont' blame me for knowing who the heck needs to start caring for their fellow man/woman.

What about the old neighborhood.  I don't miss it much - I got my decade in the woods.  Re-engaging humanity is coming at a price - many prices - but the benefits that come with the true acceptance of differing beliefs is not something my creator gave me the ability to convey.  But I'd be willing to bet that anyone willing to  find a way to accept those around them - regardless of the back-stabs that are forever present - will be rewarded incalculably.  After all - there is a great variable in our life equation - the unpredictable.

The jury is still out on the "unpredictable" and whether or not meditation etc... can be focused in a demonstrable manner.  Most out there on this topic are charlatans - I've lost some "friendships" trying to wise some suckers up who based their calender numerology on the wrong calender from the wrong era and couldn't understand why their idea of "December" didn't make sense base upon their premises.

So there you go - all the clutter out of the way.

What about world events?  The airliner thing they are beating to death is becoming annoying.  Good thing the television set doesn't have to answer my questions relating to that incident - the other stupid inane "stories" they feature that are boring all of us to death - maybe literally - .....

The United States of America - at this point - in my opinion ....  is .....a disorganized directionless corporate wasteland.  The citizens are , very efficiently and cheaply so as to maximize profits, being stupified with the dumbest crap imaginable on the free TeeVee airways.

The ability for the public to participate is limited to the local freedom of speech able to be expressed on the public airwaves.  Today that turf is tightly controlled by equally empowered kooks.

On the one side are the greedy soul-less corporations - basically reptiles.

ON the other side are the mindless:  whether opiated via political party belief system, religious unbending belief system etc...  nationalism..... it's all bs.

The FCC needs to be stacked up with some free spirits - the radio and TeeVee stranglehold held by corporate interests needs to be broken RIGHT NOW.   It doesn't matter what it takes - after all the ends justify the means in America now right?  IN Amerika too right!

That means that no matter which America/Amerika you like - without freedom of speech - reflected in the airwaves as owned by WE THE PEOPLE - freedom of speech cannot function as the cog in the machine known as our republic.  Corporate domination of the media means control of the entire machine - and don't forget that the media is the only business protected by the constitution.  I was going to mention "coining money" but according to the constitution the coining of money was not meant to be a profit-business for private interests - but the very blood meant to pump through the heart of our republic as commerce.

Time after time I am running into people in the most subtle ways that encourage me to believe that there may be hope still for our country - meaning a peaceful way out.

The only peaceful way out is for the Executive to be brought under control.