Cutting Through the Matrix - probably the best UN information website

I highly recommend this website for very good information.  I have a hard time endorsing anyone because of the disinformation problem we have with media of any sort - but I think it is important to hear a viewpoint on the laws the UN is behind taking place through legal means while we are all at work - those of us not between jobs.  Who are the people behind all the global warming we keep hearing about?  There have indeed been scandals that are well known.

Alan Watt has some very informative talks.  It took a while for me to absorb some of the issues here - he just leads you to the information and you can make up your own mind about the patterns recognizable with some events going on around you.  You may find that some things are understandable because you didn't consider the connections of some of these organizations before.  Probably because nobody mentioned it.

I find anything having to do with the United Nations - whether a good idea or not - to be against the principles of our country.  I was told that our government was what WE wanted.  But in the end it is those who are organized that get laws enacted.

Alan Watt does a steady job of reading much of this very dry information to you.  So - you can make up your own mind.  Some of this stuff becomes obvious instantly once you hear the names and connect some of the dots  - but facing it takes some time to process in your mind- that somebody like Ban Ki- moon or whatever his name is controls our tax money in any way.  Where does he come from and why is he involved in anything going on inside this country?  Alan Watt poses the question "Did you vote for this guy?"  Then he'll read you an article about the causes Ban Ki-moon is part of and you may be surprised.  If it were up to me I'd get the UN out of this country because we have some serious issues regarding our survival going on and don't have time for this UN nonsense.

Here's the link:

Cutting Through the Matrix
Go to the audio section and listen to Sunday show for a sample.

...On another topic ... just another crazy idea...I know I said this before but it's carved into the walls at Monticello, Thomas Jeffersons symbolic architecture design and construction.  He stressed an agrarian society and he ran an agrarian operation - albeit with slaves.  Well if automation is so good - look at the Google Dog-like robots - we can definitely focus on making farming automatons as easily as killer-robots.  Make some machine robots to replace the slaves and build a place like he had that could be self-sufficient.  We can all dream of peace instead of war I suppose.   I've flown over this country many times and believe there is a vast amount of usable farming land out there.  People don't have to be crammed into cities and we don't have to "overpopulate" either.  Anyway - I like to think positive thoughts once in a awhile too you know.  It seems like it's going to take enough people wanting that.  For now the population remains mezmerized.

Much economic activity and benefit to the nations infrastructure could result..

We need to get agriculture going again - people can get loans for machines and land so they can farm on microfarms and feed the families they have.

Where will the land come from?  That will have to be figured out.  I drove about 8+ hours the other day and saw a lot of land that could be used for agriculture - at a profit.  If there is a hungry world out there let's feed them.  Automation can be used to put people back to work rather than automation putting people out of work in an industrialized situation.


Farewell to Virginny

Christmas vacay is coming to a close - now the drive home.

Richmond was good to me - the people and the food.  The traffic really non-existent for such a hub -

I really needed some food too - I'm heading back to my real home where they have work for me.

Virginny was a good place to live but it seems like for most of my life I was really bringing money back in to the state.  The place I'm heading back to doesn't have as good food but that's where work is.

I remember kids' fathers when I was a kid working in other towns to support their families.

Anyway - some scenes.  I saw some Muslims - their baby was wearing one of those Santa hats with the white tassel.  They didn't seem to be waging any war on Christmas.

I saw several Asian-run businesses with Christmas cards and Christmas trees.  Felt like Christmas there.

There seemed, this year, to be a major lack of colored lights decorating people's homes, however.  Not sure if that was deliberate or if that's just the way everybody felt.  There are some people I know having meltdowns.

The weather has been so unseasonably warm - 70's - "t-shirt weather."

The food in this town is really good if you go to the right places.  Prices are about as high as everywhere else but parking hasn't turned into a free-for-all like in my home-town.

I'm at my coffee shop here again - picking up a redeye for the ride home.

The people here are more free in thought, I'd say, than where I'm heading.  This is a "religious" area (I'm using the word "religious" wrong) but you are supposed to know what I mean.

As far as the prez election - I've not read any news, listened to any media other than Christmas music - and accidentally viewed brief moments of games that were on in various establishments I've visited during my visit here.

The Poe museum has really been on my mind.  If you come to Richmond do visit it.  I don't like mentioning places on this blog since the topics discussed here are such unpopular speech I'm concerned that those mentioned will feel insulted for having any affiliation with it.  I think people get the wrong idea - but sometimes that's

The sun is coming out for the first time in several days of the rainiest, most unseasonably warm and foggiest conditions I've seen in a December.  It's been a good experience.

I can't say much more about politics today other than nobody I've run into has said a word about any of it.  The public doesn't  care about this election much.  It seems that We the People are not really the ones having problems getting along - it is You the Leaders who seem to not be able to "make a deal."

Let's seem some change on some big stuff or this police state will continue heading down this silly and dark road.

As I was stepping into the Poe museum yesterday a man came walking by down the street and I couldn't help but say something to him, since he was carrying a gigantic automatic pistol on his belt.  I said to him "Packing heat today huh?"  He said "Everyday - especially around here."

He wasn't a young guy - and he was nice enough.  I probably should have asked further questions to see if this was in reaction to him being attacked or was he just careful?  He wasn't strange or paranoid or anything - and with the open carry situation at least you knew he had a gun on him - and you could make a choice whether or not to be around where he his.  I've known people with concealed guns during times in my life that I decided to minimize my exposure to because of their unstable nature.  Others I never gave it a second thought.  It is a bit of a shame that that is all we are in the end - just a bunch of people with guns to keep just enough of a stalemate so we don't kill each other.

Are we better than that?  For a "Christian country" as I'm constantly reminded - you would think we could all stop shooting each other and carrying weapons the day after Christmas.  But that's not the real world.  A lot of bad stuff happens around Christmas like it happens everywhere all the time.

I'm not saying I want a Muslim country or a Jewish country or any religion country - I'd prefer if that side of things were kept out of public institutions - because one of the things that was always to differentiate America from all other nations was our religious tolerance - and the fact that no religion could get an upper hand and start imposing their belief system on the rest of us that don't want it.

I am not against religion at all - and some of my morals came from religion (I think?) although in the end the all came from my family.

It doesn't take much thought to see that so-called American values come from our media - in all of its forms.  A break-up of the media is a promise Donald Trump can make to the American public.  That's an easy one - and one he seems to already agree with.

Well I have to get on the road.  I'm driving a VW rental - Passat Wolfsburg edition.  The guys at the rental place had a decent car this time.  Last time I drove a Nissan Sentra that hydroplaned as soon as there was any water on the road.  This time I didn't notice the monsoon I drove through on the way up  here with ponding conditions and everything.


Poe a Tree

This is another unedited and crappy post - but once again I couldn't help it...


 It’s the day after Christmas 2015.  It was my second visit to the Poe Museum.  They’ve moved some of the stuff around.  The bed Poe slept in – more like a cot – is present in the first room you enter – tiny with a huge fireplace.  Strange proportions.  Also in this first room is a piano that belonged to somebody – his wife?  I’m not sure about Poe’s life very much but the piano has a placard near it you can read, it tells a bit of the history of the piano – it was given as payment to a Dr. that somebody owed money to then was donated back several generations later back to the Poe museum.  Many things here have been transplanted from places Poe lived including an entire staircase from his childhood residence.

They also set up a "Cask of Amontillado" exhibit where you can have your picture taken next to the guy that gets chained to the wall.  If you haven't read that story it is one of Poe's good ones.  Well done.

A step outside through one of many frightfully creakey doors brings you to the enchanted garden which is an enclosed  brick courtyard surrounded by various old buildings.  The main Poe building is the oldest building in Richmond, VA supposedly built around 1727?  No pictures are allowed in certain areas so I didn’t take any at all so I could forget about that.

They added two long jet black cats to the museum since I was there last – it really livened the place up in just the right way.  Some dunderhead bent the metal Poe Museum sign outside – I didn’t remember to check to see if they were able to get it fixed.  It is a beautiful sign – even defaced – it doesn’t matter –

I’m in my favorite coffee shop  up on the top of the hill by St. John’s church – the one where Patrick Henry gave the “Give me Liberty or Give me Death Speech.”

So I took a look briefly through the news today and can see that the Republicans, pretending to be whoever they have branded themselves as – are trying to complete their vetting of the public to see which candidate they can sell most effectively to the public.   My prediction is that Trump will be their nominee.

He has already demonstrated a dual loyalty that is a problem for my own tastes in a leader of the United States.  He seems to have got the entire story backwards on 911.  But maybe that’s because he is out of touch in that sort of way – similar to one of our past presidents – also ultra-wealthy – George H.W. Bush.  There was a famous moment when poppy Bush was on the campaign trail and he was posing in a supermarket line acting like he was really buying groceries like normal people do.  Well – at the time the supermarket laser bar-code scanners had already come out and when they started the cameras running and started scanning groceries he was asking the cashier about this newfangled device that automatically scanned the items into the register.  In other words guys like poppy Bush and Donald Trump are bigshots – they are making big deals and maximize the effectiveness of their limited time by having others prepare meals for them – the supermarket trip is, in reality, a poor use of their time.

I’m not picking on them – depending upon what a person does in their life there are things they will do as a matter of routine and these are the activities that take up time in their life – and the ones that can manage combinations of these activities most effectively die with the most toys.

But in reality – getting back to the point I was supposed to be making – what goes on in Donald Trump’s life that has anything to do with the way you and I live?  Can he relate to the realities of life in America when he lives in the Big Apple as a billionaire?

I am going to guess:  No and evidence of his being out of touch with America is the fact that his facts on 911 are pathetic. 

He turned one of the 911 documented stories upside down that just about everyone that has studied the 911 crime has known for years and years:  That there were dancing Israelis on 911 that were rounded up.  You can find the cop that arrested them on yootoob begging people to stop calling him about the arrest he made that day.  Go find that interview of him making his statement about who they really arrested that day. 

I can now see that there are many reasons why the 911 criminals have gotten away with their crime for so long – being such skilled criminals and all.  They have a lot of money so in the US they can effectively control everything.  They own the media.  Complete control of the media was an essential element in committing that crime – they could not have gotten away with the crime for so long without the media being directly involved. 

So what is all this getting to?  That this very same media and the very same media owners are the ones spreading the information put out by Donald Trump.  He starred on their TeeVee shows – remember?  “You’re Fired!”  So he has been one of their actors on their fake reality shows.  That means there is a connection from Trump to the same crooked media that was directly involved in the caper pulled over on the American public known as 911.  This crooked media is participating in the Orwellian shift of the facts on all issues – one example being the shift from dancing Israelis to dancing evil mooslims.

So what are we to make of all of this? 

I’ve concluded, for now, that with the existing election machine situation – meaning that they are easily rigged – that the election only has to appear legitimate in the media – meaning – the media has to only create an atmosphere where it would be believable for a candidate to be elected, meaning that their chosen candidate – through marketing/polling methods – must be able to gather a legitimate size of the real votes – then the rigged machines are targeted in areas where the state apparatus is controlled to the extent that they can use those districts to throw the election. 

So if Trump looks popular enough, and he can be installed, or the whoever they control on the Democrat side, let’s say Sanders – then you can count on more war and more unquestioning support for Israel.

Those who ignore the words of Dr. Alan Sabrosky regarding who did 911 will forever wonder what is going on in the world around them.  Nothing ever seems to make that much sense.  What would Donald Trump have to say with respect to Dr. Alan Sabrosky of the US Army War College making a statement that Israel did 911? 

Another thought that comes to mind for me is that of fear.

America is presently paralyzed by fear.  Most of this fear is manufactured fear directed at the public with very precise timing to produce precise results in the public mind.  Those tasked with solving these high crimes are also paralyzed with fear.  They may have caught wind of some of these anomalies in the big lie given to the public – they may have seen the statements of Dr. Alan Sabrosky and know that something is wrong – but they cannot do anything because they are afraid they will be treated like all whistleblowers are treated – like pariahs.

I now think I understand more now than ever before that it is the people in the actual government structures that are supposed to deal with the 911 crooks that have to be the most “afraid” – even if they are really brave people.  They must all know that these master criminals live in the upper echelons of our institutions here in the US. How can any individual do anything about the 911 crimes when they know they will be fired or harassed?  That’s the environment here in the United States.  When I ask people who either are or know people in law enforcement – they are woefully ignorant of the facts surrounding those crimes.  The fact is that if any progress will ever be made regarding the real crooks of 911 the direction must come from the top.  But it looks like the masterminds own all of the people at the top of our “crime-fighting” institutions and the media that is used to keep everyone in line.   Owning the police and the news makes getting away with anything very very easy.   

The crooks must be running everything since their agenda continues regardless of who gets into office.  Can you see into the future – as I feel I can – a future for America if Trump gets into office?  More of the same.

More war – more hatred – more division?  Can Trump show us now that he is really going to bat for America?  Even Donald Trump’s money relies on the economy surviving – but which aspects?  What would happen to all of his money if he didn’t support interest groups who would put themselves ahead of the interests of ordinary Americans?  Do ordinary Americans even matter to him?

Trump can make announcements now – loud and clear – how he is going to put an end to the hostilities in the Palestinian issue.  Israel seems intent on the extermination of Palestinians – go look at the map online of the reduction in Palestinian territory over the years. 

Where are the peaceful Muslims and Israelis while the United States is going up in flames?  Why is it that all we hear from are violent religious extremists?  Where are the people that actually want an end to all of this war?


More Food or more vaccines?

WE MUST CONTROL THE POPULATION!  (WE are told.)  So negative.  Also against the Bible.

The last  times I flew across the U.S I was impressed with the vast stretches of un-utilized space.

Here's a positive viewpoint.

Food production - cannot be a problem given the efficiency and automation of present technology.
What would a father do when faced with a large family he didn't anticipate?  Kill his kids or at least try to grow some more food first?  Our, the human race, our distinction is our minds that seperates us from the animals - but presently it appears Bill Gates and the Pope disagree with these views.  I haven't heard those of Donald Trump, Hillary, Sanders etc... they are the faces I saw last - but I gave up on the debates - since none of the content is problem-solving.  Also they are all ignoring root causes.

I am supposed to believe that we have all this great technology - that can do ANYTHING without much human intervention. OK - what about growing food?  Or is all the land locked up in megafarms and un-utilized?

Rather than sitting around in the city looking for a job that will NEVER come back, because no workers are needed to run equipment - why not refocus our efforts on building new farming equipment that could be sold to families willing to "rough it" and get into farming?  That would change the model and get people independent and "back to work."

I have a theory that there are many people languishing in cities that would do better in a sylvan enviro.

Who can predict if the next kid will be Archimedes?

I know we cannot have people multiplying like rabbits with no room and no food.  Even the Bible says to "Be fruitful and multiply.  Fill the earth and govern it."  Genesis 1:23  The Pope says don't be fruitful and multiply - we need to control the population.  Well it's not my fault that he disagrees with the Bible.

I can imagine that if all a person sees in their life is a congested city - they think the whole world looks like that.  It does not.  There is lots and lots of un-utilized space.  This is like walking outside tomorrow morning - seeing rain - and thinking that it is raining everywhere.

There is so much industry and independence that can sprout from a reapplication of technology to mini-farms with high tech - everybody could find a way to get into that system.

Finally I ask you what would you advise a father with a family larger than expected?  Kill one of your kids or grow more food?

Also what if a real plague comes through


Blows Dead Bear

The title is an inside joke that probably only two people I know, maybe three understand.

Any way - Google f%%%in' blows.  I'm gonna' get shut down eventually anyway - but they still haven't f%^&ng fixed Adsense - why don't the idiots have one of their so-called omnipresent and supposedly mind reading and omniscient "bots" pick up these words right now?  Are they that stupid?  Why don't they see these words and fix the problem if they are reading and seeing everything?  Total bullshit.  I base this claim on the lack of ads on this site via Adsense - and I strictly followed their rules.  What happened?  Why don't they send me a paper letter and fix this - or is it all just boooolhorns.

Where are my ads?  This site is a (*&^% joke - google and blogger s%^k!  Put a comment in the comment section on this blog - can't you hear me?  Help - the platform I use for this discussion is not present when needed but supposedly is monitoring me for something.  I thought you were listening to everything I say and everything I fu%^&ng do!

So what happened?  DuHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Anyway - lemme admit - I wanna' like Trump but so far - using 911 was an inside job as a basis for my logic:

1. Trump is aiding in the...., shall we say....  diversion of the path of our view of the historical timeline and happening and coincidence of events that are well known by those that have studied the anomalies surrounding the seminal event in EVERYTHING WE DO.  THE TRUTH OF THAT MATTER IS KEY IN PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE NO MATTER WHAT.  Sorry about all those caps - but we have got to get a grip here in this country.  When matters this grave are not addressed - the basic morale, and morality upon which our very military and basic manufacturing strengths are drawn.  We must stand for a common morality of decency - now we have debates upon who's example we will follow.Jesus and Plato immediately come to mind.  I have read about Mohomed but that was in social studies many moons ago...as the Indians said in the fake cowboy movies I've seen as a kid.

Plato's Cave

I was sitting, actually lying down covered in the dark looking at the shadows of reflections of the windows of cars and trucks and everything outside, in the dark projecting through the hotel window and through a tiny slit that runs the length of the top of the hotel curtains, which I kept shut for complete darkness...

I feel like "Winston Smith" , the main character, in George Orwell's A.K.A. uhmmmmm can't remember help me out here...(adding this three minutes later ...Eric Blairwho worked for the BBC)

Looked up at the ceiling and saw those shadows, took me a while to figure out what the heck they were - well you have to understand the difference between me and the people chained inside of Plato's cave - who were NEVER OUT OF THE CAVE , I'm the guy who comes back in to tell the prisoners - "Hey - I just got back from outside -( in fact, most of them have seen me walk in through the front door,)

 but getting back ... just typing here on this stuff...

Trump is making statements in favor of the Zionists that the conspiracy community collectively, whether they know it or not - Trump is making statements that will continue to obfuscate the attempts of those who think "911 was an inside job."  He is diverting the attention away from the head of the US ARmy War college, Dr. Alan Sabrosky who says , (Dr. Alan Sabrosky is a Jew)  "The Jews did 911."

So Donald Trump is at odds with this acclaimed Marine veteran, Dr. , meaning he studied , and headed the US ARmy war college - Donald Trump is making statements that contradict this distinguished gentleman.

They take videos down when I post them here - so I'll encourage you to type in "Dr Alan Sabrosky Israel did 911" and watch his very rare and uncirculated interviews.

There are no reasons that I know of to question the intentions of Dr. Alan Sabrosky - I also admire him for something that I like to think I am known for  - ABSOLUTELY to EVERYBODY THAT KNOWS ME PERSONALLY - I AM PRO US PERIOD.  I make no bones about that and I heard Dr. Alan Sabrosky make that very same statement I make to every person and group I am amongst.

2.  Trump is diverting the attention to the Saudis for 911 away from the PNAC Zionists.


I think that if you are a person who thinks about the things I am writing about here - make sure you watch your back.

*I can let you in on what blows dead bear means if you wish to know


Greed is what is trying to ruin Christmas + thoughts on Mr. Trump

I'll get to the greed thing in a minute.

There must be a God because they turned the !@#$%^&*( generator off about an hour?  after I got home.  At least it stopped at a civilized hour.  But I don't really live in civilization if bugs are crawling on me right?   I only saw one today - fast runner.  But the swarms of tiny ones all over the sink in the bathroom seem to have vanished in the mornings.

 I can sleep on the jungle floor if I want monsters crawling on me and chewing on me.  I heard some of these bugs lay eggs in one's skin.  I have deep pocks in my right thigh and scars and holes in my back and left tricep.  I haven't been receiving bites for six months - I got out of that area, but a bunch of the bites haven't healed.  It's not as bad as I'm making it out to be but its true.  I'm just giving symptoms here - I don't feel like I've caught a disease  but the fatigue from all the bugs is a surprising drain.

Anyway - don't move here - it's a #$%itty place - that's a fact and expensive.

So... I think Mr. Donald Trump should honor the U.S.S. Liberty sailors - all of them - living and passed - in a ceremony on the Television, perhaps during a Super Bowl size event.  Before the election.  Otherwise his words stand the chance of being nothing more than hot air.

I did not say they are hot air - but as a FORMER PRESIDENT  George Washington is reputed to have said:  "Deeds Not Words."
I agree - and I mean now.  Let's see some action rather than a promise.  Let's see you really do something NOW if YOU are SO POWERFUL.  DO IT NOW AND SHOW US.

But is that a fair challenge?  Yes.

Mr. Trump - and I use that term because I hope to receive a donation for advertising his name on this blog free of charge -

Mr. Trump,

Please show your media-controlling expertise - and I will report it HERE, free of charge -

by honoring the U.S.S. Liberty Veterans per above - then I can tell my Navy buddies, I wasn't in the Navy - they were - but anyway - so I can tell them that I spoke out to you on THEIR BEHALF.  Please, if you become president, please don't have me tortured for asking you this , I only bring it up so that you are fully aware that the Liberty sailor's testimony claims they were attacked by Israel.  There is speculation whether or not this was done to draw the U.S. into war on behalf of Israel.  Who can tell. ( I have no access to any believable information because the media is a disaster and simply manipulated by corporations and their owners.)(

If you truly SUPPORT OUR VETERANS you must NOT EXCLUDE U.S.S. LIBERTY VETERANS.  They deserve everything everyone else deserves - like their sanity back after having been betrayed by the U.S. government regarding their story.  SUPPORT OUR TROOPS PLEASE by having this story told so we can all move on.  The information is all the public needs.  I'm not asking for revenge - they might - the Navy people - but what is important is that true  information reaches the public and such action to recognize this hidden history - at the presidential level - will demonstrate your commitment to "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" -(which includes sailors who survived napalming, machine gunning, finally a torpedo boat attack that opened a gaping maw in the hull.

Regarding Christmas - I heard part of a Christmas Carol - and it almost made me angry.  It's nothing but commercials - and yes - this Christmas music was being used to pimp some crap on yootoob.  Relentless desperation to increase profits, capitalize on everything - just out of control crap sales.  Disgusting and demeaning to our entire reason for being - LIBERTY.  There is no rest from the marketing of everything from these government programs called "wars" and "terrorism" which are employing all the cops, exploiting the terror alerts that never end.  They will end when the money to support them runs out - and the money will keep going as long as the public is kept in a state of fear and pulsed at a particular frequency.

Anyway - Christmas is no exception to the greed that consumes our nasty society - our "Isociety" which must exist to support ever expanding greed.  How many bathrooms does some bigshot need in their house to keep everybody else paying high prices, working long hours etc...

I don't hear Christmas music for the sake of Christmas music - it is being played to sell me some plastic crap from China that is overpriced and won't last its first use.  I recently used a network hub that was so junky, after I took it out of its package and plugged what essentially amounts to a plastic cable into it for the first time - the connector caved into the case.  Junk.  Is that what everybody is lining up for?  Egads.

I heard somebody talking about "Conspiracy Theorists" and he was saying something about asking questions regarding what he called "Conspiracy Theories" and he said we shouldn't investigate them because it was disrespectful to the victims families.  Ha ha.  Right - but isn't it upsetting to a family to go identify a body?  Is that a reason to not do it?  What if there are contradictions in the stories of the suspects?  Should we say - "Who cares?"


Jennerater Noyz

They are running a generator outside - still - it's pitch dark outside, it was running when I got here to eat lunch this afternoon too.  Running the whole time then too.  My skkullizziz vuhvuhvibratinguh-guh.  There are babies on the first floor having their ears destroyed.  Just another day living in a superpower.  "I SAID JUST ANOTHER DAY....WHAT?  OH YOU HEARD ME?"  I know it's loud in here.

I've finally figured it out.  That's why no mufflers are required here - everyone is already deaf - having been pre-deafened from their childhood.

The problem with the gas engine outside is that its large size - sounds like a Bobcat three-bladed self-propelled grass mowing machine I used to operate.  Big engine - vibrates skull AND CHEST.  Maybe because of the large cylinder or the frequency of the ignition?  I dunno - but IT IS SO DAMED LOUD HERE.

Walls probably too thin.  Obviously this building meets a code of construction allowing for high noise levels in the room equivalent to airport noise.  It reallyt would be cool to get one of those noise-pressure meters to measure the racket here.  Vibrations are reverberating within my torso and especially chest cavity.  I feel my spine vibrating from the engine outside - but even if it weren't there - the noise from the highway - it is a river that you live by.

The build-up of the traffic patterns etc... - you can set your watch - but there are times that it just wakes you up.  A loud motorcycle - tractor trailer - everything comes through here - whether screaming by at high speed or idling in a traffic cock-up, passing by randomly - some have more tire noyz than the other ones -  and motorcycle meetups with what looked like a coupla' hundert bykes.  There's a guy that goes by every morning - wakes me up -on a motorcycle with a loud pipe.  I'm not bitching I've got bikes too and I don't care about loud pipes. I said "I DON'T MIND LOUD PIPES!"  What?  OH YOU HEARD ME?  OK!!!! I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU DIDN'T HEAREAR MUH-MEE!

Trump's supporters are using well known logical fallacies to "sell" him to us.  They are trying to impress everyone with "large crowds" - the bandwagon effect.  The logic is:  Ignore any important fundamental nightmare questions we have to face in this country, and let's ignore who is really controlling this place - elect Donald Trump because everybody else likes him.  This is evidenced by the head count at his gatherings.

Free speech is going away in this country for sure - I have NO DOUBT about that.  But who would wish to silence the testimony of a witness?  Who does stuff like that?  Sounds like what criminals do right before a case is to go to trial.  If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...  Those attempting to silence free speech by scaring everybody with "terror" cannot be performing a good deed because they are causing terror themselves.  This is circular logic.  We are supposed to have informed citizens participating in governing ourselves - We The People.  At least that's what they told me.  Perhaps I've been mistaken.  Just look to the bigshot detectives in your federal government for justice on the issues I bring up here for answers to 911 etc...  Everyone knows I'm joking right?

Also - regarding 911 -for those of you who read the Bible:  Here's a quote for you to ponder when you shut your eyes and ears to my references to unsolved mysteries/crimes regarding 911 - the seminal event of EVERYTHING we do?

Proverbs 18:13

     "He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him."

That's the biggest problem with 911 at the citizen level.  At Donald Trump's level it comes down to:   To which  country do you pledge your loyalty?  Prove it NOW.  Are you willing to address these fundamental issues?  Or will we stumble around like drunks in the dark - with an out-of-control gang running the nuthouse?

Whether or not the enforcers will back off - and realize they - in their positions of power are destroying what is a very good nation when it maintains the rights explicated in the Bill of Rights, attached by the "anti-federalists" if I understand correctly to the Constitution.

Patrick Henry wrote "The Anti-Federalist Papers" (AF) which I listened to on Librivox -?  maybe another place?  Librivox is an excellent audiobook source of sometimes pretty obscure stuff.  It is possible I found that on an I-Phone App in the App store several iPhones ago.  The volunteers read books to you - the listener.  I highly recommend this awesome resource.  I must say that everyone trying to do good in this world wasn't necessarily  born with a voice that sounds good on the computer.

I cannot remember exact things from the AF  - only generalizations one of which I should mention, I am going from memory here...
that  the consolidation of power in the soon-to-be Federal Government would ultimately, eventually, ineluctably result in power grabs by that centralized government over time.  Well known patterns of power flow would follow their natural course and end up where we are now - and descending into more and more - a police state/prison society where we have sacrificed liberty for safety - as we were warned not to do if we wanted to keep our republic by Ben Franklin.  Somebody will correct me if wrong by my version of history is that the Constitution was done in secret to some degree?  And when they were done making a deal Franklin was asked "What kind of government have we bargained to live with?" (I'm paraphrasing)  He replied "A republic if you can keep it."

How can a citizen BE a citizen - and "keep their republic" if they don't have accurate information on which to base their decisions as to where Congress should spend their money?  That is the main issue for the "voter" - that is - if the voting machines were kept "honest" like the banks keep their ATMs.  I must have asked a hundert peeple alreddy and they all tole me they never got an extra twenty or nuthin from no ATM never ever.  Why can't we get the voting machines to give us a paper receipt among other verifications?

Anyway maybe I'll finish this later.  I wonder sometimes if there is any point in all of this - and that the fate of America - rests in the hands of the feedback the American citizenry is provided with, over the period between now and the next prez. "selection":  I say that because the voting machines are easily rigged - a "conspiracy" that is easy for me to understand - and if given documentation on those voting machines and could pass that by the folks I know understand this stuff - We The People may find some avenue into the electronics of that machine, whether hardware or software that would allow an over-ride.  There have been many examples of voting-machine rigging.

Just typing away here - always remember - and pls furgiv mee 4 bringin' dis up but...

The entire "War on Terror" is based upon...

The generator outside is still shaking the bed.  I'm sitting here with my legs on the bed slightly elevated and I'm on a chair next to the bed.  I feel the generator coming through the back of the chair and into my spine.  My ears are and have been gone long ago.  Everything is shaking.

So the election.  Trump can't not have heard of 911 foreknowledge.  Nobody can say they haven't heard about it - but he is in the real estate  business.  Real Estate was a big big big part of that caper - if it is indeed a still-unsolved crime - a concept easy to fathom once one realizes nobody officially really wanted to solve it at the highest levels of government in the United States it seems to me at least.  Just opinion I know.

The so-called 911 report has been reported to be set up to fail by none other than the two guys in charge of it. If you click here there is a good synopsis - there are many but I've read some decent info there once or twice.   But all this terror business, and I mean business, is directly a consequence of the events on 911.  It is so simple - I challenge any so-called investigator to look at the questions and report back that there are not some very big contradictions between who really was behind all of that.

Anyway - it doesn't matter - I'm bored with it too and am going to let it all go.  I see that history just flows like a river, like the traffic outside.   This is what it is around here and if you don't like it you can leave.  And I understand that - but it is so darned lout where I am right now, my eardrums are caving in.  And nobody notices.

OK - I'm done bitching about all this but Trump oughta be able to make a deal to get the Palestinians territory figured out and everybody stop shooting.  "Enough is Enough" the Israelis had on their signs regarding the release of Jonathan Pollard.  Well c'mon Israelis - what is wrong over there and why do you also have a police state?  Is it because those of us that want peace will always lose in the end to the more vicious and violent - those willing to abandon our morality as a society?  I don't know - I don't think that is my call to make.

Trump must prove via action NOW - not after he is elected - where he stands on that issue - then I think one's guess can be improved given everything else as to who is in control.  We have all discovered that it doesn't matter what a candidate promises at all - they only need to get elected then they can do what they want.  Anybody that is as powerful as Trump should be able to MAKE A DEAL NOW to prove how tough he is.  Will he call for the VETERANS of the USS LIBERTY to be nationally recognized at the superbowl or some other big game?

I think this police state needs to be backed down.  It's getting ridiculous - the amount of stress and hours people are under - and I guess financial pressures too.  It's driving the population insane - then add in those who are not working, the constant "terror" used to maintain that ever-important element of anxiety in the population so they are like putty.

I need to shut up right now and I will.

One last thing - I "believe" they have punched back at the bugs here - but this is a sorta' WW1 style trench war with big battles - - little movement - then the war stops.

Now I smell some kinda disinfectant or ... like a strong carwash smell coming in.  I have the wall-mounted airconditioner -heater "Stinky" turned off cuzza' the acrid "piss smell" that comes off it if you make the mistake of turning the heat setting on.  A/C is ok only parts of dead insects blow out then ha ha.  OK now I'm done.

P.S. The generator is still running - my throat from the smell...argh!!  I think the exhaust from the generator outside is a good reason to keep "Stinky" off.

I hear a high-pressure sprayer out in the hall now - been going on for awhile.  Generator seems to never need fuel...  Somebody just turned on a water pipe - another knifing hiss...right ear... it stopped!

7:17 - they just either idled or turned the generator off.  It's like somebody just turned off the water cannon.  Ahhhhhh.

...What's that?    The sprayer is going again....  The bugs slowed down a lot - they are making some progress?

Another engine is putt putt putt putt putting somewhere - they other side of the hotel?  Buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh omg


Adsense went bye bye on this blog - after long delay- where did the ad hits go?

I think about this often.

I enjoyed having AdSense - I guess a Google product on this blog.

Site visitors would click on an ad and after about a trillion hits and two years - I'd get a check from Google for a hundred bucks - a complete waste of time - but it made it fun in a way.

Anyway - people were clicking on the ads according to my hit counter - Statcounter.  But the checks stopped coming in a long time ago.  I ignored it because I didn't care that much, but then finally the ads themselves were removed by Google or Blogger or somebody - I have no idea.

Being a computer worker for a living - I don't want to mess with all these folks online because their obfuscation and bullshit would wear me out.   I came here to put some thoughts down and discuss them and on Aug 26, 2015 or so, the Ads were denied or something.  I have no idea but they dumped me and never communicated with me in a workable way given the time I don't have to spend figuring out their maze of sh$% one must go through to fix something with them and the credit company and those that used to send me check.

My question is:  Where did the money go for the clicks that occurred at least two years ago, before Aug 26 that I got my last check?  Somebody hijacked that moola.  I didn't get paid for the clicks - but one only gets paid if there are one hundred bucks worth or something like that according to their rules.  Again - don't remember - but the ads went away and they just left me hanging.  Thats the web for you - virtual everything.

I'll write a fix-up to this if anybody fixes anything but those players are a hindrance - not a help to trying to have a discussion here - and possibly justify to those who understand nothing except "Did you make any money?"  to surprise them and say "Yes - I got a check from Google"

Anyway I'll take this down if they ever fix it.

Living in the Bible Belt

I was warned about living in the Bible belt.  My friends tried to warn me that I would be hated here.  I had friends imploring me to get a concealed carry permit - and gave me seminars on various handguns that would be excellent choices for personal protection.  I don't know - I don't feel like carrying a gun around or going to ask permission from our God-government for the "right" they think they "grant" to writers etc... who write unpopular things to protect themselves.

There really is no so-called "free speech" in this country.  The United States has been reduced to a country of nut-cases and violent religious extremists.  The last three people that punched me were Christians.  I've never been hit by a Muslim.  All the people that robbed me were rich Christians.  These are facts.  Then I drive down the street here and wonder what the heck is going on in the churches around here.

I've been punched many times - once had a front tooth punched clear through the front of my face.  I've taken a hit recently - and I'm glad I didn't get any permanent damage.  I walked away.

It seems that Christians are really that in name only.  I'm the one that turns the other cheek while they choose to shut me up with their fists - when I'm not looking.

I am outnumbered and just two skinny arms and two skinny legs up against super-sized ignoramuses.  Torture, spying, and killing for minor reasons have become "American values."  I am so disgusted with what this country has become I no longer wish to participate.

Donald Trump is a representative of the Zionists as far as I am concerned.  If he doesn't promise to fix the Palestinian issue and fire the Israelis if there is no peace within four years he is all talk and no action.  I would imagine he doesn't understand the undermining of our culture and the owning of the media, infiltration of churches and government by Zionists etc...  He is from New York and he claims the Arabs were the dancing Israelis.  He is supposedly involved in New York real estate and doesn't know anything of the issue of WTC7.  You really have to wonder.  I've heard the same crap about him pretending to go along and he will let them have it once he gets into office.  Ha ha.  The assumption here is that the office of president is more than ceremonial.  I've not had a president in my lifetime do a damned thing for me personally.  I am middle aged white male.  Figure that out.

Google Trump and Netanyahu and you will immediately see where his loyalty is.  Why does he care so much about Israel when America is so cooked?

We no longer have a common set of information to discuss.  That is why we are all fighting.  The prez that is in office now - I'm not sure what the deal is with him.  I'll leave him out of the discussion for now so I am not legally murdered - not that I care - this town and country have become quite a dump.

Corporate power and militarism rule the land here.  The middle class - with no security has been abandoned to fighting amongst themselves - and the propaganda and real/fake shooting media circus that goes on and on keeps everyone keyed up to where it is actually dangerous to be out in public if you are a writer or discuss anything that matters.  I presently refuse to carry a firearm.

I don't see any candidates running for office that have the cajones to stand up for America first and pull our military forces back enough to convince the world that we are not a maniacal force of plunderers.  I don't believe for a minute that war is peace a la Orwell.  It is simply not true - but we all know that the truth doesn't matter.  When I explain the anomolies regarding the physics of 911 I am faced with people who think that gravity is an OPINION!  I am no longer sure how to argue with that.  I am not sure if they are simply working for the bad guys and part of a clumsy human intel network or mentally retarded.  It's one or the other.  Think about it.  Whether you are a Bible Thumper or not - gravity still kills.

If we allow our media to repeat to the masses over and over and over that killing and torture and preemptive war and invasion of privacy and disposing of the Constitution are American values - we, like Ben Franklin said, "deserve neither liberty nor safety" and I can promise you that we will lose it all.

Your kids will live like Palestinians live now my friends if we cannot talk to each other about difficult issues without punching like little children.

Grow up dumbasses.  Take your Karate and Tai Kwon Dough to the tournament - or were you thrown out for cheating?