Adsense went bye bye on this blog - after long delay- where did the ad hits go?

I think about this often.

I enjoyed having AdSense - I guess a Google product on this blog.

Site visitors would click on an ad and after about a trillion hits and two years - I'd get a check from Google for a hundred bucks - a complete waste of time - but it made it fun in a way.

Anyway - people were clicking on the ads according to my hit counter - Statcounter.  But the checks stopped coming in a long time ago.  I ignored it because I didn't care that much, but then finally the ads themselves were removed by Google or Blogger or somebody - I have no idea.

Being a computer worker for a living - I don't want to mess with all these folks online because their obfuscation and bullshit would wear me out.   I came here to put some thoughts down and discuss them and on Aug 26, 2015 or so, the Ads were denied or something.  I have no idea but they dumped me and never communicated with me in a workable way given the time I don't have to spend figuring out their maze of sh$% one must go through to fix something with them and the credit company and those that used to send me check.

My question is:  Where did the money go for the clicks that occurred at least two years ago, before Aug 26 that I got my last check?  Somebody hijacked that moola.  I didn't get paid for the clicks - but one only gets paid if there are one hundred bucks worth or something like that according to their rules.  Again - don't remember - but the ads went away and they just left me hanging.  Thats the web for you - virtual everything.

I'll write a fix-up to this if anybody fixes anything but those players are a hindrance - not a help to trying to have a discussion here - and possibly justify to those who understand nothing except "Did you make any money?"  to surprise them and say "Yes - I got a check from Google"

Anyway I'll take this down if they ever fix it.

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