911 Mystery for the Financially-Inclined: 5 out of five signs of insider trading present on 911

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"Suspicious Profits sit uncollected."

The five signs of insider trading:

1. The timing is just a little too good.
2. Transactions deviate from normal trading levels.
3. The transaction itself is too specific.
4. The transaction is too large.
5. The transaction is too speculative.


The Afghan War: "No Blood for Opium" The Hidden Military Agenda is to Protect the Drug Trade

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" The weapons of mass deception tell us that the opium belongs to the Taliban and that the US is fighting a war on drugs as well as terror. Yet it remains a curious fact that the opium trade has tracked across Southern Asia for the past five decades from east to west, following US wars, and always under the control of US assets.

In the 1960s, when the US fought a secret war in Laos using the Hmong opium army of Vang Pao as its proxy, Southeast Asia produced 70% of the world’s illicit opium. After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Afghanistan production, controlled by US-backed drug lords, took off, till it rivalled Southeast Asian production. Since 2002, Afghan opium production, encouraged by both the Taliban and US-backed drug lords, has reached 93% of world illicit production, an unparalleled performance."

Simplest solution: Buy a republican!

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" One really cool way to break the gridlock in Washington over social legislation has been overlooked. Buying votes. Yes, buying votes. It's not really cheating anymore. Even the Supreme Court is on board. "

Fluoride in Water Video

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Natick study - recommended against

Note: So where are the trucks coming from with the fluoride - and where do they dump it into the water?

Admiral: Gulf drilling disaster ‘one of the most significant oil spills in US history’

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" Time is running out as a huge slick with a 600-mile (965-kilometer) circumference has moved within 21 miles of the ecologically fragile Louisiana coast despite favorable winds. Photos released by U.S. space agency NASA revealed the spread had become so great, it was visible from space."


Adolf Hitler's 'lost fleet' found in Black Sea

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" In two years, the fleet sank dozens of ships and lost three of their number to enemy action. But in August 1944, Romania switched sides and declared war on Germany, leaving the three remaining vessels stranded."

Chaos marks Ukraine base debate

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" A government move to extend leasing rights for a Russian naval base in Ukraine has been ratified by the country's parliament amid angry protests by the opposition.

Opponents hurled eggs and detonated smoke bombs inside the parliament chamber, disrupting Tuesday's debate over the agreement."
Note: If only our representatives cared this much-about anything. I'm not talking about Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich

Tech companies fear implications of trade pact

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" The agreement, being negotiated by the United States and nearly a dozen trading partners, is intended to create an international framework to crack down on counterfeiting, copyright violations and other intellectual property theft. But skeptics warn that it could chill free speech and other online expression by making technology companies liable for the misdeeds of their users."

Malcolm X gunman released on parole after 45 years

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" The only man to have admitted his role in the killing of controversial US black leader Malcolm X has been released from prison on parole."

Hawaii considers law on Obama's birth certificate

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" Some folks in Hawaii are tired of dealing with the controversy over President Obama's birth certificate."

Listen here for audio on this from Web Tarpley

Blagojevich Defense Moves To Subpoena President Obama

Note: I still don't understand this - I've heard Birth Certificate and Certificate of Live Birth used interchangeably. Is the argument that these documents are not equivalent? If not why not? Also - what would producing another piece of paper prove to anybody anyway? This should be an easy one to settle - calling people asking questions "crazy" always makes me suspicious - now a law has to be passed to shut them up. Why not just find out what they want and settle the issue rather than creating more laws to draw even more suspicion? How hard is this?

Ex-CIA official facing sex charge arrested in Va.

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" RICHMOND, Va. — A former CIA station chief awaiting trial for the alleged sexual assault of an unconscious woman in Algiers has been arrested in Norfolk after failing to appear at a court hearing, city and federal authorities said Tuesday."

Furor grows over Ariz. law against immigrants

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" PHOENIX (AP) - The furor over Arizona's new law cracking down on illegal immigrants grew Monday as opponents used refried beans to smear swastikas on the state Capitol, civil rights leaders demanded a boycott of the state, and the Obama administration weighed a possible legal challenge.
Activists are planning a challenge of their own, hoping to block the law from taking effect by arguing that it encroaches on the federal government's authority to regulate immigration and violates people's constitutional rights by giving police too much power."
Note: The Feds all of the sudden are concerned about our rights? Ha ha ha. They want cheap labor and they want the Arizonans to sit back while they are invaded. Either we have borders or we don't - and it is the job of the Feds to protect the border - which they refuse to do.

Our liberal immigration laws are being abused and Arizona has been forced to take independent action. The strategy to demonize Arizona will focus on painting them as "racists" - ignoring the 400,000+ illegal people they have absorbed due to the inaction of the Feds.

The NAU is on the way - look at SPP.gov

Computers Seized at Home of Gizmodo Reporter Who Wrote About iPhone, Gawker Media Says

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"“It is abundantly clear under the law that a search warrant to remove these items was invalid. The appropriate method of obtaining such materials would be the issuance of a subpoena,” Ms. Darbyshire continued."

Here is another story on subject.

Note: It's obvious that those controlling our fake media must shut down bloggers or the truth will continue to come out.


Jesse Ventura is attacked once again for telling the truth

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" Shame On Jesse Ventura! ... The former Minnesota governor has discredited himself, and dishonored and defamed his country by promoting the mistaken view that our government was involved in the Sept. 11 attacks. Jesse Ventura should be ashamed of himself and embarrassed."

Bull-sh*t! Shame? For what? What a joke!

Guilt and Shame are the twin sisters of control. In Eastern cultures, where the group reigns supreme - shame is used to silence dissent. In Western cultures, like America, where individualism is sacred - guilt is used - where the dissenter is expected to self-flagellate when Pavlov rings the guilt-bell. Don't hold your breath waiting for it to work - Jesse Ventua ain't stupid or weak-minded. The real question is: Are you?

Shame? Is that all the 911-fairy tale propagators have left? As far as the article claiming that Jesse has "discredited himself" - again - Bull-sh#t! According to who/whom? The idiot that wrote this weak-kneed hit-piece?

Make up your own mind - be an independent thinker. Face it - the "mainstream" corporate media is a virtual front-man for the mass murderers who perpetrated the crime - and Jesse Ventura is calling them out - showing courage. Is courage something to be ashamed of?

Dissent really is the highest form of patriotism. Don't make Jesse Ventura do all the heavy lifting for you - Perform your duty as a citizen - get educated - if you haven't already: take off your blinders and face the reality that 911 was a false-flag attack. A mass murder committed to draw America into two wars contrary to the interests of American citizens.

Jesse Ventura is a hero and has nothing to be ashamed of - on the contrary - he is setting an example for all American patriots and lovers of Liberty to emulate.

UPDATE APRIL 27, 2010 Check out this link thanks to commenter below...
UPDATE MAY 10, 2010 Video link sent in by commenter

Toyota's worldwide sales fall for 2nd straight year in FY 2009

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" In the United States, Toyota's biggest global market, sales plummeted 10.4 percent in the year to March 31, as the automaker's brand image took a battering from a series of recalls."
Note: The media in the United States obviously had a lot to do with this - that way GM etc... have time to get their act together on the hybrids. Hey - it's business.

Mercenaries circling Haiti

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" Triple Canopy, a private military company with extensive security operations in Iraq and Israel, is advertising for business in Haiti. According to human rights activist and investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill, Triple Canopy took over the Xe/Blackwater security contract in Iraq in 2009. Scahill reports on a number of bloody incidents involving Triple Canopy, including one where a team leader told his group, “I want to kill somebody today … because I am going on vacation tomorrow."
Note: Yet another cash cow for killers. I wonder how many dollars donated for "relief" will go to these bloodthirsty pirates?

Can The U.S. Beat Israel At Their Game?

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" The latest Likud Party coalition ranks among the worst in the consistency of its duplicity and the blatant manipulation of its loyal ally, the American people. By our unbreakable bond with this abusive enclave, the U.S. appears guilty by association, making us a target of those abused.

From the outset, deceit was the foundation on which this ill-fated alliance was built. To betray, one must befriend. To defraud, one must first create a relationship of trust. Therein lies the basis of the “special relationship” through which Tel Aviv pursued, though us, its expansionist agenda."
Note: Check out this site - look at the pic under "Homeland Security" - WTF is that monkey doing with that weapon? Is that to be used within US borders? Go here

‘Smears’ Turn Milbloggers on Their Frontline Hero

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" There was a time when Yon lauded U.S. commanders, and military bloggers celebrated Yon. Now Yon, reporting solo from Afghanistan, tells Danger Room that he’s the victim of a “smear campaign” orchestrated by Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s closest advisers. And milbloggers are reluctantly telling their former star to knock it off. “He has called his own competence into question,” writes Jim Hanson at the popular Blackfive.net blog."
Note: Isn't McChrystal the guy that covered up the Pat Tillman killing? The war is a loser and always has been. It was also based on lies since the whole 911 deal is a scam - a false flag to get two wars going. The American public seems unable to come to terms with the truth so the meat grinder goes on.

Over 100,000 rally for climate and clean energy action Washington Post downplays this amazing show of support

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" Yes, the biggest single climate rally in U.S. history is dismissed by comparison with the hypothetical cumulative turnout of dozens of future rallies on immigration. Who says the media isn’t fair? Apparently preserving the health and well-being of countless future generations isn’t “hot-button” enough for the media to be interested [kind of an ironic phrase, considering the rally was for action of global warming]."
Note: Wasn't it the media hype that got all these people begging for a new carbon tax in the first place? As far as I'm concerned the jury is still out on global warming, global climate change - or whatever the latest "sky is falling" panic-fad is called. This is nothing but a move to tax us more - while the polluters continue fouling our water and air and food supplies.

One thing is for sure - the Washington Post is just a propaganda outlet - they take orders and run printing presses for their paymasters. All they would have to do to get their business back is... start reporting real news. But why report real news when there is adequate income to be had by simply supporting war based on lies based on torture as is the role of all CorporAmeriscam media today?

9/11 accused pilot wins compensation

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" Lotfi Raissi was held in a maximum security prison for nearly five months before a judge ordered his release, saying there was no evidence to link him to terrorism."
Note: At least they didn't torture him.

Armed Man Arrested Near Obama Plane

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" Officers found that McVey's car had been equipped to resemble a police vehicle. However, Smith added, McVey did not work in law enforcement. The vehicle's front and rear dash were fitted with clear LED police-style strobe lights, and a digital camera was mounted near the front window. Four large antennas were also attached to the trunk, and a working siren box was located under the steering wheel."
Note: Looks like anything that looks like a police vehicle gets carte blanche at airports and other "secure" places. Thanks to commenters for the story - their comments appear here if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the comments.


Cape Dory 25 under windvane

FDIC shuts down 7 banks in Illinois

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"The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. took over four banks in Chicago: New Century Bank (CBAO), with $485.6 million in assets; Citizens Bank (CZMO)&Trust Company, with $77.3 million in assets; Broadway Bank, with $1.2 billion in assets; and Lincoln Park Savings Bank, with $199.9 million in assets.
The FDIC also took over Amcore Bank of Rockford, which had $3.8 billion in assets; Peotone Bank and Trust Company in Peotone, with $130.2 million in assets; and Wheatland Bank of Naperville, with $437.2 million in assets."

Firm Run by Ex-Israeli Special Forces Soldier Wants US Security Contracts in Jerusalem, Iraq, Afghanistan

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" In Afghanistan, Obama has surpassed Bush’s reliance on contractors with current contractor levels surpassing 100,000 Defense Department contractors deployed. In Iraq, Obama has maintained the long-standing ratio of one contractor to every US soldier. "
Note: Instinctive Shooting is the Israeli mercenary company that was carrying automatic weapons to protect the well-heeled during Hurricane Katrina while Americans were disarmed.


Iceland financial problems continue

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" In an emotional address to parliament today, Icelandic Prime Minister Geir H. Haarde summed up the tempestuous waves of misfortune that over the last weeks have shaken the nation’s financial foundations and threathened its sovereignty."

... as the worlds most perfectly timed volcano spews a financial-news-obscuring cloud of ash grounding air traffic and obfuscating news of financial disaster... Some flights resume, but volcano threatens

Note: So a financial crisis can threaten a nation's sovereignty. Hmmm. And what does that make the people who were involved in events creating the financial environment that threatens a nation's sovereignty?

Icelandic authorities reject Wikileaks surveillance claims

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" The Icelandic authorities attempted to distance themselves from a growing scandal today, saying they had nothing to do with surveillance of key figures behind the Wikileaks whistle-blowing website."
Note: And so ends the myth that Iceland would have a fascist-free internet environment.


Video: Bridge on the River KWAI: Mistreatment of American POWs is now JUSTIFIABLE

Look at the 1 Minute 30 second mark: ha ha ha ha - but .....uhm....heh heh.....I .....don't know what to say since we are all fascists now.......

I hope every proponent of torture will answer personally to every American POW who embarked on their mission/fantasy to "save the world for democracy" as to why they were justifiably tortured by America's victims/(enemies) since we publicly had a debate condoning torture here in the United States.... a debate that ended in the condoning of the murder of American citizens without trial by the government who's sole purpose is to prevent the summary execution of the citizens who put said government into power in the first place - to protect the rights of the citizens - nothing else.

This is a classic movie -with obvious cues for Americans - where the "bad guys" so obviously violated all standards of human decency - like the Geneva Conventions. Can you imagine that? Using slave labor - torturing people - starving them - humiliating them? What kind of animals were we dealing with fighting the Imperial Japanese?

Those torturing elitist bastards obviously needed to be A-bombed - they had no respect for human life! Right? Right?

Oh that's right - we are all fascists now. Oh well - I guess I'll have to just rationalize my comfortable life as an Amerikan NAZI - getting a good nights sleep resting assured that there is an efficient police force to kill the horrorists thereby "keeping me safe."

Get over the denial: We Amerikans are all fascists now.

US-led soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Read entire article here:

" President Barack Obama has tried to diffuse the situation by sending more troops to the war-torn country. However, the 120,000 soldiers deployed in the country have not succeeded in bringing peace and stability to Afghanistan. "
Note: That's because they are not there to bring peace and stability. They are also not there to get bin Laden who didn't do 911. Every life lost in Afghanistan has been wasted.

Yet people keep signing up for the military - the military keeps going along with the empire and the public keeps paying for it.

I say get the troops out of there right now. But that's just me talking.


jesse ventura real time bill maher april 16 2010

Read entire article here:

Great discussion - I have more to say but not today

"Teabagger" is used by Billy Mahr - that's so funny - Not. Laughing at people for getting together to start a party without knowing beforehand where it will lead is not joke material - well maybe tomorrow is a better day to deal with this.

Ex-NSA worker charged in classified leak case

Read entire article here:

" The indictment does not identify the reporter, the newspaper, or the subject matter of the stories. It says the stories were published between February 2006 and November 2007."
Note: So if I am to decode the bullsh*t-speak - he must have been telling the public the truth. We can't have that now can we since the entire purpose of the insane overblown hyped "clearance" security shit is nothing but a way to hide criminal activity from the public.


Pa. police: 3rd grader gave heroin to classmates

Read entire article here:

" Police say the bags were stamped with the words "trust me."
Note: Sounds like Obama's campaign platform - I guess it suits the mission in Afpakistan
Thanks commenters for this link


Barack and Cass 's 48 second class on Bill of Rights - with Tea Party ramblings

Click here to read the documents for yourself - save money on education costs - I hear Harvard is expensive! The nice thing about the Constitution of the United States is that you can read it for yourself. What becomes apparent immediately is the distorted manner in which it is presented both in our media - and by public officials.

While I'm picking on the crass Mr. Sunstein I think it is appropriate to mention our protector and war-on-horror-fighting president Barack Obama. It has been reported that he thinks it is OK to kill a United States citizen he's deemed a terrorist. Like Sunstein does in his paper - Obama takes it upon himself to act as all three branches of government - bypassing the pests We the People sent to Washington to keep an eye on him so he wouldn't do things like turn the government of the United States' guns around onto its own citizens.

The corporate media is presently feeding the American public a plate of mushroom food every day - ignoring that our government has run amok. The clever side-shows on AM radio here in Charlottesville, Virginia every day provide good examples of the paid performers upon which Americans think they can remain informed. Reality could not be further from this conclusion.

One common denominator with our corporate media spinmasters is that they follow synergistic orders of their paymasters - that while seeming to argue with one another ultimately achieve common goals. What are their orders? To pretend to care about America by engaging in false debates with their "opponents" from the "other side." This means Glenn "shoot him in the head" Beck cries (literally) about the liberals - and the liberal great Satan Obama. Rush Limbaugh and Neil Boortz complain about the great satan liberal democrats ruining the country - all the time ignoring that Bush started the wars on horror in which we are engaged based on lies, false flag attacks and tortured confessions. Barack Hussein Obama is continuing and expanding these wars. Of these horrible crimes Republicans do not complain.

The Republicans seem to be worried that we are losing our Republic - an important thing to seem- so as to maintain their credibility - all the time - never reporting on those things that demonstrate the Republic is actually run by a shadow government. None report on the blackmail of our Congresspersons. None seem too worried about the expansion of illegal wars of aggression - but they will complain about Obama and democrats in general - while never mentioning that the Republicrats are controlled to a very large extent by the same people who control the Republicans - AIPAC.

The Democrats like Hartmann, Rhodes and Miller - same stuff. The morning starts off with a weakling Bill Press who has been consumed with thoughts of Tiger Woods' sex life for some time now - why? I've asked a few people I know if they are interested in this story - the answer is that they are not in the least. So why is the Tiger Woods story the public doesn't want to hear about repeated so often? To waste your time - that's why. Like the clever magician - keep them distracted with the left hand while the right hand does the magic. What exactly isn't being discussed while the endless review of gossip continues on Bill Press' show? Is there not a form of lying called "lying by omission?"

The Stephanie Miller show is more of the same. They support Barack Obama as if he is somehow different from George W. Bush. How? Forget healthcare for one minute - how? He is expanding the illegal wars of aggression. He is not forcing Eric Holder to hold torturers accountable. He recently signed the USA Patriot act up for another year. He keeps the fear going. He keeps the drone missile attacks on brown people going. He supports Israel no matter what. His chief of staff is Rahm Emanuel, an Israeli soldier nonetheless - during wartime when our guys are DYING! And the democrats support this puppet-prez? A puppet of AIPAC and international bankers? Oh - that's right - those topics will never be discussed on any shows in the CorporAmerikan Propascamda media.

Hartmann is another golden nugget - fool's gold that is. He goes on and on using this term "teabagger" when referring to the tea party movement. What an insult. He appears to be smart because he has a great storehouse of facts to rattle off when wise callers bring up simple contradictions he can't face. But Thom Hartmann admitted on his show within the last sixty days that HE IS A ZIONIST. That means Israel is very very important to him. Thom's stance on gun ownership seems ambiguous when it comes to American citizens - but I never heard him ask that Israel be disarmed of their nuclear weapons and stay on that topic every day. I never heard him ask Israelis to give up their firearms - after all how would Israelis defend themselves? You see: In Thom's mind it is for you and me, my fellow Americans, to sit like victims and wait for a home invasion as is the first wave of crime accompanying gun confiscation. Thom Hartmann attempts to serve two masters - Israel and the United States - that's why he never comes off as being really for the American people. And that is why he contradicts himself once properly scrutinized.

Ditto for Neil Boortz (fake Libertarian) and every one of the side-show hosts on corporate media as far as I can tell. But maybe it's not their fault - after all - who signs their paycheck and reviews the script they play out on the radio and TV? Follow the money.

Recently the fake progressives began an attempt to smear the tea party movement as racist - a complete desperate lie from people who see the rising third party they pretend isn't a growing threat to them and their paymasters - the one that may sweep the American government back into the hands of WE THE PEOPLE. Tea party activists are just people like you and me - and like America - come in all shapes and sizes. And many don't have jobs anymore - thanks to the lack of feedback provided by the side-show radio hosts who never warned them that they were being sold out by their government.

The tea party activists are people who finally had a minute to analyze the situation after the liar-in-chief took office - and both Democrats and Republicans alike knew the totality of the fraud that had been pulled off again on the American people - whether one had voted for the fraud or not. Fraud is fraud whether you are a Democrat or a Republican.

The tea party activists simply got together and started talking and found lots of common ground. As is standard political procedure the phonies like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Sarah Palin and lots of money were sent in by filth from the Republicrat party to emplace canned puppet personalities in the tea party movement - thereby bringing it back to center - right into the control area where the big-money handlers like AIPAC could direct its course - away from liberty - away from the Bill of Rights - and back to fighting with each other over trivia.

The tea party rallies were infiltrated with agent provocateurs who's job it is to stir up trouble - use violence - foul language - and other dirty tricks so as to discredit and demonize the tea party people. These false flag attacks are then perpetuated in the CorporAmerikan Propascamda media by Hartmann and Rhodes to demonize and label honest citizens trying to wrest back their liberties. The fake progressives Hartmann and Rhodes repeat to their gullible listeners over and over that tea party activists are racists, loons and crazies. As usual - nothing could be further from the truth. Methinks they protest too much.

Today is the TAX PROTEST day where we should all try to minimize our contributions to the tax coffers that support the wars of aggression and the police state that is fighting so hard to take away our freedom. If our "progressive media" really were that wouldn't they have helped get the word out about this event? If the phony god-fearing Constitution-loving Glenn "shoot him in the head" Beck were so concerned about peace and love and liberty - wouldn't he have helped to hypnotize his flock with something other than his sciolistic diatribe? Notice - once again they can all be shown to be in agreement while their entire shows are devoted to pretending they are not.

Check out the Tax Protest Banner atop this page, check out the attacks on your liberties by reading Obama advisor Cass's paper and listen between the lies on the radio programs - what are the common denominators? What is being left out? Why is trivial information repeated endlessly amidst a crisis in which we are asked to abandon the Bill of Rights?

If the Corporate Media is not news, but infotainment masquerading as news - we are faced with an industry that gets paid for crying "Fire" in a crowded movie theater and getting away with it. The result of these actions are profits and the forwarding of agendas. It is the duty of each and every American citizen to discern WHO BENEFITS and WHY AM I LEFT OUT? Perhaps you will conclude as have I that there is much more useful information available from true progressive media as is linked on this page.

Remember that AIPAC and the international bankers have control of both the Demopublican and Republicrat parties - that's why they both commit the same crimes, further the same agendas, and ignore the Constitution every chance they get. It is the rise of a third party that they fear most - which is the reason for attacks and infiltrations by these corporate radio side-show hosts.

Only by keeping the AIPAC and international banking money and people out of the tea party movement will it ever remain a promising movement. That means Palin must be kicked out now. Hannity, Beck and other infiltrators should be distanced. Hartmann's must be seen for what they are - entertainers and dividers.

Only those willing to serve ONE MASTER can hold key positions if we are to take our country back for peace and liberty.
UPDATE APRIL 15, 2010 $2,000 for each murder victim of US military action

Holder: Trial for 9/11 Defendants in New York Still Possible

Read entire article here:

" The Attorney General also clarified his earlier, much-publicized remarks about not catching Osama Bin Laden alive, saying it was still policy to capture or kill bin Laden if possible, and defended the Justice Department's handling of underwear bombing suspect Umar Abdulmutallab."
Note: Why is the AG the only person in the world still unaware that bin Laden is dead? Or maybe he is - that is why he adds the disclaimer "if possible."

Holder is a yes man - otherwise he woudn't be the Attorney General. I suspect he will be as effective at doing whatever he is babbling about here in this article - as he was at addressing torture.

John Adams had the trials for the Boston Massacre officer in Boston - but our new king and assault rifle carrying NAZIs can't have a trial (of a man they tortured) in New York city because of what? I wonder if the embarrassment of having tortured a human being and admitting to it in court is relevant. Then the question arises as to why Mr. Holder did zero about it. Geez - all the blacks that gave their lives for freedom - and what do they get? Eric Holder.

This was a great country not too ago. I hope we are successful in taking it back from the tyrants.


World's deepest undersea vents discovered in Caribbean

Read entire article here:

" The volcanic chimneys, which spew out water hot enough to melt lead, were caught on film by a British-led team."

'Russia engineered air crash that killed President Kaczynski,' claims Polish MP

Read entire article here:

" The claims were made as shocking new details emerged of the final minutes of the flight before it crashed into a Russian forest on Saturday morning."


JMU riot of 2010

Kid not afraid of tear gas 'n' shit

This one has a focal point of madness of some sort


False Flag at 32 Minute Mark: The Panama Deception Video

The American invasion of Panama was prosecuted by many players involved in the Gulf Wars - why? The video featured on this post goes over both sides of the story - only one side of which the American public ever heard - thanks to a corrupt Corporate media serving as Pentagon mouthpiece. Obviously a media situation that has existed for a long time-and has worsened. No wonder this country is in such dire straits.

At first guess one would think it was foolish for President Jimmy Carter to concede American positions and emplacements around the Panama Canal - but was this assault really about the Panama Canal-or restoring democracy?

Here's the Blogger's Digest version of the video below:

1. First the Panamanian populist leader Omar Torrijos who made a deal with President Carter making American military concessions dies in a plane crash - where witnesses contradict official story of plane flying into mountain - they say plane exploded into flames.

2. Noriega comes to power - originally US - friendly.

3. Noriega gets pay increase from his majesty Prezident Bush I - and no longer has to report drug info as part of deal.

4. Noriega gets tired of US people (Poindexter) telling him what to do - becomes defiant of US.

5. US attempts to overthrow Noriega by influencing elections, Panamanian people revolt - restore Noriega to power.

6. US encourages (Bush 1 on video saying so) military coup by officers unfriendly to Noriega to overthrow Noriega - US back out of their support role - coup fails as planned - paving the way for direct American intervention.

7. U.S. begins harassment of Panamanians - setting up roadblocks on Panamanian side of borders.

8. US sends Delta Force in for false flag attacks on Americans to blame these actions on Panamanians as justification for military action.

9. Finally American military moves in and demolishes the place and kills lots of people. Hero Prezident Bush I has restored "democrisy."

10. Panama Canal, which can easily be blocked or made unusable with one sunken ship - (especially in one of the locks) HERE CLICK (Through Panama Canal in 75 seconds VIDEO ) - is "saved" for hypocrisy, er uhm democracy.

It is reasonable to consider that such tactics are being used RIGHT NOW by the United States, and probably by the United States against its own citizens. It is also reasonable that foreign governments might pull this same stunt on America to draw Americans into wars that are not in the best interests of the United States Republic. I urge readers to let history be their guide when trying to make sense of current and recent historical events.

Pay special attention to the role of the entire U.S. media (5:57 mark good example) in presenting the FAKE REALITY to the American public to ensure popular American support by spoon-feeding just the right story to the TV-watching American public. Please watch the entire video: (Special Appearance by younger Dick Cheney and Colin Powell at 5:44minutes - the usual suspects?)

Without a functioning media in the United States we cannot expect our Republic to function except as a playground for the rich and powerful. No justice can be expected from a top-down dictatorship feeding a mushroom public sh#t and keeping them in the dark.

So what are Sean Hannity, Glenn "shoot him in the head" Beck, Billy O'reilly, Bill "what's new with Tiger Wood's Penis" Press, Stephanie "ha ha giggle" Miller, Thom "I'm a Zionist" Hartmann, Randi "trust me" Rhodes - all of them - what are they leaving out when they feed you sh@t and hope you stay in the dark?

If every person who reads this article takes a day to call in to one of these programs to ask some tough questions, the massive fraud will be exposed - because the biggest secret of all is that there are WAY MORE OF US than there are of the bad guys.





Hostages Say Chiquita Funded Death Squads

Read entire article here:

"Three U.S. citizens were held hostage by a Colombian death squad for 5 years, and one was murdered, while Chiquita Brands International gave the terrorists weapons and millions of dollars in “protection payments,” the former hostages and their families claim in Tampa Federal Court."


An Easy Debate to Settle

Note: Military caved in fast. Why didn't the combat veteran have to deploy?
UPDATE: All he wants to see is original with Doctor's signature - this is an officer's duty - what is so hard about producing this document?

George W. Bush 'knew Guantánamo prisoners were innocent'

Read entire article here:

" George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld covered up that hundreds of innocent men were sent to the Guantánamo Bay prison camp because they feared that releasing them would harm the push for war in Iraq and the broader War on Terror, according to a new document obtained by The Times."
Note: Does this mean I've been lied to by a Chimpanzee?


Man sneaking an in-flight smoke sparks bomb scare

Read entire article here:

" No explosives were found on the man. and officials do not believe he was trying to to harm anyone, according to a senior law enforcement officials who spoke on condition of anonymity."

Domestic Terrorism Is a Real, Growing Danger: Lieberman

Read entire article here:

"Look, I would say a word of caution to my colleagues in both political parties and, frankly, in the media -- the level of discourse about our politics and about our country are so extreme and so incendiary that if you're dealing with people who may not be clicking on all cylinders and, and may have vulnerabilities personally, there's a danger that they're going to do what this group of militia planned to do this week,” Lieberman said.
Lieberman also talked about the dangers of Iran developing a nuclear weapon and his fear that the United States is not doing enough to stop that from happening.
Note: Holy Joe Lieberman always has a "fear" of something that requires Americans to turn their country into a police state to further agendas that are not in the best interests of America - but in the interests of those he really represents. He must know that the truth is coming out and that Americans are waking up - so he wants the Feds to have their tentacles all the way into the state and local governments so they can silence those who continue to ask where our liberty has gone.

Notice that Holy Joe has been in government forever and the trend has been toward dictatorship. Does that not say something about his effectiveness as a statesman?

I've never seen such doubletalk - anybody that has looked at the lies behind our foreign and domestic police state policy knows it's a fraud - and anybody that asks the Feds to stop the madness will be labeled as "crazy."

It's amazing nobody is challenging these guys. I guess that shows the present state of our legal system in the United States - it used to only be the poor people that got screwed - now the rich and middle class are losing their rights too.


Heil Obama! U.S. Approves Targeted Killing of American Citizen

Practice your goose-step boys and girls because it's official now - we have become NAZIs as a precedent is set for a NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES, where all opposition can be murdered without a pesky court system getting in the way of extrajudicial murder without trial. Heil Obama!

The New York Times calmly informs the American public that the government hired to protect the rights of ALL citizens is about to ignore that duty - and actually kill a citizen without trial. Heil Obama!

" The Obama administration has taken the extraordinary step of authorizing the targeted killing of an American citizen, the radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who is believed to have shifted from encouraging attacks on the United States to directly participating in them, intelligence and counterterrorism officials said Tuesday." Heil Obama!

The fact that this order is even under consideration is evidence that we have lost our Republic. It is really that simple. Our government no longer serves its primary function as protector of the rights of citizens. Heil Obama!

And who will carry out the killing? Perhaps they can grab the U.S. citizen and bring him to the White House where the "constitutional scholar" may wish to shoot the man himself? That would at least show more courage than ordering others to carry out this unconstitutional action. At least Hitler had the guts to go out in the street and do his own dirty work. Heil Obama!

The moment the United States military or mercenaries acting on behalf of the United States government carry out this order they will stain themselves forever joining the ranks of the murderous Waffen SS - the force that performed the same actions under the last Reich.

For those who will comply with such unconstitutional orders remember: The blood stain will never come off your uniforms - ever. You will forever be dishonored. You will have forever dishonored the branch of service of which you are a member. You will forever have violated your primary duty to uphold your oath to protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC. You don't get a pass on the second part. Your crime can never be reversed - the damage to the Republic will be permanent, and you will NEVER BE FORGIVEN. Heil Obama!

If these orders are carried out it will be the end of the late great constitutional republic known as the United States of America. And Ironically it will have been inititated by none other than a "constitutional scholar." Heil Obama!

Which one of us will be next? Will it be you? Don't they go after the writers? (Yikes-Are we bloggers supposed to shut up and learn how to lick the soles of jackboots like all the TV "news" and radio personalities?)

Here's a video also contained in the link above - I suggest you take it into consideration in case you are on the list to be eliminated once the precedent is set by carrying out the killing linked above:

Perhaps you will watch the entire video - but to save time go to time=2:26 and listen to Ewald Von Kleist describe the point at which he and everybody else knew that they'd lost their country:

"this government... as a government started to become a murderer...remember that they shot a great number of people without any bringing them to court - they just killed them..."

Not only can it happen here - IT IS HAPPENING HERE! HEIL OBAMA!

I encourage anyone in law enforcement or the military that may be asked to carry out such unconstitutional orders to visit OATHKEEPERS. Uphold your oath, do you duty and save America!

UPDATE APRIL 7, 2010 White House won’t deny report saying it approved killing of American without tri

UPDATE APRIL 18, 2010 New rules on terror custody being drafted
NOTE: Terror custody? These fools are getting desperate. What does any of this matter since they've already publicly admitted they are going to order our military to join them as war criminals and "kill-em-all-let-God-sort'em out"


Andrew Maguire finally exposes systemic fraud by CFTC & JPMorgan

Let's Take A Closer Look: We Are Change Utah Confronts Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff

Please watch this short video - then examine the details below: (double click on the vid to watch in YouTube if you don't like the way it appears due to blog embed)

1. At Time=0:38 Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff says "There is no hard evidence" of explosives used in the 911 building attacks. This exchange requires just a bit of explanation.

The gentleman from Utah We are Change might not have been exactly on the mark when he claimed to have delivered hard evidence to the Attorney General. But that doesn't matter.

What he gave to Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff is this peer reviewed study explicating the painstaking work done by scientists on the hard evidence. The hard evidence is dust samples - meeting chain-of-custody standards - collected that fateful day. This dust was analyzed and the report delivered to the AG and (linked in the previous sentence) is the result of the analysis of that dust.

So the AG is right - We are Change Utah did not deliver a handful of dust to the AG - they delivered the scientific results of the analysis of that dust. But that does not excuse him from reading the study and writing his reasoning for rejecting it.

You can watch a video describing "step-by-step" how one dust sample was collected - followed by details of the dust analysis on which the peer-reviewed scientific paper presented to the Attorney General is based*

2. Misprision of Treason - Definition:
" TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 115 > § 2382
Prev | Next
§ 2382. Misprision of treason
How Current is This?
Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both."

THERE are others like Barney Frank who also know of the study and refuse to acknowledge it... click here for videos showing his use of Straw Man logical fallacy to shirk responsibility.

The definition above says "Whoever" regarding responsibility for action regarding misprision of treason - it seems to me that the AG would want to get to the bottom of such serious allegation.

At Time= 1:33 after Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff states that the evidence that has been presented to him is "bogus" - the We Are Change Utah representative asks "What's it called?" - the AG doesn't know. After sputtering about hearing or seeing something about the evidence - it is obvious to the viewer that the AG hadn't even bothered to read it. That is exactly the problem with our public officials. They don't read the bills they sign into law - and they don't look at evidence presented by a frustrated public that treason against the United States of America has been committed.

One would think that with such serious charges being leveled - an Attorney General would take the time to examine it - then move on. Why ignore something so serious allowing rumors to circulate?

3. This phenomenon illustrates what has been the most difficult mission of the 911 Truth movement - getting people to actually look at the evidence. AE911Truth on the left side of this blog, the link under the "moment of truth" clock left side - lots of information is available - if only they would look.

4. BUT - We have reached a point where it is no longer acceptable to claim something doesn't exist because you haven't looked for it. That goes for the Attorney General, Barney Frank and all officials who have been presented with this paper.

American citizens are petitioning their government and the government is unresponsive. The time has come for someone to actually be charged with misprision. Either the evidence is there or it is not - either it points to crimes or it doesn't - either our public servants will do their job or they won't. We are at a point where they must be held accountable for their dereliction of duty thereby inviting the next big lie.


*Dust Study Video

Heroic Whistleblower WikiLeaks Video: U.S. Military Murders 12 including Two Reuters Journalists

UPDATE APRIL 8, 2010 I just got off the phone with local Coy Barefoot on WINA - thank you Coy for bringing this information out and the discussion. The callers keep pretending that our guys didn't chop a wounded reporter to pieces - but they did. Yes our kids, soldiers etc... are important - but so is every human life.
Listen to the laughter and hatred. It's really disgusting. No - I am not proud to be an American today. Although this entire video is infuriating - the part where they murder the ambulance drivers trying to get the reporter away from the chopper fire is hard to rationalize in any way.


Those who got this video out are heroes. We need more - many more. The American public needs to know what is being done in their name.

Read entire article here and see video in original context:

" Reuters has been trying to obtain the video through the Freedom of Information Act, without success since the time of the attack. The video, shot from an Apache helicopter gun-site, clearly shows the unprovoked slaying of a wounded Reuters employee and his rescuers. Two young children involved in the rescue were also seriously wounded."

Whistleblowers are completely justified in their actions because they are providing feedback to the public - feedback denied that public because those who would have brought the information to the public - as you can see in this video - are being murdered by our very own military.

Thank you whistleblowers - at this point you are our only hope to stop this madness. Images brought home to the public are the only hope we have to galvanize the public so as to force our representatives to remove the funding for this obscene murderous syndicate.

Surprisingly - the CorporAmerikan Propascamda media isn't reporting this story - at least not the radio talk-show people. I wonder why? A caller near the end of the Thom Hartmann show called in and asked him about this video - he continued on with other trivial matters after going to commercial. He did not in any way convey to the listener the importance of viewing this video. He did say that he didn't watch it - but one must wonder why he is on the air if he isn't bringing this story to the listeners. After all - word was out in the blogosphere that this video was coming out. Thom could have taken a few minutes today to watch this and report on it. Thom then scurried off the air after he ran the clock out on the show. No wonder the American is so under-informed.

As an American taxpayer I share responsibility for this slaughter - as do all American taxpayers. I've called my congressman and senators in the past expressing my desire for this war based on lies based on torture to stop. They seem oblivious.

What is to be done? I want to be proud to be an American again. I want my country back.
UPDATE APR 5, 2010 It's 15:10 and the Thom Hartmann show is over here in Charlottesville, VA - and the Randi Rhodes show is on the fake "Progressive" station - the woman filling in for Randi Rhodes is talking about Democrats and Republicans and - yes for real - Dr Seuss and Horton or something. She's still talking - but not yet about the murder of two Reuters journalists and many others - video footage brought out by real journalists - not radio personalities. Now she's talking about Obama and "don't ask don't tell" and why we need a Democrat in the white house - still talking...

If these radio personalities were true journalists they would know that they share the risk those murdered in the video above died from . But the radio personalities know that they are not at risk at all - because they are infotainment experts - following a script prepared for them by their corporate paymasters.

Now she's talking about "we need Obama" to win a second term. That's what "we" need to talk about today.

15:19 Eastern Time: Now she's talking about Tiger Woods!

Suddenly she changes the subject to the right wing evangelical militia movement.

Nicole Sandler.

Don't waste your time listening to these people - call in and give them hell. Tell them you know they are frauds - doesn't this under-reported murder prove they are?
UPDATE APRIL 6, 2010 Browsing the news sites today - Drudge Report has a picture of Obama getting mad at Iran, Obama's wife reading a book to a yawning child. Other fluff. No mention of this story - no wonder Americans are not paying attention - the biggest media outlets ignore real news - news people risked their lives and sacrificed their lives to bring us. Americans flit about to the bank or their job - working overtime - catching up on the news - and it just isn't presented to them.

---MSNBC has a big picture of Tiger Woods in the upper left corner! That's what America is seeing today at that CorporAmerikan Propascamda outlet MSNBC-they are saved by a mine explosion in W Virginia - some actual news to cover the fact that they are not reporting the murder of journalists by the US military.

----Here's four stories appearing on the ABC website in top right corner-another CorporAmeriskam fake media outlet after news of the mine explosion in W Virginia:
"Hosts Mike and Mike on Rules in Life and Sports
Inside the Drama of 'Divorce Court'
Scavenger Couple Nearly Lives for Free
Sex Tourism: ABC News Goes Undercover "
------UPDATE APRIL 6, 2010 No coverage here in Charlottesville, VA on AM today except Thom Hartmann opened his show on this topic with a guest - I'll give him credit for at least mentioning it - but my opinion is that even with the guest it was a weak accounting of a heroic actions by journalists trying to get the truth to the American people. On Thom's show it sounded like "Hey man war is hell - shit happens" (paraphrasing) - I don't believe that our military folks - even battle hardened and calllous as is understandable - think that what is depicted in this video is right. It is up to the citizens to force our statesmen to face this reality - Thom did what he could - I must assume he is under pressure from the corporation he works for - so any more ranting about this event and his microphone would almost for sure be taken from him - then he would be of zero value to himself or anyone else.

So this is the situation we find ourselves in - everybody has a gun to their head - financially - politically - professionally - legally - and we are all going to go down together because our "mainstream" media has failed the population of the USA - and as long as that condition persists - we are fucking doomed.

You can bitch about the citizens all you want - but if they are unaware - the public officials will never hear their voices and will never have the political clout to face the bloodthirsty corporations and religious zealots pushing these bloodbaths.
------UPDATE APRIL 8, 2010
Listening to the fake AM radio in C-ville today running morning errands - Bill Press spent almost his entire time on my airwaves discussing Tiger Woods. The goofy show that comes on after him on 1450 was more of the same - someone with a British, S. African or Australian accent was the guest - discussing the intricacies of American politics - how the left vs. right fake paradigm is this or that... Watch the vid below I found on WRH today - this is where your kids are headed. So don't stop them from playing the video games - encourage them to continue - but may I suggest you teach them to fire an assault rifle since it appears they will be saving the world like those in the video below aren't:

UPDATE APRIL 8, 2010 HERE'S ANOTHER one I found at WRH from a member posting stories - there are so many...
this one is titled "BlackWater mercenaries slaughtering unarmed civilians...wow!" Wow to me means how brain-dead Americans are to this carnage - are they drugged, stupid or is the Cortisol f'ing up their minds to where they no longer react to anything?

UPDATE APRIL 9, 2010 Reuters families demand US troops be tried over shooting
UPDATE APRIL 9, 2010 Iraq War Vet: "We Were Told to Just Shoot People, and the Officers Would Take Care of Us"
From the article:
" "I remember one woman walking by," said Jason Washburn, a corporal in the US Marines who served three tours in Iraq. He told the audience at the Winter Soldier hearings that took place March 13-16, 2008, in Silver Spring, Maryland, "She was carrying a huge bag, and she looked like she was heading toward us, so we lit her up with the Mark 19, which is an automatic grenade launcher, and when the dust settled, we realized that the bag was full of groceries. She had been trying to bring us food and we blew her to pieces."

Bill Murphy of GATA Speaks to CFTC

William Murphy Explains his Testimony at the Recent CFTC Hearing and the Future of Precious Metals Markets

Read entire article here:

""Initially we thought that the manipulation of the gold market was undertaken as a coordinated profit scheme by certain bullion banks, like JPMorgan, Chase Bank, and Goldman Sachs, and that it violated federal and state anti-trust laws. But we soon discerned that the bullion banks were working closely with the U.S. Treasury Department and Federal Reserve in a gold cartel, part of a broad scheme of manipulation of the currency, precious metals, and bond markets."

The presentations were webcast all over the world. But, for some reason the main TV feed failed just when I was making my presentation and then came back on when I was done ... yet another GATA coincidence."

What a Coincidence - Video


Penniless Americans provide Billions for Israeli Murderers

UPDATE APRIL 6, 2010 Senator Snivelpuss election seems a bit odd...

This recent article describes a murder committed recently in Dubai - believed to have been carried out by the Israeli Mossad.

From the article:

" They concluded Israeli officials had taken the passports of innocent people and secretly cloned them for use in the killing.
Soon after, the British government expelled a diplomat from the Israeli embassy. Britons visiting Israel were also advised not to hand over their passports unless strictly necessary. Israel still refuses to confirm or deny they were behind the killing

In a nutshell - a group of men and one woman - all caught on various CCTV cameras - arranged and carried out pre-meditated murder. They were caught because after injecting the victim with a drug - to save time - smothered him since the drug was taking too much time to kill him - getting blood on the pillow in the process - leading to the investigation that revealed he was murdered. Haste makes waste.

I know what many people will say - he needed to be killed. He killed one of theirs so they killed him back. Exactly - that is why I have no tolerance for violent religious fanatics - and want no part of that fight. Both sides claim the moral high ground - and both sides will not hesitate to commit murder.

Yes - the situation in Palestine is completely one-sided in favor of Israel in the Western media. But whether I like it or not - or you like it or not - we are sucked into this immoral sickness of murder by politicians (some blackmailed) here in the USA - and worse - we are paying for such murders. Where is the peace process? Does anyone anywhere really believe that murdering someone in a hotel room is going to bring peace to the Middle East?

This article goes into the details of US aid to Israel:

" As part of the aid, this year Israel will receive $2.5 billion, in 2010 - $2.775 billion, and in 2011 the sum will reach $3 billion. In total, the security aid Jerusalem is slated to receive from Washington stands at some $30 billion until 2019."

I suppose that money is intended for "defense" - and I would also suppose that some of that money makes its way to the Mossad. That means I might have payed for the hotel the murderers stayed in - or maybe you did.

As an American I am sickened that in the midst of this economic crisis - when many of us are struggling to hang onto our homes that we worked the last few decades for - that so many politicians in our House of Representatives, Senate, and Executive branch will accept any cost to American liberties to support and to fund Israel. Why? What am I getting out of all this? Here is a snippet describing the priorities of Senator Joseph Lieberman while American citizens have no jobs and are losing their homes:

" In his prepared remarks, Lieberman said that his campaign for the vice-presidency in 2000 "didn't come out of nowhere. I stood on the shoulders of many Jewish-Americans who gave back to their community...

After a passing reference to the fact that "we got a half a million more votes," Lieberman expressed hope that one day in the near future a Jewish candidate on a national ticket will get elected."

Thank's Joe - I'm glad you are so involved with your Zionist and religious beliefs. Why are your priorities tied up so much with a religion - and not with the preservation of the Constitution of the United States? Is that what Americans elected you for? To spend all your time making sure Jewish people are elected to high office? What about America - you know - the country you are supposed to represent? Joe's actions tell me he cares more about Israel than MY country. And somehow in the corporAmeriscam media this is presented as normal.

And who would argue with you in the media? None of the "American" radio personalities would quarrel with you. Sean Hannity, Rush, Glenn Beck, Neil Boortz, Laura Ingraham, Randi Rhodes, Wolf Blitzer, Thom Hartmann - apparently everybody with a microphone in the CorporAmerikan propascamda apparatus thinks you are right - giving the illusion to viewers and listeners that this blind loyalty to Israel is A-OK.

That blind unwavering loyalty to a state that murders people and leaves the body to rot in a hotel room is A-OK. That the continuation of Israeli violence - while exclusively beneficial to Israel and harmful to American liberty is somehow right for America is enough of a slap in the face of every American - insult is added to injury by making us penniless tools pay for it as well! What a scam!

So what do I get out of all this? I get to live in a police state that resembles the state of Israel more every day. For example our airports:

"President Barack Obama's nominee to oversee security at US airports said on Tuesday he wants to shift screening closer to the Israeli model to include more behavior detection in a bid to thwart terrorism plots."

As an American I want to go on record that I resent American aid to Israel because I believe it is ruining this country. Specifically we are being asked to pretend that we can surrender our unalienable rights because our blind devotion to solving Israel's problems is a more important function for the United States government than protecting those rights.

I want the world to know that all Americans are not stupid - that there are still some of us that are disgusted when we read stories like that linked above regarding the murder of the man in the hotel. I want the world to know that when it comes down to it - the United States federal government will take extreme measures to extract funding from Americans via our tax system - and that some of that money goes to pay for killings that we do not approve of.

If you, like me, do not approve of the United States federal government using your tax dollars to prop up murderers - I would encourage you to visit TaxFree15 where you can read about a national tax protest - and consider options presented at that site that you may be able to participate in. For another perspective try some of the alternative media links on the left side of this blog. There are two sides to every story. Becoming better informed is essential to understanding our present crisis in America - where we are getting it right and where we are getting it wrong.

The only way to stop the cycle of violence is to stop" feeding the beast." Take their unlimited money away, force them to put their stinkin' guns down and MAKE A DEAL.


Videos: Propaganda toward Subversion

subvert |səbˈvərt|
verb [ trans. ]
undermine the power and authority of (an established system or institution) : an attempt to subvert democratic government.

Sun Tzu taught long ago that the smartest way to conquer an enemy is to defeat the enemy without ever having to resort to hostilities. Propaganda is one very effective tool with which to accomplish such demoralization - among other things. It is wise to recognize propaganda - then you know when you are being controlled - not informed.

Propaganda Techniques


Discussion of subversion, Sun Tzu taught to Soviets before Americans?


Video: The Decline and Fall of America