Over 100,000 rally for climate and clean energy action Washington Post downplays this amazing show of support

Read entire article here:

" Yes, the biggest single climate rally in U.S. history is dismissed by comparison with the hypothetical cumulative turnout of dozens of future rallies on immigration. Who says the media isn’t fair? Apparently preserving the health and well-being of countless future generations isn’t “hot-button” enough for the media to be interested [kind of an ironic phrase, considering the rally was for action of global warming]."
Note: Wasn't it the media hype that got all these people begging for a new carbon tax in the first place? As far as I'm concerned the jury is still out on global warming, global climate change - or whatever the latest "sky is falling" panic-fad is called. This is nothing but a move to tax us more - while the polluters continue fouling our water and air and food supplies.

One thing is for sure - the Washington Post is just a propaganda outlet - they take orders and run printing presses for their paymasters. All they would have to do to get their business back is... start reporting real news. But why report real news when there is adequate income to be had by simply supporting war based on lies based on torture as is the role of all CorporAmeriscam media today?

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