‘Smears’ Turn Milbloggers on Their Frontline Hero

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" There was a time when Yon lauded U.S. commanders, and military bloggers celebrated Yon. Now Yon, reporting solo from Afghanistan, tells Danger Room that he’s the victim of a “smear campaign” orchestrated by Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s closest advisers. And milbloggers are reluctantly telling their former star to knock it off. “He has called his own competence into question,” writes Jim Hanson at the popular Blackfive.net blog."
Note: Isn't McChrystal the guy that covered up the Pat Tillman killing? The war is a loser and always has been. It was also based on lies since the whole 911 deal is a scam - a false flag to get two wars going. The American public seems unable to come to terms with the truth so the meat grinder goes on.

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