who are our enemies anyway?

Warning:  This post banged together and unedited...

Living Orwellian means that the enemies of 'our' country must change like the wind I suppose.

I'm back at the local coffee shop now.  Pretty slow day here - but all the tables except for one by the door are filled.  The usual coffee shop sounds of a low murmur from the people and everynow and again a loud proclamation from the counter that someone's coffee/drink/food is ready.  There are three at the coffee sugar'n'cream area two girls and a guy.  He just got an iced coffee and put a gallon of cream into it and is mixing it on the main counter.  The girls must have come here together as they are talking and smiling - now she's going to get her drink - they headed upstairs to the loft.

I don't have much to write about regarding our political situation as I don't see much in the area of news - I ignore it anyway.  I still like listening to some of the talk shows on internet radio - but alas, they too have lost their way.

I've noticed that on the conspiracy websites the hosts, for some reason or another, have amnesia about the role Tucker Carlson played as a shout-down artist for the mainstream media during the early years after nine eleven when he helped the rest of the liars from ALL of the networks shout down, ridicule and yell "conspiracy theorist" at any and all who dared to question the big lie we were all being told.

Suddenly I've heard the "alternative" media people - all at once - and their callers-in to their shows lauding this propagandist as if he works for We the People.  Sure he does!

...so here is the video the Doctor Professor was asking "Tucker" to show to the public - but Tucker couldn't seem to show this damning video....and I don't blame him... because it is so OBVIOUS THAT THE BUILDING WAS CONTROLLED DEMO - I guess technical difficulties for Tucker prevented us from seeing this...

It is amazing how time can erase these "bad memories."  But who can tell what is really going on anymore anyway?  

Our nooz has become another teevee show - and even our prezidint is an actor from his show "The Apprentice"s discussed in a previous blog post corporations are simply mercenaries - they are not supposed to have any moral obligation to non-material and unprofitable high-brow concepts like truth or justice. 

 So suddenly - and I don't know the specifics the public is manipulated into trusting a media personality who is very good at shouting people down on air using time-tested propaganda techniques.

If this hero of the public is so brave why is he not bringing to light the chemtrails the  public is being sprayed with from squadrons of jumbo jets?  The fact is that he has a job, like you and I have jobs if we are lucky in this economy and he needs to keep that job.  His job is not to inform so don't ask him to do it.  If he wants that paycheck to keep coming he will tell you anything he needs to tell you to keep that paycheck coming.

I don't mean to single Tuckur out because he is just another propagandist from the teevee set.  He helped steer the public away from the truth when the chips were down - which means to me to never trust him.  But, you say, "he isn't misleading me right now - so I should trust him even though he was part of the 911 cover up."  If that's what you think then  you would be incorrect.

So who can you trust?  Nobody right now.  We are truly living in a time of universal deceit where telling the truth is a revolutionary act, as Orwell so succinctly put it.  Don't expect any of these teevee people to do anything revolutionary for a paycheck.

The Trump years...

Trump ran for office and told the public everything they wanted to hear.  Like children in a candy store he promised them all they could dream of - then he did whatever his masters told him to do once in office.

I was speaking to a gentleman the other day and he mentioned to me that Iran is an enemy of the USA.  I asked "Says who?"  Congress never declared war on Iran - they haven't attacked us - so is an enemy of the USA some general direction in which the dictator points his finger?  He thought about it for a minute and agreed - how do we know they are an enemy?

Then we talked about them building weapons of mass destruction - you know - the same weapons the other countries we mercilessly bomb into oblivion never had.

...so the comedy and the circus continues as the real manufacturers of WMD rake in the dough.  After all the more stuff that gets blown to bits the more money they make.

But don't you ask any questions my fellow "citizen" - you need to get your ass back to work and send more money to these idiots to piss away making more enemies to bomb.

The next phase of the war campaign

So we await the next false-flag attack on the Land of the Free (to be fondled at the airport) and home of the tax-slaves.  

I remind folks when they prod me that they need to go back and read the PNAC document to see that these wars were planned in advance - the signatories of the document unable to push Clinton over the edge to get them going while he was in office - finally getting their way once nine eleven happened then the wars began.  Iran was on the hitlist according to Gen. Wes Clark.  But these are just conspiracy theories we are told by the best and the brightest...

...so tick tock ... the American public, like sitting ducks await the next "reason" to rush off to war.

So who really are our enemies?

When this discussion arises I remind my friends that the true enemies of America are those that petition for the retraction of our rights - the right to freedom of speech, religious freedom and the right to bear arms.  There should be no reason to disarm the public.  A public with weapons should be a welcome addition to the defenses of the nation.  After all if the country were invaded just think how effective an armed and practiced citizenry would be in repelling invaders.

It is a jobless public led by their foolish pastors, preachers and priests that have problems shooting each other with firearms.

It is a public that is not reminded of the difference between right and wrong, murder and self defense that appears to not be able to handle freedom.  It is a public that is taxed but not represented that seems to not be able to handle freedom.  I seems not to be able to handle it when the oligarchs start realizing that if people don't have enough to feed their children, and they run out of money for drugs that they just might pick up arms and go take the food they so desperately need but cannot seem to get.  Supposedly it was the women at the fishing docks that tooks their fish-knives and headed out looking for bread since they really didn't have any "cake" to eat.

Marie Antoinette supposedly said "Let them eat cake" when she was told that the poor had no bread to eat.  She was so far removed from reality that she thought the public had food options.

I looked at some of the gigantic churches here in town and wondered how much they rake in in those collection baskets on a good Sunday.  These are BIG BIG churches who "Support our Troops."  I support our troops too, with my tax money but not one of them ever thanked me for a penny of it.

What do I have to show for all of the money spent on all of these wars - freedom?  I wonder about that every time I am stuck flying somewhere.  I wonder how some doofus with blue gloves playing with my ass crack at the airport is keeping me free from some doofus with no gloves playing with my ass crack uninvited.  I wonder why I saw a grandmother with an M-16 style weapon as part of security at the local airport - do I need this old hag to keep me safe?  From what?

What needs to happen?

The American public is finally beginning to talk to each other again - but the same propagandists keep conning them every time.  Americans are so disorganized that they cannot fathom that some other group that wants their stuff IS ORGANIZED - and they have been trained by people like Tucker to look away, cover their ears and eyes and call these organized efforts "conspiracy theories."

George Bush, Tucker and the rest of them will remind you over and over again to avert your eyes when there is an organized effort to rob you of your money, spray your blue skies white, poison your children's lungs, implode monumental buildings, and ...well... who knows what's next?  

And yes - there will be a next time.  There always is when the criminals get away with the crime.  

The House of Representatives needs to be refreshed with enough Congresspeople who are not afraid to use the term "Zionist", "Neocon" and "Peace."  Unless a problem is defined it cannot be solved - and until we dispose of the term Conspiracy Theory we will slide further and further into tyranny.