Drones over Texas: Heat-sensing tech for fire only......yeah right! Two short vids

Check out this clip first then the following from an old movie - I'm sure the heat-sensing tech will never be used to spy on Americans.  After all - it can't happen here.  I mean.....there ARE people in our government and police agencies who are looking out for our rights.....aren't there?

As the saying goes - "life imitates art" - that's the really scary part about all of this.

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....trailer from movie "Blue Thunder"


Glenn Beck attacked-luckily attackers didn't take Glenn's own advice...vids

Note:  Good thing they didn't take Beck's advice and just "Shoot Him in the Head"


Is it Safe? (To Torture).....Good illustration vid from "Marathon Man"

In the following scene from the Dustin Hoffman movie "Marathon Man"- the guy being tortured has no idea what the "dentist" wants to know... he'll say it's safe or not safe - he doesn't even know what is safe or unsafe - he just wants the pain to stop.

Yes - just a movie - but a good illustration of the reality...

Is It Safe?

Marathon Man


Steal a dollar, jail for life - Steal a fortune, leniency

""He fails to acknowledge his central role in destroying Hollinger International through greed and lies, instead blaming the government and others for what he describes as an unjust persecution," prosecutors said in a recent filing.
At Friday's hearing, Black said obliquely that, "It is not the case that I have no remorse." But he didn't say those feelings had anything to do with any wrongdoing on his part, rather that he had been too trusting of others.
Black's lawyers argued that he was a model prisoner who gladly offered advice about business and other matters to prisoners who constantly approached him."
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Note:  This is borderline amusing - meaning it's "funny" regarding the judge's recognition of this crook's generosity to "inmates" - offering advice on business matters that didn't pay off for the investors that entrusted him with their money.  Just another example of a "justice" system populated by out-of-touch bufoons and suckers - who still think a suit means honest while poor-and-desperate means long jail sentence.  This judge is typical of the output of our American lawyer-system - a complete jackass.


NAZI: Petraeus says torture an option for US

No American Flag:  wonder why?  pic from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Petraeus

"WASHINGTON: David Petraeus, Barack Obama's choice to be the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency, says the US should consider using special interrogation techniques when a captive is withholding information that is immediately needed to save lives."

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NOTE:  Did anyone ask this sick twisted bastard David (The Impaler) Petraeus how he KNOWS FOR SURE that someone has information he wants - and can conclude that torture is needed to extract it?  

If he already knows they have "the information" - then why is torture needed to get what he already knows they know?  (Yeah - I'm starting to sound like Rumsfeld here)

Why does this embarrassment to our great nation have such prestige and power when he advocates for the TORTURE OF HUMAN BEINGS - a practice that ACTS AS A RECRUITMENT CAMPAIGN FOR OUR ENEMY - don't take it from me - take it from OUR OWN MILITARY EXPERTS!:  "torture doesn't save lives - it costs lives..."

witch-huntnoun historicala search for and subsequent persecution of a supposed witch.
• informal a campaign directed against a person or group holding unorthodox or unpopular views. (Apple dictionary) 

Ray Nagin describes post-Hurricane Katrina "paranoia" in his new book

"Nagin also worried about becoming a target of sinister forces after his famous Sept. 1, 2005, rant on WWL-AM, which the former mayor writes was prompted by reports that Blanco and U.S. Sens. Mary Landrieu and David Vitter had bragged “about how well things were going,” even as evacuees continued to suffer at the Superdome and Convention Center.

“I thought to myself, ‘I’m a dead man! I have just publicly denounced the governor, U.S. Senators, FEMA and the president of the United States,’” he writes. “I started wondering if during the night I would be visited by specially trained CIA agents. Could they secretly shoot me with a miniature, slow-acting poison dart?"
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Note:  Oh no - paranoia - conspiracy theory - what a "crazy idea" right?
Special thanks to CHIMP PLANET for reminding me of the video above

Mexican troops cross into the United States at Bridge Two

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While your country crumbles: Michelle Obama and family go on African safari

"Mrs. Obama has been in Africa all week, promoting youth leadership, education, and health and wellness in South Africa and Botswana. She returns home to Washington on Monday."
Note:  The picture in the linked article shows our first lady in a "jeep" etc... only one  person in the jeep is looking right back at the camera taking the picture while everyone else is distracted - his shirt almost looks like a  gunslinger's vest.

But I doubt if or leaders need any secret service protection in Africa - after all - unlike America - I'm sure everybody loves them - unlike here in the United States where it is common knowledge that the prez is a lying con man.  He really can tell a whopper - and I have to say - better than Bush.  Bush - also a very confident and bold liar - was just never believable - and we already knew that he comes from a long line of public pilferers and war-mongers.  Obama - he gets the award for lying so well - it almost seems like he believes his own bullshit.

But stay tuned - the Obama's are going to fix everything for the Africans - because they care as much about them as they do about you and me.

No Friend to America: "...a friend is a person whose loyalty is implicitly known..."

Listen to Rahm's words....then without asking him which country his loyalty is pledged to - judge him by the same standards he just told us are his own.  Don't the actions of Americans who join the American military demonstrate their one and only loyalty?

Does this man have any business in our government?  Since he was in the Israeli army why isn't he in the Israeli government?

Please excuse the idiotic repetition at the beginning of the video below by our prez - then listen carefully...


Pennsylvania County Rejects Agenda 21

"Sustainability sounds warm and fuzzy but when residents find that their cities are signing on to a U.N. scheme, they are successfully fighting back. Miller told the commissioners, “I am here today to be the voice of residents of Montgomery County, who I am certain are unaware that their county government has signed a treaty with the United Nations to reach global sustainability goals.”
The Mercury noted that the Roddin and Miller have spoken out at past meetings about the UN agenda to slowly erode property rights. Miller continued, “The United Nations is creating a global governance framework right under our noses and you, as County Commissioners are in a position to stop it.”"

NYT Reporter Seeks To Quash Subpoena; Says Gov't Tried To Intimidate Him

"Risen accused the Obama administration of continuing an effort to intimidate him that started during the Bush era.
"By publicly speculating about the possibility of prosecuting journalists, such as myself, under the Espionage Act for publishing truthful stories containing classified information, I believe that the Government was trying to intimidate journalists, like me, who publish stories that expose excessive government secrecy, illegality, or malfeasance," Risen wrote.
"I believe that the efforts to target me have continued under the Obama Administration, which has been aggressively investigating whistleblowers and reporters in a way that will have a chilling effect on the freedom of the press in the United States," he continued.
Risen says his promise of confidentiality is essential to his reporting"
Note:  Nothing better for a crook than to have the American "justice system" and the cliched "national security" excuse to hide any and all information that would demonstrate to the American voter/taxpayer that their tax money was used to support a glorified Mafia.
Who would have guessed that the big money was in "public service?"  What a scam.  
Gotta' hand it to the criminals - they really are to be complimented for their thoroughness and efficiency - using our own money and our own laws to enrich, empower themselves, protect themselves from public scrutiny, and legally prevent those of us paying for their yachts and mansions from doing a damn thing about it.
They've got the police, lawyers, judges, military, corporations, etc... - at their disposal to keep us in a constant state of fear of the ever-popular and undefinable "terrorism."  Now they control the press - to remove any possibility that the citizenry may be well-informed.  This is a formula for total control of the population.  
Without a free press there is no America.  Only a traitor would want to silence a free press in America.  
Looks like there are a lot of traitors in powerful positions in America.  And they all hate us for our freedoms.


British Troops (REDCOATS) on American Soil: Desensitizing America to Foreign Troops using "humanitarian" excuse


"Winnfield said that NORTHCOM has already "trained 31 National Guardsmen in 31 states to serve as dual-status Joint Task Force Commanders to prepare for the eventuality of standing up the new response structure. (McCarter) He made four other poignant statements clarifying, come hell or high water and regardless of collateral damage, Americans will be under military-police rule for Full Spectrum Dominance:"

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Note:  In THIS RELATED ARTICLE you will find that British soldiers have been deployed on US soil to "help us" - as if that country has human resources nearing anything the United States can muster.  They'd all be speaking German if American armaments, supplies, and especially TROOPS weren't made available by the USA. 

Consider this excerpt from the article linked:

Among those troops was Cpl. Arseny Barkovskiy, a British soldier with the Allied Rapid Corps’ Military Police Battalion, who traveled from his home in London Friday, June 10, to work with the South Dakota Army National Guard’s 235th Military Police Company for two weeks at Dakota Dunes as part of the U.S. Army’s Personnel Exchange Program.

 British Firing on Americans - HISTORICAL FACT!

I was integrated into the unit and did everything my U.S. counterparts did,” said Barkovskiy, who performed security and checkpoint operations with the 235th soldiers, as well as military driver’s training.

Spc. Caleb Fousek, a military policeman with the 235th from Rapid City, said his English counterpart was a great help to their operations.

“He has a very acute sense of what to look for,” said Fousek. “He’ll spot little details others might miss.”

One such detail was when the British soldier reported the description of a civilian cameraman who was filming in a restricted area, and was later found at a checkpoint based on that description, he said."

...so in other words - this limey is on American soil checking American citizens' ID's at checkpoints?  This f'ing REDCOAT is "spotting" civilian (American citizen) cameramen doing something "wrong?"  

But now I'm to believe that the US needs British soldiers to help us?  Sounds like a good way to get American citizens used to seeing foreign soldiers right in their hometown - giving them orders - that they MUST obey.  What better way to bring foreign troops into the US than as a "humanitarian operation" - isn't that how it's always done?  

Fellow Citizens - we are being incrementally conditioned, desensitized and conned into accepting foreign troops on our soil.  

First it's for humanitarian reasons to help in an emergency like a flood - then it's for other reasons - like controlling an angry population - an awakened "sleeping giant" - the American citizenry when that fateful day comes - the day the critical mass of American citizens join together to take America back from the murderous thieves responsible for the train wreck that is America.

If we didn't have troops deployed to over 130 nations - we wouldn't need a bunch of REDCOATS on OUR PROPERTY GIVING US ORDERS!....REDCOATS swearing allegiance to....ready for this?.....a QUEEN! None of these limey REDCOATS took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States - so WHAT IS THEIR MISSION?  The oath taken is the foundation upon which ALL MILITARY DECISIONS SHOULD BE BASED.  ALL MILITARY DECISIONS - HUMANITARIAN OR OTHERWISE.  IF THE MISSION IS INCONSISTENT WITH THE SOLDIERS OATH THE SOLDIER SHOULD DISOBEY ORDERS.

If the REDCOATS didn't take the same oath our American military personnel did - but both military units are cooperating toward a mission - and they have differing oaths - then IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THEM TO BE WORKING TOGETHER TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.  SO WHAT REALLY IS THEIR MISSION?



Blog: Don't Believe the Lies +Socialistic Strip Clubs and Socratic Irony

"Henry Ford:
“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” 
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NOTE:  Geez - I wonder why Henry Ford said that?  

I am not a socialist or a religious person.  But that doesn't mean that I shouldn't read the thoughts of those who are.  In fact - perhaps I can benefit most by reading such things that I think I don't agree with.  Why?

So many times - when I thought I understood something - and was challenged by a person conversant on that topic - I discovered that I had either no knowledge of the position held by those supporting said cause - or incorrect information regarding.

So why not take a look at something I think or "know" I don't agree with?  Why not listen to what this person has to say - their perspective - their point of view - the reasons they think they "have the answers?"  Why not?  Unless one listens to the "enemy" - the "opposition" - etc... (insert propagandistic label here) - there is absolutely positively no opportunity to find points of common agreement - the very seeds of negotiated win-win "deals."

That said - here's my argument for free-marketism > socialism.  Not something to be proud of but I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't write it out loud: and by the way - if you are a feminist - easily insulted - or someone who still thinks I'm an Angel - I suggest you stop reading right now.

Please excuse my mis-spent youth - excess testosterone - "bad influence" (fun) friends - immoral, unethical and sometimes scum-of-the-earth-supporting past - but what the hell - I don't have a better argument against socialism than the following - and I don't even know if it's a good one- accurate - or anything - but it's something my buddy Thom and I (he loved "titty bars") would discuss while having beers - smoking cigarettes and watching the chicks dance on a stage at bar-level. My formative years were spent with a disproportionate number of military veterans - mostly US Navy - sometimes a brutal and crude bunch - sometimes exhibiting surprising critical thinking skills, loyalty - honor - decency - and an addiction to titty bars.  Our conclusion was that ....well we'll get to that... Here's the deal:

Given:  There are two titty-bars (this is a general-purpose term for "strip club") on the same street - sharing the same parking lot -  competing for the same pool of depraved customers socio-economically speaking.  We will call them TbarA and TbarB.

Before I get into the theory - for those of you that were not corrupted as was I from "hanging around with the wrong (fun) crowd" - let me explain how titty-bars work.

It's four o'clock in the afternoon - somehow you've escaped from work - and - gambling that your pager won't go off (nineties - cel phones were for the call-back and to talk to the customer) - you and the guys that crossed paths somehow decided to go to ...let's say the 1000 Club.  The 1000 Club is essentially a sign and a door - the windows are covered - and it is one of the retail spaces in a strip mall in intersection-ville in Northern Virginia.

You grab the black-tinted glass-aluminum-frame-door handle - and walk in - slowly - since it is sunny and 98 degrees outside - and inside it is pitch black and air-conditioned - and you can't see until your eyes adjust.  

Yes - there are people in this place.  Smoke-filled.  All ages of men - some central and South Americans, some illegal (I know 'cause I talked to them and they told me their stories) - some girls who came in with their boyfriends. 

OK - where to sit?  Anywhere.  Get a beer.  Bum a smoke if you aren't a real smoker - and wait for the rest of the guys to show up.

Let's see - who's dancing?  This is the fun part - and the part that gets to the point of this ramble.  Who?  "Who" has nothing to do with it.  All that counts is beauty - a relative term for sure - but - generally speaking not that relative.  After all - guys and gals alike all know when they are looking at a beautiful woman - I mean a really beautiful woman - physically beautiful - and then there is a hierarchy.  For example - there were some chicks that I couldn't stand to look at - but some guys I knew just thought they were great.  Then there were some girls that no one would deny were amazing - and they were the ones that made the most money - because - the only way to get the dancer over to your end of the bar so you could see them was to put money on the counter and then they would come over - dance a bit - then take it.  The best looking ones got the most tips.  There were even guys that knew which nights certain girls danced and they would visit on those nights to see their favorite.

Ok - what's the point of all this?  

Tbar A is based on the free-market system - if the audience likee - you make money.  If no likee - you can't earn a living and you either get a new job or starve.  Either way - The bar always has the best looking dancers available and the filthy depraved customers come back to buy more $10 dollar beers.

Tbar B is based on a socialistic system - where they rotate dance-time to a large pool of women - giving each equal time - and sharing the tips amongst them at the end of the night - that is - after the bar owner takes most of the cash and profit from beer sales.  All women are paid - no tips accepted - and they all can come back to work every day to earn their share of - nothing - because all the best-looking (as determined by the customers) dancers are dancing at Tbar A because that's where they make the most money - from tips.

Eventually there is only on Tbar - TbarA - and you'd have to see some of the dancers - and I know how cruel and rotten this is for me to say - well - I'm gonna' end this here.

Anyway - the linked blog has nothing to do with anything I've said here.  I also have no idea how I ended up on this topic.  I now live far far away from such places - haven't been to one in prolly a decade - but you never know when your gonna' run into your old friends.


Strawman's Blog: A True Financial Dilemma

dilemma |diˈlemə|nouna situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two ormore alternativesesp. equally undesirable ones"
USAGE Dilemma should be reserved for reference to a predicament in which a difficult choice must be made between undesirable alternatives: : You see his dilemma? If he moves to London, he may never see his parents again. But if he stays in Seattle, he may be giving up the best job offer of his life. The weakened use of dilemma to mean simply ‘a difficult situation or problem’ ( : the dilemma of a teacher shortage) is recorded as early as the first part of the 17th century, but many regard this use as unacceptable and it should be avoided in written English." (Apple Dictionary)

"That blue line down at the bottom heading up from left to right is a support line"

" The truth is that once a heavily indebted nation has embarked on a zero interest rate policy, it is very difficult to remove the punch bowl."
Note:  Between a rock and a soft (currency) place?  Enlightening reading - striking the very nerve - because if they raise the interest rates intending to increase incentives for savings - they are dooming themselves because they've already created a near-zero-interest-dependent population of borrowers - who - if the interest rates were raised - because of their adjustable interest loans - not be able to cover their payments.  Hmmmmmmm.....how in the HE-double-toothpicks did that happen?  

It happened because greed took over - and good people stood by and did nothing.  I'll give the honest bankers credit - (not at zero percent)- but the problem is that there weren't enough of them to overpower the crooks that knew that by abusing the balance they could line their pockets.  Unfortunately - we have some laws for reasons - good laws - the one's that the crooks know that if they break them the penalty exceeds the benefit of committing the crime.  Obviously in our Orwellian America of today - CRIME PAYS!  Why? Simply because the benefits of committing the financial pillage of ones own nation outweigh the penalties - penalties which don't seem to exist for the super-rich Wall Street Banksters.

Check out the linked site - knowledge is power.  

Blog: Jungle Jane's Jingles, Ostriches, and a Pysanky Egg Pic

"6. Contrary to popular belief, ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand.The old saw probably originates with one of the bird's defensive behaviors.  At the approach of trouble, the ostriches will lie low and press their long necks to the ground in an attempt to become less visible.  Their plumage blends well wth sandy soil and, from a distance, gives the appearance that they have buried their heads in the sand. 
7. An ostrich will live to be 50 - 75 years old. "

Read more HERE
Note:  Uh - uhmmmm - I ....thought .....that......they did.  Rut roh - what other things do I think I know that I really don't?

There is no end to my ignorance - I'd better perk up my ears - and never stop listening.  That's my only hope.

Unrelated - my mother did Pysanky eggs - as did my sisters - had something to do with my heritage - but I was too thick-headed and stubborn to bother with such things at the time.  Anyway - after she graduated from chicken eggs to goose eggs to quail eggs to Ostrich Eggs - wait - Ostrich Egg.  Damn - the thing looks like Porcelain.  

Bees wax and a stylus - heat over candle - patiently and delicately draw intricate patterns and figures - dye the egg over and over - increasing color density with each dip - every egg is different - what a nightmare.  She had it knocked.

More rambling - but that blog got me going...oh - I just remembered I have one - color faded lemme get a pic... Greek Orthodox influences and other symbolism worked into the details.  Way over my head - you'd have to ask my sisters .....

Prolly a Goose Egg

Blog: Offshore - A Mental Exercise

"Since there is no meaning to words,

Since words equal void,
Can there be any words for thoughts
If thoughts are not void?

Assuming words might mean,
Thought may be words,
Were ears be deaf
Would there be any words?

Were ears able to hear,
And words to express,
And were thoughts not void
Would there be any words of mutes?
The Ear hears, the Mouth speaks,
The Words mean, Thought is –
Or so we proudly assume and claim –
Yet there is no mind to grasp them.
Can there be any words for Thought?"
-----Read More HERE
Note:  Deep thought - I love it.  I've often wondered about our "tools of thought" - words - language.  I've wondered if we are both empowered and limited - by our language and words - the ones we default to for our very process of thinking.  

Does the German language facilitate better engineers than the English language?  Can of worms.  BMW M3 - that oughta' say it all - but BMW can't build a robust transmission to save their reputation.  But damn when their transmission is actually working properly, which is about 30,000 miles into the life of the vehicle - nothing is sweeter.  

But I'vew had plenty of American cars and the transmissions took such a beating it was scary-nothing the Beemers could ever take.  Then - we get into the problem with British cars - Brits speak the "same" language - but their design philosophy and appeal are quite different from the American.  

Just rambling here - but that's what  you get when you read poetry.


"Thomas Jefferson - Republican reform was grounded on fiscal policy. In the Jeffersonian scripture, public debt and taxes were evils of the first magnitude. The debt drained money from the mass of citizens, diverted it from the productive enterprise of individuals, and led to a system of privilege, coercion, and corruption that was the bane of every government and fatal to a free one"
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NOTE:  We all "knew" that Thomas Jefferson was a "radical" - but not like we know now.  It is telling that the words of Thomas Jefferson - are today - more and more - showing their prescience.

Yeah - I know there isn't really a silver lining in every cloud - but it strikes me that only now - living in a real live Orwellian nightmare - with the greediest filthiest scum of the earth in charge - those intent on enslaving us all - that- only in such perilous times - can we can really appreciate the gift that Jefferson and men like him left us.  

The Painter's Wife: Fair Weather Friends

"I am surrounded by fair weather friends. The slightest storm in a teacup and they flee like fleas on a wetback. Fleaing from adversity as if there were'nt an empathetic bone in their flexible body. 12 years of cocktail raising stands for nothing."
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Note:  Harsh reality stated with a fine polish.

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