"Thomas Jefferson - Republican reform was grounded on fiscal policy. In the Jeffersonian scripture, public debt and taxes were evils of the first magnitude. The debt drained money from the mass of citizens, diverted it from the productive enterprise of individuals, and led to a system of privilege, coercion, and corruption that was the bane of every government and fatal to a free one"
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NOTE:  We all "knew" that Thomas Jefferson was a "radical" - but not like we know now.  It is telling that the words of Thomas Jefferson - are today - more and more - showing their prescience.

Yeah - I know there isn't really a silver lining in every cloud - but it strikes me that only now - living in a real live Orwellian nightmare - with the greediest filthiest scum of the earth in charge - those intent on enslaving us all - that- only in such perilous times - can we can really appreciate the gift that Jefferson and men like him left us.  

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