A Paragon of Police Excellence and the Wall Street Protests

Who/what are the police pepper-spraying and beating the Wall Street protesters for?* Do they know?  Do they care?  Time to put on your thinking caps my "public servant" friends. 

First:  Their soon-to-disappear paycheck - as funds dry up for their swollen ranks.  Yes - that fat blue line will become a thin blue line shortly - why?  The money is drying up!  We don't have anymore money for cops fighting a fake "war on drugs" - a fake "war on horror" or any other idiotic undefinable charade.  No more money for these public "servants."

Second:  Following orders.  What are the orders and who is giving them?  Are the orders to pepper-spray women you have penned in with a plastic "police line" fence that the dumbass lot of you can't erect with the words right-side-up?  Anyone following orders that are unethical and immoral will find that the "wheels of justice grind slowly" - whether you wear a blue suit or blue hair.  It doesn't matter.  

"Donations from the political action committees and executives of Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo - banks that received $95 billion in federal bailout funds - account for one-fifth of the $4.3 million in campaign cash donated by commercial banking interests to the 12 supercommittee members.

Supercommittee co-chair Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) received the most from the big banks. Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo have given Hensarling a total of $188,962 during his Congressional career. Hensarling also serves as the vice chair of the House Financial Services Committee and has received a total of $3.9 million from financial interests." read more HERE

C'mon police.  Get with it.  The revolution is here.  Keep up the pepper spraying and you may show up for work to find a thousand "Guy Fawkes'" with pepper-spray ready to hose YOUR peepers down with!  That is just human nature. It's time to grow up, wake up and face reality - you are in it with the rest of us! 

When I see cops punching non-violent protesters in the face, pepper-spraying them...yes...I tend to generalize about police - but that is wrong.  I know there are many many outstanding public servants out there wearing that uniform.  I don't want to fall into that trap.  I hope you good guys out there can police your own ranks if the idiots in charge won't do it.

Here is an example of an outstanding sheriff setting the example for police everywhere:Outstanding public servants like the sheriff in the video below show that 20% of the people do 80% of the work - and we can never ever forget that brave 20%.

Where are the rest of you?  

Attention Law Enforcement:  The Feds are selling guns to gangsters to kill your brothers!  And all you have time to do is beat up and pepper-spray peaceful protesters, women, and ....what?  Where is YOUR SELF-RESPECT?  Or is that the problem - you have none - and therefore none for the citizens paying your way?  

Law enforcement:  Are you Brave?  PROVE IT!  Stand up for what is GOOD AND RIGHT and lose the "cop-out" bullshit "orders" excuse.


Pick a side.  Just remember - you and your family will live with your decision for a very long time.

The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls

"The Israel Museum welcomes you to the Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project, allowing users to examine and explore these most ancient manuscripts from Second Temple times at a level of detail never before possible. Developed in partnership with Google, the new website gives users access to searchable, fast-loading, high-resolution images of the scrolls, as well as short explanatory videos and background information on the texts and their history. The Dead Sea Scrolls, which include the oldest known biblical manuscripts in existence, offer critical insight into Jewish society in the Land of Israel during the Second Temple Period, the time of the birth of Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism. Five complete scrolls from the Israel Museum have been digitized for the project at this stage and are now accessible online."
Read more HERE


America: More Than a Failed Dictatorship

"If America will kill 7000 of its own troops in Iraq over proven lies, accepted as lies by all, then why wouldn’t it kill 3000 on 9/11?  Same decision makers, same ethical concerns, same profit incentive, almost identical acts.
When did we start on this “roller coaster to hell?”
November 22, 1963, when a President was murdered and his killers were allowed to write The Warren Report exonerating themselves?"
-----REad more HERE

First on CNN: Florida will likely hold Jan. primary, threatening presidential calendar

"Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon told CNN on Tuesday that a state commission exploring potential primary dates is likely to choose January 31 to hold the nominating contest.

If that happens, it would almost certainly force the traditional early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada to leapfrog Florida and move their primaries and caucuses into early- to mid-January."
------------Read more HERE
Note:  Looks like a good strategy to avoid the going-viral popularity of Ron Paul and the ideas he stands for.  The more time goes by... the more powerful Ron Paul becomes.  If the dropout-clowns running this present failure of a circus want to keep their positions, they must resort to methods of avoidance.

Ron Paul / Jesse Ventura ticket: I think it's a great idea

Note:  I'd love to see this happen.

Jesse Ventura Calls For NFL Boycott Over TSA-Style Groping

Note:  Great conversation - one point of contention:  I think Ron Paul was running as a Republican, not a Libertarian, to maintain his integrity to the voters that elected him as a Republican.  High standard of ethics essentially.  


It's Time for Police and Government "Bankster Enablers" to join the Revolution

Many commenters to news articles and blog posts concerning the "Occupy Wall Street" protests believe it is time to use violent means to fight back against the brutal tactics employed by many police.

To claim that there is no place for violence in such a violent world may seem absurd to many.  Perhaps they see the logic in "fighting fire with fire."  

Violence does indeed thrive in its circular haven, escalating in intensity and means as acrimony becomes the dominant motivator on both "sides" as a mentality of "an eye for an eye" takes hold.  This is our normal instinctive reaction when someone we love is unfairly harmed.

But before resorting to violence - isn't it rational to first identify exactly who it is we are opposed to - then determine how to approach the problem?

Let's take a look at what happened in New York during the civil war:
 "The National Conscription Act exacerbated long-simmering class tensions and the deprivations brought on by wartime inflation; it was especially unpopular among the city’s immigrant white working class. When it was enacted on July 11, 1863, it touched off the worst rioting Americans had ever seen. People and buildings representing Protestant missionaries, Republican draft officials, war production, wealthy businessmen, and African Americans suffered the worst of the crowds’ wrath, and after four days more than 119 New Yorkers were dead. Soon after the riots were quelled by federal troops, the northern war effort finally started to bear fruit and the city’s economy rebounded (aided by the re-legalization of the cotton trade with the rebel states)."read more HERE

So if the riots get bad enough - law and order must be restored - eventually - and the force with the means to suppress the other using available weapons and tactics will "win."

But what does "winning" mean?

"Winning" means reforming our financial situation here in the States - dealing with the Federal Reserve, the crooked banks, usury, bailouts for corporations while tent cities are erected with cardboard boxes by the homeless.

"Winning" means REAL change - accountability - and a chance for EVERYONE - not just the connected or well-heeled to have the opportunity to live their version of the American Dream - 

"Winning" - means freeing the debt-slaves Americans have become - and the public has awakened and now acted - by gathering peacefully in the garden of greed to extirpate the weeds choking the life out of the fruit of our nation.

Violence will not bring the changes desired - just the opposite - it will enable those in power to maintain the status quo by giving them the ammunition to wipe out the protests in the corporate-owned bankster-protecting mainstream circus.

It is time for the police and public officials to join in solidarity with the protesters - rather than fighting amongst themselves.  

Let's hear it for the Wall Street Protesters!


Wall Street Protests: Don't give in to the violence or you lose.

Who can blame the "peace officers?"  Isn't this protest just what they'd hoped for?  A crowd of docile people who won't fight back - a bully's paradise! That's the status of the police these days - not all of them - but a majority from what we see and read and hear every day regarding brutality, taserings, SWAT killings, various shootings, drug sales - the list goes on.  Why expect them to protect our rights?  

It's sad in a way - that the working class police are supporting the real crooks - while arresting and beating citizens standing up for their and their families rights.

I hope the crowd doesn't turn on them 'cause it has the potential to get really ugly - and I don't mean in the favor of the police.

The crowd will only withstand so much abuse - until it takes on a mind of its own.  Then all bets are off.

So far - the elitists have the upper hand - once again pitting segments of the middle and working classes against each other while they sip champagne and laugh it up.

Bigger crowds will overwhelm the police.  This means they will "go to guns" if it gets too far out of hand and the crowd resorts to violence.

Non-violence is the only way these protests can work.  It's always harder to walk away from a fight when tempers flare.  

We owe our gratitude to the Wall Street protesters for their sacrifice on all our behalf.

Thanks Wall Street Protesters!


Bush's man Philip Zelikow: 911 Commission Chairman - joins the Obama team!

The headline reads:

Zelikow Appointed to Obama's Intelligence Advisory Board

read more HERE

"Zelikow began his career as a trial and appellate lawyer in Texas, and is a former career diplomat whose posts overseas and in Washington include service on the National Security Council staff of President George H.W. Bush. 

His books include "Germany Unified and Europe Transformed" (written with former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice), "The Kennedy Tapes" (with Ernest May), and "Essence of Decision" (with Graham Allison).

In recent years, Zelikow has taken two public service leaves from academia to return full time to government service: in 2003-04 to direct the 9/11 Commission, and in 2005-07 as counselor of the Department of State, a deputy to Rice. He also advises the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's program in global development and is a consultant to the Office of the Secretary of Defense. 

At first it seems irrational - hiring a failure like 911 Commission chairman Philip "myth-maker" Zelikow to do anything requiring patriotic duty.  But after a bit of reflection it makes perfect sense.

Philip Zelikow was the chairman of the 911 Commission, the puppet-show of political cronies tasked with creating the pack-of-lies known as the "911 Commission Report."  Watch the following video-but watch the others first - this one is long and worth every minute - so you can see the brilliance with which Zelikow does the bidding of his masters:

"Is there anything in the 911 Commission Report that is not true?  ... My question is...Can I find a true sentence in the book?"

Here's another video where Philip Zelikow stars:

Check out this short video where you can hear a 911 Commissioner give it to you straight:

Perhaps you'd like to hear from a patriot that thought the 911 Commission was "disgusting"

...but rest assured - there's nothing to see here - thanks to Zelikow.  And that is why I say that it is not surprising that he is joining the Obama team after serving as cover-up artist and myth-maker for the Bush administration - he must have done one heckuva' job!


Vancouver MP Don Davies says, Dick Cheney must be barred entry to Canada

"Davies cited Section 35 of this law, which states in part that a foreign national is inadmissible for entry into Canada if the person is “a prescribed senior official in the service of a government that, in the opinion of the Minister, engages or has engaged in terrorism, systematic or gross human rights violations, or genocide, a war crime or a crime against humanity within the meaning of subsections 6(3) to (5) of the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act”.
A lawyer, Davies also cited Section 36 of IRPA that provides in part that a person is also inadmissible if the individual was responsible for “an act outside Canada that is an offence in the place where it was committed and that, if committed in Canada, would constitute an offence under an Act of Parliament punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of at least 10 years”."

Keith Olbermann Covers Occupy Wall Street Protests Media Blackout

Champagne-drinking elitists laugh at the "rabble"

Look at this Clueless Suit - "what are we protesting?".....what a dunce...


Tony Blair 'visited Libya to lobby for JP Morgan'

""Tony Blair's visits were purely lobby visits for banking deals with JP Morgan," he said.
He said that unlike some other deals - notably some investments run by the US bank Goldman Sachs - JP Morgan's had never turned "bad"."


Vid: Psychologists: Questioning 9/11 Is the Sane Thing To Do Alleged "Conspiracy Theorists" are not Mentally Insane Crackpots...

"Many mental health professionals have concluded that the official version of 9/11 is false, and that those who believe the official version suffer from defense mechanisms. For example:
  • Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University Medical Center, as well as Radiology, at Duke University Medical Center D. Lawrence Burk, Jr., MD
  • Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Ruters University Barry R. Komisaruk
  • Distinguished Professor in the Department of Mental Health Law and Policy, Professor of Medicine in the Department of Internal Medicine and Distinguished Professor of Global Health in the College of Public Health, University of South Florida, Michael D. Knox
  • Professor Emeritus, Psychology and Neuroscience, Beckman Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Michael Gabriel"
  • Read more HERE

Short Vid: Jim Rogers supports Ron Paul


9/11 Cheney Connection

For those condemning Alex Jones...

Commenters to this blog have attacked Alex Jones.  I've stated that he provides relevant and important updates regarding issues that are at the vanguard of the push by the Feds to restrict our unalienable rights.  One of those rights forbids unreasonable search and seizure.  

"Amendment 4 - Search and Seizure. Ratified 12/15/1791.
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

I found these stories today on Alex's site - following through on the "TSA PROBLEM"  :

Another TSA Employee Accused of Rape

Is it fair for me to say he's helping get the word out regarding the corruption of the TSA - and following through so the public is reminded how rotten that agency is?  

American Court by RJ O'Guillory

"American Court

Faded Flags, ragged in the sun,
The Stars & Stripes fly tattered.
Americans sit, waiting to be judged,
The Bill of Rights lay sadly battered.
A Judge in Black, the Cops in Tan,
we Citizens, shamed and weak.
Lady Justice, died so long ago,
court payments begin this week.
Everyone pays, The State needs the bucks,
the Law keeps the cash rolling in.
Morality and law have no real value,
Visa validates The People’s sin.
The Dollar is King, The Court is aware,
the Fine Schedule just went up.
Judge and State, hand-n-hand,
all involved, beyond corrupt.
RJ. O’Guillory"

Donald Rumsfeld Stripped Of Immunity In Torture Case

America The Prostrate
In a simplistic sort of way,
Across a desert lit by the moon.
America lay prostrate,
Lulled by prosperity’s tune.
Beautiful thing in a world gone mad,
Everyone knows the lies being spoke.
They spill from the mouths of bankrupt souls,
Leaderless people, morally broke.
The globe spins on, a compact disc,
Television soothes the planet.
Hard drives quietly think away,
Politicians run the gamut.
Prostrate pricks, sucking away,
At America’s aging tit.
Pay up now, or go to jail,
They care less, how you take the hit.
They act as if it will never end,
The Nazis felt much the same.
Fortify your home, your town,
These criminals have no real shame.
The knock on the door will surely come,
Midnight terror of the state.
Theft, lies, fraud and deceit,
Social incubators of pure hate.
Hang from a rope, they surely will,
These prophets of civic duty.
After the riots, the death, the trials,
Before these pirates split the booty.
RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

Video: Wall Street Protesters dragged and arrested

Thanks to the brave souls doing the heavy lifting for the rest of us - and for bringing this video footage to light.

Take a good look folks - this is how the police handle peaceful assembly.  We can expect the police to justify their arrests and brutal treatment of the protesters with charges that the protesters were breaking this or that law - but now - in 2011 - who can believe the police about anything?

The police have become nothing more than a force of brownshirts in blue - serving as today's version of the  Praetorian Guard - protecting the elitist banker robber-barons from the masses they've so far managed to get away with robbing.

It would be unfair to say that the law doesn't matter - of course it matters.  The law will be used to silence dissenters - you know - those bad-for-business citizens bringing too much public attention - with the even more dangerous possibility of "copy-cat criminals" emulating them - to Wall Street.

The Wall Street Bankers that are living it up while so many face uncertain futures, loss of homes,  loss of savings and retirement - recession, depression.

Yes indeed - take a good look - and pay attention to how much YOU matter when part of an organized action bringing too much attention to the banksters, too much light on the PEOPLE and the INSTITUTIONS responsible for the woes of Americans.

The revolution is alive and well - and growing.  Americans have awakened - continue to awaken in larger numbers - and finally are acting.  Let's hear it for the Wall Steet Protesters!


New York City Protest - Occupy Wall Street - Video and Photo

Thousands of protesters to 'Occupy Wall Street' on Saturday

Read more HERE

Rut roh!  I was afraid this was going to happen.

Not that I'm not glad about it.  You know - yet another event that, although is - in reality - happening - isn't really - because "our" corrupt corporate-OWNED propaganda outlets choose to ignore it.

The frauds posing as "newsmen" or "reporters" or "journalists" under the yoke of their corporate paymasters do what they are told - just like the cop in the video.  

It has nothing to do with application of grey matter - it has to do with obeying the "higher-ups" or "the brass."  That's all.  These robots, for some reason, never seem to take a moment to think about the screwed-up America they are complicit in deconstructing.  Talk about stupid animals - even animals don't shit where they eat.

The good news - even more people will awaken to the tyranny we presently live in.  Many of the protesters that showed up for this affair didn't really understand how bad it really is - but they do now thanks to the cops and media "doing what they're told" - actions which, in the end, result in denial of liberty for the citizens whose liberty they are supposed to protect.

Too much has happened for anyone with a pulse to deny knowledge of the fact that it is simply a paycheck that keeps them doing the wrong thing - each and every day they shuffle off to work.  Whether as a cop, a media liar, a retired general-turned-actor on Faux News pretending to be an unbiased "expert" - all of them - the fact is that WE ALL KNOW.

Every time these establishment cronies cooperate with the corporate crooks to deny our liberty - they undermine themselves once again. And each time - they - unwittingly - as if they had two neurons firing together - they unwittingly aid the truth movement.

The bankers are crooks.  We all know it.  There is no good reason that we should pay interest to phantoms for the use of our own money.  There is no good reason why we are all suffering from unrestrained and legalized usary.  That is plain and simple.  It is impossible for Joe-sixpack NOT to see it.  This is the problem.

Bloomberg has recently claimed that there is a possibility that we may have riots in the streets.  I say "Good."  I'm not for rioting but when the elections are rigged, the crooked "news" selects a bunch of drop-outs from clown school for our next president - while yet again ignoring Ron Paul - going out of their way to pretend, like the Wall Street Protest, that Ron Paul doesn't exist - they again do us all a favor.

It is certainly time for protests - big ones.  Protests so big that if the media even tries to report on it they need wider-angle lenses - and they will get them once it becomes impossible for even them to ignore.  This is inevitable - and it is We The People that will make that happen.  It has to happen - naturally - given the present economic circumstances.

I am not for riots or violence - but what the hell - that's what the cops like - in fact - I'm sure they are all admiring themselves in full-length mirrors at home in their riot gear, massaging their tasers and tear-gas guns - just waiting - anticipating - and praying to their creator (the TV) for riots.

Don't give it to them.  Keep it peaceful - and keep it big.  Use every guerilla tactic possible to get the word out.  Use every trick in the book.  Use every possible means of civil disobedience to force the issue - that the public KNOWS  of the robbery going on and the public KNOWS who is responsible.

We are living at a wonderful time in history - one of those pivotal times many who've come before us wished for - a time of real change - where the usurpation of the power of the phony corporate fake lying bought-and-paid-for "mainstream" media gets shit-canned for dereliction of duty and outright treason.

Let them have it.  
UPDATE SEPT 18, 2011 They are getting desperate!  

Reaction to Ron Paul shows some Americans are exceptionally stupid

Alex Jones, Mike Adams and the 9/11 Litmus Test.

"It’s a solid and incontrovertible fact that Alex Jones fails the 9/11 litmus test. If you want to see some of the things said about him, it’s there to be seen. I linked ‘Alex Jones is’ so that you could see the drop down menu but apparently it picked fraud on its own (grin). All you need to know about Alex Jones and 9/11 can be found here. We KNOW that Israel and assorted psychopaths did 9/11 and we have all the proof in the world. If you are a major media figure whose foundation of reportage is the truth then YOU MUST address what is presented in the last link and which can be found in varying degrees of minutiae all over the place. There’s no argument for Israel not doing it. Alex Jones also says that the Saudis control Hollywood. You don’t need more than borderline intelligence to see what this and his other antics imply. "
REad more HERE
Note:  Our search for "truth" - must be our own.  All facts available must be taken into consideration - in as unbiased a manner as possible.  Truth stands on her own two feet - and so should truthtellers.  Criticism of key players is essential.

I've been torn with this very issue for some time - and have held back writing specifically about it, "naming names," for some time - because - the truth movement is so divided - and presently , possibly because of, stifled.

The time is nigh for such discussions.  Not that it should never have been - but we're at that point now...

When in the Course of Human Events...

"The cycling of reincarnation shows us that when the blind lead the blind on an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth we will have a lot of blind dead guys gumming each other to death in total darkness; not the best idea for a sensory deprivation chamber is it?"
read more HERE
Note:  The writer, methinks, is right on target.  Although it may seem like a good idea to resort to violence at times - the fact is that, in the end, we just end up with the same problem - the faction that is most skilled at using violence - ends up on top again - exactly the opposite of who and what we desire.


Here's What Really Happens when one defies Israel:

It's as easy as.....1......2......3......


Belize recognizes Palestine Borders

"Press Release – Belize (Government) Press Office - September 9, 2011 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to announce that the Government of Belize has decided to formally recognize Palestine as a sovereign and independent State within its pre-1967 borders."

El Salvador recognizes Palestine as independent state

AN SALVADOR | Thu Aug 25, 2011 6:21pm EDT

(Reuters) - El Salvador on Thursday recognized Palestine as an independent state in the midst of a drive by the Arab League to upgrade it to full membership status in the United Nations."

US adds Belize, El Salvador to ‘major’ drug producing, transit countries


WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has added Belize and El Salvador to the U.S. list of “major” drug producing and transit countries.
The annual list identifies countries playing a role in the drug trade that “significantly affect the United States.”"  
I tripped over these articles at the Wayne Madsen Report


Old Cartoon and Media Validation

pic from wiki
Lincoln printed Greenbacks to finance a war to save the Union.  That's how much war costs.

The United States is presently entangled in many foreign adventures.  It is difficult to find two people that can agree on why, exactly, we are engaged in ANY of them.

Iraq - no weapons of mass destruction.  Don't take it from me - take it from the guy who "led the charge."

...but on a more serious note .....he really meant it.... see Time= 1 Min 10  seconds:

Afghanistan - supposedly a response to the "attacks" of 911 - but Afghanistan didn't attack us either.

Libya - A new war our self-proclaimed dictator embarked on without so much as a pretense of consulting Congress.

What exactly are we fighting for?  Let's put that aside for a moment.

Never forget that these wars are frittering away an already rotting-away America.  Along the way we are told to surrender our unalienable rights.  Along the way we are treated to a corporate-owned media circus assisting the Pentagon in a gigantic Psy-Op campaign against the citizens of America - all payed for with our tax money!  How insane is that?  To actually pay for your own enslavement!  Jokes on us folks.

At the core of this rotten mess - sits the secretive Federal Reserve.  It's an old game.  But the curtain is lifting slowly, ineluctably as the predictable inflation that results from endless creation of dollars must cause.

Food prices rising.  Fuel prices rising.  Funny isn't it - did you ever hear of a Navy ship not having enough money on their credit card to "fill her up?"  

We need to pressure the media that is complicit in this con to start reporting the facts - or simply turn them off forever.

The media plays a crucial role in the cementing of facts in the citizen's mind.  Perhaps more than we'd like to admit to ourselves.

Not long ago we had an earthquake here in Virginia.  It lasted for several minutes and I was fortunate enough to be at home to experience this rare event.  It was immediately reported on the radio, TV, internet, earthquake websites, national news outlets - you name it.  My wife was driving at the time and didn't know what had happened until she heard on the radio it was an earthquake - many people reported that if one was in a car moving - it didn't feel like an earthquake - it felt like something was wrong with the car.  

That same evening - I was awakened from a deep sleep - around 1:00 AM .....by ...another earthquake - or aftershock - all I know is that it lasted a long time.  After it was over - I went back to sleep.

The next morning - I couldn't tell if I had experienced an earthquake - or if it was a dream.  I went on the internet and went to an earthquake tracking site - nothing.  Hmmmm that's odd, I thought.  Nothing on the radio.  Nothing in the news.  I asked a few people - they hadn't felt it.  I really wondered if I had imagined the whole thing.

Later in the day - some news popped up - yes indeed - there was an earthquake (aftershock) here, in Charlottesville, VA.

That experience was enlightening to me.  That is how important the feedback, the validation, that our media is SUPPOSED to provide - when absent - can really play games with our minds.

I'm sure that the bosses giving out the orders and talking points to our puppets like Rush, Glenn, and Sean - know this psychological reality.

Now back to the Federal Reserve.  What have you heard about it lately in the media.  Nothing or not much?  What are you hearing about the cost of the endless wars we send young people to die in?  Not much?  Nothing.  Maybe it's not an accident.

The political cartoon above reminds us that our nation has been through grim crises before - the politics were heated and cruel.

If your favorite media hero never mentions the Federal Reserve problem or the need to end the wars that are bankrupting our nation, and your children, and your grandchildren - maybe it's not an accident.  There is such thing as "lying by omission" where someone doesn't tell the "whole truth."  

A national media personality lacking the intellect to recognize these issues - or the courage to address them - or possessing the venality to omit them - deserves neither your ear nor your money.


Will Pay to the Bearer on Demand: Pics and vids - YOUR MONEY at stake

Thomas Jefferson on Private Banks:  (just like the Federal Reserve Bank)

"Quotation: "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered...I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.""  Click Here for link

Worlds oldest paper money

"The banknote was first developed in China in the Tang during the 7th century, with local issues of paper currency. Its roots were in merchant receipts of deposit during the Tang Dynasty (618–907), as merchants and wholesalers desired to avoid the heavy bulk of copper coinage in large commercial transactions.[1][2][3]
Before the use of paper, the Chinese used coins that were circular, with a rectangular hole in the middle. Several coins could be strung together on a rope. Merchants in China, if they became rich enough, found that their strings of coins were too heavy to carry around easily. To solve this problem, coins were often left with a trustworthy person, and the merchant was given a slip of paper recording how much money he had with that person. If he showed the paper to that person he could regain his money. Eventually, the paper money called "jiaozi" originated from these promissory notes." CLICK FOR LINK

Will Pay to the Bearer on Demand
Yet another government lie.  Go ahead - try to collect on that promise.  

Take a very close look at the bills above - especially the WORDS on the bills.  Which words?  

The top "two dollar bill" is a "United States Note" - see words above Thomas Jefferson's portrait.  The bottom "two dollar bill" is a "Federal Reserve Note" - see the wording above TJ's portrait.  On the bottom note - notice the round seal with the "F" in the middle - the wording marks this note as one originating from the Federal Express Office...errr...sorry....I mean the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta, Georgia.  New Federal Reserve Notes have disposed of this practice - simply printing "Federal Reserve System" in this place. Why?  I don't know - I can only surmise that it is more profitable for the phantoms issuing "our" money - Federal Reserve Notes to print them all in one place disposing with the "multiple bank" charade they used to get this fraud on the public going in the first place.  Look at the money in your purse or wallet for yourself.  

Back to the notes in the picture:  Look at the WORDS on the bills above UNDER TJ's portrait:  the older US Note has extra words - words that have magically vanished from the Federal Reserve Note:  "Will Pay to the Bearer on Demand - Two Dollars."  Why?

Because the US Note (top) - a slip of paper - functioned as a marker - for Silver kept safe in a vault - that would be payed on demand to the bearer of the US Note if requested.  The bottom Federal Reserve Note - ready for this..... IS THE MONEY!  

There are numerous excellent resources available if you are interested in educating yourself on this topic.

Before I leave you with some resources to get you started on your own journey - remember that we have a presidential election coming up.  THE ONLY CANDIDATE that WILL tackle this leviathan is Ron Paul.  

A warning:  The more you find out about our money system - the less you will like it.  It might even scare you.  That is not the intention here.  The purpose of bringing light to this subject is to get more thinkers on the project - so that we may come up with a plan for a system to replace the Federal Reserve when it is finally abolished.

What is the problem?  It's complicated - but here is a difference - the US Note - can only be printed with those words - the promise to "pay to the bearer on demand" if the bank actually has silver to cough up to the bearer upon demand.  The bottom note - the Federal Reserve Note - has no such limit on its manufacture.  The number of US Notes issued by a bank - are limited by the amount of silver held in reserve.  The bank issuing the Federal Reserve Notes HAS NO LIMIT ON THE QUANTITY OF BILLS they can issue.

1. The Eleventh Marble by Mike Rivero  (go here first - vids too)



4.  Ron Paul:  The End of Dollar Hegemony(CLICK!)

"Before the US House of Representatives, February 15, 2006
A hundred years ago it was called “dollar diplomacy.” After World War II, and especially after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989, that policy evolved into “dollar hegemony.” But after all these many years of great success, our dollar dominance is coming to an end."

5.  Look What Really Happened to the last president that tried to take power away from the Federal Reserve Bankers:

6.  Nixon