Video: Wall Street Protesters dragged and arrested

Thanks to the brave souls doing the heavy lifting for the rest of us - and for bringing this video footage to light.

Take a good look folks - this is how the police handle peaceful assembly.  We can expect the police to justify their arrests and brutal treatment of the protesters with charges that the protesters were breaking this or that law - but now - in 2011 - who can believe the police about anything?

The police have become nothing more than a force of brownshirts in blue - serving as today's version of the  Praetorian Guard - protecting the elitist banker robber-barons from the masses they've so far managed to get away with robbing.

It would be unfair to say that the law doesn't matter - of course it matters.  The law will be used to silence dissenters - you know - those bad-for-business citizens bringing too much public attention - with the even more dangerous possibility of "copy-cat criminals" emulating them - to Wall Street.

The Wall Street Bankers that are living it up while so many face uncertain futures, loss of homes,  loss of savings and retirement - recession, depression.

Yes indeed - take a good look - and pay attention to how much YOU matter when part of an organized action bringing too much attention to the banksters, too much light on the PEOPLE and the INSTITUTIONS responsible for the woes of Americans.

The revolution is alive and well - and growing.  Americans have awakened - continue to awaken in larger numbers - and finally are acting.  Let's hear it for the Wall Steet Protesters!

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