American Court by RJ O'Guillory

"American Court

Faded Flags, ragged in the sun,
The Stars & Stripes fly tattered.
Americans sit, waiting to be judged,
The Bill of Rights lay sadly battered.
A Judge in Black, the Cops in Tan,
we Citizens, shamed and weak.
Lady Justice, died so long ago,
court payments begin this week.
Everyone pays, The State needs the bucks,
the Law keeps the cash rolling in.
Morality and law have no real value,
Visa validates The People’s sin.
The Dollar is King, The Court is aware,
the Fine Schedule just went up.
Judge and State, hand-n-hand,
all involved, beyond corrupt.
RJ. O’Guillory"

Donald Rumsfeld Stripped Of Immunity In Torture Case

America The Prostrate
In a simplistic sort of way,
Across a desert lit by the moon.
America lay prostrate,
Lulled by prosperity’s tune.
Beautiful thing in a world gone mad,
Everyone knows the lies being spoke.
They spill from the mouths of bankrupt souls,
Leaderless people, morally broke.
The globe spins on, a compact disc,
Television soothes the planet.
Hard drives quietly think away,
Politicians run the gamut.
Prostrate pricks, sucking away,
At America’s aging tit.
Pay up now, or go to jail,
They care less, how you take the hit.
They act as if it will never end,
The Nazis felt much the same.
Fortify your home, your town,
These criminals have no real shame.
The knock on the door will surely come,
Midnight terror of the state.
Theft, lies, fraud and deceit,
Social incubators of pure hate.
Hang from a rope, they surely will,
These prophets of civic duty.
After the riots, the death, the trials,
Before these pirates split the booty.
RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

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