Hurry, hurry, hurry - and don't forget ..... HURRY!

hurry up and pass the laws or Martial Law  WILL BE DECLARED!.....loser crook

'Tis amazing indeed - the never-ending need to hurry.

Forget "haste makes waste" - no... in Amerika - haste is essential so the powers-that-be can rest assured that the cowards in the Spouse of Zionistas - er - the House of Representatives  - (don't forget the crooked Senate) - so that they can do the bidding of their TRUE MASTERS -  those with the CASH.

It's lots of fun - you know - pretending that one matters.  Pretending - that WE THE PEOPLE matter.  Yes indeedee, fun for all - although we all know, deep down inside, that we are just tax-paying mushrooms, eating the sh&t fed to us by the corporafascist-media - turning our kids, life-savings, and everything else over - for............"national security."

I'll bet it's a real hoot - being an American "soldier" these days.  Or a "sailor" or "airman."  Let's call a spade a spade.  These people in uniform - all of them - and let's not let out the police - are nothing but a bunch of cowardly lying stooges looking for a hand-out from their "government job" as they partcipate in the rape of the Constitution of the United States - and the murder of those attempting to support it.

Let's forget all these poor animals - little pawns in the global "war on horror" - acting out some stupid fantasy they absorbed as they sat fixated and mezmerized by the Boob Tube.  Yeah - hey - I'm cool - I have a uniform, pistol, rifle, shotgun, and don't forget Taser - and I can't wait to shoot/Tase someone to make up the inches missing from my dick.  And for the Butch-dykes out there in uniform - what a chance to let the guys that rejected you "have it."  What a fantasy - handcuffing the average Amercan white guy - who wouldn't give you a second look because you are just ....a........follower.

Consider Exhibit A:  the over-tanned Banker in the picture above.  Just so you don't call me that dreaded and stupid mind-numbed label "conspiracy theorist" - that horrible dismissing term reserved for the critical thinker - the one that stands out from the herd - just so you don't put me in that box - I'll leave it up to YOU, dear reader, to figure out why this unelected con-artist and stooge for the spendthrift bankers is "pointing" her hand in front of the back-drop showing from wherest her power originates.

Click HERE to read the article where she warns us "little people" and "sheep" that if we don't act right f'ing NOW - we will fall into a black hole:  CLICK HERE  so you can watch a short video (embedding disabled) of what Hank (Cue-ball) Paulson threatened the flock of sheep we call a Congress with.

Think about it - stampede the herd - get them all running like crazy in one direction - using the same old crappy propaganda dog-and-pony show used to stampede the herd into war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria - and more countries than that idiot in the White House - or his idiot-predecessor - can list.

Yes - the globalists want a one-world government - they DON'T WANT RON PAUL to win  - as is obvious from the GENERAL ELECTRIC-OWNED NBC etc..... "news" programs featuring talking heads bleating out the same sheepish crap necessary to keep their jobs.

I'm all for tar and feathers.  Yeah - and since our corporate-owned media fails America - they oughta' get it first.  Tar is hot - yes.  The feathers are just the "icing on the cake."  Does it hurt?  Who cares?  Not me - I've learned from my "protectors" in the CIA, militarized police - etc.... that human life or human dignity or human agony - are unimportant.  Just as long as at the end of the torture session the uniform-wearing goon gets a chance to shoot somebody.

I didn't used to hate cops - but I do now.  Mostly on the grounds that they are nothing more than puffed-up hall-monitors from high school - the failed would-be football pros - the failed winners of popularity contest - the failed human beings - might as well join the military or cop-shop for a chance to bust a few caps in who/m/ever.  F the Constitution - let's just "follow orders" - without having a clue - since we blindly follow our surrogate-Daddy bosses/superior officers - all the way to the grave - or the hangman's noose.  Good luck comrades - you're next.

Police, FBI, CIA, NSA - just a bunch of filthy lying' murdering scum - in my opinion at least.  After all - who else other than the filthiest scum of the Earth would blindly follow orders to murder families of Arabs - and then brag about it?  Don't any of you scumbags ever ever ever talk to me about anything - but then again - why would you have something to say - as an order-taker and water-carrier for the intermational bankers - if you come to talk to me - it's with some twisted sick kill-trick.  Yeah - you folks are so polluted.

And the women - the women involved in this filthy lie-of-a-war-on-horror - don't get me started about how useless you are.  I will stop with one request - kill yourself.  If you are a "mother" working for the CIA, FBI, NSA - what are you gonna' do when you shoot your own kid you idiot?  That is how stupid you uniform-wearing lemmings are.  Pure sick.

That's enough for now.


The Military’s Plans for Social Unrest: CONPLAN 3502, Civil Disturbance Operations and Martial Law

"To understand just what would happen in the event of widespread unrest in the United States, you must first familiarize yourself with CONPLAN 3502, the classified military plan for civil disturbances.  A slide from a U.S. Northern Command presentation previously published by this site indicates that CONPLAN 3502 is one of several Contingency Plans (CONPLANs) for domestic U.S. military operations in the event of a disaster, terrorist attack or national security special event (NSSE).  Several of the plans deal with Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA) in times of disaster or crisis, including pandemic  influenza outbreaks, nuclear and radiological events, as well as chemical weapons attacks.  Though, CONPLAN 3502 is unique in that it deals exclusively with support operations conducted with local authorities during times of “civil disturbance”.  Because CONPLAN 3502 is classified “Secret”, it has not been released to the public and little is known of its contents.  However, through bits of information found in a number of relevant documents, a fairly coherent picture of military civil disturbance planning may be ascertained."
REad more HERE
NOTE:  Repeat after me......"This can never happen here"......"This can never happen here"

Who benefits from such an opportunity to suppress the masses?

"Act now" to save global recovery, IMF chief urges

"JACKSON HOLE, Wyo (Reuters) - The new head of the IMF on Saturday called on global policymakers to pursue urgent action, including forcing European banks to bulk up their capital, to prevent a descent into a renewed world recession"
---------Read more HERE
NOTE:  Like these spendthrifts didn't see this coming huh?  Did you elect this woman?
     Why are we listening to the same bunch of idiots that got us into this mess?  What about stopping the wars that are draining us?  Their answer is to spend more on war.

Are we to believe globalists and spenders when it comes to balancing our checkbook?

This is a joke.


911: The Key to Unlocking Liberty

I started writing this blog in March 2007 after my apprentice - in a filthy hotel room somewhere in Texas, turned his laptop toward me and asked me to watch the following  video:  (forgive me if you are already aware of this smoking gun...)

It is interesting (to say the least), that, this billionaire several times over gets a "pass" after admitting that they "pulled" WTC7.  

Why did he get a pass?  Why?  And why do I ask?

Lucky Larry made a shipload of money on 911 - payed out by insurance companies that were either involved - or employ the dumbest insurance investigators on the planet.  After all - means - motive - and opportunity - all were present.  Why would such a savvy big-bucks man admit to the crime?

Perhaps the nature of the interrogation....er......interview influenced his answers.  You see - an interview - as opposed to an interrogation, bring different answers from the "perp."

Lucky Larry - was being interviewed - not interrogated - when he committed the only sin recognizable in Amerika:  the sin of being caught.

When a person is "interviewed"  - the climate is a bit light - the importance of which is ...that the person answering questions - has their guard down.  If being interrogated by , say, a functioning FBI team (no waterboarding puleeeeez) - the answers would be very very different - meaning that the "perp" would think about every utterance - carefully weighing each and every syllable before uttering it - because the "perp" would know that ears and eyeballs of interrogators were finely tuned to each utterance.

The video of the interview above - shows a "perp" answering benign questions - which they really really were - and - in turn - the "perp" answers those questions in an unguarded manner.  WE THE PEOPLE - possessing the highest and finest common sense, not to mention, ultimate power in this wayward nation - can see so easily - that he admitted to giving the green light to "push the plunger" on WTC7.  It is so f'ing obvious that there is nothing to discuss - unless the discussion is with those still growing in the dark feeding on sh$t downloaded into their minds by the OWNED cover-up, complicit, so-called 'mainstream media."
When I first watched this video - I was shocked that I'd never seen the footage before.  When I asked my nephew - "What reason/s were given for this building's collapse" - and he said "fire" - it changed my life forever.  Why?  Because if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck - I cannot conclude anything other than what is right before my very eyes.  The truth - the raw truth - the unfettered conclusions of said raw truth - is not something I can let go.  Especially as an American citizen.

AS a blogger - my search for "truth" has led me down a dark path indeed - a path - that when traversed - forces the mind on the journey - to encounter the good, bad, and ugly.  As my years-passed-away father-in-law - who'd traveled the seven seas as a merchant-marine said to me;  "You keep reading - and you areNOT GOING TO LIKE WHAT YOU FIND."  I stored that away in my memory banks as a twenty-something motorcyle-riding nut - only to discover years later how right he was!

I've wanted the truth - sought it out - only to find that I don't like what I see.  I see American citizens acting in opposition to everything America stands for.  I hear people on local radio stations here in Charlottesville, VA - giving a free pass to Zionists - war-mongers - and folks that may not even be Zionists - shilling for war with Syria and Iran.  Knowing the backstory on this propaganda has chilled me to the bone.

I don't like the truth now.  It is everything I never wanted it to be - but that cannot change my pursuit for what is right in this world.  

The "truth movement" - whatever that is - is BIG.   Those smart enough to understand what is at stake - our very Liberty - and those even smarter to understand how fragile is the veneer shielding civilization from anarchy - can understand.  

Watch this rant - then the AJ video below:

I've been taking some flak recently from people who hate Alex Jones - implying that he doesn't do enough to show the grip that AIPAC and the Israelis have on our government "representatives."

My answer:

"Thanks Joe: It seems that the trouble with this so-called "truth movement" is that almost everyone involved cannot tell the "whole truth" for one reason or another.

Alex has brought many good facts to light - for that he is to be supported. It is possible that there are some facts he cannot fully report on - for whatever reason.

My analysis: His positives far outweigh negatives - not even close.

It is the nature of the beast - we all have to work together - and instead of finding reasons to divide us - find the common causes that unite us.

I've said time and again that the way you can tell who your enemy is, is very simple: Those speaking against the Constitution and Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence - upon which these United States were founded - are your enemy. Those speaking in support of such - and calling those out on the carpet that are attempting to usurp our liberty are friendlies.

That is the only test I can think of for the present state of affairs - Alex passes that test quite easily.

I hope this helps and thanks for commenting.


My friends - please understand where I am coming from - it's simple - from the standpoint of an American.  By "American" I mean a supporter of the fundamental principles upon which this country was founded - the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, BILL OF RIGHTS, AND CONSTITUTION. 

I am not inflexible - but without good cause - see no reason at this point to deviate from this rock-solid foundation of government gifted to YOU and ME.  The guys involved in the construction and maintenance of this system of government were far from stupid.  On the contrary they knew tyranny.  That is why they did the things they did, wrote the things they did, and warned us of the manner in which ourLiberty could be taken away.

Dear reader - I must admit - I'm scared.  Really.  We are in big big trouble - why?

At the present time I am convinced that the factions in our own military - are in-fighting - to wrest absolute control of our tax-supported and fake-"mainstream" media affirmed  military power.  There is no more posse comitatus - there is no longer rule of law here in Amerika.  

Perhaps there never was - but my short lifespan hasn't allowed me the true 20/20 hindsight required to sort it all out.  JFK was killed for many reasons - attacking the FEDEral RESERVE, preparing to shut down the military industrial gravy-train by stopping the insanity in VietNam - and for threatening to scatter to the wind the filthy lying mafia known as the CIA.

Anyone tuned in - awake - aware - knows that Usama bin Laden was dead by DEC 2001.  Kidney dialysis and life-longevity do NOT GO TOGETHER.  That is a no-brainer.  Then SEAL team Six - somehow - die en masse - in a Chinook.  Hmmmmmmm.

If you are in the military or police - I beg you to become informed.  The precipice upon which America teeters is not a joke.  We are facing violent revolution - and those of you still following illegal orders - whether due to fear for your or your families lives - or other reasons - need to grow a spine - and speak up NOW.

If anyone thinks they are "in the know" and "playing the game" and therefore safe - I'd suggest thinking this mess through.  The wars upon which this US govt. is engaged in - are simply - ILLEGAL.  THAT MEANS YOU ARE A WAR CRIMINAL.

The wheels of justice do, indeed, grind slowly.  Will your kids remember you for "just following orders" or for standing up for what is good and right in this world?

Remember that there are two golden rules:

" Do unto others as you would have done to you "
"Those with the gold make the rules"

if you took an oath to defend the Constitution from ALL ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC - think about your oath every time you follow an order - especially if you must pull a trigger to kill another "enemy."

Folks - we are approaching zero hour.  Ron Paul is running for prez. - he is the rock when it comes to support for what is American - he is our last chance to avoid violence.  

Talk is cheap.  People are judged by their actions.  That means YOU.


Is Alex Jones for real?

"As someone who is a regular in-studio guest on the Alex Jones Show -- and an occasional fill-in host on the few days when Alex isn't hosting the show himself -- I've had the opportunity to spend some time with Alex Jonesbehind the scenes. Off the air.

And that's where this story begins to get even more interesting. Because Alex Jonesis the same authentic person off-air as he is on-air. Alex isn't an act, in other words. He's the real deal, and the authenticity of who he is and what he believes comes through 100 percent whether he's speaking to an audience of millions or just chatting with you in the hallway."

Read more HERE

US soldiers: Lawful orders do not exist in unlawful wars

"US War Crimes: US political leadership is engaged in “emperor has no clothes” unlawful wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that have escalated into Pakistan, Yemen, and with rhetoric to attack Iran that darkly includes use of nuclear weapons in official first-strike policy. The US has abandoned its exercise of power under the US Constitution. Millions of Americans recognize this condition, but as yet a critical mass of Americans either do not recognize the facts or cannot articulate what they perceive into effective civic action. The educational stakes are whether the US will exist as a Constitutional Republic under the law, or as an unlawful empire. "

 REad more HERE

The Horrible reality of it all..... remember Carlin's words

Note:  Thanks to Bru

Americans will fight - but for what - I have no idea

Take a look at this slugfest at a football game - looks like they were just having fun.  Blowing off some steam I suppose.  

Later in the article:

"Two men are fighting for their lives after one was savagely beaten in a Candlestick Park bathroom during the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders exhibition game and another was shot several times after the game in a double shooting in the parking lot.

A 24-year-old man, who was wearing an "(Expletive) the Niners" T-shirt, was shot two to four times in the stomach before driving his truck to Gate A and stumbling to security, said San Francisco police Sgt. Frank Harrell. He was taken to San Francisco General Hospital in critical condition.
Another man in his 20s was shot near Lot V about 20 minutes earlier and had superficial face injuries, Harrell said, and was taken to the same hospital. The first shooting happened shortly after 8 p.m., about 15 minutes after the game ended."
Yes - Americans will fight.  They just need something to fight about.  

The above video demonstrates how charged the mob is - it is simply a matter of whipping them up with just the right spark.

Our fear-and-war-mongering leaders have worked, and continue to work, hard to fan the flames of racism, religion, terror-scare and other chicken-little-the-sky-is-falling strategies to maintain a constant state of hysteria here in America.  I must say - they've been doing a heckuva' job.  The message to the mob:  " Be afraid - be very afraid - always."

Add the financial pressure that nags constantly at the mob - just in case they get a minute to think about relaxing - start a new war - get the feds to plant another phony bomb plot somewhere - and keep the government-worker-gravy-train going.  Then send the fed-cops in to shake the public down for the next round of bonuses and legalized-theft facilitated government contracts.  Anybody need a fifty-thousand dollar hammer?  The government crooks can get away with such sport - but you or I would only end up in the slammer.  Getting mad yet?  No - not about a football game - about being robbed.  It doesn't matter - the feds'll come up with another round of faux news-spread panic from another false-flag attack somewhere to keep the spell on.

I don't watch football - it's not important to me.  How anyone can be so loyal to a team sport where the players have no loyalty to the team - only to the almighty dollar - makes me wonder about why the fans care.  Why don't they care about who is inflating away their money supply?  Is football that great?  

Why don't the fans fight to keep their kids genitals out of the hands of the TSA?  Isn't that something to be fighting-mad about? It is to me.  Maybe while their kids were being raped at the airport the parents were watching a football game on the telescreen.

Why don't football fans get mad about genetically-modified food infecting the world food supply - a rotten supply of food coming under the control of just a few rotten people?  Why don't the football fans take a minute to examine why a private bank is looting our country?  Why don't football fans ask why they voted for "change" and since getting no change are losing the other intangible idiotic bumper-sticker sales-slogan of "hope."  

Why don't football fans and Americans in general grow-up, wake-up, and stand-up for something that really matters instead of punching each others faces in at a football game?  Why don't Americans come together instead of constantly fighting each other - or shooting each other for wearing a t-shirt insulting a football team?  Why?

The answer/s to the questions above are many.  The answers have a lot to do with our owned mainstream media.  A media of lies and platitudes propagated for the constant division and conquering of the masses by a few filthy-rich so-called "elites" - whose main claim-to-fame is being greedier than anyone else in the galaxy.  Is psycopathic greed for ever-more "stuff" and power something we should be in awe of?  Should we laud "elites" so greedy for power and "stuff" that they are willing to rob and plunder everyone and anything they do not yet own?  Where will they stop?  Is it reasonable to suspect that these greedy "elites" won't stop until THEY OWN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US?

We've got to find a way to take the anger and rage demonstrated by football fans and refocus it - hopefully peacefully - toward more constructive efforts.  We need media affirmation of the problems our country faces - or the masses of TV-watching fans may never see the storm that is coming our way - financially, liberty-wise, food-wise, war-wise.  So far - the moribund mainstream media has failed us.  They continue to fail us.  They may be the first- if our ship-of-state doesn't change course to walk the plank.  If they can't at least see that - how can we rely on them to report what is relevant to the well-being of our country and its citizens?

I know Americans will fight - but for what - that is the question.  Only bold leadership at the government level - and demonstrable courage by our moribund mainstream media, to awaken this angry stewing mob will get U.S. back to being the world leader in Liberty.

I'm not sure how to conclude this rant other than to plead with those still hypnotized by the boob-tube to keep talking to each other, support each other ESPECIALLY when discussing topics not agreed upon, and to watch out for FALSE-FLAG attacks.

Liberty requires a moral compass - did you remember to bring yours to the game?
"Bonus" video:  Watch more Americans beat each other senseless for nothing.  Can you imagine them with AK's looking for the foreign mercenary on US soil that just gunned their daughter, mother or father or son down?  Oh boy - it's the "perfect storm" a-brewin! 

Thanks to our "leaders" for maintaining "law and order" - huh?  This is EXACTLY what the powers-to-be want - a nice divided and conquered mob.  


As the Fan gets hit...

The fan has, indeed, been hit. But fresh air is on the way.   

The business cliche:  "20% of the people do 80% of the work" rings in my ears - as the obvious parallels with American reformists doing the "lions share" of the heavy lifting while the mushroom-masses await the next rainfall (false-flag attack) grind on with their relentless patriotic duty.  What duty?

The duty of the CITIZEN.  In ancient Rome the duty of the citizen-soldier was clear:  repel the invaders coming to take your stuff.  

Just for fun let's talk for a bit about the qualifications to become a Roman soldier - as opposed to the tatted-up excuses for NAZIs that are welcome in Amerika's present armed-to-the-teeth Imperial stormtroopers...

I'm talking about the Roman REPUBLIC here - not dictatorial Rome - as happened after Julius got whacked by Republic-loving Brutus - the dictatorial Rome that ensued as nephew Augustus took over and began the downfall - no - I'm talking about Rome as a country where the landowners - the people - had the biggest stake in the greatest undertakings - and those undertakings would be WAR.  

Please don't think I'm some expert on Rome - and don't mistake my discussion as an endorsement of anything this bloodletting culture engaged in - I bring the Roman republic up only to remind those interested  - that our roots are in Rome - whether we like it or not.  To ignore what happened to Rome is to ignore reality - and to ignore history - is to doom ourselves to failure as thinkers - those who study history so we can learn from the mistakes of our predecessors.  That said - let's continue...

In THE ROMAN SOLDIER (G.R. WATSON, Cornell Univ. Press - 1969) on page 38 we read a letter of recommendation for a Roman solder:

"To Julius Domitius, legionary tribune, from Aurelius Archelaus, his beneficiarius, greetings.  I have even before recommended my friend Theon to you, and once again I beg you, Sir, to consider him in your eye as myself.  For he's just the sort of fellow you like. He's left his family, his property and his business and followed me, and in every way he's kept me free from worry.  And so I beg you to let him see you, and he can tell you everything about our business....Hold this letter before your eyes, Sir and imagine that Im talking with you. Goodbye."

Hmmmmmm.  I know that we are running a world-police organization of the highest standards - after all - watching Faux News - and saluting our troops - supporting our troops (despite illegal immoral wars) - I just KNOW that we are concerned about keeping the quality of OUR TROOPS HIGH!  What evidence do I have?

"But the Army’s recruiting difficulties have opened the floodgates to those who’d otherwise be turned away: neo-Nazis, white supremacists and gang members."   LINK 

Go the the story linked under the pic above - is this a guy with a letter of recommendation?  

But - let's think about this for a min....

If we are asking men to engage in War - which is, essentially, killing people and blowing things up..... why in the world are we talking about so-called MORALS?

After all - if the role of our military is to kill anybody - anywhere - anytime - because some jackass loyal to Israel told them to - where do morals matter?  Where?  

Is it realistic, rational, logical - anything - to think that this  rogue government gives a crap about life of any sort?  Where is the evidence?????  Where is it????

Iraq has been invaded for ................zero.

Afghanistan has been invaded for..........zero.

Amerika endorses .........................torture.

To hold two opposing - contradicting positions simultaneously is ...........INSANE.....or the work of CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHS.

Oh - perhaps we are getting to the core of this issue.  Our "leaders" DO NOT SHARE OUR VALUES!  

Is that a surprise?  Is it?  Are you above the age of FOUR?

We are in trouble my friends - and to get out of trouble - the first step is admission of our own faults - as Americans -  and then - to demonstrate via action - our contrition.

Americans - please listen if you care about your way of life - and about bringing the rest of the world up to the Golden Standard America has demonstrated in the past decades that is being attacked.....

America is NOT a special place, America is not built of special people, America is not special for many stupid reasons propagated by the corporate-endorsed-mass-media....

America IS SPECIAL!  But NOT for positional reasons - ethnic or religious reasons - America is special because of the SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT - OUR REPUBLIC BASED UPON THE RIGHTS OF WE THE PEOPLE.





Sorry for the harsh words - but I drank the America-KoooolAid long ago - and I'm still under the trance.  



AIPAC: The Voice of America — Part 2 The Treasonous Dollar Drain

Note:  Excellent video - I just wish the producer would use the term "republic" rather than "democracy" when referring to the American system of government.


London and UK riots day three aftermath – Tuesday 9 August 2011

"As part of this training during the last 30 years of the 20th century, British soldiers and the sectarian Northern Ireland police force (the RUC) fired thousands of 'rubber bullets' or 'baton rounds' (as they were later called) at unsuspecting members of the Irish community. At least 18 people were killed by these 'non-lethal' rounds, including 8 children, and hundreds more were left paralyzed, brain damaged and blind."
Read more HERE

Lie By Omission: Ratigan Rant Did Not Mention Federal Reserve

"Ok, so even during a pants shitting rant, the Federal Reserve system should not be mentioned. Isn’t that interesting?

Yes, politicians are corrupt. Thank you, Captain Obvious, but what makes it possible to “Extract America,” by the tens of trillions of dollars?"
Read more HERE
NOTE:  Great critical review.  The histrionics in the video were - possibly - all the poor talkin'-head can get away with - that is - and keep his job.

I would like to add that - for such a distinguished bunch of "experts" they didn't mention that Ron Paul is all over this problem, has been all over this problem, and leads the charge to solve the problem.  Isn't that interesting?  Yet another LIE BY OMISSION.


Massachusetts woman sues over Gmail snooping

""In order to target advertisements to Gmail users," the suit alleges, "Google intercepts electronic communications to and from Gmail users with a device, without prior consent of the non-Gmail users," a violation of a Massachusetts wiretapping law.

Read more: here

Kentucky city gives Bible theme park a 75% tax break

"In May, the state agreed to give the project $43 million in tax incentives over a 10-year period. Gov. Steve Beshear (D) supports the project because a feasibility study produced by Ark Encounters predicted they could create up to 900 jobs and bring in 1.6 million tourists during the first year alone.
But it turns out that Beshear never actually saw that study."
NOTE:  Who needs to see a feasibility study when God has given the green light?  Right?  

Charla Nash’s Face Is Revealed

"Doctors at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston performed a successful face transplant and Charla has made remarkable progress."
Note:  Remarkable talent in the medical community.  These doctors are amazing.  I find it hard to blame the medical people for the sad state of affairs regarding medicine in America.

With such smart people around - why has radiation escaped their attention?  

Interview on London riots: Vid and comments

The violent revolution has begun - made inevitable by the FACT that peaceful revolution has been made impossible.  Impossible by an OWNED TV-MEDIA, OWNED CONGRESS, OWNED LAW-INDUSTRY, OWNED MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, OWNED UNIVERSITY INDUSTRY, AND TRAITORS IN OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.

The man in the video below is right on target - anyone awake using their eyes and ears can see things for what they are.  Obviously his critical reasoning skills eclipse those of our "greatest" "leaders."

How is it possible that "everybody knows" what's going on- how much everyone is hurting - how there is no plan to fix this mess - but we have phonies and cronies in government talking baloney?  The Dems blame the Repubs blame the Dems and the Circus goes on.  We are losing our futures, condemning our nations children to debt-slavery - and where is Congress?  Many taking a junket to the 51st state of Israel!  WTF!!!!

"Eighty-one congressional representatives from all over the country, led by Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, are traveling to Israel this month. Most are freshmen congressmen, and the group includes half of all the freshmen Republicans voted into office in 2010."  CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

Have you heard?  We are being looted by international bankers!  
We are being looted by international bankers!

I disagree that the powers-that-be didn't "see it coming."  If they didn't expect such massive civil unrest why have they already perfected their phalanx-like tactics for advancing on the mobs?  If they didn't expect such massive civil unrest how did the police budget so much money for such a vast amount of protective gear for so many police?  Of course they saw it coming.

I disagree that the government traitors in the pockets of the banksters didn't "see it coming." Wouldn't their funding be required at the central government level to feed money to the police so they could buy all the latest kill-toys and riot gear?  You bet.

For those questioning whether or not the riots will "come" to America - I ask you:  Why wouldn't riots break out here?  Americans - especially the youth - are on the hook for all the looted money - money they never spent - but are somehow expected to pay back - with interest of course.  Do you think that because the youth are young they are stupid as well?

Rioting will break out here in America - I would expect it on a scale beyond anything seen in any country so far.  I also expect that firearms will be used by the American population when the police and military (no longer restricted by posse comitatus) do something that will strike a nerve- awakening, angering, and galvenizing previously-sleep-walking mushroom-masses into an angry, bloodthirsty mob looking for revenge.

Revenge for dereliction of duty - for trampling on our rights - and for taking us for fools.  Whether or not firearms confiscations commence - Americans are known for "Yankee ingenuity" - guns are not really needed to defeat an occupying Army.

Foreign troops on American soil - may be the spark that flashes in the pan for the next "shot heard round the world" - as Americans react to killings of their own by mercenaries imported to enslave us.

If this all sounds paranoid - that's fine.  I am not paranoid - just calling it as I see it.  I wish I saw things differently.

Be prepared.  Expect the best prepare for the worst.  

And don't forget to call your Congressman!  (But don't forget it's long-distance to Israel!)

London Riots Vid: Pointing out the bad guys

It's hard to tell what's real or fake anymore.  This woman may be an actress - who can tell?  Maybe she's the real deal.

The "White Guy Blonde Hair" comment seems to be TMI - if you ask me.

"Mainstream media" finally taking lead from the blogs on looting of America: Vid