Hurry, hurry, hurry - and don't forget ..... HURRY!

hurry up and pass the laws or Martial Law  WILL BE DECLARED!.....loser crook

'Tis amazing indeed - the never-ending need to hurry.

Forget "haste makes waste" - no... in Amerika - haste is essential so the powers-that-be can rest assured that the cowards in the Spouse of Zionistas - er - the House of Representatives  - (don't forget the crooked Senate) - so that they can do the bidding of their TRUE MASTERS -  those with the CASH.

It's lots of fun - you know - pretending that one matters.  Pretending - that WE THE PEOPLE matter.  Yes indeedee, fun for all - although we all know, deep down inside, that we are just tax-paying mushrooms, eating the sh&t fed to us by the corporafascist-media - turning our kids, life-savings, and everything else over - for............"national security."

I'll bet it's a real hoot - being an American "soldier" these days.  Or a "sailor" or "airman."  Let's call a spade a spade.  These people in uniform - all of them - and let's not let out the police - are nothing but a bunch of cowardly lying stooges looking for a hand-out from their "government job" as they partcipate in the rape of the Constitution of the United States - and the murder of those attempting to support it.

Let's forget all these poor animals - little pawns in the global "war on horror" - acting out some stupid fantasy they absorbed as they sat fixated and mezmerized by the Boob Tube.  Yeah - hey - I'm cool - I have a uniform, pistol, rifle, shotgun, and don't forget Taser - and I can't wait to shoot/Tase someone to make up the inches missing from my dick.  And for the Butch-dykes out there in uniform - what a chance to let the guys that rejected you "have it."  What a fantasy - handcuffing the average Amercan white guy - who wouldn't give you a second look because you are just ....a........follower.

Consider Exhibit A:  the over-tanned Banker in the picture above.  Just so you don't call me that dreaded and stupid mind-numbed label "conspiracy theorist" - that horrible dismissing term reserved for the critical thinker - the one that stands out from the herd - just so you don't put me in that box - I'll leave it up to YOU, dear reader, to figure out why this unelected con-artist and stooge for the spendthrift bankers is "pointing" her hand in front of the back-drop showing from wherest her power originates.

Click HERE to read the article where she warns us "little people" and "sheep" that if we don't act right f'ing NOW - we will fall into a black hole:  CLICK HERE  so you can watch a short video (embedding disabled) of what Hank (Cue-ball) Paulson threatened the flock of sheep we call a Congress with.

Think about it - stampede the herd - get them all running like crazy in one direction - using the same old crappy propaganda dog-and-pony show used to stampede the herd into war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria - and more countries than that idiot in the White House - or his idiot-predecessor - can list.

Yes - the globalists want a one-world government - they DON'T WANT RON PAUL to win  - as is obvious from the GENERAL ELECTRIC-OWNED NBC etc..... "news" programs featuring talking heads bleating out the same sheepish crap necessary to keep their jobs.

I'm all for tar and feathers.  Yeah - and since our corporate-owned media fails America - they oughta' get it first.  Tar is hot - yes.  The feathers are just the "icing on the cake."  Does it hurt?  Who cares?  Not me - I've learned from my "protectors" in the CIA, militarized police - etc.... that human life or human dignity or human agony - are unimportant.  Just as long as at the end of the torture session the uniform-wearing goon gets a chance to shoot somebody.

I didn't used to hate cops - but I do now.  Mostly on the grounds that they are nothing more than puffed-up hall-monitors from high school - the failed would-be football pros - the failed winners of popularity contest - the failed human beings - might as well join the military or cop-shop for a chance to bust a few caps in who/m/ever.  F the Constitution - let's just "follow orders" - without having a clue - since we blindly follow our surrogate-Daddy bosses/superior officers - all the way to the grave - or the hangman's noose.  Good luck comrades - you're next.

Police, FBI, CIA, NSA - just a bunch of filthy lying' murdering scum - in my opinion at least.  After all - who else other than the filthiest scum of the Earth would blindly follow orders to murder families of Arabs - and then brag about it?  Don't any of you scumbags ever ever ever talk to me about anything - but then again - why would you have something to say - as an order-taker and water-carrier for the intermational bankers - if you come to talk to me - it's with some twisted sick kill-trick.  Yeah - you folks are so polluted.

And the women - the women involved in this filthy lie-of-a-war-on-horror - don't get me started about how useless you are.  I will stop with one request - kill yourself.  If you are a "mother" working for the CIA, FBI, NSA - what are you gonna' do when you shoot your own kid you idiot?  That is how stupid you uniform-wearing lemmings are.  Pure sick.

That's enough for now.



  1. Yeah, well said. Not too sure about Ron Paul, but I guess we will see. Maybe he has the sense to know what to talk about right now and what to talk about later.

    An interesting thought exercise I've been doing lately is to consider what help or benefit I've ever gotten from the government, military, or police. Essentially zero. Quite a bit less than zero actually. Lies, harassment, inefficiency and theft from the cops. Simple theft from the government, at all levels. And the military has never served the interests of the people any time in my life, only the interests of whoever is giving orders to whoever they are taking orders from.

    Bunch of parasites who produce nothing of value, unless one considers fear, theft and threats values.

  2. Thanks commenters and readers - this was an evil rant - and I know I used universal statements referring to "all" this and "all" that - and the scurrilous abuse towards them.

    I just get mad once in a while - and this is what flies out.

    I think it is time to go stand on my head so things make sense again......


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