The circus continues

It took me a while to get going today - to write anything here.  I'm back at my hangout coffee shop here up the street from my rental.  It is raining and overcast today which made it the perfect day to do nothing.  No exercise - zero.  Just sit around and loaf but why not get out at least to the coffee shop and play the keyboard?

The usual sounds of coffee grinders continue - the folks behind the counter busy - never seeming to run out of things to do.

The most recent event in the news - just like all the other recent events in the news is a "mass shooting" in Las Vegas.  Should I believe it?  Probably not.  It's not like I don't believe nothing happened - it's just a matter of how much of what has been presented to me that I should consider as fact.  But let's take a step back for a minute and think about this whole thing from the beginning.

When was the beginning of this so-called news event?  It seems like it was a few days ago but I cannot tell for sure as I've been really busy and absorbed at work.  I just remember waking up one day and checking the nooz online to find out what seems like hundreds of people were supposedly shot.  Since this has become such common nooz these days I didn't react - and I cared even less.  I registered the information somewhere in my mind and got going to work.  I heard a coupla' the guys mention it had happened and some speculation about some rather obvious problems with the story.

From what I'd heard some independently wealthy gambler had stockpiled a small arsenal of "assault-style" weapons (meaning non fully automatic) in a hotel room and a bunch of ammo and fired away at a bunch of people at a concert.  OK fine.  I was already wondering about the distances and trajectories etc...   Also why would this guy have so many guns?  The whole thing already looked pretty stupid to me - so I started asking myself who would benefit from this crime?  As usual the guy who did all the work was already dead so the public will never hear that person's side of the story.

I have no real facts or information beyond this.  Observations:  First is that the war on terror is and will continue to be a complete waste of time since at any moment any lone gunman can shoot anyone anywhere at any time and there is no way to stop them.  So why even try?  Are we all going to spend the rest of our lives and fortunes feeding the feckless "security" companies when they cannot do anything about the problem?  The evidence is that the problem seems to be getting worse.  With each of these attacks more and more casualties result which tells me we are trending higher - a fact that I am sure has not escaped other observers.

The so-called "War on Terror" is being lost just like all of the other "wars" American heroes have been losing for decades.  The "War on Drugs" is being lost and worsening by the day. (click here) I read a statistic :
"With 64,000 overdose deaths last year nationwide — a staggering 22 percent jump over the previous year — it is little wonder that overdoses, the leading cause of death among Americans under 50, are reducing life expectancy. They are also straining the staffs and resources of morgues, and causing major backlogs.

This is especially true in New Hampshire, which has more deaths per capita from synthetic opioids like fentanyl than any other state. Last year the overdose death toll here reached nearly 500, almost 10 times the number in 2000."

The story above - which you can read by clicking on the link describes an overloaded coroner who is quitting his job to seek a solution in some way to try to stop the epidemic.  Another coroner quit in Los Angeles due to the overwork and backlog of bodies - you can read that one by clicking HERE.

It is ironic that the public is being decimated by a drug epidemic while their tax money is spent fattening the asses of those tasked with eradicating these issues.  But since the war on drugs was a stupid prohibition-based plan in the first place its architects knew it would fail.  But that's not the point.  The point was always to make more money while using drugs as an excuse to forever expand police powers - police powers incapable of solving the problem - EVER.

That's America I suppose.  The "War on Terror" is just more of the same.  As far as I am concerned America is losing every war they engage in - more and more money spent on fireworks thrown down a rathole - more lives destroyed - another generation jaded before their years.

I don't have to wonder where failure will end up - especially since history repeats - this latest cash cow for the gunslingers and power-mad will end up the way prohibition ended the first time - with loosening of laws that never should have been enacted in the first place.

I don't hear a lot of sympathy or empathy from my fellow Americans regarding those ensnared in the brutal quagmire that is the war on drugs.  The attitude is that if these folks had just stayed off drugs they wouldn't be in the situation they are in now.  I am not going to go out and start doing heroin just because somebody legalized it - are you?  I am not promoting its use - unless it is for medical reasons.  But how did things get this bad?

If anyone cares to fix this problem it begins with strategy and can only be ended with a strategy that works.  The present strategy is an abysmal failure and will continue to be a failure.

Where the War on Terror meets the War on Drugs - Afghanistan?

I've seen pictures and spoke to several guys I've met who have confirmed to me that America is a big player in the Opium production in Afghanistan.  They've told me the pictures I've seen are true - that the US really is a powerful drug dealer.  Year after year part of the taxes I pay into this system are used to perpetuate a system of greed that preys on those who for some reason or another cannot get off these drugs.

The U.S. is being drowned in these social problems - is it by design?  One has to wonder.  Is it only greed that keeps these druglords going?  One must wonder if any druglords have ever had a loved one hooked on morphine or heroin.  It's hard to watch - and it shortens their life.

Coffee shop has quieted down somewhat.  I hear what sounds possibly like Tom Petty playing low - with coffee grinder sounds superimposed atop the chords.  Tom Petty passed away recently - maybe that called the song up in the queue.  I keep getting whiffs of freshly ground coffee.  I'm on my third cup which will be my last.  This blog post sucks I know but why not right?

Getting back to the latest "shooting" in Las Vegas - it seems that there is funding out there for both the "shooting reallyhappened" side of things and the "shooting is a fraud" on the other.  The video productions of the "deniers" are getting more sophisticated and are up on You Tube fast enough the counter the so-called "mainstream" nooz which was complicit in selling the big one - 911 attacks - to the public despite the laws of physics being to the contrary of what is possible.


I've learned not to react too much to these nooz events - and I've really cut out mainstream media as a source of anything.  There is way too much agreement between the "mainstream" organizations to take them seriously - and they are all victims of their own past lies - as the all worked together on the 911 caper.  Since they cannot backtrack on that lie they are doomed forever as being complicit in that crime.  Why would they not be complicit in the follow-up crimes - or in the next big one?

Propagandists seem to understand that the public must be kept at a medium level of anxiety - and pulsed and the proper frequency in order to get them to react when the next "big event" happens.

At the present time the public is so saturated with bullshit nooz, lies, "shootings" etc... that they are not really reacting too much - they are starting to analyze the event - and asking questions now about why there are descrepancies.  That is a large step in the direction of truth and understanding.  Little cracks are starting to appear in the facade we are all being fed.

I am not taking a position on how many were killed, or even if anyone was killed in the last event - all I got were some lousy videos and some horrible pictures that are impossible to deduce much from other than that I am being lied to.  But isn't it a fact in itself to know we are being lied to?  Knowing that one is lied to is useful information because we know who NOT to trust and who to suspect.  Once we are aware that a nooz source is lying to us - and that their "competitors" are telling us the same lies - this leads us to ask whether or not they talked before they lied to us - since they agree in the same lies.

Since they are all telling the same lies it becomes logical to ask if there is a larger plan afoot - and that they are all part of the same plan.  This is just logic.  To not ask ourselves such questions is to be foolish - as all possibilities must be considered before discarding anything.  Only consideration of all possibilities can ensure that a broad enough spectrum of possibilities are analyzed.

We shall see if the public wakes up more - and where it will all end.

I knew this blog post would suck but what the heck here it is.