There's Snowden - then there are THE REST OF YOU

Back to the coffee shop here in my present home town.  It was almost empty when I got here but has livened up a lot.  People are moving out from the loft upstairs throwing their paper coffee cups away as they leave - some taking them with them as they depart.  A line has formed over at the register where customers are placing orders - a woman with a brown shoulder bag is filling her cup - she and her buddy are  directly across at the sugar-and-cream area now they are leaving.  Some dude in a black teeshirt and ponytail waiting for his order, another girl - two more guys - too much going on to keep up with.  Music playing low in background - some kind of guitar and vocals -

Meanwhile back at the NSA - the last moral person has left the agency...

I finally got around to watching this clip of Edward Snowden and as I suspected the government got it wrong again - Snowden the patriot is on the outside looking in leaving those willing to go along to get along still in the saddle living their plush lives on the government dole violating the rights of Americans.  You would think that the REST OF YOU would at least have the decency to resign and go find a real job outside of the GESTAPO.

I've heard various people tell me that they think Snowden needs to be killed extrajudiciously - the standard thoughtless reaction from a public now almost completely brainwashed by a purely tabloid media.  Without giving me specific examples of what they think Snowden did. Our public is living in such a state of media-incited fear that they can no longer analyze anything - first because We the People no longer have any facts upon which to analyze anything - second because of the well-known human response to fear mongering which acts so effectively to numb the rational part of the human psyche.

It is amazing how far the American mind has been degraded to the point where the average citizen thinks torture and murder-without-trial are good ideas.  The other night I had some idiot tell me that we may have to "drag them behind trucks" to show them not to "drag us behind trucks."  Great way to lead by example I thought.  Years ago people would shun you because they would consider you a madman for talking that way.  Thanks to faux news and the other parrots of government contrived lies everyone has been converted to madmen - so such statements don't have the contrast they had just a few years ago before the media and government began planting these ideas into the public mind in earnest.

In this video Snowden gives excellent answers for why he came forward and made the sacrifices in his life in order to protect the rights of Americans who are too ignorant to appreciate it is what he has done for them.

Edward Snowden committed the highest crime in US government - to tell the truth.  The rest of you - how do you look yourself in the mirror?  I don't see much from our champions of freedom - NSA, FBI etc...  I suspect that they are all keeping their heads down because the government made an example of Snowden - showing what will happen to those who tell the truth on behalf of the public.


When I think of the NSA and most security/police agencies I think of the typical government worker - goes to work to get a paycheck - may or may not do a good job and doesn't really care.  What does the government do when they get an outstanding person like Snowden - ready to sacrifice a posh lifestyle to do what is morally right?  They get rid of him.  This cannot be the first time - leaving We the People with.... the REST OF YOU.

The REST OF YOU remain - typing away and slinking about like the amateur spies you are.  You care nothing for your country and are not defending it by joining the terrorists.  You do nothing to stop real security breaches and nothing to slow down this GESTAPO-style witchhunt that is going on.

And what is all this witchhunt and computer spying etc... based upon?  A false-flag attack perpetrated on our country by real traitors.  Building implosions are the ONLY way the trade center towers could have collapsed the way they did.  There IS NO OTHER EXPLANATION - regardless of how you try to justify it in your mind.  You and I are still stuck with the laws of physics and the principles of controlled demolition - and the forces of organized crime.  This self-inflicted and foreign assisted stab in the back of Liberty is now part of the myth that makes America - and it is the myth each and every one of you support and ingrain into the minds of your children.  How disgusting you all are and how I hope no know none of you.  You are the lowest - you are not citizens - you are slaves of a mafia that pits you against the well-being of your own children.  That is what I think of THE REST OF YOU.

What will the REST OF YOU support next?

It's anybody's guess - but as I've said before on this blog that they got away with the last one which means they will do it again - and by "they" I don't mean the boogeyman in a cave in Afghanistan on a kidney dialysis machine.  I mean those that really did it.  But who cares about exposing that?  That would take real sacrifice.  Why not just go along to get along and let your former colleague do all the heavy lifting for you.  After all - it is obvious the REST OF YOU don't have the guts to set this country straight.

Snowden made some good points in his discussion - one was that our country was founded by people who broke the law when the law was wrong.  He draws a correct distinction between morality and the law.  Our laws should be structured so as to support the morality that we as a society have decided is good and right.


The music has changed to a song with a steady beat and good instrumentals - that song is over.  The guy to my left just inquired about the wifi password which I told him. Another three customers...
The weather outside is dreary but unseasonably warm for February here in Tennessee.  I am wearing flip-flops and took the day off due to...

So back to THE REST OF YOU...

As a reminder - the ONLY check/balance on the intelligence community is the people themselves that live within it.  That's it.  There really is no other balance or oversight - and the REST OF YOU are proving to not be up to the job.  It seems that you've all become accustomed to finding others to blame for your problems.  But in the end it is THE REST OF YOU that are committing the crimes for the crooks at the top - but why?  I suppose it is all based on FEAR and I can somehow understand that to a degree - but now that Snowden has come forward one would think it difficult to keep going along to get along.

The security system was NOT designed to protect criminals it was designed to keep secrets.  But somehow everything has become a secret for one reason or the other.  Since nobody can verify any facts or assertions the security industrial complex people have free reign - along with their trained accomplics in the "media" to make up any lie they wish and have all the parrots on the TeeVee repeat it over and over until the public cries for blood.  FEAR - FEAR - FEAR - that is the message of today - that is the message of yesterday and that is the message for tomorrow.  YOU WILL live in FEAR.

Is this the world you will leave to your children?  A world of parents who longer care about right and wrong?

Do any of you realize how far down the rathole this place is going - and how far there is to go?  I keep hearing "This is the greatest country in the world" almost as if the simple act of standing on a piece of dirt makes it " the greatest."    This country is great because people fought to make it that way and many paid with their lives and property so secure the rights that the REST OF YOU are frittering away as you cower behind your computer and pretend to yourself that if you just go to church on your holy day that God will make it OK in the morning.  I wonder is that how it works?

I marvel at the ability of THE REST OF YOU to keep on keeping on - sucking up that easy money doing very little real work - because you are not r eal patriots like Snowden - no - you are just what we all think of when we think of you - guvvermint wurkerz leeching off the rest of us.

Things have shifted here at the coffee shop again - I hear some grinding machine screaming, the pock-pock of heavy cardboard to-go coffee cups hitting a stone counter.  Some guy in a green t-shirt with filthy green down vest walked in and said "good morning" to the girl behind the counter - they are discussing the order...Tall guy working the coffee machines glances over the machine and out the window every now and them - a blank look on his face as his eyes are outside but his brain is on the coffee task at hand.


Do you hear that?  That is the sound of agreement - the sound of silence.  Almost as loud as the sound of one hand clapping for Snowden.

As the American public is whipped into every-increasing states of frenzy there is no real information out here.  I have practically abandoned the "news" and make it a point to only take a quick glance at it and read whatever comments are available.  I only read the news to get an idea as to what are the lies someone hopes I will believe today. It seems that operatives of the intel agencies and military industrial complex have infiltrated all news outlets to ensure that only the approved facade is available for the public to pollute their minds with.

The "news" has deteriorated to sensationalism - lots of shouting and unverifiable assertions - not enough to really get some kind of idea as to what is really going on with anything.  Yes these are absolute statements but things are at that point where the media has become nothing but an apparatus of the military industrial complex.  War is the answer to everything.  All nations are potential threats and if we put our guns down for a second we will be attacked.  For the average citizen it is hard to know who to fear more - the trigger-happy cops, the federal government or a guy on kidney dialysis in a cave in afghanistan.  All present equally menacing threats - and look what happened the last time we didn't kill a guy on kidney dialysis in a cave in Afghanistan!

From the stock market to the weather reports our information is mostly false - consisting of lies by those who are setting up the public to take the next hit.  What will it be?  Additionally the present lies must be covered up and woven into the fabric of our culture.

We have been brainwashed to trust the biggest liars on TeeVee before we will place trust in the ideas or facts of people we know personally.  How is that possible?  How do these fear-mongers on Fox nooz have more credibility with people I know than I have with people I know?

Propaganda works - and we are immersed in it.  And THE REST OF YOU are allowing that to happen.

Resignation is what most of you should so - but what other jobs are available when all one knows how to do is snoop on their neighbors?  I have news for you government workers - all that spying on your neighbors looks cool on TeeVee but you'd better not let your neighbor catch you doing it.

As for me I have to let the REST OF YOU in on a little secret - I don't respect you very much.  I would imagine that others also, in the back of their mind wonder what the hell is wrong with all of you.

We have security breaches and hacks going on all the time which shows that you are all collectively failing We the People.  You all failed on 911 to prevent the crime - then you all failed to expose the cover up- all the way up to our present day.  Can you imagine how lame that is?

It seems incalculable how much money it has cost We the People for you NOT TO PROTECT US.  Thanks for nothing.  Additionally the most articulate and brave amongst you has to hide out in Russia, of all places for committing the terrible act of TELLING THE TRUTH.  It makes one wonder what the rest of you are telling us - and what the REST OF YOU are telling your kids.  Yukk.  Y'all must make terrible neighbors-I wouldn't want a peeping tom for a neighbor.

Goodbye for now to THE REST OF YOU - those of you who every day get up and go to "work" for the federal government - those of you willing to sacrifice liberty for a little temporary safety.  No wonder our country is in so much trouble.  With friends like you .... Who needs enemies?


A beach boys song "Wouldn't it be nice" has just finished playing - how ironic.