911: The Key to Unlocking Liberty

I started writing this blog in March 2007 after my apprentice - in a filthy hotel room somewhere in Texas, turned his laptop toward me and asked me to watch the following  video:  (forgive me if you are already aware of this smoking gun...)

It is interesting (to say the least), that, this billionaire several times over gets a "pass" after admitting that they "pulled" WTC7.  

Why did he get a pass?  Why?  And why do I ask?

Lucky Larry made a shipload of money on 911 - payed out by insurance companies that were either involved - or employ the dumbest insurance investigators on the planet.  After all - means - motive - and opportunity - all were present.  Why would such a savvy big-bucks man admit to the crime?

Perhaps the nature of the interrogation....er......interview influenced his answers.  You see - an interview - as opposed to an interrogation, bring different answers from the "perp."

Lucky Larry - was being interviewed - not interrogated - when he committed the only sin recognizable in Amerika:  the sin of being caught.

When a person is "interviewed"  - the climate is a bit light - the importance of which is ...that the person answering questions - has their guard down.  If being interrogated by , say, a functioning FBI team (no waterboarding puleeeeez) - the answers would be very very different - meaning that the "perp" would think about every utterance - carefully weighing each and every syllable before uttering it - because the "perp" would know that ears and eyeballs of interrogators were finely tuned to each utterance.

The video of the interview above - shows a "perp" answering benign questions - which they really really were - and - in turn - the "perp" answers those questions in an unguarded manner.  WE THE PEOPLE - possessing the highest and finest common sense, not to mention, ultimate power in this wayward nation - can see so easily - that he admitted to giving the green light to "push the plunger" on WTC7.  It is so f'ing obvious that there is nothing to discuss - unless the discussion is with those still growing in the dark feeding on sh$t downloaded into their minds by the OWNED cover-up, complicit, so-called 'mainstream media."
When I first watched this video - I was shocked that I'd never seen the footage before.  When I asked my nephew - "What reason/s were given for this building's collapse" - and he said "fire" - it changed my life forever.  Why?  Because if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck - I cannot conclude anything other than what is right before my very eyes.  The truth - the raw truth - the unfettered conclusions of said raw truth - is not something I can let go.  Especially as an American citizen.

AS a blogger - my search for "truth" has led me down a dark path indeed - a path - that when traversed - forces the mind on the journey - to encounter the good, bad, and ugly.  As my years-passed-away father-in-law - who'd traveled the seven seas as a merchant-marine said to me;  "You keep reading - and you areNOT GOING TO LIKE WHAT YOU FIND."  I stored that away in my memory banks as a twenty-something motorcyle-riding nut - only to discover years later how right he was!

I've wanted the truth - sought it out - only to find that I don't like what I see.  I see American citizens acting in opposition to everything America stands for.  I hear people on local radio stations here in Charlottesville, VA - giving a free pass to Zionists - war-mongers - and folks that may not even be Zionists - shilling for war with Syria and Iran.  Knowing the backstory on this propaganda has chilled me to the bone.

I don't like the truth now.  It is everything I never wanted it to be - but that cannot change my pursuit for what is right in this world.  

The "truth movement" - whatever that is - is BIG.   Those smart enough to understand what is at stake - our very Liberty - and those even smarter to understand how fragile is the veneer shielding civilization from anarchy - can understand.  

Watch this rant - then the AJ video below:

I've been taking some flak recently from people who hate Alex Jones - implying that he doesn't do enough to show the grip that AIPAC and the Israelis have on our government "representatives."

My answer:

"Thanks Joe: It seems that the trouble with this so-called "truth movement" is that almost everyone involved cannot tell the "whole truth" for one reason or another.

Alex has brought many good facts to light - for that he is to be supported. It is possible that there are some facts he cannot fully report on - for whatever reason.

My analysis: His positives far outweigh negatives - not even close.

It is the nature of the beast - we all have to work together - and instead of finding reasons to divide us - find the common causes that unite us.

I've said time and again that the way you can tell who your enemy is, is very simple: Those speaking against the Constitution and Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence - upon which these United States were founded - are your enemy. Those speaking in support of such - and calling those out on the carpet that are attempting to usurp our liberty are friendlies.

That is the only test I can think of for the present state of affairs - Alex passes that test quite easily.

I hope this helps and thanks for commenting.


My friends - please understand where I am coming from - it's simple - from the standpoint of an American.  By "American" I mean a supporter of the fundamental principles upon which this country was founded - the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, BILL OF RIGHTS, AND CONSTITUTION. 

I am not inflexible - but without good cause - see no reason at this point to deviate from this rock-solid foundation of government gifted to YOU and ME.  The guys involved in the construction and maintenance of this system of government were far from stupid.  On the contrary they knew tyranny.  That is why they did the things they did, wrote the things they did, and warned us of the manner in which ourLiberty could be taken away.

Dear reader - I must admit - I'm scared.  Really.  We are in big big trouble - why?

At the present time I am convinced that the factions in our own military - are in-fighting - to wrest absolute control of our tax-supported and fake-"mainstream" media affirmed  military power.  There is no more posse comitatus - there is no longer rule of law here in Amerika.  

Perhaps there never was - but my short lifespan hasn't allowed me the true 20/20 hindsight required to sort it all out.  JFK was killed for many reasons - attacking the FEDEral RESERVE, preparing to shut down the military industrial gravy-train by stopping the insanity in VietNam - and for threatening to scatter to the wind the filthy lying mafia known as the CIA.

Anyone tuned in - awake - aware - knows that Usama bin Laden was dead by DEC 2001.  Kidney dialysis and life-longevity do NOT GO TOGETHER.  That is a no-brainer.  Then SEAL team Six - somehow - die en masse - in a Chinook.  Hmmmmmmm.

If you are in the military or police - I beg you to become informed.  The precipice upon which America teeters is not a joke.  We are facing violent revolution - and those of you still following illegal orders - whether due to fear for your or your families lives - or other reasons - need to grow a spine - and speak up NOW.

If anyone thinks they are "in the know" and "playing the game" and therefore safe - I'd suggest thinking this mess through.  The wars upon which this US govt. is engaged in - are simply - ILLEGAL.  THAT MEANS YOU ARE A WAR CRIMINAL.

The wheels of justice do, indeed, grind slowly.  Will your kids remember you for "just following orders" or for standing up for what is good and right in this world?

Remember that there are two golden rules:

" Do unto others as you would have done to you "
"Those with the gold make the rules"

if you took an oath to defend the Constitution from ALL ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC - think about your oath every time you follow an order - especially if you must pull a trigger to kill another "enemy."

Folks - we are approaching zero hour.  Ron Paul is running for prez. - he is the rock when it comes to support for what is American - he is our last chance to avoid violence.  

Talk is cheap.  People are judged by their actions.  That means YOU.


  1. For 10 years, the engineers and managers who knowingly installed the computerized demolition system have been hiding from themselves and likely prosecution for reckless endangerment. Back in the 1960s, the Rockefellers pulled out a huge roll of cash and said 'Let's put the center of world trade right here'. The insurance companies demanded that a vertical collapse under any traumatic circumstances be arranged and the thermi(a)te and other explosives solution was decided on. See Activist Post: Architects and engineers question...Comments section for the rest of the facts.
    Silverstein knew the charges had been set, including the nukes in the basements. In 2004, he and his backers bought the Sears (Willis) tower in Chicago. It was the last tall skyscraper built in America and it is likewise loaded top to bottom with nukes in the basement,which may or may not still be there.See the above reference. The conventional stuff is all there.

    This demo installation was insane, and required a bunch of builders and managers to pull it off. Our government is a pack of mewling rats with no spine amongst the entire bunch. These bloggers have more class than all of DC put together, but even they need to be weaned of the notion this demolition system was done in a few weeks, UNDETECTED. 280 floors of office building, each as large as a football gridiron, and they think this could be set in a few weeks. Too bad none of them ever built a wall.

    If Silverstein believes he is too old to care, he will probably cooperate again in massive insurance fraud and die knowing he bitch slapped the entire U.S. government to the floor twice and they barely whimpered. He had help. The Rothschild/Grand Patron of freemasonry (the queen of England) backed the effort through their loyal S&Bs and Israeli Mossad and New YorkCity zionists. Israel is this alliance's boardgame. Check out their stupid 'world court of the world' court house, covered with satanic and sadistic themes and other mumbo-jumbo directed at retarded people. This is what 81 congressmen are paying homage to to satisfy the CFR which controls all corporate news coverage in the U.S.. The Rothschild/Rockefeller alliance and others control it as well.

  2. I've followed your blog for some time now. Lot's of good stuff and I'm on a similar journey, though for perhaps a little longer. Just one little beef, in the spirit of good will and constructive criticism: Your analyses are just a tad US-centric - to an ageing Englishman anyway.

    Your fixation with America's founding fathers is not in and of itself blameworthy, it's just that it is likely to distort your analysis somewhat - IMHO anyway.


    Because, in the immortal words of your very own late great George Carlin, "America was founded by slave-owners who wanted to be free".

    That little gem deserves serious cogitation - again IMHO

  3. You're right about one thing for sure:
    Silverstein's insurance claim stinks to high heaven.
    I can't imagine any legit insurance company meeking paying off without a squeak. Back in the day, when I was involved in some investigative work, I was told straight-up by an exec of a major insurance company that their investigators' job was to find a reason to deny the claim --EVERY claim.

    SOMETHING doesn't fit. Silverstein would be a PRIMARY suspect in any REAL investigation of the WTC crime.


  4. There is no law broken by his comment, he was not in line for a flight or speaking to the TSA. The title Billionaire is like Queen, it comes with complete immunity from those who hope to be Billionaires themselves. Capitalism has failed, Capitalism without the Union is slavery.

  5. Notice how he said the fire department pulled it. Is it standard for skyscrapers to be pre-wired for demolition? And the fire department makes these decisions? A smoking gun admission. He should have had to at least testify under oath to congress, if not be waterboarded. When was the building wired for demolition? Who ordered it? What other buildings were/are also wired? Who gave/gives the order? Can this be covered on an insurance policy, like flood insurance? The insurance company, also run by Jewish billionaires, pays out and makes it up in the premiums charged everyone else for "terrorism" and it's stock shareholders. The alphabet soup of defense and regulators goes along like mob enforcers, and the freepress never makes a peep. They pay for a president's election, and the next one, too. The billionaires' power grows while the billions grow poorer and more vulnerable to attacks and manipulation.

    It is going to take people a lot higher up the food chain than bloggers to stop this.

  6. Stay focused people, watch the 3 hr + vid at www.themoneymasters.com, it is the international bankers that create the Hegelian dialect. In other words the crisis' is manufactured to gain even more power. The current world depression is manufactured. What needs to be done is to create your own micro economies based on and started with micro-farming (yes you can do it in the cities too!) Trade with silver, cannabis, labor but gather together in local communes if you will but until people physically unit to work together and get off the fiat debt-based money systems world-wide, the elite international bankers win. I urge everyone to exit out of ALL paper assets and acquire solid assets like the above mentioned items. Move you money out of banks and watch the elite crumble. It is estimated that the Hedge funds are over valued by as much as 100 times! We can do this the easy way or the hard way but history shows it will all come down.

  7. Thanks Wikispooks - the blog is intentionally UScentric because I don't think it is my business meddling elsewhere -

    I know what you mean about America being founded by slave-owners - but think about it - the slaves are free NOW - that's what really matters.

    The founding fathers set up a system that gave them the chance to break free - and they did.

    Would you agree that some credit is due?

    Thanks for reading and commenting and sharing your insights.

  8. Sparty - thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  9. Thanks for the great tips anon - and the observations anon 2.

    When I read something I often enjoy the comments more than the article itself - your comments are welcome and appreciated.



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