Wall Street Protests: Don't give in to the violence or you lose.

Who can blame the "peace officers?"  Isn't this protest just what they'd hoped for?  A crowd of docile people who won't fight back - a bully's paradise! That's the status of the police these days - not all of them - but a majority from what we see and read and hear every day regarding brutality, taserings, SWAT killings, various shootings, drug sales - the list goes on.  Why expect them to protect our rights?  

It's sad in a way - that the working class police are supporting the real crooks - while arresting and beating citizens standing up for their and their families rights.

I hope the crowd doesn't turn on them 'cause it has the potential to get really ugly - and I don't mean in the favor of the police.

The crowd will only withstand so much abuse - until it takes on a mind of its own.  Then all bets are off.

So far - the elitists have the upper hand - once again pitting segments of the middle and working classes against each other while they sip champagne and laugh it up.

Bigger crowds will overwhelm the police.  This means they will "go to guns" if it gets too far out of hand and the crowd resorts to violence.

Non-violence is the only way these protests can work.  It's always harder to walk away from a fight when tempers flare.  

We owe our gratitude to the Wall Street protesters for their sacrifice on all our behalf.

Thanks Wall Street Protesters!


  1. Yeah, I know - it's hard to ignore the coward in the red jacket - completely unnecessary violence against someone they could have easily taken in - but no - here's his big chance to slam someone on the ground.

    Freeze frame it and look at his expression - he gets all snarled up and slams the guy....

    Tough to watch this and not want to do the same thing to him - after all - what else does a bully understand except a good one in the throat?

    But - it's not little red riding hood in the video that needs to be fixed - he'll get his in time acting that way - it is public sentiment that must be won.

    People can see that the cops are acting as thugs. Don't give anyone anything to use against you...keep the high ground...public opinion must follow

  2. The police are exposing themselves as thugs.

  3. Don't agree with the non-violence cult. If you look at history it lies about non-violence working. Gandhi and Martin Luther King are always cited as examples but they are self serving pieces of propaganda for the ruling class

    Take Gandhi. The British PM at the time Clement Attlee was asked how much Gandhi had to do with them leaving India. His response was "minimal". He said the real reason was the revolts in the Royal Indian Armed Forces. Also the UK was a spent force after WWII and would have problems pacifying India. The history we are taught never mentions that during all those peaceful protests Gandhi presided over violent protests coincided elsewhere in India.

    The flip side of Gandhi was Suhash Chandra Bose who did not subscribe to non violence. Today in India many people give Bose more credit for Indian Independence http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bj4hPHkeb-U&NR=1

    Take Martin Luther King. The flip side of King was Malcolm X, the Black Panthers and the umpteen different race riots that occurred between the early 60's and late 70's. It should be noted that cold war presidents from Eisenhower on deemed civil rights a national security issue. The reasoning was that if African Americans were not given civil rights they would turn to the Soviet Union and or violence.

    So you people go have your non violent protest with your hippie dippy signs and chanting and see what that gets you. I'm sure the response from the ruling class will be laughter

  4. Non-violence "cult" - huh? Keep your labels - no time for that nonsense.

    The blacks are free now aren't they? That is - at least as free as the rest of us to vote in rigged elections.

    This is a battle for public opinion - and the paid internet scum will use any and every episode of violence against the corrupt wall-street-supporting cops as a "poster child" for why the protesters "deserved it."

    I am not universally against violence - this is a match to win the minds of the people - not to worry about little red riding hood in the video above. He's a coward - what is to be gained by kicking his ass?
    anybody can beat a coward - it is much more difficult to take the initial battle loss to win the wider war.

  5. Unfortunately, due to the MSM blackout, no one but the already-informed is watching...

  6. ^^^ Name one large cause that was not earned by violence. They don't have national days called Independence Day and Bastille Day becuase of non violent protest.

  7. Start getting badge numbers and staging peaceful protests in front of the homes of these thugs! We know who the chief of police is... lets start with him. The crowd has to be fluid. Stop going where the cops want you to be, start going where they least expect you... and where the media will be forced to acknowledge you. Kudos to all you Freedom Fighters! Hopefully the rest of the country will soon catch on and join the cause.

  8. It doesn't get any worse than this people: the fascist police department is actually PROTECTING the Wall Street bankers by trying to beat the peaceful crowd into submission!! Have these dumb-ass cops already forgotten that they, we, and our children are going to have to pay off the massive gambling debt incurred by these banksters for untold years to come. Trust me though, we're being bred to accept this. Look at what passes for entertainment these days... cooking, dancing, and singing shows. People have forgotten what it means to fight for what you believe in. Nothing gets better media coverage than a good fight. I think it's time that the crowd steps up its game.

  9. Anyone that believes there exists a non violent solution to the oppression upon us by the super rich is fully insane. Kill the men in the shadows causing the chaos and murder. Names like Grant Hughs of Monsanto, Evelyn Rothschilds, Nick and David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Lloyd Blankfein etc. must be put in cages.


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