It's Time for Police and Government "Bankster Enablers" to join the Revolution

Many commenters to news articles and blog posts concerning the "Occupy Wall Street" protests believe it is time to use violent means to fight back against the brutal tactics employed by many police.

To claim that there is no place for violence in such a violent world may seem absurd to many.  Perhaps they see the logic in "fighting fire with fire."  

Violence does indeed thrive in its circular haven, escalating in intensity and means as acrimony becomes the dominant motivator on both "sides" as a mentality of "an eye for an eye" takes hold.  This is our normal instinctive reaction when someone we love is unfairly harmed.

But before resorting to violence - isn't it rational to first identify exactly who it is we are opposed to - then determine how to approach the problem?

Let's take a look at what happened in New York during the civil war:
 "The National Conscription Act exacerbated long-simmering class tensions and the deprivations brought on by wartime inflation; it was especially unpopular among the city’s immigrant white working class. When it was enacted on July 11, 1863, it touched off the worst rioting Americans had ever seen. People and buildings representing Protestant missionaries, Republican draft officials, war production, wealthy businessmen, and African Americans suffered the worst of the crowds’ wrath, and after four days more than 119 New Yorkers were dead. Soon after the riots were quelled by federal troops, the northern war effort finally started to bear fruit and the city’s economy rebounded (aided by the re-legalization of the cotton trade with the rebel states)."read more HERE

So if the riots get bad enough - law and order must be restored - eventually - and the force with the means to suppress the other using available weapons and tactics will "win."

But what does "winning" mean?

"Winning" means reforming our financial situation here in the States - dealing with the Federal Reserve, the crooked banks, usury, bailouts for corporations while tent cities are erected with cardboard boxes by the homeless.

"Winning" means REAL change - accountability - and a chance for EVERYONE - not just the connected or well-heeled to have the opportunity to live their version of the American Dream - 

"Winning" - means freeing the debt-slaves Americans have become - and the public has awakened and now acted - by gathering peacefully in the garden of greed to extirpate the weeds choking the life out of the fruit of our nation.

Violence will not bring the changes desired - just the opposite - it will enable those in power to maintain the status quo by giving them the ammunition to wipe out the protests in the corporate-owned bankster-protecting mainstream circus.

It is time for the police and public officials to join in solidarity with the protesters - rather than fighting amongst themselves.  

Let's hear it for the Wall Street Protesters!


  1. To all NWO "team players", loyal G.I. Joes, FBI spies, infiltrators, agent provocateurs, snitches, NSA SIGINT/HUMINT guys, DNI dudes, CIA assets, DIA handlers, Homeland Security TSA agent feeler-uppers, cops on the beat, FOX News idiots who still believe the 911 myth, liberal ASSange lovers, Peace activists still working within the duopoly, Zionist infiltrated Tea Party constitution wavers, door-rattlers, neighborhood tattle-tales...blog this: you are being duped!

    An elite group of criminals, using false-flag terror (911 inside job), are reshaping the world, your country, into a global gulag. A "wild west" contrivance run by their cabal, their corporations; using privatized armies, privatized central banking, space-based weaponry (drones,HAARP), illegal wars, control of the food and its distribution, all media, the police, the banks to enforce you into slavery and fool you into spying on us. You are not part of "the team". You are a disposable asset. You are only useful as long as you spy on us, control us for their gain. In the end, you, your children, grandchildren, etc...will suffer the same fate as those you have preyed upon. Wake up!

  2. The police?? Are you kidding? Cops have always been the enemy of the people, they've just become more open about their thuggery and better armed lately. Never trust the police, never call the police, never cooperate with the police.

    "I have never seen a situation so dismal that a policeman couldn't make it worse." --- Brendan Behan

  3. Why is it only an American Dream? That in itself is an illusion. All sane individuals desire freedom to pursue happiness without interference; unless you are causing public harm through murder, theft or perversion. All crimes fall under these 3 classes, that exist world-wide in every community. Even in desert, jungle or snow tribes. Laws, regulations and punishment have not deterred this in any meaningful way.

    Truthful history has proven that communities have survived and prospered even during the worst of times because they lived first from love for each other, patience for one another and "experience teaching". Lessons that can be taught all across the world regardless of geography or culture could be based on compassion for life, self realization, responsibility for self and how to transmit this philosophy as practical living. Teaching it's methods as you come in contact with other self during your journey should occur naturally.

    I am going to commit to building a non-profit corporation that specifically hires military personnel who will take a jail term, early release, 51/40, or any other means of quitting. The culture of the human corporation will be healing. We will heal our troops and selves by healing this beautiful planet. We can teach them to be armies of Earth Lovers. Scuba training for water reclaimation, horticulture for land restoration, natural engineering for synchronozation and biosphere symbiosis.

    We are designed to exist here with Unified Diversification. Wolves, coyotes and other predators now eat livestock because we killed their buffalo, deer, elk, rabbits, etc. Soon, we must kill them all off or they will have no recourse but to begin loosing their fear and eating us. Can we blame them, really? If, I was a whale I would be hoping for evolution to re-grow or grow me teeth. {c;

    A human crossroads has arrived on the horizon; again. A 26,000 year crossroad with an Age Change. An Avatar is slated to appear; I'm hoping female this time. We have passed the test. We have arrived at the point where the New Age's ethics are being laid down. The Mayans could not forsee which path we would take at this juncture of time; they could only Hopi {c;


    G. S.

  4. It isn't only an American dream... but for some reason ... that's the name it has.

    America has a Bill of Rights -


  5. Comments like that of GS above are what keep me going - charging
    My batteries with what is good and right in this world.

    It is sometimes easy to lose sight of the immense sea of talented "good guys/gals) now gaining momentum.

    I am humbled and honered GS by your visit, comment, and benevolent intention.

    I wish you success - let me know how I can help.



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