Old Cartoon and Media Validation

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Lincoln printed Greenbacks to finance a war to save the Union.  That's how much war costs.

The United States is presently entangled in many foreign adventures.  It is difficult to find two people that can agree on why, exactly, we are engaged in ANY of them.

Iraq - no weapons of mass destruction.  Don't take it from me - take it from the guy who "led the charge."

...but on a more serious note .....he really meant it.... see Time= 1 Min 10  seconds:

Afghanistan - supposedly a response to the "attacks" of 911 - but Afghanistan didn't attack us either.

Libya - A new war our self-proclaimed dictator embarked on without so much as a pretense of consulting Congress.

What exactly are we fighting for?  Let's put that aside for a moment.

Never forget that these wars are frittering away an already rotting-away America.  Along the way we are told to surrender our unalienable rights.  Along the way we are treated to a corporate-owned media circus assisting the Pentagon in a gigantic Psy-Op campaign against the citizens of America - all payed for with our tax money!  How insane is that?  To actually pay for your own enslavement!  Jokes on us folks.

At the core of this rotten mess - sits the secretive Federal Reserve.  It's an old game.  But the curtain is lifting slowly, ineluctably as the predictable inflation that results from endless creation of dollars must cause.

Food prices rising.  Fuel prices rising.  Funny isn't it - did you ever hear of a Navy ship not having enough money on their credit card to "fill her up?"  

We need to pressure the media that is complicit in this con to start reporting the facts - or simply turn them off forever.

The media plays a crucial role in the cementing of facts in the citizen's mind.  Perhaps more than we'd like to admit to ourselves.

Not long ago we had an earthquake here in Virginia.  It lasted for several minutes and I was fortunate enough to be at home to experience this rare event.  It was immediately reported on the radio, TV, internet, earthquake websites, national news outlets - you name it.  My wife was driving at the time and didn't know what had happened until she heard on the radio it was an earthquake - many people reported that if one was in a car moving - it didn't feel like an earthquake - it felt like something was wrong with the car.  

That same evening - I was awakened from a deep sleep - around 1:00 AM .....by ...another earthquake - or aftershock - all I know is that it lasted a long time.  After it was over - I went back to sleep.

The next morning - I couldn't tell if I had experienced an earthquake - or if it was a dream.  I went on the internet and went to an earthquake tracking site - nothing.  Hmmmm that's odd, I thought.  Nothing on the radio.  Nothing in the news.  I asked a few people - they hadn't felt it.  I really wondered if I had imagined the whole thing.

Later in the day - some news popped up - yes indeed - there was an earthquake (aftershock) here, in Charlottesville, VA.

That experience was enlightening to me.  That is how important the feedback, the validation, that our media is SUPPOSED to provide - when absent - can really play games with our minds.

I'm sure that the bosses giving out the orders and talking points to our puppets like Rush, Glenn, and Sean - know this psychological reality.

Now back to the Federal Reserve.  What have you heard about it lately in the media.  Nothing or not much?  What are you hearing about the cost of the endless wars we send young people to die in?  Not much?  Nothing.  Maybe it's not an accident.

The political cartoon above reminds us that our nation has been through grim crises before - the politics were heated and cruel.

If your favorite media hero never mentions the Federal Reserve problem or the need to end the wars that are bankrupting our nation, and your children, and your grandchildren - maybe it's not an accident.  There is such thing as "lying by omission" where someone doesn't tell the "whole truth."  

A national media personality lacking the intellect to recognize these issues - or the courage to address them - or possessing the venality to omit them - deserves neither your ear nor your money.


  1. But if the media is complicit in a 5th column role, that is treason and they deserve a rope.

  2. Thanks anonymous - I used to be against capital punishment - because one cannot correct the mistake of putting an innocent person to death.

    But we've watched these traitors as they've undermined our values, sparking fear contagion, keeping the population in a constant state of panic (as much as possible), and using their positions to silence those, including the families of the victims, (which they are quick to use to their advantage when possible), silencing and ridiculing anyone with the ability to still think independently, and trust their own judgement - when looking at the evidence available - pointing out that things just don't add up. They don't add up for the wars. They don't add up for the Federal Reserve. And they don't add up for 911.

    Now - it is hard for me to think there is any punishment other than a rope - for those who've sold this lie to the public. I just don't see how they could claim that they didn't know of the dissent, didn't know the facts, didn't know what they were doing as they pretended that WTC7 committed suicide, that the wars of aggression they fail to mention are at the heart of our financial problems, that the world would stop hating us immediately if we would stop slaughtering their families for.... well - who knows?



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