Alex Jones, Mike Adams and the 9/11 Litmus Test.

"It’s a solid and incontrovertible fact that Alex Jones fails the 9/11 litmus test. If you want to see some of the things said about him, it’s there to be seen. I linked ‘Alex Jones is’ so that you could see the drop down menu but apparently it picked fraud on its own (grin). All you need to know about Alex Jones and 9/11 can be found here. We KNOW that Israel and assorted psychopaths did 9/11 and we have all the proof in the world. If you are a major media figure whose foundation of reportage is the truth then YOU MUST address what is presented in the last link and which can be found in varying degrees of minutiae all over the place. There’s no argument for Israel not doing it. Alex Jones also says that the Saudis control Hollywood. You don’t need more than borderline intelligence to see what this and his other antics imply. "
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Note:  Our search for "truth" - must be our own.  All facts available must be taken into consideration - in as unbiased a manner as possible.  Truth stands on her own two feet - and so should truthtellers.  Criticism of key players is essential.

I've been torn with this very issue for some time - and have held back writing specifically about it, "naming names," for some time - because - the truth movement is so divided - and presently , possibly because of, stifled.

The time is nigh for such discussions.  Not that it should never have been - but we're at that point now...

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