While your country crumbles: Michelle Obama and family go on African safari

"Mrs. Obama has been in Africa all week, promoting youth leadership, education, and health and wellness in South Africa and Botswana. She returns home to Washington on Monday."
Note:  The picture in the linked article shows our first lady in a "jeep" etc... only one  person in the jeep is looking right back at the camera taking the picture while everyone else is distracted - his shirt almost looks like a  gunslinger's vest.

But I doubt if or leaders need any secret service protection in Africa - after all - unlike America - I'm sure everybody loves them - unlike here in the United States where it is common knowledge that the prez is a lying con man.  He really can tell a whopper - and I have to say - better than Bush.  Bush - also a very confident and bold liar - was just never believable - and we already knew that he comes from a long line of public pilferers and war-mongers.  Obama - he gets the award for lying so well - it almost seems like he believes his own bullshit.

But stay tuned - the Obama's are going to fix everything for the Africans - because they care as much about them as they do about you and me.

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