Is it Safe? (To Torture).....Good illustration vid from "Marathon Man"

In the following scene from the Dustin Hoffman movie "Marathon Man"- the guy being tortured has no idea what the "dentist" wants to know... he'll say it's safe or not safe - he doesn't even know what is safe or unsafe - he just wants the pain to stop.

Yes - just a movie - but a good illustration of the reality...

Is It Safe?

Marathon Man


  1. Excellent example and a pretty damn good film too!

  2. Entertaining film, but the jailing of people who ask intelligent questions about "the Holocaust" really should provoke a lot more people to do some basic research.

    I only very recently learned that torture was used to produce the Nuremberg confessions. This is one of a large number of questions that appear rather immediately.

    The following video by Anthony Lawson is excellent, as are his others: http://www.vimeo.com/21645843


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