NYT Reporter Seeks To Quash Subpoena; Says Gov't Tried To Intimidate Him

"Risen accused the Obama administration of continuing an effort to intimidate him that started during the Bush era.
"By publicly speculating about the possibility of prosecuting journalists, such as myself, under the Espionage Act for publishing truthful stories containing classified information, I believe that the Government was trying to intimidate journalists, like me, who publish stories that expose excessive government secrecy, illegality, or malfeasance," Risen wrote.
"I believe that the efforts to target me have continued under the Obama Administration, which has been aggressively investigating whistleblowers and reporters in a way that will have a chilling effect on the freedom of the press in the United States," he continued.
Risen says his promise of confidentiality is essential to his reporting"
Note:  Nothing better for a crook than to have the American "justice system" and the cliched "national security" excuse to hide any and all information that would demonstrate to the American voter/taxpayer that their tax money was used to support a glorified Mafia.
Who would have guessed that the big money was in "public service?"  What a scam.  
Gotta' hand it to the criminals - they really are to be complimented for their thoroughness and efficiency - using our own money and our own laws to enrich, empower themselves, protect themselves from public scrutiny, and legally prevent those of us paying for their yachts and mansions from doing a damn thing about it.
They've got the police, lawyers, judges, military, corporations, etc... - at their disposal to keep us in a constant state of fear of the ever-popular and undefinable "terrorism."  Now they control the press - to remove any possibility that the citizenry may be well-informed.  This is a formula for total control of the population.  
Without a free press there is no America.  Only a traitor would want to silence a free press in America.  
Looks like there are a lot of traitors in powerful positions in America.  And they all hate us for our freedoms.


  1. Oh yes! You have that exactly. I was kidnapped and held to work only and live only where these captors of this country wanted for the ''symbolism.'' You know you got it 'right.'''''


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