Video: Bridge on the River KWAI: Mistreatment of American POWs is now JUSTIFIABLE

Look at the 1 Minute 30 second mark: ha ha ha ha - but .....uhm....heh heh.....I .....don't know what to say since we are all fascists now.......

I hope every proponent of torture will answer personally to every American POW who embarked on their mission/fantasy to "save the world for democracy" as to why they were justifiably tortured by America's victims/(enemies) since we publicly had a debate condoning torture here in the United States.... a debate that ended in the condoning of the murder of American citizens without trial by the government who's sole purpose is to prevent the summary execution of the citizens who put said government into power in the first place - to protect the rights of the citizens - nothing else.

This is a classic movie -with obvious cues for Americans - where the "bad guys" so obviously violated all standards of human decency - like the Geneva Conventions. Can you imagine that? Using slave labor - torturing people - starving them - humiliating them? What kind of animals were we dealing with fighting the Imperial Japanese?

Those torturing elitist bastards obviously needed to be A-bombed - they had no respect for human life! Right? Right?

Oh that's right - we are all fascists now. Oh well - I guess I'll have to just rationalize my comfortable life as an Amerikan NAZI - getting a good nights sleep resting assured that there is an efficient police force to kill the horrorists thereby "keeping me safe."

Get over the denial: We Amerikans are all fascists now.


  1. It is time to teach the real history and only the history without Hollywood elements. I'm shocked what lousy pieces are shown on History Channel.

  2. I agree totally.

    Richard Gage of AE911 Truth had a discussion regarding how to teach 911 history to kids. Well we have a problem now don't we?

    Now parents and teachers will perpetuate the myth sold to them by a pack of lying murderers willingly helping to cover up the crime.

    I'll have a book finished soon ,, more of a collage, since it contains practically none of my own writing, but combines truth with a "fun factor" that I hope will help to get past the biggest problem with 911 truth which is simply getting people to look at the facts in the first place.

    The same, I think, goes for all this torture and murder business. It is so sick nobody wants to face it when they get home from work( if they still have employment.)


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