Penniless Americans provide Billions for Israeli Murderers

UPDATE APRIL 6, 2010 Senator Snivelpuss election seems a bit odd...

This recent article describes a murder committed recently in Dubai - believed to have been carried out by the Israeli Mossad.

From the article:

" They concluded Israeli officials had taken the passports of innocent people and secretly cloned them for use in the killing.
Soon after, the British government expelled a diplomat from the Israeli embassy. Britons visiting Israel were also advised not to hand over their passports unless strictly necessary. Israel still refuses to confirm or deny they were behind the killing

In a nutshell - a group of men and one woman - all caught on various CCTV cameras - arranged and carried out pre-meditated murder. They were caught because after injecting the victim with a drug - to save time - smothered him since the drug was taking too much time to kill him - getting blood on the pillow in the process - leading to the investigation that revealed he was murdered. Haste makes waste.

I know what many people will say - he needed to be killed. He killed one of theirs so they killed him back. Exactly - that is why I have no tolerance for violent religious fanatics - and want no part of that fight. Both sides claim the moral high ground - and both sides will not hesitate to commit murder.

Yes - the situation in Palestine is completely one-sided in favor of Israel in the Western media. But whether I like it or not - or you like it or not - we are sucked into this immoral sickness of murder by politicians (some blackmailed) here in the USA - and worse - we are paying for such murders. Where is the peace process? Does anyone anywhere really believe that murdering someone in a hotel room is going to bring peace to the Middle East?

This article goes into the details of US aid to Israel:

" As part of the aid, this year Israel will receive $2.5 billion, in 2010 - $2.775 billion, and in 2011 the sum will reach $3 billion. In total, the security aid Jerusalem is slated to receive from Washington stands at some $30 billion until 2019."

I suppose that money is intended for "defense" - and I would also suppose that some of that money makes its way to the Mossad. That means I might have payed for the hotel the murderers stayed in - or maybe you did.

As an American I am sickened that in the midst of this economic crisis - when many of us are struggling to hang onto our homes that we worked the last few decades for - that so many politicians in our House of Representatives, Senate, and Executive branch will accept any cost to American liberties to support and to fund Israel. Why? What am I getting out of all this? Here is a snippet describing the priorities of Senator Joseph Lieberman while American citizens have no jobs and are losing their homes:

" In his prepared remarks, Lieberman said that his campaign for the vice-presidency in 2000 "didn't come out of nowhere. I stood on the shoulders of many Jewish-Americans who gave back to their community...

After a passing reference to the fact that "we got a half a million more votes," Lieberman expressed hope that one day in the near future a Jewish candidate on a national ticket will get elected."

Thank's Joe - I'm glad you are so involved with your Zionist and religious beliefs. Why are your priorities tied up so much with a religion - and not with the preservation of the Constitution of the United States? Is that what Americans elected you for? To spend all your time making sure Jewish people are elected to high office? What about America - you know - the country you are supposed to represent? Joe's actions tell me he cares more about Israel than MY country. And somehow in the corporAmeriscam media this is presented as normal.

And who would argue with you in the media? None of the "American" radio personalities would quarrel with you. Sean Hannity, Rush, Glenn Beck, Neil Boortz, Laura Ingraham, Randi Rhodes, Wolf Blitzer, Thom Hartmann - apparently everybody with a microphone in the CorporAmerikan propascamda apparatus thinks you are right - giving the illusion to viewers and listeners that this blind loyalty to Israel is A-OK.

That blind unwavering loyalty to a state that murders people and leaves the body to rot in a hotel room is A-OK. That the continuation of Israeli violence - while exclusively beneficial to Israel and harmful to American liberty is somehow right for America is enough of a slap in the face of every American - insult is added to injury by making us penniless tools pay for it as well! What a scam!

So what do I get out of all this? I get to live in a police state that resembles the state of Israel more every day. For example our airports:

"President Barack Obama's nominee to oversee security at US airports said on Tuesday he wants to shift screening closer to the Israeli model to include more behavior detection in a bid to thwart terrorism plots."

As an American I want to go on record that I resent American aid to Israel because I believe it is ruining this country. Specifically we are being asked to pretend that we can surrender our unalienable rights because our blind devotion to solving Israel's problems is a more important function for the United States government than protecting those rights.

I want the world to know that all Americans are not stupid - that there are still some of us that are disgusted when we read stories like that linked above regarding the murder of the man in the hotel. I want the world to know that when it comes down to it - the United States federal government will take extreme measures to extract funding from Americans via our tax system - and that some of that money goes to pay for killings that we do not approve of.

If you, like me, do not approve of the United States federal government using your tax dollars to prop up murderers - I would encourage you to visit TaxFree15 where you can read about a national tax protest - and consider options presented at that site that you may be able to participate in. For another perspective try some of the alternative media links on the left side of this blog. There are two sides to every story. Becoming better informed is essential to understanding our present crisis in America - where we are getting it right and where we are getting it wrong.

The only way to stop the cycle of violence is to stop" feeding the beast." Take their unlimited money away, force them to put their stinkin' guns down and MAKE A DEAL.


  1. Unfortunately America is just as complicit and murderous as Israel. HOWEVER I am all for cutting off ALL cash to Israel. I would much rather have my cash go to my local schools to make sure these kids have good, sane teachers, free healthy lunches, music, art, beneficial life preparatory classes, and regular sports/exercise.

  2. Something you might find interesting.


    What are the odds on that? I think we have a stolen election on our hands, don't you?

  3. Yes - I don't exclude America from this sickness either - but this premeditated murder can stand on its own two feet for what it is. These people are cold-blooded murderers - plain and simple. And furthermore - althouth I'm against the death penalty - in this case the murderers are caught every step of the way on video - there is no doubt who the perps are. Since they like executions so much perhaps they can show up for their own?

    I know Americans have been participating in this activity as well - and I will be just as harsh as I have been in the past when they are caught killing human beings with my money - on my behalf -

    This behaviour exemplefies the root of the problems we face today as civilized people.

  4. Hi anon 4:15 - so two different elections show the exact number of votes? Where is the info on that - I'd like to link it below the story.

  5. Hey, Jack Rabbit,does this help?


  6. thanks anon 6:06 -absolutely perfecto - just so everyone can see what a lyin' sack of shit Liebersnivelpuss is - with election fraud.

    C'mom people - this is too good - must have had something to do with a lazy programmer re-using the same fraud hack-software and too lazy to change the numbers.


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