False Flag at 32 Minute Mark: The Panama Deception Video

The American invasion of Panama was prosecuted by many players involved in the Gulf Wars - why? The video featured on this post goes over both sides of the story - only one side of which the American public ever heard - thanks to a corrupt Corporate media serving as Pentagon mouthpiece. Obviously a media situation that has existed for a long time-and has worsened. No wonder this country is in such dire straits.

At first guess one would think it was foolish for President Jimmy Carter to concede American positions and emplacements around the Panama Canal - but was this assault really about the Panama Canal-or restoring democracy?

Here's the Blogger's Digest version of the video below:

1. First the Panamanian populist leader Omar Torrijos who made a deal with President Carter making American military concessions dies in a plane crash - where witnesses contradict official story of plane flying into mountain - they say plane exploded into flames.

2. Noriega comes to power - originally US - friendly.

3. Noriega gets pay increase from his majesty Prezident Bush I - and no longer has to report drug info as part of deal.

4. Noriega gets tired of US people (Poindexter) telling him what to do - becomes defiant of US.

5. US attempts to overthrow Noriega by influencing elections, Panamanian people revolt - restore Noriega to power.

6. US encourages (Bush 1 on video saying so) military coup by officers unfriendly to Noriega to overthrow Noriega - US back out of their support role - coup fails as planned - paving the way for direct American intervention.

7. U.S. begins harassment of Panamanians - setting up roadblocks on Panamanian side of borders.

8. US sends Delta Force in for false flag attacks on Americans to blame these actions on Panamanians as justification for military action.

9. Finally American military moves in and demolishes the place and kills lots of people. Hero Prezident Bush I has restored "democrisy."

10. Panama Canal, which can easily be blocked or made unusable with one sunken ship - (especially in one of the locks) HERE CLICK (Through Panama Canal in 75 seconds VIDEO ) - is "saved" for hypocrisy, er uhm democracy.

It is reasonable to consider that such tactics are being used RIGHT NOW by the United States, and probably by the United States against its own citizens. It is also reasonable that foreign governments might pull this same stunt on America to draw Americans into wars that are not in the best interests of the United States Republic. I urge readers to let history be their guide when trying to make sense of current and recent historical events.

Pay special attention to the role of the entire U.S. media (5:57 mark good example) in presenting the FAKE REALITY to the American public to ensure popular American support by spoon-feeding just the right story to the TV-watching American public. Please watch the entire video: (Special Appearance by younger Dick Cheney and Colin Powell at 5:44minutes - the usual suspects?)

Without a functioning media in the United States we cannot expect our Republic to function except as a playground for the rich and powerful. No justice can be expected from a top-down dictatorship feeding a mushroom public sh#t and keeping them in the dark.

So what are Sean Hannity, Glenn "shoot him in the head" Beck, Billy O'reilly, Bill "what's new with Tiger Wood's Penis" Press, Stephanie "ha ha giggle" Miller, Thom "I'm a Zionist" Hartmann, Randi "trust me" Rhodes - all of them - what are they leaving out when they feed you sh@t and hope you stay in the dark?

If every person who reads this article takes a day to call in to one of these programs to ask some tough questions, the massive fraud will be exposed - because the biggest secret of all is that there are WAY MORE OF US than there are of the bad guys.




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  1. I should mention that it was a good friend who pointed out to me how easily the canal can be blocked. Then when you watch the video and see how narrow it gets...


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