Holder: Trial for 9/11 Defendants in New York Still Possible

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" The Attorney General also clarified his earlier, much-publicized remarks about not catching Osama Bin Laden alive, saying it was still policy to capture or kill bin Laden if possible, and defended the Justice Department's handling of underwear bombing suspect Umar Abdulmutallab."
Note: Why is the AG the only person in the world still unaware that bin Laden is dead? Or maybe he is - that is why he adds the disclaimer "if possible."

Holder is a yes man - otherwise he woudn't be the Attorney General. I suspect he will be as effective at doing whatever he is babbling about here in this article - as he was at addressing torture.

John Adams had the trials for the Boston Massacre officer in Boston - but our new king and assault rifle carrying NAZIs can't have a trial (of a man they tortured) in New York city because of what? I wonder if the embarrassment of having tortured a human being and admitting to it in court is relevant. Then the question arises as to why Mr. Holder did zero about it. Geez - all the blacks that gave their lives for freedom - and what do they get? Eric Holder.

This was a great country not too ago. I hope we are successful in taking it back from the tyrants.

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