Barack and Cass 's 48 second class on Bill of Rights - with Tea Party ramblings

Click here to read the documents for yourself - save money on education costs - I hear Harvard is expensive! The nice thing about the Constitution of the United States is that you can read it for yourself. What becomes apparent immediately is the distorted manner in which it is presented both in our media - and by public officials.

While I'm picking on the crass Mr. Sunstein I think it is appropriate to mention our protector and war-on-horror-fighting president Barack Obama. It has been reported that he thinks it is OK to kill a United States citizen he's deemed a terrorist. Like Sunstein does in his paper - Obama takes it upon himself to act as all three branches of government - bypassing the pests We the People sent to Washington to keep an eye on him so he wouldn't do things like turn the government of the United States' guns around onto its own citizens.

The corporate media is presently feeding the American public a plate of mushroom food every day - ignoring that our government has run amok. The clever side-shows on AM radio here in Charlottesville, Virginia every day provide good examples of the paid performers upon which Americans think they can remain informed. Reality could not be further from this conclusion.

One common denominator with our corporate media spinmasters is that they follow synergistic orders of their paymasters - that while seeming to argue with one another ultimately achieve common goals. What are their orders? To pretend to care about America by engaging in false debates with their "opponents" from the "other side." This means Glenn "shoot him in the head" Beck cries (literally) about the liberals - and the liberal great Satan Obama. Rush Limbaugh and Neil Boortz complain about the great satan liberal democrats ruining the country - all the time ignoring that Bush started the wars on horror in which we are engaged based on lies, false flag attacks and tortured confessions. Barack Hussein Obama is continuing and expanding these wars. Of these horrible crimes Republicans do not complain.

The Republicans seem to be worried that we are losing our Republic - an important thing to seem- so as to maintain their credibility - all the time - never reporting on those things that demonstrate the Republic is actually run by a shadow government. None report on the blackmail of our Congresspersons. None seem too worried about the expansion of illegal wars of aggression - but they will complain about Obama and democrats in general - while never mentioning that the Republicrats are controlled to a very large extent by the same people who control the Republicans - AIPAC.

The Democrats like Hartmann, Rhodes and Miller - same stuff. The morning starts off with a weakling Bill Press who has been consumed with thoughts of Tiger Woods' sex life for some time now - why? I've asked a few people I know if they are interested in this story - the answer is that they are not in the least. So why is the Tiger Woods story the public doesn't want to hear about repeated so often? To waste your time - that's why. Like the clever magician - keep them distracted with the left hand while the right hand does the magic. What exactly isn't being discussed while the endless review of gossip continues on Bill Press' show? Is there not a form of lying called "lying by omission?"

The Stephanie Miller show is more of the same. They support Barack Obama as if he is somehow different from George W. Bush. How? Forget healthcare for one minute - how? He is expanding the illegal wars of aggression. He is not forcing Eric Holder to hold torturers accountable. He recently signed the USA Patriot act up for another year. He keeps the fear going. He keeps the drone missile attacks on brown people going. He supports Israel no matter what. His chief of staff is Rahm Emanuel, an Israeli soldier nonetheless - during wartime when our guys are DYING! And the democrats support this puppet-prez? A puppet of AIPAC and international bankers? Oh - that's right - those topics will never be discussed on any shows in the CorporAmerikan Propascamda media.

Hartmann is another golden nugget - fool's gold that is. He goes on and on using this term "teabagger" when referring to the tea party movement. What an insult. He appears to be smart because he has a great storehouse of facts to rattle off when wise callers bring up simple contradictions he can't face. But Thom Hartmann admitted on his show within the last sixty days that HE IS A ZIONIST. That means Israel is very very important to him. Thom's stance on gun ownership seems ambiguous when it comes to American citizens - but I never heard him ask that Israel be disarmed of their nuclear weapons and stay on that topic every day. I never heard him ask Israelis to give up their firearms - after all how would Israelis defend themselves? You see: In Thom's mind it is for you and me, my fellow Americans, to sit like victims and wait for a home invasion as is the first wave of crime accompanying gun confiscation. Thom Hartmann attempts to serve two masters - Israel and the United States - that's why he never comes off as being really for the American people. And that is why he contradicts himself once properly scrutinized.

Ditto for Neil Boortz (fake Libertarian) and every one of the side-show hosts on corporate media as far as I can tell. But maybe it's not their fault - after all - who signs their paycheck and reviews the script they play out on the radio and TV? Follow the money.

Recently the fake progressives began an attempt to smear the tea party movement as racist - a complete desperate lie from people who see the rising third party they pretend isn't a growing threat to them and their paymasters - the one that may sweep the American government back into the hands of WE THE PEOPLE. Tea party activists are just people like you and me - and like America - come in all shapes and sizes. And many don't have jobs anymore - thanks to the lack of feedback provided by the side-show radio hosts who never warned them that they were being sold out by their government.

The tea party activists are people who finally had a minute to analyze the situation after the liar-in-chief took office - and both Democrats and Republicans alike knew the totality of the fraud that had been pulled off again on the American people - whether one had voted for the fraud or not. Fraud is fraud whether you are a Democrat or a Republican.

The tea party activists simply got together and started talking and found lots of common ground. As is standard political procedure the phonies like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Sarah Palin and lots of money were sent in by filth from the Republicrat party to emplace canned puppet personalities in the tea party movement - thereby bringing it back to center - right into the control area where the big-money handlers like AIPAC could direct its course - away from liberty - away from the Bill of Rights - and back to fighting with each other over trivia.

The tea party rallies were infiltrated with agent provocateurs who's job it is to stir up trouble - use violence - foul language - and other dirty tricks so as to discredit and demonize the tea party people. These false flag attacks are then perpetuated in the CorporAmerikan Propascamda media by Hartmann and Rhodes to demonize and label honest citizens trying to wrest back their liberties. The fake progressives Hartmann and Rhodes repeat to their gullible listeners over and over that tea party activists are racists, loons and crazies. As usual - nothing could be further from the truth. Methinks they protest too much.

Today is the TAX PROTEST day where we should all try to minimize our contributions to the tax coffers that support the wars of aggression and the police state that is fighting so hard to take away our freedom. If our "progressive media" really were that wouldn't they have helped get the word out about this event? If the phony god-fearing Constitution-loving Glenn "shoot him in the head" Beck were so concerned about peace and love and liberty - wouldn't he have helped to hypnotize his flock with something other than his sciolistic diatribe? Notice - once again they can all be shown to be in agreement while their entire shows are devoted to pretending they are not.

Check out the Tax Protest Banner atop this page, check out the attacks on your liberties by reading Obama advisor Cass's paper and listen between the lies on the radio programs - what are the common denominators? What is being left out? Why is trivial information repeated endlessly amidst a crisis in which we are asked to abandon the Bill of Rights?

If the Corporate Media is not news, but infotainment masquerading as news - we are faced with an industry that gets paid for crying "Fire" in a crowded movie theater and getting away with it. The result of these actions are profits and the forwarding of agendas. It is the duty of each and every American citizen to discern WHO BENEFITS and WHY AM I LEFT OUT? Perhaps you will conclude as have I that there is much more useful information available from true progressive media as is linked on this page.

Remember that AIPAC and the international bankers have control of both the Demopublican and Republicrat parties - that's why they both commit the same crimes, further the same agendas, and ignore the Constitution every chance they get. It is the rise of a third party that they fear most - which is the reason for attacks and infiltrations by these corporate radio side-show hosts.

Only by keeping the AIPAC and international banking money and people out of the tea party movement will it ever remain a promising movement. That means Palin must be kicked out now. Hannity, Beck and other infiltrators should be distanced. Hartmann's must be seen for what they are - entertainers and dividers.

Only those willing to serve ONE MASTER can hold key positions if we are to take our country back for peace and liberty.
UPDATE APRIL 15, 2010 $2,000 for each murder victim of US military action


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