Jesse Ventura is attacked once again for telling the truth

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" Shame On Jesse Ventura! ... The former Minnesota governor has discredited himself, and dishonored and defamed his country by promoting the mistaken view that our government was involved in the Sept. 11 attacks. Jesse Ventura should be ashamed of himself and embarrassed."

Bull-sh*t! Shame? For what? What a joke!

Guilt and Shame are the twin sisters of control. In Eastern cultures, where the group reigns supreme - shame is used to silence dissent. In Western cultures, like America, where individualism is sacred - guilt is used - where the dissenter is expected to self-flagellate when Pavlov rings the guilt-bell. Don't hold your breath waiting for it to work - Jesse Ventua ain't stupid or weak-minded. The real question is: Are you?

Shame? Is that all the 911-fairy tale propagators have left? As far as the article claiming that Jesse has "discredited himself" - again - Bull-sh#t! According to who/whom? The idiot that wrote this weak-kneed hit-piece?

Make up your own mind - be an independent thinker. Face it - the "mainstream" corporate media is a virtual front-man for the mass murderers who perpetrated the crime - and Jesse Ventura is calling them out - showing courage. Is courage something to be ashamed of?

Dissent really is the highest form of patriotism. Don't make Jesse Ventura do all the heavy lifting for you - Perform your duty as a citizen - get educated - if you haven't already: take off your blinders and face the reality that 911 was a false-flag attack. A mass murder committed to draw America into two wars contrary to the interests of American citizens.

Jesse Ventura is a hero and has nothing to be ashamed of - on the contrary - he is setting an example for all American patriots and lovers of Liberty to emulate.

UPDATE APRIL 27, 2010 Check out this link thanks to commenter below...
UPDATE MAY 10, 2010 Video link sent in by commenter


  1. Jesse you're a hero

  2. The country will never be right again until we find out the truth about 9/11 and who was involved. It was a tragedy, but that doesn't mean that we are going to accept the most lamest story about what happened and why and where and who, etc. It has so many plot holes. What happened that day wasn't a movie, but there were so many plotholes in the story. Bad acting. Bad writing. There are so many obvious clues that it was an inside job. On a day full of chaos and destruction, how peculiar that the Twin Towers and Building 7 fell so quickly and neatly in their own footprints.

  3. Barbara asks with such incredulous passion if Jesse thinks that the government would kill over 3000 of it's citizens.

    Yes. Yes Barbara wake up. That's why they're getting away with it because people are so stupid and gullible. The government would kill a million Americans if it served their agenda.

    Of course Hasselcrack believes the "official" report completely. If people thought about it a little more than what they are told, they would see the logic. Like about the jet fuel and the temperatures. Hasselcrack seemed to think that was logical. When fuel ignites it all goes up. There isn't some that hangs around for later. Therefore, after the initial explosion, as hot as it may have been, there wasn't anything to sustain that high temperature. Sure the fire was still going, but it wasn't hot enough to melt steel. Also, I remember they used to say the collision of the jet blew off the fireproofing. What?

  4. Was it not HasselTwit who said she thought the wind from the first two towers blew down Bld 7 - yes, that's right, a very slow moving wind started at 9am and then reached building 7 at 5pm and caused a complete collapse. That's why they pay these morons millions of dollars to be on the corporate controlled brain washing tool we call TV.

  5. The 9/11 treason was obvious, the forensic evidence is enough to indict and convict the perpetraitors. Yes Elizabeth, 9/11 was an inside job.

  6. Great post ! I invite you to read "absolute proof of the controlled demolition of WTC7 at my site.I also signed the architects and engineers for 911 truth petition.

  7. Ever wondered why ABC aired Jesse's book on prime time? Could it just be that ABC made a big mistake in canning Rosie?
    Let's be Frank on the Subject--No planes hit WTC1 and 2 or WTC6 or WTC7. Plane videos were doctored after Sept 12 2001. During Sept 11 not once did TV networks show planes,
    Where did the big plumes of smoke and fire come from --Very simple--they were staged on upper floors--Majic, Notice fires spotting here and there at WTC 7--how did that happen? OH! Rudy Juilania/Silverstein insisted that his office/towers WTC&'s floor contian a massive sized diesel full fuel tank on the 10th floor.
    Nothing like this is allowed.
    Majic Show you bet!

  8. Give this some thought. If jet fuel could burn through massive steel beams in less than an hour or so, how is it that it doesn't burn up jet (or in my experience, turban) engines?
    Answer: It can't because it doesn't burn hot enough. Like Jesse said "Jet fuel doesn't stick around to burn for hours, It ignites and burns quickly and it's gone. So unless there was something else in the buildings that could have burned that hot or that long, the official story that jet fuel brought these buildings down is just BS.

  9. You win Jesse!

  10. Jet fuel is essentially kerosene. When's the last time a kerosene cook stove melted a steel skillet?

  11. Check out the book upper left hand corner - just facts from AE911T and movie are presented - good for showing people who are on the fence - or who have never seen the building collapse.

  12. EarthBlog: Do you have a link? I'll put it under the post as an update.

  13. Way to go Jesse!
    Thank You!

  14. Here Barbara, have a few examples of "wild conspiracy theories" that turned out to be true.

  15. RUN JESSE RUN!!!

  16. Barbara Walters acts aghast that anyone could accuse the Bush Administration of killing 3000 people.

    1. Some human beings did it. What is the logic of placing the Bush Administration morally above anyone else? Sounds bigoted to me.

    2. Bush was willing to justify a war that had no justification (Iraq). Therefore seems morally plausible the shoe fits.

    3. Jesse brings up Tonkin AND SHE DISMISSES IT (we're talking about this). What is the rationale for dismissing one and not the other? If LBJ could do something like that, why not Bush? From a purely rational standpoint, Walters completely hung herself and I wish Jesse took her to the cleaners for that.

    What a shameless, contemptible NWO-shill Walters indicated herself to be.

  17. Here is the direct link to my post on WTC7, Jack. It's been pretty widely read. It's also been heavily spammed.


  18. Here is the direct link, Jack.

    Absolute proof of the controlled demolition of WTC7


  19. The Truth will set you free...

  20. www.whatreallyhappened.com

  21. Think about this... if nanothermite is in the dust, it stands to reason that foreign intelligence agencies all know the truth about 911. It would be naive to think it wasn't examined by everybody or that the truth would not be used to apply leverage. The smart move would be to switch strategies from trying to cover up what cannot be covered up to controlling how the truth comes out by pinning it on a small rogue gang of fall guys. The American people would rejoice and everything would be okay again.

  22. Almost 10 years--still only one politician questioned Sept 11 attacks as inside job.She got booted out. Not one major media questions the attacks and blames it on Arabs.
    Why is it that anyone questioning the attacks as being a anti-semite?
    Obvious reason: Chosen Religious Cult is fearful of being exposed.

  23. http://911overview.blogspot.com/

  24. We had a massive building fire in Philadelphia several years ago when the Meridian Bank building went up in flames. The place was gutted, yet the structure never collapsed.

  25. http://americansjourney.blogspot.com/2009/04/who-in-their-right-mind-believes-in.html

  26. geo1671 is planting disinformation. I'll quote him here:

    "Let's be Frank on the Subject--No planes hit WTC1 and 2 or WTC6 or WTC7. Plane videos were doctored after Sept 12 2001. During Sept 11 not once did TV networks show planes,"

    For whatever purposes, THIS IS DISINFORMATION

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  28. its the nature of man and the nature of power to push it as far and hard as they can

    as such, as long as we sit there and say "they could never do that", guess what...THEY WILL

    i always find it ironic. Jesse should have asked do you think Stalin could have done that to his own people? How about Mao, Castro, Mugabe?" Of course they say yes, the reply is "why do you think human nature of power stops at our borders". don't answer the question, just ask why we assume we are good and "they" are evil.

  29. Anonymous said this about what geo1671 said: "For whatever purposes, THIS IS DISINFORMATION"

    Why is it disinformation? I'm not sure the videos were doctored on the 12th (but I wouldn't doubt it for a second), but I do know that the actual plane impacts into the buildings were NOT see on live TV. And all the videos that capured the impact were "amatuer" and were seen hours later, meaning they could have easily been doctored. What I DID see live were fireballs and such that were covered up by banners covering over half of the TV screen. I remember being soooo pissed off about that. And it would really be nice if the FBI or anyone else has SOME evidence that planes crashed that day, but I'm starting to understand why they don't.

  30. http://americansjourney.blogspot.com/2010/03/jesse-ventura-on-larry-king.html

    another blind tv commentator

  31. Does Zionist mean Blind?

    Walters was born in Boston, MA to Louis "Lou" Walters and his wife, Dena Seletsky, both of whom were Jewish[2] and descendants of refugees from the former Russian Empire, now Eastern Europe.[3] Walters' paternal grandfather, Isaac Abrahams, was from what is now Łódź, Poland, and first immigrated to England, changing his name to Abraham Walters.[3] Walters' father was born there c. 1896, and moved to the United States with his family in 1900.[4] In 1937, her father opened the New York version of the Latin Quarter; he also was a Broadway producer (he produced the Ziegfeld Follies of 1943).[5][6] Walters' brother, Burton, died in 1932 of pneumonia.[7] Walters' elder sister, Jacqueline, was born developmentally disabled[8] and died of ovarian cancer in 1985.


  32. "Bobby k"

    Apparently you were not paying attention on Sept. 11, 2001. The aircraft that hit the south tower (the second plane) was broadcast live on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. The video footage of the plane that hit the north tower (the first plane), filmed by the naudet brothers was broadcast on SEPTEMBER 12, 2001

    The no planes hit the towers bullshit is DISINFORMATION

  33. This is a great conversation to have regarding the planes/no planes argument. Facts and evidence are important. Calling people stupid is pointless divisive behaviour -unless you are talking about Glenn "shoot him in the head" Beck - (joke)

    Present your case - argue it out - get to the truth - may the best set of facts and evidence win.

  34. Anonymous: You're right. I wasn't paying attention on the 11th. If I had been, watching 2 huge steel and concrete buildings turn pretty much to dust in under 20 seconds after "burning" for only 56 and ~75 minutes would have sent up some big flags. (Turns out my girlfriend was confused about the collapses, but didn't say a word since she just assumed she didn't understand and no one else said anything)

    But I'm not here to argue.

    And I know it was the Naudet Bros who caught the 1st "impact" on tape. But again, the shot was at a distance with not much detail and seen the next day: plenty of opportunity to doctor a video.

    The person above said no planes wree seen in the live shots on the 11th. The only way to know for sure in my mind would be to find some one who pushed RECORD on the VCR after the first explosion and still has the tape.

    But, if there is a "live" shot available today on the internet that shows the actual 2nd impact, I haven't seen it. "Live" meaning a news network shot, not the amatuer video.

    I'm aware that the movie September Clues is said to be disinformation. But what I can't understand is why. When I look at the point-by-point rebuttals to the movie, they seem, well, kind of lame. Kind of like the point-by-point rebuttals to Zeitgeist.

    Finally, I would really like to "believe" 4 planes were hijacked and crashed, but I just can't find any reason other than "I saw it on TV". And that reason will NEVER work again.

    Over and out.

  35. Here you go mon ami

    CNN 9/11/01 - World Trade Center Part 2


  36. Excellent video from CNN. However, I'm not sure it goes very far towards proving planes were involved.

    Here's another good one, but it's 4.4 GB. It has the live CNN and FOX news footage side-by-side. The best part is the CNN side when the plane hits the tower and the newscaster and the witness on the street both notice the HUGE explosion and then no mention of the plane. Then, a minute or so later the announcer says "we're getting word that another plane has hit...". I thought he was seeing what we were seeing, but maybe not.

    The witnesses interviewed by Rick Leventhal are classic, especially the guy in the hard hat driving the 4-door dualie. That guy saw BOTH planes hit.


  37. I can't play that link am I doing something wrong?

  38. ABC News - FULL TV coverage - September 11, 2001 - Part 2


  39. I posted the video above for the convenience of those following this story.

    I'm past responding to personal attacks anymore - I've been at this game for enough time to finally have become numb to them - as I should have been all along.

    I don't laugh at anything anymore. As time goes on I'm learning how limited my own knowledge is - and the more I study some of these topics the less I like what I see.

    The time for laughing at people for having a theory is over - the time to sort out ALL information available is NOW - and as Richard Gage always says - let the chips fall where they may.

    We are adults - we can sort this out.

    Thanks commenter for the video - I'd like to hear what the opposition has to say and what pro's have to say.


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