Domestic Terrorism Is a Real, Growing Danger: Lieberman

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"Look, I would say a word of caution to my colleagues in both political parties and, frankly, in the media -- the level of discourse about our politics and about our country are so extreme and so incendiary that if you're dealing with people who may not be clicking on all cylinders and, and may have vulnerabilities personally, there's a danger that they're going to do what this group of militia planned to do this week,” Lieberman said.
Lieberman also talked about the dangers of Iran developing a nuclear weapon and his fear that the United States is not doing enough to stop that from happening.
Note: Holy Joe Lieberman always has a "fear" of something that requires Americans to turn their country into a police state to further agendas that are not in the best interests of America - but in the interests of those he really represents. He must know that the truth is coming out and that Americans are waking up - so he wants the Feds to have their tentacles all the way into the state and local governments so they can silence those who continue to ask where our liberty has gone.

Notice that Holy Joe has been in government forever and the trend has been toward dictatorship. Does that not say something about his effectiveness as a statesman?

I've never seen such doubletalk - anybody that has looked at the lies behind our foreign and domestic police state policy knows it's a fraud - and anybody that asks the Feds to stop the madness will be labeled as "crazy."

It's amazing nobody is challenging these guys. I guess that shows the present state of our legal system in the United States - it used to only be the poor people that got screwed - now the rich and middle class are losing their rights too.


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